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August 28, 2008

It's never going to end!!!!!

The Bee's clinched a spot for the play offs tonight. I am happy for the guys, it's the third season in a row that they have made the play offs. I am sure the club house is going to be crazy tonight. I know it was last year. I know that all of us girls should be a little bit more excited than we are but most of us are just ready for the season to be over with..I am sure that includes a majority of the guys on the team too, but it is definitely an exciting thing for them.

Not too much has been going on lately, that's mainly why there hasn't been that many postings! I have been laying out with some of the girls during the day, but it seems like there is an excessive number of annoying little bees or yellow jackets or SOMETHING with a big ol' stinger on them. And they always seem to want to fly around me when we are laying out, and if any of you have ever been around me when something like that comes near me then you know I am QUITE the spaz. So I end up spending most of my time running around, hiding behind people, or spastically dunking myself under the water to avoid these things. Everyone in the house is just trying to get packed up to leave. I have yet to start packing any of mine or Adams things. I really don't have that much stuff to pack except for all of my clothes. I actually took a lot of my clothes home with me to Alabama last time I went home. I have decided that I am just going to drive my car back to Alabama, which I am not too thrilled about at all. The cost to ship it this time was a little much, but I just waited too long I think to set it up. I am going to follow Adam back so I am hoping that I can hang with him, I get tired as soon as I sit in the car. It should be interesting. I told Adam that I am going to need to stock up on energy drinks and food so I can stay awake. It's a really long drive. I think it's about 26 hours.

He still hasn't heard anything about winter ball. He is supposed to be hearing from his agent within the next day or so. I sure hope that they figure something out soon so we can make some plans. Although, I have finally realized that with baseball, you can never make plans. So I am trying to deal with it :)

Our swamp cooler thing in our house is broken...again. It is pretty much just blowing out hot air, which is REALLY nice when it's 90 degrees outside..not! I called our land lord but he didn't really seem to concerned about it. He said he would "TRY to get a hold of his handy man." It wouldn't be that big of a deal but the last time that our swamp cooler broke it took him forever to get his handy man out here to fix it and we ended up calling someone on our own to come and fix it. So, I am sure he will be thrilled to get a bill mailed to him from another person to fix it since he is taking so long. Personally, I think he is a horrible land lord. He lives in New York so he can't really get much done over here when he is so far away. But, whatever.

Well I hope everyone is doing alright. I hope to see some of you soon!

ps. the picture below is a lovely molding of a pregnant African woman. Me and one of the girls that lives with us found it in an antique shop. It was probably the freakiest thing I have seen in a while...besides Adam :) JUST KIDDING BABE!!!!!

The second picture is of Adam with the Olympic bronze medal. His team mates Matt Brown and Kevin Jepsen went to Beijing to play on the USA team and won the bronze! You can click on the pictures to get a larger view to pull up

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