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July 22, 2010

wha- wha- what to do without internet AND cable?

It's a sad, sad day in the Pav/DeVore household.  First off, our neighbor (who we were stealing internet from) moved out..which means they got their internet turned off.  Second, the free cable we were using? Gone! I'm like a lost little lamb who wandered far, far away from the heard into the stone age with Fred Flinstone.  Not that any of that makes sense, but you get my point.  The good thing about this is, though, that last night since I had nothing else to do, I busted out P90X and got my swole on! Whoop Whoop! Adam says we need to give it a few weeks to see if any other folks move in and get internet.  My fingers and toes are crossed.  I think we could live without cable but definitely not internet!

Anywho, Adam had midterms yesterday and did stupendous! I've been working while he's a school.  He's had baseball camps and lots of studying to do! So nothing really new to share! ONLY the fact that my sweet little Hunterboo turned SEVEN yesterday..he's so grown up! I remember when he was just a wee little lad who had big blue eyes and a big ol' bald head :( His party is on the 31st so I better get-ta-planin'! 

Here are some of our engagement pictures by the wonderful Jamie Cormier!

July 16, 2010

back to school for toasty!

Adam started back to school last week, and let me just tell you, it hasn't been easy! He's been swamped every night with homework, a project, or reading 500 million pages from his textbooks. We hardly even see each other except at night, and by then we are both exhausted from our long days.  He's taking two summer classes right now, and will register (or maybe he already has?! See, I don't even talk to him enough to know his schedule!) for the fall semester. We are all settled in at the apartment and finally have a decent routine set...ahhhhh, life without baseball..it's pretty boring. Ha! Okay, not boring, maybe a little calmer (more calm?) and more scheduled..it's different, but I am enjoying being at home FO SHO!

I am officially employed! I handed out my resume to every spa in Tuscaloosa, got a few calls back, and finally decided on which one to go to.  I got offered a job at the nicest spa in T-Town, but turned it down to work at a salon that's got a more laid back environment.  Working at the nice spa, I probably would have had about 4-5 massages a day, but wouldn't have enjoyed working there.  At the salon I am at, I'm not as busy (yet) but l-o-v-e the people that work there and the atmosphere is great! Eventually I will be really busy once I build my clientele.  Patience is the key!!! So anywho, if you're in Tuscaloosa come see me at H2O! Whoo de whooo!

Adam and I also had some more engagement pictures taken! Our good friend Jamie is trying to get a photography business started and she thinks Adam and I are smokin' hot is trying to get some practice in, so she asked if she could take some pictures of us! We were all,"ccchhhyyyeeeaahhh buddy!" Who doesn't like free pictures, all the while Jamie is getting in some experience with her new, nice camera! Everyone wins! She did an awesome job and all of the pictures look great! I will share them in the next post!

Yesterday Hunter and I spent the day together.  We went to see Despicable Me (which was hilarious!), went to get lunch at Waltons (our favorite place), then went across the street to feed the horses apples and carrots! These horses are pretty spoiled, I always see people pulled over feeding them some treats.  When we walked over they immediately knew what we were there for and they started running towards the fence.  Hunter was not scared at all to feed them, I was a little freaked out because they were poking their necks out as far as they could to try and get to the food..I was scurred! 

We are headed to Birmingham to go to dinner with Kristen, Chandlar, Page, and Michael tonight..probably my favorite thing about being home..I don't have to miss out on all the dinner dates! Yeehaw! I will post pictures on the next post! Too-da-loo!

July 3, 2010

all moved in!

We are officially moved in to our new apartment! Considering we have been traveling for the entire time of our relationship, we don't own that much stuff.  But in the past few days we have accumulated more than we could ever need!  See, we have registered for all sorts of fun things for a house/apartment..but we still have 3 months until the wedding which means 3 months until we get any of that stuff. Luckily, our family is more than willing to help out and we have gotten a butt load of things early.  We are so grateful! We bought our sofa yesterday, took it to the house, then left and came to Huntsville.  My dad took us shopping and bought us sooooo much stuff..we can't wait to get home and decorate! We are so blessed to have so many people helping us out :) 

Oh yeah well and I guess I should probably mention some other news on the home front...Yours truly is now employed! I had an interview at Nancy Taylor Day Spa and got the big j-o-b! Whooo de whooo! At the moment they are only hiring massage therapist part time so I am going to do that and work the front desk as a receptionist until a full time position opens up for massage! Looks like things are falling into place for us!  

In the midst of moving & my job interview I've been dealing with some heart issues...see, what had happend wuz...My mom, a friend of hers, and I were at the movie theater getting ready to watch Eclipse.  We had tickets to watch all 3 movies in a row (Twilight, New Moon, and then Eclipse at 12:01) and had just started watching Eclipse when my heart started racing..like really really racing.  This has been going on for quite some time now (I think it started when we were in NY) but I have always just ignored it and gone on with my merry way.  This time it was so bad that I almost fainted, so my Mom and I left to go home.  On the way out to the car I just kept telling her how bad I felt so she decided to take me to the ER.  It was 1:00 AM so thankfully there wasn't too many people in the waiting room but since I was having a hard time breathing they took me straight back.  Anywho, got checked in, they did an x-ray of my chest to rule out fluid on my lungs, gave me and IV and took some blood to test my thyroid and junk, then hooked me up to a heart monitor.  Oh oh oh OH..my doctors name was Dr. Pepper..I'm not even lying.  He came in and said that my blood work and x-ray was clear but he thinks I have SVT (supra-ventricular tachycardia)  and that I need to go see a cardiologist as soon as possible.  I went to the cardiologist yesterday where they did an echo and gave me a holter monitor that I had to wear for 24 hours.  I take it back on Tuesday then they will have my results on Thursday.  I don't think it's anything to worry about but still say a little prayer for me..I'm not ready to be an old lady with heart problems quite  yet ;)  And since I didn't get to watch Eclipse I plan on going back to see it again...I mean wait, do you think it could have been Edward or Jacob's fault for these heart issues? What do you think?

Yeah.  That's what I was thinking. Definitely couldn't be Jacobs fault...

 I plan on blogging more often now that we are almost settled in and have interenet.  Well, technically we don't have internet but our neighbor does and we pick up his (or her? We haven't actually met the person that we are stealing internet from) wireless connection...uh, thanks neighb. I will take pictures of the hizzle once we have everything where it belongs! Now I've got to go pry Adam off my Dads dock..he's in Heaven right now fishing his little heart out, he loves it here :)