September 3, 2014

From 1 to 2

We are now 10 weeks into the whole "Mother (and Father) of 2" thing and can I just say that NOTHING can prepare you to go from 1 child to 2.  It's friggin' hard, y'all!

Sometimes I wonder if it's just because Presley is very busy, talkative, stubborn and hyper.  I also wonder if it's just the age difference and the current stage we are in with Presley right now (hello, Terrible Three's...thought those days were over as soon as she turned 3! NOPE!) and then sometimes I wonder if I'm just being dramatic and this is all normal.

Probably the latter--but, please join me for my pity party anyways.  You're all invited!

I will say that Adam and I were very surprised at how well Presley reacted to having a new baby in the house.  We basically prepared ourselves for the worst, but obviously hoped for the best.  She is so helpful, loves hugging and kissing on Sadie, and I found out today she is very protective of her when other kids get near her.  The part that I find hardest is balancing my time with each child.  Sadie requires a lot of attention and is on a pretty strict schedule (we do Moms on Call) so I am constantly either feeding, burping, changing or bathing the baby all while Presley is begging for me to cuddle her or watch her play with her creepy little dollhouse dolls.  (For the record, I almost always stop what I am doing and snuggle with her or play with her--I just have to remind myself that it's okay if the baby cries for a few minutes!)

I get frustrated because most days Presley talks 90-to-nothin' and calls my name 1,000,000 times just to tell me that she likes my hair or needs another baby wipe to make her doll a new dress (?!?!?!?!)

Then then THEN there's the hellacious task of leaving the house!  I guess I got very used to just having to grab Presley, a diaper, and a few wipes before heading out for the day.  Now, I have to remember the cotton pickin' diaper bag, the burp rag, the pacifier, a change of clothes for both kids, my wallet, my phone and the keys.  WHEW! Got it all...but, wait! My Moms on Call schedule now says that it's nap time for Sadie.


It's hard.  It's tiring.  It's frustrating.

It's all just so new.

I know it won't always be this hard.  There will be a time where Presley won't want me to cuddle with her or play with her--and that makes me pretty sad.  And the time will soon come where Sadie doesn't require so much work and she will be easier to care for, and before I know it she will be grown up, too!

It just takes some getting used to.  A lot of changes to adjust to during the first few weeks and months!  

With that being said--you never realize how it's possible to love two little humans as much as you do until you have them.  I love this time with both girls--even on the hard days!  They are both the best blessings and most days I get emotional just thinking about them and I miss them when they're just right upstairs napping. 

But, it's still hard...please send wine.  

September 2, 2014

Sadie Belle-monthly catch-up

HERE is Presley's 2 month update--just for comparisons!

I've really slacked (ha! Understatement of the year) at keeping up with Sadie's weekly/monthly growth posts! Every time I find myself with a little bit of free time it's usually spent on the couch napping or catching up on some shows.  Because, y'all, do you know how awesome-sauce it is to have BOTH minions asleep at the same time and there's nobody crying, screaming ,"MAMA!", asking for another snack, "Hey! Watch this!" (for the 100th time). 

Don't talk, don't move, don't breathe during my alone time.  

I will cut you.

And your Mama.

And your Mama's Mama.

Anywho, enough about me!  Sadie B is growing so fast!  I'm not one to really love the newborn stage--besides the cuddles--so, I am really loving that she's out of that stage now!

Here are some side by side pictures to compare how the little babe is rapidly changing!

At 2 months old:

A few weeks ago she was 10 pounds, but she's definitely had a growth spurt since then.  I am planning on taking her to be weighed this week, but I'd say she's around 11 or 11.5 pounds! We've managed to fatten her up and get rid of those newborn "chicken legs!"

23 inches, but not to be exact.  I just took a measuring tape up to check and I think her legs were bent a smidge!

Clothing Size:
I had to pack up the newborn clothes about 2 weeks ago, and now she is in 3 month size clothes.  I don't know if we are just missing a box or if we just didn't dress Presley during 3-6 months, because we have only a handful of onesies and outfits!  So obviously, this calls for a shopping trip.

Off topic: But, if you have a Once Upon a Child where you live can we please talk about how amazing that place is?!  That's the only place I will go to get Sadie and Presley clothes now.  

She can go anywhere around 3-4 hours in between feedings.  Depends on how tired she is when she's eating--most of the time she falls asleep before she is finished.  At night she can go a little longer though!

Hair is still brown, but definitely more sparse than Presley's was!  I keep waiting for some of it to fall out and come back lighter.  Adam had very blonde hair and I am kind of hoping Sadie's will fall out and come back in blonde!  Her eyes are still dark blue, but I can only assume they'll eventually turn green since Adam, Presley and I have green eyes.

Around two weeks ago we started Moms on Call.  I didn't buy the seminars or books--just downloaded the app for my phone--and it has been AH-MAY-ZING!  Sadie now goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up around 3 or 4 to eat, then goes back to sleep until around 8am.  The only thing about MOC is that the day starts at 7am and we are usually later sleepers.  I'm not sure if the book covers anything about that, but we somehow manage to stay on schedule throughout the day even when we wake up later.  She naps about 3 times a day for about 2 hours.  

The Moms on Call app is great because it lays out a schedule for you.  You can set it to have alarms go off to remind you when it's time to nap, feed or bathe, and it even has a "crazy day" option that will help you stay on track even when your day gets a little hectic.  Yesterday I decided to see if we veered off the schedule a little bit if she would still sleep at night and she totally woke up a million times!  So, today we are back on the tight sleep/eat/play routine and will hopefully get a good nights rest tonight!

- Sadie loves loves LOVES to watch Presley run around like a crazy person.  She just smiles and smiles when Presley is around! I can't wait until they can play together!

-She loves to suck on her hands.  And it's can hear it from a mile away!

-Bath time is her favorite.  But GOD FORBID you don't heat up her towel in the dryer before getting her out.  I learned that the hard way--home fry is a D-I-V-A!

-She's a Mama's Girl through and through.  Adam says it's because I have boobs, but really it's just because she knows how cool I am and she just wants to hang out with me all of the time ;)

Fun Stuff:
-She is on her way to holding up her head on her own.  She will do it for a while then get tired and it just falls.  HA!  About 2 weeks ago she started to smile whenever she is talked to and I keep trying to get a giggle out of her--but so far, no success!

-She has already been on two trips to the farm and will be headed home to Alabama in a few days! She is a great car rider and we will soon find out how she likes an airplane.  Lord, be near!

Here are just a few pictures of our lovely little Sadie Belle--we love her so much!
Her 1st time at a movie theatre! She ended up sleeping the entire time--what a bore!
That smirk! This is at the farm in Suttons Bay, MI.
At our favorite breakfast place in Suttons Bay!
Sadie's first Alabama football Saturday! Roll Tide Roll!
Presley loves her "stister" to death and is SO good with her! I think she was going in for a kiss here!

August 15, 2014

Potty Training: Mission Accomplished!

It's the dreaded question that every Mama of a toddler hates to hear: "Is little 'Kaightee Mareigh' (<--yes, this is me poking fun at the parents who try to give their kids name a unique spelling...because I'm feeling extra saucy today) potty trained yet?

I can't even begin to tell you the anxiety I got at the mere thought of potty training Presley.  That girl marches to the beat of her own drum and when you ask her to do something she doesn't want to do, she ain't gonna do it. So basically, don't even exhaust yourself into trying.  She's like a man--no matter how many times you suggest it or make it seem like a great idea--it has to be her idea and then she will go balls to the wall like it's the greatest idea she has ever had. (Ladies, am I right or AM I RIGHT? Maybe it's just my husband.)

A few months ago I thought it was the right time to get this ball rolling.  I bought the cute pink toilet, downloaded a crap ton (which is much more than just a ton...) of new apps on the iPad, sat her in the middle of the den and anxiously sat next to her waiting to hear the glorious sound of her peeing in that damn plastic bowl.

You know what happened?


Hello, Captain Obvious? She's not ready.

So, I let it go.  I was pregnant, working full time, Adam was out of town for baseball, and we had other things to do.  I began to think that the thought of me sitting around waiting for her to pee every 20 minutes was not how I wanted to spend my time off.  It takes 30 seconds to change a diaper and I can do it with one hand, eyes closed while also picking up the den with my toes (a skill every Mother needs to master, by the way.)

Then I had a baby and was changing two kids diapers.  That's double the poop, double the butt wiping, and frankly...just a shit ton of diapers to buy.

IT WAS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG, y'all! Come Hell or high water I was getting the Drama Baby out of diapers.  Because toddler poop? Will make you want to never eat again.

This time around has been an absolute breeze!  I kept her home for 3 days, took away all of the diapers (except for nap time and balls aren't that big) and bribed her with anything she wanted.  If she would have said she wanted a chocolate dipped unicycle...I would have found one.  ANYTHING!  
Here is what we used/did to master potty training in 3 days:

1) A toilet seat that goes on the actual toilet.  I thought the other potty would be better at first, but then thought about how I'd get her to go in public on a big toilet and changed my mind.  I am actually going to put the portable potty in the back of my car for emergencies.

2) A step stool- because the kiddo needs it to climb up on the toilet, and I needed somewhere to sit while waiting 100 years for her to pee.  If you can fit a La-Z Boy recliner or queen size bed in your bathroom then you should just go ahead and do that, because you'll be in there a while.

3) Cute underwear- We went cold turkey with the diapers and completely skipped over the pull-ups.  It was either she peed in the potty or she peed in her undies.  So, be prepared and buy several pairs! I four some cute ones at Ross that were cheap just in case she did have some messy accidents we could just toss them.

4) Anything for bribery- be it candy, toys, activities, animals, a new yacht, a trip to Bora Bora...whatever it takes--buy it!  Thankfully, Presley is happy with a cheap toy or a piece of chocolate.  That's what worked for us! Honestly, with the toys (bought at the dollar store and wrapped in tissue paper) I think she just enjoyed tearing apart the paper!  But, it's what worked for us!

 And there you have it!  That is all it took for us to finally get Presley out of diapers.  I went into it expecting many tears and accidents, but was very pleased that it went so smoothly.  I know there will be times where she does have an accident and that's okay.  I am not going to punish her or make a big deal out of it!  Today was her first day back at school and I sent about 6 pairs of clothes/underwear just in case ;)

August 13, 2014

playing catch up

You know what having 2 kids doesn't leave time for?

Keeping this here blog up to date! Sorry about that, but I've been a little busy (trying) to keep two little minions alive!

Honestly, Sadie is a breeze! She is still sleeping a lot during the day--only waking to eat and look around for a few minutes, then it's back onto the train to Sleepy Town!  Presley on the other hand...WOWZAS!  That girl Never. Stops. Talking.  If she says my name once she says it 2,000 times.  And if I don't answer her immediately she then starts calling me by my first and last name until I do answer her.  I've considered putting in ear plugs, it's true.

My maternity leave has mostly been packed full of visitors and a much needed vacation to Michigan! In July, my Dad and Step-Mom drove up to visit for a few days.  They had 4 bins of baby clothes and a swing to deliver to me also!  We enjoyed just hanging out around the house, taking a tour of Notre Dame, and a monstrous grocery shopping trip that was much needed!  I am definitely spoiled by my Daddy-O :)
Sadie Belle & Papa Eddie
Nana Missy, Sadie, and Papa Eddie

The day after they left we had more visitors come up from Alabama.  My Mimi, Aunt Rah-Rah, and Aunt LuLu (I know, how country are we?!)

Mimi & Sadie
Rah Rah & Sadie
Lulu & Sadie
While they were here Presley turned "3" so we had a small birthday party for her here at the house.  I figured this was probably the last year we can get away with having a small party for her before she starts to remember things.  I took her to Wal-Mart and let her pick out the theme, ordered a matching cake and then we were set!  Out of all the fun characters for a party she chose Dora.  I KNOW, you guys.  Dora.  It killed me and I can't even tell you how many times I tried to suggest other fun character.  She wasn't budging and I wasn't going to argue with her.  We had fun celebrating and Presley was spoiled with new toys!

She had the table destroyed in 5 seconds!
Still workin' that attitude!
If you wanted to party, you had to dress the part :)
My sweet (ahem, sometimes) 3 year old!

My Mom ended up going home with them rather than buying a plane ticket for a few days later, so once they left our house sure did feel empty!  Thankfully, we had tons of Adams family coming into town a few days later for his cousins wedding--it just so happened that he got married here in South Bend!

We had a great time at the wedding and visiting with family!  Presley partied until 11:00 at the reception where she danced her booty off.  That girl loves to dance!

Two days later, we packed up and headed to Suttons Bay, MI (The Farm) where Adams family spends the summer.  He spent his childhood summers there and with us being only 4 hours away, we went for 2 weeks this year!  I'll do a separate post on that, just because there are so many pictures!

We got back from The Farm on Sunday and have just been getting back into the swing of things.  Adam is back to work, I'm still on maternity leave, and most importantly...PRESLEY IS POTTY TRAINED!


July 21, 2014

Party of 4!

It's been almost 4 weeks since Sadie Belle joined our silly little family, and during that time there has been several adjustments made to how our daily life goes!  The most obvious of them being the lack of sleep Mama is getting.  I remember Presley being very on point with the whole "waking every 3 hours (on the dot), eating, then falling back to sleep" kind of schedule.  Sadie has been semi-similar, except you never know how long she is going to make it in between feedings.  Sometimes it is 1.5 hours and then sometimes it is 3.5 hours.  I usually fall back asleep as soon as she is done, so it hasn't been too terribly bad.

Except for that time I got Mastitis in both of my boobs.  

Yeah, that was zero fun!  I had no clue that it could make me so sick--and hurt so bad!  I had a pretty high fever for a few days before calling the lactation consultant and my midwife--who put me on an antibiotic and things cleared up pretty quickly after that.  I wanted to give up and just give Sadie formula so badly, but I managed to feed and pump through it.  But man, it was painful!  

Other than that, breastfeeding is going...okay.  I met with the lactation specialist this morning just to make sure she is latching on correctly since I am still in a little bit of pain.  I feel like by this point I should be pain free, right?!  We will see :)

Presley has adjusted to the new baby much, MUCH better than we had all anticipated.  We basically feared the worst and have been pleasantly surprised at how well she has taken the new changes.  My Mom was here for the first few weeks, so it was super helpful to have an extra set of hands when it came to taking care of Presley, the household duties, and meal time.  Presley tends to want me to hold her just as I am feeding Sadie, which I am sure is just a way of Presley letting me know she wants me to put the baby down--but I can usually distract her and then when I am done I will spend some time with her.

We did end up sending Presley back to school two days a week...


 That has been a lifesaver for us all!  She enjoys getting out of the house, playing with her friends, and going outside--while I enjoy the peace and quiet at home.  Because let's be real here, girlfriend DOESN'T SHUT UP!  She is constantly talking, asking questions, wanting to sit on the potty (without even going--she just wants a Skittle), dumping out her toy box just to run off and do something else....ya know?! Moms, HOLLER IF YA HEAR ME!

In the midst of all of this, we had a bunch of visitors!  It was so nice to hang out with our family and spend some quality time with them all.

My Dad and Step Mom came for a few days, then the day they left we had Adams cousin, Ryan, and his fiancee, Breighan, come over.  That afternoon my Grandmother and two Aunts came in from Alabama and stayed for a few days!

It has definitely been lonely now that it is just the 4 of us at home!

But, we love our new little addition to bits and pieces!  Sadie really is a great baby--so cute and snuggly!  I can't believe she is almost 4 weeks old!  To all of you young folks out there: If you want your life to fly by...have children! It makes the days, weeks, months and years go by in an instant!

July 7, 2014

Sadie's birth story- Part 2

**FYI: if you would like to savor any sort of "normal" image you've ever had of me (ha!) then don't read this post.  It's not going to be too detailed, but just detailed enough for you to picture me doing things you might not want to have forever embedded in your mind :) **

So, my water broke while I was lying in bed.  Everyone left the room so my nurse could help me up and change all of the bedding I was on.  As I was standing up in the middle of the floor my water broke again and this time it was basically exactly how it happens in the movies.  Just, water everywhere!  The look on the nurses face was hilarious, so as I kept laughing, more water was coming! It was a vicious cycle but she managed to push me over into the bathroom so I could just sit on the toilet and wait it out! 

After my water broke, my contractions started to get really painful.  I can't remember at this point how much I was dilated, but I think it was at this point I asked for some pain meds through my IV.  I still wanted to hold out on the epidural, and thankfully whatever they gave me was just enough to take the edge off and make things bearable again!  

Time passes by, I take some naps, and Adam decides to go home for a bit since we live literally 30 seconds away from the hospital ( I could see our neighborhood from my window!)  As soon as he gets home I start to feel SO much pain, so I ask for the epidural.  I would have preferred Adam to be there, but I had to settle with nuzzling my face into my nurses boobs while the anesthesiologist put it in.  He was seriously the best, I didn't feel one thing! I didn't even believe him when he said he was done.

More time passes and I think I sleep a little!

Later on, probably around 11pm or so,  Sadie wasn't all the way face down, so they had me lie on my side to get her to turn.  Adam had gone back home to sleep a little since we knew it would still be a while--I was still only 5cm dilated!  Once I was lying on my side, I went from 5 to 10 cm dilated in about 30 minutes.  We called Adam and told him to rush back to the hospital because the nurses assumed it was go time!

Once my midwife checked me, she said that the baby still wasn't all the way down, and I could either push now or wait until she dropped all the way.  She said that if I could hold out and take the pain and pressure, then I wouldn't have to do as much pushing to get her out.  So, I waited it out...until around 2:50am and that's when I started pushing!

I actually ended up lying on my side and pushing, which felt so much better than lying on my back!  I'm not sure how many times I had to push, it wasn't too many.  The reason it seemed like it took so long was because at this point my contractions slowed down and the time in between pushes was much longer than normal! At one point, Sadie was halfway out and my midwife just had to sit there for about a minute--holding her until I had another contraction and could push! Talk about a weird feeling :)

After a few more pushes, Sadie Belle was here! All 7lbs 12oz's of her :)


The pain this time around was nowhere near as bad as it was when I had Presley.  There was some discomfort, but definitely no burning or stretching feeling! Sadie came out with the cord tightly wrapped around her neck, so we were unable to do the delayed cord clamping (which was part of my birth plan) but, obviously I know it was much more important to get her over to the other warmer so the nurses could work on her!  Thankfully, she started crying and avoided going to the NICU!

Meanwhile, my midwife stayed with me to do all of the fun afterbirth shenanigans.  I was so happy to hear her say that I didn't tear or have to have an episiotomy!  Thank ya, Jesus!

After that, things were pretty uneventful.  Sadie and I did an hour of skin to skin, then I breastfed her, and then the nurse took her into the bathroom to wash her off.  I loved loved loved doing the skin to skin--that's something I didn't do with Presley.  The hospital where I delivered recommends that the baby spends 23 out of 24 hours in the room with the parents, so we just ended up keeping her with us the entire time!

The next two days we just spent in the hospital recovering!  Adam actually went back to work the next day since my Mom is here.  After two days in the hospital we headed home and have been going on with life!

Sadie is such a great baby (so far) and just sleeps non-stop.  It's hard to even keep her awake for feedings, but I know that the newborn phase will wear off soon and she will wake up!

I know I'm probably forgetting tons of little details with Sadie's birth, but for now this will do!

July 6, 2014

Sadie's birth story- Part 1

You can read (and I think you should, so you can see how completely different these two deliveries were) Presley's birth story HERE!

I'm hoping to get this all typed out before my memory fades (hello, Mommy Brain!) and too much time passes! Sadie's birth was so different from Presley's, just reading what I posted about Presley's birth makes me cringe!

From the very beginning of this pregnancy I knew that I wanted things to go differently and I was pretty hopeful that they would be since we don't even live in the same state that Presley was born.  When I made my very first appointment here in Indiana, the receptionist asked me if I would like to see the OB-GYN or the Midwives throughout my pregnancy.  I figured, why not? Midwives it is!  They are more likely to be on the same page as I am when it comes to how I wanted my pregnancy, labor, and delivery to go.  And dudes, I was totally right!

There are three midwives in the practice that is also in conjunction with the doctor, but I never saw the doctor.  He is basically just around for the midwives if anything goes wrong.  All of my appointments were always rotating with the midwives, so I didn't have a choice to just choose to stick with one.  But, I loved them all and was totally fine with whoever would be on call when it came time to deliver!

All of my monthly and weekly appointments were very uneventful.  Just the typical blood pressure and weight gain check, visit with the midwife, then out the door type of thing!

The only appointment that got a little hairy was the one hour glucose test, I bombed it.  Totally failed! 

Okay cool, no biggie.  I'll just go to the three hour test, enjoy the time alone with just me and some gossip magazines, and pass with flying colors!

Yeah.  Failed that one, too, and was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.

After failing that test, there were so many other appointments involved.  I now had to do weekly Non Stress Tests, prick my finger a billion times a day,  take certain supplements and medicine, meet with the doctor, meet with a Maternal Fetal Specialists, and (ahem, try to) really watch my diet.  

**for those wondering, my numbers were never ever that high.  I think the highest it ever reached was around 170, and that was after eating a ton of fruit.  They mainly stayed around 140, which to me, isn't something to totally freak about and even one of my midwives basically told me it was bull honkey.  But, they're the professionals, so I do (most) of what I am told :)**

Once I was diagnosed with GD they automatically moved my due date from July 1st to June 24th, a week early because with GD babies are typically (not always) bigger in size.  I wasn't too excited about that, and I know I could have refused an induction, but I just went with it and decided to wait it out to see how things were closer to that time.

The end of June rolls around and I'm on maternity leave, my Mom has flown in, and I go to my 39 week appointment on Monday June 23rd.  My midwife checks me to see if I am dilated, and I'm 1cm.  She sets it up for me to go in that night at 8pm to get Cytotec to help me dilate so the next morning we can get the party started!

Around 6ish, the charge nurse calls and says that there are no rooms available at the moment, and that they will either give me a call before midnight if something comes up.  Otherwise, we should be able to go in the next day at 5pm.

Cool.  Ain't no thang.  We still had new bedroom furniture to put together anyways!

The next morning rolls around and I get another call from the charge nurse saying that there was still no rooms available and that this has never happened.  Apparently, they even had women set up in the triage room?! 

Whatever.  I was definitely totally for sure set up to be there at 7am the next morning.

Adam and I arrive at the hospital, I get my gown on (b-t-dubs, my best friend got me my own cute hospital gown and I got SO many compliments on it!)

Then the waiting game began after they gave me the Cytotek! I was slowly dilating, but still didn't have any Pitocin.  It was in my birth plan that I didn't want Pitocin if I didn't have to have it, and thank God I didn't!

I was basically dilating one centimeter an hour and was having pretty consistent contractions that were about 3-4 minutes apart, but not painful.  

Around lunch time, Adams parents made it by the hospital and stayed for a while.  That's when I got out of bed and we did a little walking around for a while.  My contractions were getting strong enough where I had to stop and breathe , I definitely couldn't talk through them at this point!

Adams parents left to go get Presley from school, then brought her by the hospital to visit for a little bit! I was so happy to see her :)

I got back in bed, we are all just chatting and watching Presley, I'm contracting....and then...


(stay tuned for Part 2, tomorrow!)

Turns out, we didn't take too many pictures during this time! But, here are a few.  Adam did a lot of videoing that day, so once he gets the time he will put all of that together!