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April 13, 2009

Once it hits your's so good!!!

I'm sorry, that title is totally unnecessary..but we are watching Old School...and that's a classic are the pictures from the past two games..nothing special, but Hunter says ,"You get whatcha get, don't pitch a fit..."

Back into the dug out

Asher's first picture with Bumble..many more to come!

Pavkoviiiiiiich in right field

Of course I have to throw in some pics of the most beautiful girl in the world..Sofia!

She's so purtty...I want to steal her...and I think Adam does too.

Here we gooooo...

Toasty at bat...

Ladies and gentlemen we have a single...

On base...duh..obviously.

He stole second right after I took this picture...

Ok, now you have permission to ready the post after this one...

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