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August 30, 2008

Nothing to do!

You can pretty much believe that I am officially counting down the days until baseball is OVER with! Tonight the guys started a 4 game series in Tuscon, AZ which are the last 4 games of the season. Then they go to Sacramento for the first two playoff games. After those first two games in Sac then they come home to Salt Lake to finish out the first series of the play offs. Whoever wins that will go on to the next round. So it is just a waiting game, which is frustrating because we can't really make any plans on when we will head home. Adam and I are really praying to be able to make it to an Alabama football game soon, so the sooner they are out of the playoffs, the better :)

Tonight me and two of the girls, Tanner Evans and Jenny Sandoval, we out to eat with Jill Johnson. She has been leading all of our (the girls) Bible studies at our house for the season. Her husband is that leader of the guys Bible studies at the field. This has been the first year that they have really been able to do something like that. It has been really nice to have her come to the house and do that for us. We do it once a week and it really helps to bring things back into perspective and she always reminds us to keep God's word going throughout the season, it's really easy during the baseball season to get caught up in other things. So it's nice to have a great group of girls to go to church with and to do extra things like that with! We were originally going to go to a nice Chinese restaurant but we showed up and it was shut down. So we went right next door to a place called Ruby's Steakhouse. It was a lot like Outback. I devoured my plate in about 7 minutes. It was great...I pigged out.

I have recently been EXTREMELY bored. Bored out of my mind actually. And when I get really bored I get ideas of wanting to dye my hair. So I have been contemplating on dying it back to brown. Adam doesn't like my hair brown, but it is SO expensive to keep my hair blonde. My roots start to show after 2 weeks ( which I know that whichever guys are reading this really don't care). But it's a pain to keep up with! Then at one point I wanted my hair short. So who knows what will happen! Adam has to love me either way ;)

I also finally cleaned our room here. I am pretty sure it's the first time that it has been thoroughly cleaned since we have been here. I am not a fan of deep cleaning ( which I find odd because my Mama is a cleaning freak). I only cleaned the bathroom but for me that is a huge accomplishment. It was really gross. And let me just tell you, Adam will swear up and down that his face shaver thing captures all of the little hairs inside of it and wont fall out, but after close examination of the counters yesterday it CLEARLY doesn't keep all the little hairs inside of it!!!!! So I cloroxed and scrubbed. And being the sweet girlfriend that I am...I saved the toilet for Adam to clean, which I know he is just thrilled about :) Our landlord also got a new vacuum for us so I used that too. So pretty much all we have to do is throw our clothes and stuff in a suitcase and get on the road, we just don't know when yet!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! ANNNNDD....ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!

The pictures below are of Adam and I. I found some Morphing website (yes, thats how bored I get). The pictures are morphed into the "baby" stage. I emailed them to Adam and he thought they were hilarious so we decided that we should put them up here.

The other picture is of Jill Johnson (Bible study leader) , Tanner Evans, Jenny Sandoval, and ME!

August 28, 2008

It's never going to end!!!!!

The Bee's clinched a spot for the play offs tonight. I am happy for the guys, it's the third season in a row that they have made the play offs. I am sure the club house is going to be crazy tonight. I know it was last year. I know that all of us girls should be a little bit more excited than we are but most of us are just ready for the season to be over with..I am sure that includes a majority of the guys on the team too, but it is definitely an exciting thing for them.

Not too much has been going on lately, that's mainly why there hasn't been that many postings! I have been laying out with some of the girls during the day, but it seems like there is an excessive number of annoying little bees or yellow jackets or SOMETHING with a big ol' stinger on them. And they always seem to want to fly around me when we are laying out, and if any of you have ever been around me when something like that comes near me then you know I am QUITE the spaz. So I end up spending most of my time running around, hiding behind people, or spastically dunking myself under the water to avoid these things. Everyone in the house is just trying to get packed up to leave. I have yet to start packing any of mine or Adams things. I really don't have that much stuff to pack except for all of my clothes. I actually took a lot of my clothes home with me to Alabama last time I went home. I have decided that I am just going to drive my car back to Alabama, which I am not too thrilled about at all. The cost to ship it this time was a little much, but I just waited too long I think to set it up. I am going to follow Adam back so I am hoping that I can hang with him, I get tired as soon as I sit in the car. It should be interesting. I told Adam that I am going to need to stock up on energy drinks and food so I can stay awake. It's a really long drive. I think it's about 26 hours.

He still hasn't heard anything about winter ball. He is supposed to be hearing from his agent within the next day or so. I sure hope that they figure something out soon so we can make some plans. Although, I have finally realized that with baseball, you can never make plans. So I am trying to deal with it :)

Our swamp cooler thing in our house is broken...again. It is pretty much just blowing out hot air, which is REALLY nice when it's 90 degrees outside..not! I called our land lord but he didn't really seem to concerned about it. He said he would "TRY to get a hold of his handy man." It wouldn't be that big of a deal but the last time that our swamp cooler broke it took him forever to get his handy man out here to fix it and we ended up calling someone on our own to come and fix it. So, I am sure he will be thrilled to get a bill mailed to him from another person to fix it since he is taking so long. Personally, I think he is a horrible land lord. He lives in New York so he can't really get much done over here when he is so far away. But, whatever.

Well I hope everyone is doing alright. I hope to see some of you soon!

ps. the picture below is a lovely molding of a pregnant African woman. Me and one of the girls that lives with us found it in an antique shop. It was probably the freakiest thing I have seen in a while...besides Adam :) JUST KIDDING BABE!!!!!

The second picture is of Adam with the Olympic bronze medal. His team mates Matt Brown and Kevin Jepsen went to Beijing to play on the USA team and won the bronze! You can click on the pictures to get a larger view to pull up

August 24, 2008

9 games remaining

With 9 games remaining in the season, it looks like we have a comfortable lead and are going to clinch a playoff spot soon. We have been really busy this past week, since its our final week here in Salt Lake. We are getting our lease straightened out with our land lord for September and the extra days that we will be in the house. We had a Season Ticket Holders cook out today at the field after a 2 hour camp that me and four other guys put on for some kids. That was the second camp this week, I am trying to make a little extra money on the side. Lindsay took me to get my hair cut yesterday and then made me go shopping for new clothes because I haven't done that in quite some time.

Alabama football season kicks off a week from today, opening up with Clemson on ESPN. It looks like they will have a young team this year and they aren't picked to do anything great, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Hopefully after the playoffs Lindsay and I can try to make it to a game or two in Tuscaloosa before I head back to Florida. Lindsay and I don't exactly know what our plans are for the off season, first we have to find out if winter ball is going to happen or not, then decide where I will train for the off season if winter ball doesn't work out. Most likely I will be back at IMG in Sarasota.

Tonights game went well. We won 6-2 against Tuscon, I went 2 for 4 with a single and a triple. With the small changes that I have made in my approach at the plate I am able to see the ball better, which in turn will hopefully lead to more hard hit balls. It definitely makes me feel a lot better about finishing up the season strong.

August 18, 2008

My Trip Home

I am finally home from my trip to Alabama! It was REALLY nice to finally go home and see everyone! It definitely made me realize that I don't ever want to go that long without going home!

The morning that I left we got to the airport pretty early. I think we woke up around 3 or something. But Adam had to be at the airport really early too so that worked out pretty nicely! I was flying stand by so I just had to hope that I was going to make it on a flight to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Birmingham. I flew there on a Wednesday so I didn't have any problems getting on a flight. As soon as I got home I went straight to Taco Casa, which is probably one of my most favorite places to eat in the world.

Also while I was there I got to take my nephew to his first day of Kindergarten. Hunter was really excited that he was going to a big boy school so I didn't have a problem waking him up at 6:30 that morning...I actually think that I was the one with the problem waking up that early! The day before school I took Hunter to let him pick out his backpack and lunch box. I was very surprised that he didn't pick out a Spider Man or Power Rangers backpack, he picked out a black and gray one...but then when we got to the lunch box aisle he picked out the ugliest one possible. But I didn't argue with him because I had told him he could get whatever he wanted...

So for the next week I stayed at my brothers house and took Hunter to school every morning and picked him up every afternoon. But, I was informed a few days after him starting that "he was in kindergarten and I didn't need to walk him to his class anymore." ..... so I didn't. He walked in by himself the next morning and said that if he got lost he was just going to walk around until someone found him...good plan.

So I didn't really do much while I was there except help with him. I also got to see my niece, Taelor, on Saturday..I can't believe how big she has gotten! The only other thing I really did was lay out some and eat a lot of food. That is why I am about to go to the gym.

When it was time for me to go home the plane situation got a little more interesting. I was also flying stand by on the way home and I tried to fly back to SLC on a Friday...which was a really bad idea. I got to the airport around 4:45 AM on Friday and realized that everyone was flying to Salt Lake City. I had no problem getting to Atlanta though first. But when I got there the Delta woman told me that I probably wasn't going to get on a flight to Salt Lake ( she told me this after being at the airport for about 5 or 6 hours). She told me that they were going to fly me to Washington DC and that I would most likely make the flight from DC to SLC that night. It was actually a good thing that they flew me to DC because on Thursday afternoon my little brother and Dad flew to DC for the weekend to do some site seeing. So I called my Dad and told him that I was going to be in DC and that if I didn't catch the flight to Salt Lake that night that I would be joining him and Colby! So I got to DC and of course, didn't make the flight. So my Dad and brother were staying about 5 minutes from the airport so they just came and picked me up! We had a really nice dinner and then I went and showered and went to bed. After taking an $85 cab ride to the other airport in DC the next morning, I FINALLY made it on a flight. I don't think I have ever been so happy to get back to Salt Lake! Oh yeah, and this whole time my luggage had been in Salt Lake...Thankfully I had packed my phone charger and tooth brush in my purse :)

SO now I am SO GLAD to be back in Salt Lake and I don't have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning to get anyone ready for school, which is great! I definitely missed Adam though!

I posted some pictures so make sure you click on the little icon thingy!


August 17, 2008

Season coming to a close

We got a big win tonight against Colorado Springs after coming back from our road trip to Sacramento losing all four games. As of right now we have a five game lead over Tacoma. You can see the standings on the home page of the Bee's. It breaks it down nicely, showing you all the overall records of the teams in our division and how many games behind they are. This is the fun part of the year, you can actually feel like there is something at stake and there is a little more pressure to win. This is our last home stand and then we finish the season on the road with 4 games in Portland then 4 in Tuscon. If I had to guess it will come down to the wire to see who goes to the playoffs. We aren't really playing well as of late and Tacoma has been on a roll.
I definitely need to find my swing again...I'm lost. I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired or if I'm just over thinking things. I'm not comfortable in the batters box anymore and it feels like I'm searching for my timing. Its really frustrating knowing how well I did throughout the season and that if I suck it up here towards the end it could mess it all up. One positive thing though, since Terry Evans and Brad Coon came back from being hurt, I've seen more playing time in the infield. The first game back at 3rd base felt pretty weird but after the 5th or 6th inning it was all coming back to me. Tonight I played 3rd again and it felt like I've been playing there all year. So I haven't lost a beat, its a good thing to know.
Lindsay should be writing a post tomorrow about her trip to BAMA so keep an eye out.


August 7, 2008

Off Day in Salt Lake

We just got back from our 8 game road trip to Omaha and Des Moines. We won 5 of the 8 games which is pretty good on the road. I hit my 21st home run in Omaha and I think I'm sitting around 70 RBI. Its been a great season and we are coming toward the end. There are about 25 games left not including playoffs. We are in first place with 7 game lead on Portland.

Omaha was a great place to play, they host the College World Series there every year. We never made it when I was at University of Alabama but I'm happy I got to play there now. I hit pretty well in those 4 games there, my timing and swing felt great. When we got to Des Moines I had a chance to see my host family from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I played there in 2003, it is one of the Angels single-A teams. We grabbed a bite to eat after our Sunday game and spent some time hanging out at their house. It was great seeing them again. The series in Iowa didn't go so hot for me at the plate. I managed one hit in four games, I just didn't see the ball too well there for some reason. Thats how crazy baseball is, I can go from feeling great to feeling like I don't have a clue. Oh well...

There have been some changes in our roster as of late. Brad Coon(outfielder) who broke his finger is back from the disabled list and Terry Evans(outfielder) is about a week away from being ready to go. We are getting Ryan Budde(catcher) back from the big leagues and Bobby Wilson(catcher) is coming off the DL. With all these moves it will be interesting to see how that affects our line-up. Three of those guys are on the major league 40 man roster which means they are going to play.

Lindsay is still in Alabama spending time with her family so I'm by myself this home stand in Salt Lake. Good thing its only 4 games then we hit the road will be boring around here without her. I got an update from the Angels on winter ball this offseason. Its nothing official but a team in the Dominican Republic is interested in me coming and playing for them from middle of October to end of December. There won't be a decision made until my agent and I have weighed out all the options. There are 4 major leagues that play in the offseason; Dominican, Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Venezuelan. The advantage for me to go play is that it will give me more at-bats against better competition and if I do well that can show the major league teams that I'm ready for the big leagues. The Dominican league is by far the best competition and that is where I would first look to play.

Today is our last off day of the season, I'm probably going to get a workout in and then later spend some time just relaxing with the guys.

Omaha Royals stadium and home of the College World Series

Laurel and Eric (host family kids in Iowa)