February 8, 2016

420 days later

Phew! Ya'll! Nope, you don't need to pinch yourself.  You're not seeing things...this is real! I'm not exactly sure what made me want to sit down and peck away at the keyboard, but lets just roll with it! Honestly, I couldn't even remember which email address was connected with the blog and the dashboard looks foreign.  Somehow the Facebook page to Baby Mama Drama has 1,868, which has to be some kind of typo. But while I have this wild hair, lets play catch up!

It has been over a year, which means so much change has happened.  Actually, I need to go read my last post to see where I left off....

Okay, um--wow.  That was a long time ago. First thing's first:


As of July 30th, 2015 we are back in the Dirtty South in Atlanta, GA. Adam is the Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator at Georgia State University.  I can assure you that there wasn't a soul on earth more excited than I was to move closer to home. Well, besides my family--they were pretty darn pumped, too.  In typical Pavkovich fashion the move was last minute and we didn't even have a place to live once we got here.  So that was super fun! Six months later we are settled into a place that our friends found for us and have developed a new routine.  Presley is in a Pre-K program 5 days a week while I stay home with Sadie Belle.  Once we realized how much more expensive everything is here, the topic of me going back to work never really came up.  When Presley finishes up the school she is in now I'm not sure what our plans will be.  We are in the throws of that dilemma right now!

 We have a few options:

1) Put her back in Montessori.  We only toured one school when we first moved here, and once they informed us that it was $18,000 A YEAR we picked up our jaw off the flood, changed our pants, and kind of just forgot about that until we got to know the area better and could fine more Montessori schools.  Just as a comparison, I think the Montessori she attended in Indiana was like, $4,500 a year.  We do have a tour scheduled for a different Montessori on the 16th of this month.  I have no clue what tuition is so I'm praying that they at least have financial aid (most Montessori schools do!) This is obviously our first choice, but we do have a few back up plans.

2) I have registered her for a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) school that is opening up.  There will be a lottery since so many kids have registered, so it's not definite that her name will be drawn.  This is our second choice, because I don't think this is a type of school she would like to be in past Kindergarten. But it will buy us another year to scope out more areas with better school systems.

3) Our third choice is keeping her at the Presbyterian church she is currently at. They offer a Young 5's class and since she has a mid-July birthday,  we could really swing either way.  This is probably our last choice though since she really has no other reason of being help back except that it would just buy us more time to find a decent public school. Also, I could put Sadie in a two day program without having to drive all around town!

Parenting.  It will give you gray hairs (trust me, I have proof.)

Then there is Sadie Belle!  Last you knew of home girl wasn't even mobile! Which is even weird to think about because it doesn't even seem like that long ago.  These days, she running around everywhere, talking up a storm, copying everything Presley does, and is basically going to be driving next week.

She is more of a Mama's girl than Presley ever was.  There are days that I have to wear her in the Ergo just to unload the dishwasher or cook dinner.  I'm okay with that though since I have no plans of having anymore babies.

Speaking of more babies...Adam is apparently "not done."

I sure hope the Sister Wive he brings in likes to cook and clean!  Honestly, I've been YouTubing vasectomies and I'm pretty sure with the right tools (a hair straightener and maybe some fingernail clippers) I could totally do it. It looks super simple, except I'd have to knock Adam out with a frying pan or something just to get it done.  I HAVE IT ALL PLANNED OUT...OBVIOUSLY!

But for real though, the dude wants a son.  I don't. I like playing house, having tea parties, staying indoors and watching Presley do ballet.  I'm cool with that!

Anywhoozle, that's really crappy summary of where we are now.  I love everything about life right now (except for the fact that it's the last season of Downton Abbey and Brody really is dead in Homeland--I swear, I thought he'd come back) and I solemnly swear to not go so long between posts!

Prepare yourselves...pictures of my grown @$$ kids coming your way in 5...4...3...2...1...

December 14, 2014

Knock, knock...

Who's there?

If anyone is still out there, then HI! It's been a while--probably the longest I've ever gone without posting. And while I've often thought to myself,"wow! I really should sit down and blog!" I just...haven't! 

I feel like the blogging "hype" has faded. Not just for me, but for several (okay, for most) bloggers.  And that's totally cool--life goes on! 

And that's definitely been going on around our parts. LIFE IS CRAY!

Adam and I are now responsible for two...TWO humans that rely on us for everything. Presley, not as so much. But, I mean, Homegirl still can't wipe her own butt or cook her own food yet so she still basically owns us. And then obviously Sadie is still pretty demanding!

Speaking of Sadie Belle, she will be 6 months old in a few weeks. 

Hold the phone while I go cry! 

It's so cliché, but so true when people say time flies when you're a parent. It's literally insane to think that she's been apart of our family for almost half a year.

I'll post a proper update on her soon since I've failed miserably at the monthly updates!  She definitely suffers from Second Child Syndrome and it doesn't seem as though that's going to come to a stop anytime soon. I know soon she will be mobile and I'll really be too busy to take notes on her growth and milestones! 

Over the last few months we've all kept fairly busy. Adam is gearing up for another baseball season, I'm back to work, both girls are back in daycare and LAWD HELP US--winter is here. 

I seriously check my Weather Channel app every day to see if we are spared another day of snow. So far, we've only had one snowfall that actually stuck around for a day or two. It's coming, though and I'm already counting down until it's spring time here in the good ol' Midwest!

That's it for now, this Mama is pooped! Be on the look-out for more updates soon! And if you're not following me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you should be! I update there MUCH more! Just click on the icons located at the top of the page!

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease,

October 17, 2014

Presley Grace- 3 Years Old

On July 15th, our Drama Baby turned 3 years old1 Yes, I do realize that was 3 months ago and I do semi-suck at life--but, I am here to document it anyways for my memories sake!

At 3 years old Presley is 38 inches tall and weighs 34 pounds.  I know this because we actually went to a new Naturopath! Presley hasn't been to a doctor in well over a year and a half, so I was anxious to get her a check up to see how she was growing.  

A little after her 3rd birthday we potty trained her and it was a breeze.  I honestly think she has been trained for a while, but just wanted to see how long we'd put her in diapers!  We are just now getting the hang of pooping in the potty--that took a little longer.  I have basically bribed her with anything and everything.  Oh, a pink sparkly unicorn? SURE, just go poop! 

Parenting is weird.

Nap time for Presley is hit or miss.  It really all depends on what we have going on and how the day is going.  Since I've been on maternity leave we took her out of school for a while, so she sometimes will sleep in until 9-9:30am.  Those days she doesn't nap.  I start back to work next week so we've been waking up earlier (7am), and taking a nap around 12:30 until 2:30.  Bedtime is usually a little later than I'd like.  I always have these grande plans of getting her in the bed at 8 or 8:30 (when Sadie goes to sleep) so I can have time to wind down and watch some TV, but that never happens.  Presley usually goes to sleep around 9:30 or 10:00.  I know, we suck.

This is Presley. Asleep.  Standing up!
As far as eating goes, she's a little picky, but we are working on that.  She is still allergic to dairy, so that sucks.  Her favorite foods are pasta, peanuts, applesauce, apples, blueberries, pears, peaches, oatmeal, cereal and ham. Obviously, she eats other things--those are just the staples.  She will drink OJ all day long if we'd let her and she loves green juice and "smoovies."  She also really loves coffee, which I only let her have the last few sips of mine once it's cold!

Those headphones were worth every penny!
This girl talks non stop.  I mean, she never. shuts. up.  She is pretty bossy and demanding, but also has the best manners.  She's super sweet and loving most times and knows how to talk "baby talk" to Sadie.  She sings all day long to Mother Goose Club on YouTube and insists on wearing her tutu while dancing to every song. 

Right now she is in gymnastics, but doesn't show much interest in it.  We are going to sign her up for ballet soon, so maybe she will enjoy that.  If not, we will have to wait until the spring to try out sports.  We will probably try gymnastics again after testing out a few other activities--it's just something I'd like for her to do (honestly, because I like to watch it and wish I had taken it!)

She's smart, sweet, funny, protective over her sister, sassy, creative, dramatic, bossy, independent and doesn't meet a stranger.  We love her to pieces!

October 7, 2014

Big Dump

Big PICTURE dump that is (get your minds out of the gutter!)

Since I've let this blog go to crap (pun definitely intended) over the last few months I figured the least I can do is share some random pictures from a few adventures! We had a great summer and are now enjoying the fall (sike, it's basically winter here in Indiana--it sleeted on Saturday!)

So, here is a may-jah picture dump! And, I swear to sequins...I shall not abandon you again! 

-About a week after I had Sadie, we headed to the county fair.  Not the best idea we've ever had.

-Silver Beach, about 45 minutes from our house and it is beautiful! That's Lake Michigan--it's freezing!

-Presley Grace turned 3! We just had a very small party at our house, and yes, she was adamant that it was to be Dora themed.

-Adam's cousin got married in South Bend and we had so much fun celebrating with family!

 -A few days after the wedding we headed up to Suttons Bay for our official summer vacation! 

 -And, most importantly--ALABAMA FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE! Roll Tide Roll!

October 6, 2014

Sadie Belle- 3 Months

Not long ago, sweet Sadie turned 3 months old! I'm not going to lie, most days if you ask me how many weeks old she is I have no clue.  With Presley I could basically tell you how many hours, minutes and seconds old she was--but round 2 doesn't leave much time for anything along those lines!  

At 3 months old:

These are always a guess-timation for me, but I'd say she's put on a pound or two.  So, maybe around 13 pounds?! We really should invest in a scale!

Clothing Size:
Sleepers she is now in 3-6 months (some 6-9), onesies she is in 3-6 months, and pants are also 3-6 months.  

She takes anywhere from 5-7 ounces most times.  At night I try to stuff her tummy so she will sleep--and that works most times!  I did have to stop breastfeeding last month because I just couldn't figure out how to not get Mastitis constantly.  That mess is no joke! I got it 3 separate times, talked to the lactation consultant who was a lot of help but it just kept coming back.  So, we put her on the Baby's Only formula and she seems to be doing really well on it!  It's just so hard to find!

This chick really needs to step it up in the hair department! She has a little bit of  light brown hair, but definitely not as much as her sister had!

I'm finally getting sleep! She goes down anywhere between 8-9 and will sleep until 7.  She hasn't slept like that consistently enough for me to go to bed confident that I'll get a good nights sleep and will sometimes wake around 4:45.  Hopefully soon! 

- She still loves to watch Presley.  She gets that silly little grin on her face when Presley talks to her!

-She has started to coo and giggle, and it's my absolute favorite!

-She is a people watcher!

-For some reason, she likes older people.  You should see her talk to my Mimi!

Fun Stuff:
-Sadie Belle took her first plane ride! She was perfect and slept the entire flight on the way to AL and on the way back!

-We have started the early stages of teething, I believe! Just the hand sucking and drooling--I'm not expecting any teeth to show up any time soon though!

-While in AL we got to hang out with two of my best friends and their kiddos! It was the first time we've all been together with the kids there and it made me feel like a total Mom!

September 3, 2014

From 1 to 2

We are now 10 weeks into the whole "Mother (and Father) of 2" thing and can I just say that NOTHING can prepare you to go from 1 child to 2.  It's friggin' hard, y'all!

Sometimes I wonder if it's just because Presley is very busy, talkative, stubborn and hyper.  I also wonder if it's just the age difference and the current stage we are in with Presley right now (hello, Terrible Three's...thought those days were over as soon as she turned 3! NOPE!) and then sometimes I wonder if I'm just being dramatic and this is all normal.

Probably the latter--but, please join me for my pity party anyways.  You're all invited!

I will say that Adam and I were very surprised at how well Presley reacted to having a new baby in the house.  We basically prepared ourselves for the worst, but obviously hoped for the best.  She is so helpful, loves hugging and kissing on Sadie, and I found out today she is very protective of her when other kids get near her.  The part that I find hardest is balancing my time with each child.  Sadie requires a lot of attention and is on a pretty strict schedule (we do Moms on Call) so I am constantly either feeding, burping, changing or bathing the baby all while Presley is begging for me to cuddle her or watch her play with her creepy little dollhouse dolls.  (For the record, I almost always stop what I am doing and snuggle with her or play with her--I just have to remind myself that it's okay if the baby cries for a few minutes!)

I get frustrated because most days Presley talks 90-to-nothin' and calls my name 1,000,000 times just to tell me that she likes my hair or needs another baby wipe to make her doll a new dress (?!?!?!?!)

Then then THEN there's the hellacious task of leaving the house!  I guess I got very used to just having to grab Presley, a diaper, and a few wipes before heading out for the day.  Now, I have to remember the cotton pickin' diaper bag, the burp rag, the pacifier, a change of clothes for both kids, my wallet, my phone and the keys.  WHEW! Got it all...but, wait! My Moms on Call schedule now says that it's nap time for Sadie.


It's hard.  It's tiring.  It's frustrating.

It's all just so new.

I know it won't always be this hard.  There will be a time where Presley won't want me to cuddle with her or play with her--and that makes me pretty sad.  And the time will soon come where Sadie doesn't require so much work and she will be easier to care for, and before I know it she will be grown up, too!

It just takes some getting used to.  A lot of changes to adjust to during the first few weeks and months!  

With that being said--you never realize how it's possible to love two little humans as much as you do until you have them.  I love this time with both girls--even on the hard days!  They are both the best blessings and most days I get emotional just thinking about them and I miss them when they're just right upstairs napping. 

But, it's still hard...please send wine.  

September 2, 2014

Sadie Belle-monthly catch-up

HERE is Presley's 2 month update--just for comparisons!

I've really slacked (ha! Understatement of the year) at keeping up with Sadie's weekly/monthly growth posts! Every time I find myself with a little bit of free time it's usually spent on the couch napping or catching up on some shows.  Because, y'all, do you know how awesome-sauce it is to have BOTH minions asleep at the same time and there's nobody crying, screaming ,"MAMA!", asking for another snack, "Hey! Watch this!" (for the 100th time). 

Don't talk, don't move, don't breathe during my alone time.  

I will cut you.

And your Mama.

And your Mama's Mama.

Anywho, enough about me!  Sadie B is growing so fast!  I'm not one to really love the newborn stage--besides the cuddles--so, I am really loving that she's out of that stage now!

Here are some side by side pictures to compare how the little babe is rapidly changing!

At 2 months old:

A few weeks ago she was 10 pounds, but she's definitely had a growth spurt since then.  I am planning on taking her to be weighed this week, but I'd say she's around 11 or 11.5 pounds! We've managed to fatten her up and get rid of those newborn "chicken legs!"

23 inches, but not to be exact.  I just took a measuring tape up to check and I think her legs were bent a smidge!

Clothing Size:
I had to pack up the newborn clothes about 2 weeks ago, and now she is in 3 month size clothes.  I don't know if we are just missing a box or if we just didn't dress Presley during 3-6 months, because we have only a handful of onesies and outfits!  So obviously, this calls for a shopping trip.

Off topic: But, if you have a Once Upon a Child where you live can we please talk about how amazing that place is?!  That's the only place I will go to get Sadie and Presley clothes now.  

She can go anywhere around 3-4 hours in between feedings.  Depends on how tired she is when she's eating--most of the time she falls asleep before she is finished.  At night she can go a little longer though!

Hair is still brown, but definitely more sparse than Presley's was!  I keep waiting for some of it to fall out and come back lighter.  Adam had very blonde hair and I am kind of hoping Sadie's will fall out and come back in blonde!  Her eyes are still dark blue, but I can only assume they'll eventually turn green since Adam, Presley and I have green eyes.

Around two weeks ago we started Moms on Call.  I didn't buy the seminars or books--just downloaded the app for my phone--and it has been AH-MAY-ZING!  Sadie now goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up around 3 or 4 to eat, then goes back to sleep until around 8am.  The only thing about MOC is that the day starts at 7am and we are usually later sleepers.  I'm not sure if the book covers anything about that, but we somehow manage to stay on schedule throughout the day even when we wake up later.  She naps about 3 times a day for about 2 hours.  

The Moms on Call app is great because it lays out a schedule for you.  You can set it to have alarms go off to remind you when it's time to nap, feed or bathe, and it even has a "crazy day" option that will help you stay on track even when your day gets a little hectic.  Yesterday I decided to see if we veered off the schedule a little bit if she would still sleep at night and she totally woke up a million times!  So, today we are back on the tight sleep/eat/play routine and will hopefully get a good nights rest tonight!

- Sadie loves loves LOVES to watch Presley run around like a crazy person.  She just smiles and smiles when Presley is around! I can't wait until they can play together!

-She loves to suck on her hands.  And it's loud...you can hear it from a mile away!

-Bath time is her favorite.  But GOD FORBID you don't heat up her towel in the dryer before getting her out.  I learned that the hard way--home fry is a D-I-V-A!

-She's a Mama's Girl through and through.  Adam says it's because I have boobs, but really it's just because she knows how cool I am and she just wants to hang out with me all of the time ;)

Fun Stuff:
-She is on her way to holding up her head on her own.  She will do it for a while then get tired and it just falls.  HA!  About 2 weeks ago she started to smile whenever she is talked to and I keep trying to get a giggle out of her--but so far, no success!

-She has already been on two trips to the farm and will be headed home to Alabama in a few days! She is a great car rider and we will soon find out how she likes an airplane.  Lord, be near!

Here are just a few pictures of our lovely little Sadie Belle--we love her so much!
Her 1st time at a movie theatre! She ended up sleeping the entire time--what a bore!
That smirk! This is at the farm in Suttons Bay, MI.
At our favorite breakfast place in Suttons Bay!
Sadie's first Alabama football Saturday! Roll Tide Roll!
Presley loves her "stister" to death and is SO good with her! I think she was going in for a kiss here!