March 26, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday #6

**Me and Blogger are about to have a "comin' to Jesus" meeting.  I can't get my spacing right on this post so, please forgive the random placing of text! Spank you**

Who goes to a blogging conference for 4 days and forgets to schedule at least one measly post to go up while she's gone?

This girl.

But, I gained heaps (<-- big girl word! I was going to use "butt loads" but I have matured since last week. LOLOL) of ideas, inspiration, relationships, memories and more that I will share with you soon!

Since Easter is this week I figured that today would be the perfect opportunity for me to explore some Easter dress options with you!  I have had Presley's outfit for a while thanks to my Mom.  She ordered it off The Facebook from one of those crazypants people selling super cheap clothing for an arm and a leg :)

But before we do the damn thang lets take a look back at little PDizzle last year at Easter, shall we?

We shall.

I'll give you a second to let your ovaries calm down.

I mean, y'all--SHE HAD ARM ROLLS!

Okay, I'm done.  

I found a few dresses online that I lurve for Easter and would have definitely considered if we didn't already have hers for this year.  I have decided to show one outfit that's more pricey, a mid-priced option, and a super cheap option.  

dress: here shoes: here

This first outfit from Nordstroms is my favorite.  Obviously, I'm not about to dish out 87 bones for a dress that Presley will wear one or two times so maybe I will just photoshop this dress onto her and pretend I am rich!  The sandals are Stride Rite which is a brand I love because I know they're well-made and will not be uncomfortable on her little tootsie's.

dress: here  shoes: here
The second outfit from Old Navy is one that could be worn on Easter and then throughout Spring & Summer.  It's the most casual outfit out of the three I am showing but also most likely what I would get for Presley if I was still looking to get something.  If you know me (or my kid) at all you know she isn't a dress wearing baby, but this is super cute.  The shoes probably aren't the most comfortable things she would ever wear, though.
dress: here  shoes: here
And lastly, outfit numero tres from Wally World.  If you're brave enough to step foot into your local Wal-Mart (yours may be nice.  I live in the hood.) then this would be cute.  It's a little more fur-fru for my liking but it's definitely Easter-y.  The shoes are absolutely terrible but OH MY LANTA how awesome-sause is that little heel?  Presley would probably sprain her ankle in those mugs.  Do they even make baby crutches

I can't wait to see what your babes will be dolled up in this Easter!  I am hoping our weather warms up so we can hunt Easter eggs :)

Won't you please join us this week?

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The darlings we chose for Tot(s) of the Week are:
I mean, because seriously.  SERIOUSLY!
How sweet are these twinkies?
I just decided that I need twins.

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  1. So cute I love love love that nordstroms dress!

  2. Such a cutie!! I love Easter dress shopping too:)

  3. All 3 are gorgeous, I'm sure she'll look precious in any of them! Can't wait to dress our girl up for Easter! :o)

  4. All 3 are so cute but my favorite is the Old Navy dress. New follower

  5. Cute cute cute dresses! Can't wait to see what she chose for Easter!

  6. She looked so adorable last year! Can't wait to see her dress this year!

  7. I LOVE #1 and #1 but I would have to go with the first!

  8. so cute!! I love little girls easter dresses! And I just can not wrap my mind around the fact that little tiny toddler clothes can be close to a hundred bucks for one piece. I know rich people might not think nothing of it...but holy crap! I can get so much more for my money! HAHA

  9. omg! she is so cute

    I love the yellow and white one!

  10. OMG. Those arm rolls!!! Kennedy already has her easter dress ready to go and I am obsessed with it because it has little lilac flowers!

    Love love love little girls' easter dresses!