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August 17, 2008

Season coming to a close

We got a big win tonight against Colorado Springs after coming back from our road trip to Sacramento losing all four games. As of right now we have a five game lead over Tacoma. You can see the standings on the home page of the Bee's. It breaks it down nicely, showing you all the overall records of the teams in our division and how many games behind they are. This is the fun part of the year, you can actually feel like there is something at stake and there is a little more pressure to win. This is our last home stand and then we finish the season on the road with 4 games in Portland then 4 in Tuscon. If I had to guess it will come down to the wire to see who goes to the playoffs. We aren't really playing well as of late and Tacoma has been on a roll.
I definitely need to find my swing again...I'm lost. I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired or if I'm just over thinking things. I'm not comfortable in the batters box anymore and it feels like I'm searching for my timing. Its really frustrating knowing how well I did throughout the season and that if I suck it up here towards the end it could mess it all up. One positive thing though, since Terry Evans and Brad Coon came back from being hurt, I've seen more playing time in the infield. The first game back at 3rd base felt pretty weird but after the 5th or 6th inning it was all coming back to me. Tonight I played 3rd again and it felt like I've been playing there all year. So I haven't lost a beat, its a good thing to know.
Lindsay should be writing a post tomorrow about her trip to BAMA so keep an eye out.


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