November 29, 2012

must have items- toddler edition

It's been a few months since I last wrote about a few "must have" items.

I figured that I am more than qualified to give peeps my opinion since I am a Professional Baby Item Hoarder.  

That should really be a legitimate disorder, but I'm a hypochondriac so that'd be one more thing the doctor would have to jot down on my chart.

I have given two other baby item reviews in the past that you can see here and here.  

Now that PDizzle is considered a *toddler* we really don't use any of the stuff from the last two reviews.  I feel like the older she gets, the easier and less-complex the must haves are.

Here are my top 10 items for a toddler!

 Except I'd love to meet a person that actually "tosses" these bad boys after each use. We have these in the plain colors and some with Minnie Mouse on them.  I got so tired of washing all of the cups with the spill-proof spouts on them.  We saved a few that we give her at bedtime but other than that we use these.  They do leak so you have to keep an eye on the crazy baby if  there's juice or milk in there.  We haven't had much of a problem with her pouring it out...yet!
We have this exact ride-on car that Presley got for her birthday. She loves to push it around, stand on top of it, and hide my cell phone (and food) in the little seat compartment.  It's kept her entertained for hours at a time!

We have this Phillips brand DVD player for the car and it honestly makes me wonder what people did on long drives before these mugs came about.  I mean, I know as a child we took long trips without a TV and did just fine but dude, I was an angel so I didn't whine and junk (HA!).  These are also great because the battery stays charged for a few hours so you can take it inside with you if you need to!

 If you have a kiddo who likes to feed themselves then you know how crucial these bad boys are.  It's bad enough that half of the meal ends up on the floor from the DramaBaby throwing it down because OH MY GOD I LOVED TURKEY DOGS LAST WEEK BUT NOT THIS WEEK MOTHER! These at least help so they don't just dump it all out.  We need more of these, guess I need to add that to the Christmas list (by the way, there are cheaper ones than the one I have shown. Like these.  I do think it's absurd to pay 14 bones for a plate!)

I'm going to be honest, these are great and all, BUT THEY FREAK ME THE HECK OUT! I cannot look at these and not picture a hoo-hah and a babes head popping out.  It reminds me of a cervix and I get the chills when I have to stick my hand in there to pull out a Goldfish. 

Call me what you want, but I never claimed to be normal. 

Granted, they are lifesavers if you don't like having crackers thrown all over your car.

Presley got this as a gift (thanks Aunt Patty!) and as soon as I opened the package I was so excited! I had been telling Adam that we needed to get her one of these because EVERY-SINGLE-TIME the commercial comes on P stops what she's doing and runs to the TV.  It's great because it's not too bright, it has a timer, and you can choose which color (or turn it to where it rotates colors).  We love this thing.

As most of you know, Presley is dramatic 117% of the time.  So is her skin.  I have noticed that when we use the "baby" detergent her dry skin is better (along with the shampoo and lotion we use).  I hate hate HATE the smell of Dreft and the Unscented detergents still have a stank to them.  I love the Purex brand of baby detergent. It smells so good! Plus, it's super cheap. I wish I could find it in a bigger jug though.  I try to not get my panties in a wad though because at $2.97 I just buy a bunch of them.

This little doo-dad is something I bought in a very desperate situation.  Presley was so congested and the little blue-snot-sucker from the hospital just wasn't cutting it.  So, I went balls to the wall and bought the Nosefrida not knowing it'd be a lifesaver.  And just so we are clear, yes, you stick the tube up the kids nose and suck out the snot, BUT NO SNOT GETS IN YOUR MOUTH! Theres a barrier spongy thing that catches it.  I love my little Pickle, but would never suck her snot out of her nose and into my mouth.  Never ever ever. Presley hates this thing but it really does get so much snot out of their poor little nose!

Adam's parents got this for Presley!  It is supposed to be a Christmas present but Adam brought it back from FL with him when he was down there a few weeks ago.  That was before we knew we'd be going down there the day after Christmas.  It was nicely wrapped but sometime during the move from Birmingham to Huntsville the paper tore apart and we just went ahead an opened it. Presley LOVES this toy, and I love it because it has so many different activities on it.  I really like every toy that VTech makes so I knew this would be a hit.

I bought this humidifier when I got the snot sucker. Obviously, any brand would do, but this was on sale at Babies R' Us and I liked that it had a noise machine in with it. This is a cool mist humidifier and to be honest I'm not really sure what the different uses are for a warm mist and cool mist.  All I know is when Presley was sick everything I read said to get a cool misting one.  I just follow the pack, ya'll.  It's been a great thing to have and I definitely recommend any kind of humidifier when you little chitlen has a cold or any type of congestion.
And there ya have it.  I could make a list a mile long, we seriously have so much stuff. I hope some of this helps during the Christmas season!

Holla back youngin' OOOOH OOOH!


  1. That's the humidifier I wanted but was sold out at the time, so I got a crappy one that always breaks! :(

  2. I had one of the cheap Vicks warm misting humidifiers and I couldn't even get it to work right the day I got it. It made the room smell so bad, even with the Vicks VapoRub solution in it. I threw it away after a week of messing with it! I hated it and am glad I paid a little more for this one!

  3. I love the disney son has the mickey mouse one, the only problem i have with it is that he puts my keys and phone in the little compartment. lol


    1. Whenever I can't find my keys or phone the first place I always look is in the Minnie Mouse car!

  4. AMEN to the take and toss cups!! But I use them because I always forget cups with milk in them, and then its all solid chunky cheese, and I'm not washing that shit, and so I don't feel guilty throwing the whole thing away, ha. But if I can act like a responsible adult and put dirty dishes in the sink to be washed...yep, I reuse them over and over again!!