July 29, 2008

It's almost time to go home!!

So I am counting down the days until I FINALLY get to go home! I haven't been to Alabama to visit in almost 4 months..so it's been quite some time! I leave on Wednesday around the same time Adam does and I get back on August 15th. It will be interesting to see how big his laundry pile will be when I get back to Salt Lake :) Pretty much all of the girls are going home to visit the same time I am gone. I have heard from a few girls that their husbands or boyfriends are going to spend the majority of the time that all of the girls are gone playing X box, and that includes Adam. I am packing up all of my winter clothes and a few pairs of shoes that I won't be needed anymore now that we don't have to worry about any more cold weather, for a while there I thought that it would never get hot here. We were always complaining about how cold it always was, but now it seems like everyone complains because it is so hot! There never really was an "in between" of the hot and cold, just one day it was like, 40 degrees and then the next day it was 90 degrees! Crazy! Oh well, at least out here there is no humidity....so it's reallllllly nice!

According to Adams blog before this it seemed as if he was hating on my Spanish learning. Personally I think it's just jealousy :) I did learn how to complete a phrase today, it was ," Where is the bathroom?"...HaHa. I guess that is a pretty important one to know. I am making pretty good progress though I guess. I found a lot of free Spanish lessons online, and a lot of sites have games that will help too. Who knows how much I will actually learn but I figure that it's better than nothing! I am sure he will thank me later when we are in the middle of Mexico or Venezuela, or where ever!

Today was my brothers 25th Birthday..whoop whoop!

Well, I don't think I have anything else to talk about. I hope everyone is doin alright!


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  1. Hello little princess! I really want to see you when you get home! Can you come to the beach for a few days? Humm....almost every picture of you and Adam includes that adorable little boy. You look very natural, I must say! Have a safe trip and I'll see you soon!

    Love you!
    Rah Rah