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August 7, 2008

Off Day in Salt Lake

We just got back from our 8 game road trip to Omaha and Des Moines. We won 5 of the 8 games which is pretty good on the road. I hit my 21st home run in Omaha and I think I'm sitting around 70 RBI. Its been a great season and we are coming toward the end. There are about 25 games left not including playoffs. We are in first place with 7 game lead on Portland.

Omaha was a great place to play, they host the College World Series there every year. We never made it when I was at University of Alabama but I'm happy I got to play there now. I hit pretty well in those 4 games there, my timing and swing felt great. When we got to Des Moines I had a chance to see my host family from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I played there in 2003, it is one of the Angels single-A teams. We grabbed a bite to eat after our Sunday game and spent some time hanging out at their house. It was great seeing them again. The series in Iowa didn't go so hot for me at the plate. I managed one hit in four games, I just didn't see the ball too well there for some reason. Thats how crazy baseball is, I can go from feeling great to feeling like I don't have a clue. Oh well...

There have been some changes in our roster as of late. Brad Coon(outfielder) who broke his finger is back from the disabled list and Terry Evans(outfielder) is about a week away from being ready to go. We are getting Ryan Budde(catcher) back from the big leagues and Bobby Wilson(catcher) is coming off the DL. With all these moves it will be interesting to see how that affects our line-up. Three of those guys are on the major league 40 man roster which means they are going to play.

Lindsay is still in Alabama spending time with her family so I'm by myself this home stand in Salt Lake. Good thing its only 4 games then we hit the road will be boring around here without her. I got an update from the Angels on winter ball this offseason. Its nothing official but a team in the Dominican Republic is interested in me coming and playing for them from middle of October to end of December. There won't be a decision made until my agent and I have weighed out all the options. There are 4 major leagues that play in the offseason; Dominican, Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Venezuelan. The advantage for me to go play is that it will give me more at-bats against better competition and if I do well that can show the major league teams that I'm ready for the big leagues. The Dominican league is by far the best competition and that is where I would first look to play.

Today is our last off day of the season, I'm probably going to get a workout in and then later spend some time just relaxing with the guys.

Omaha Royals stadium and home of the College World Series

Laurel and Eric (host family kids in Iowa)

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