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March 29, 2009

I'm Back

I figured I would get on here and write a blog since I haven't in a while. It has been over a week since I have been down in minor league camp. Everything is going nice and smooth down so far. Most of the games we are playing with other big league guys who are down getting more at bats or pitching some extra innings. Our line ups every day for the Triple-A team is pretty much a big league line up. Today we faced the #1 Milwaukee Brewers big league starting pitcher, Yovani Gallardo . I played the first 6 innings at Shortstop and had 2 at bats off of him, I walked and then hit a hard ground ball to third base for an out. I felt good in the box against him, and that's all that matters right now in the Spring.

Yovani Gallardo, Brewers

Yesterday, we played the Giants triple-A team and they brought down their #1 big league starting pitcher, Tim Lincecum ...by the way, he is the best pitcher in all of baseball as of right now. He holds the National League Cy Young award from last year. I played second base for all 9 innings had 2 at bats off of him, I got a base hit up the middle and a strike-out. He is one of the most impressive pitchers I have seen, he throws a mid 90's fastball and has really good control of his curveball, change up, and split finger. Just for kicks, he will cut his fastball a little to the right at around 92 MPH. Out on the mound he looks like a high school pitcher because of how tiny he is, but he sure is nasty.

Tim Lincecum, Giants

Its been a really fun spring so far. Sometimes these days can be exhausting but for the most part they haven't been bad. Staying healthy and getting your work in is what everyone wants to do right now. Yeah, some guys are battling for spots on different rosters (major league roster, triple-A roster, etc) and that causes a lot of in-team competition but everybody keeps it pretty fun. I've also been able to put together quality at bats in most of the games and that is always a good sign during spring training. It shows me that all the batting practice and cage work is heading me in the right direction for the season. Since being sent down from major league camp we are making plans for Salt Lake City again (triple-A). There just isn't any room on the major league roster right now. The Angels have all these young prospects coming up in the minors but they keep going out and signing good major league players. That leaves no chance for any of us to make a push into the big leagues. But, all of that is out of my control and all I'm doing is making sure I'm ready to play at the best of my abilities.

Thats our big league manager Mike Scioscia hitting us some ground balls during practice.

I found a web page where somebody had taken a picture of me hitting a double against the Colorado Rockies a few weeks ago. click here.

I'll have some more stuff for you in a few days.

Is This Real Life?

My cousin, Anna Lisa, posted this video a while ago on her blog, but I thought I would share it with y'all because it is sooo friggin' funny! It's a kid who just had left the dentist and he is still a little doped up...If you don't think this is funny, well, you need to check your funny bone.

In other not-so-interesting news, it's almost time to pack all of our things up again and move on out! There are 8 days left (April 6th, last day) of spring training, and we still have no clue as to where we are going to be living in SLC! The regular season doesn't start until April 9th, so we have 3 days to actually be in SLC and go look at places to live. On the last day here in AZ the guys will get done around noon, hopefully. So far the plan is to leave as soon as they get done and get the 10 hour drive over with. We will get there pretty late, but it beats waking up early on the 7th and wasting a day driving, when we could already be there looking for a place to live! This could all change, depending on if we find a house before then, it's just much better if we can see the place for ourselves!

Adam has been playing in almost every game in minor league camp. He went up with the big league team on Friday, they played the Diamondbacks in Tucson. Most of the games he will get a hit or two, but even when he doesn't get a hit he says that , "They are quality at-bats."...meaning that even though he didn't get on base, he hit the ball good/hard. He mentioned last night that he hasn't hit a home run yet, so I hope that doesn't get to him while he is up to the plate.

We have just been hangin' out at the apartment for the past few days. We did have something miraculous happen on Friday night..are you sitting down?....ok good...I cooked dinner **GASP**..I know...this is a huge milestone. Now before you get all excited for me, it was just spaghetti. But, what really made it interesting is that we actually sat at the table..which, by the way, I set :) I think Adam was impressed. Usually we just sit on the couch and eat on the coffee table, while we watch TV! Spring Training has really turned me into the Domestic Goddess that I never knew I could be!!

Yesterday I went to lunch with Leslie and Daylen Bonilla before they headed to the game to watch her husband pitch. We had to go somewhere quick and cheap, so where do you think we went ?!?! McDonald's! I mean, I was just soooo ticked off about that (insert sarcasm here). Man, I love that place, it will never get old! For dinner last night Adam, Me, Terry, Tanner, and baby Asher went over to Brian's house( the Bible study leader). Him and his wife Kim have 3 girls, so it was a full house! We ate some yummy steaks, baked potatoes, and corn..then played a game of Cranium. It was a lot of fun, and I came out of there with an amazing Spinach Dip recipe!

I have been such a slacker lately that I don't even have any cool pictures to post! I'm sorry..I will be back on track as soon as the season starts and I actually ATTEND the games!!!


March 25, 2009

Lysol Overload!!

You know, just when I think I have the immune system of an ox, the stomach bug holds us hostage! Let me take you back to where it all began...

*Eli Willits, Reggie's son, get the stomach bug..he pukes all over his beautiful mother, Amber...
*Amber gets the stomach bug...
*Tanner Evans, who lives with the Willits clan, get the stomach bug...
*Terry Evans, Tanners husband, gets the stomach bug...
***Please note, I spend most of my days with all of these folks****
Now, I don't know if I actually fully had the bug or what, but I almost get sick while working out.
*Adam wakes up..has the friggin bug!!!!!!

I would say that this is one contagious monster if you ask me! This leads to me being an absolute psycho with the Lysol. I have been running around our apartment like a mad woman, just spraying everything in sight..I have fumigated the apartment like none other. Everything Adam has touched, has been hosed down with the Lysol, everything down to the flusher-handle-thingy on the toilet. A bit much? I think not.

So, due to Adam feeling a bit sickly, he came home from the field around 11 for the past two days. Now, normally, I would be thrilled about this, I mean, ppssshh, heck yeah lets have some fun on these "off days". But, HELLO????..doesn't Adam know that I like to get my daily dose of my Twilight movie in silence??? Instead, I was taking care of him, which is like the equivalent to a brittle and frail elderly person on their deathbed with only moments to live! It was pitiful! ( I am really hoping Adam doesn't read this post, I think he thought I enjoyed doing this.) He is quite the "milker" when he is sick...this is what I heard about one trillion times in the last few days...,"Can you go get me this or that(or whatever he wanted at the time)...I cant do it because I'm sick." Sheeeeeeeesh! I am very happy to say that he is back to his normal little self and is at the field, for the rest of the day..because I told him I was not coming to pick him up early today :) I know it seems like I was a total witch to him while he was "fighting off the bright lights at the end of the tunnel" fiasco, but I really was nice and sweet..for the most part!

Everyone is now much better and we can all get on with our lives. Meaning, I am going to watch Twilight until my eyeballs fall out.

Yesterday Adam came home early from the field and we came home for a little bit. Then we headed to the airport to pick up Leslie and Daylen Bonilla! If you remember from our posts during the baseball season last year, I always talked about Leslie and Daylen (he's the cute kid I was always holding?!?!). Her husband, Henry, plays for the Dodgers and they are out here for a while to visit him! Henry had planned on picking them up from the airport but then he got called up to the big league game, which happened to be a night game. So we gladly picked them up and we all headed to the game. Adam was extremely excited because his all-time favorite player is now with the Dodgers, Manny Ramirez. I must say, it was very odd to have Adam in the stands with me at a baseball game..I was not used to that! But of course I didn't pay much attention to the game, Leslie and I had way too much catching up to do. Adam and Daylen hung out and walked around the stadium some, they went and talked to Henry for a while, he was hanging out in the bull pen with all the other pitchers. (If you're not up to par on the baseball lingo-it's not an actually bull pen..it's just a term for where all of the pitchers sit during the game...) :o)

At this point I think everyone is totally over spring training! It was fun at first, but, not so much (that was meant to be said with my best Borat accent..if you will..). I am ready for night games to begin! Although, Mother Nature better get her rear in gear before we head north. The last I heard it's still snowing in SLC...not acceptable!

Anywho, nothing more exciting to blog about over here! I am going to go finish up some laundry and do some more cleaning..who knew I could actually be this domestic? For a while there I thought I was domestically challenged...my how things change!


Adam and Daylen walking into the stadium

Adam went down to get some pics of Manny.

There he is, the big man himself :)

You know how I like to throw in random pictures?! Well this picture is for my wonderful cousin, Anna Lisa. Anna, I wanted to rent all of these movies, for old times sake :) (ok, not "Old" times sake, I am still obsessed..)

Oh my, here is the poor sick boy

Adam and I after the game

Adam and Daylen, tryin to pick up some ladies :)

Leslie and I after the game..love her!

March 22, 2009

The reason I haven't blogged.

One word. Sims. Man, I am friggin' addicted to that game! I know, it's sad but I just can't help it! So much has happened in the last week or so..where shall I begin?!?!

So, this may sound bizarre to some, but I have started doing the P90X workout. Ouch. Oh my gosh, it's is soooo hard! Let me just tell you about my first day. Ok, well the first day I did the Legs & Back. It wasn't too bad. Just a full hour of lunges, squats, push ups, wall squats. I survived, that's all that mattered...at the moment. So, after doing that, I had to start moving our stuff from our apartment to the new one that we are now in. That consisted of walking up and down two flights of stairs with heavy suitcases..I did that about..ohhhhh , I'd say, 25 times. My legs were like noodles, I was prepared to collapse at any second. But, then, I decided to wait on Adam to do the rest. So I figured I would head over to visit Tanner, Amber, and their kids while I waited on Adam to get done with the game. On the drive over there I was thinking "Man, I really hope they have already gone on their daily walk....'. Now I should know better, I don't have that kind of luck. As soon as I pull up they are just starting their 3 mile walk. I am happy to say that I also survived that. But my legs hated me. The next day was the worst. At one point I really thought that I was going to have to call someone at the front office to come unlock my front door and help me off the couch and onto the toilet..(Too much info?? You'll live. I did.) Thankfully my legs are no longer sore, but my abs are.. :) Ok, I know, that was an unnecessarily long story but it was a big deal.

Oh yeah, Adam got sent down to minor league camp a few days ago. He wasn't too happy, but there's not much he could do about it. That just means that he gets more playing time and more at bats. Today he went up with the big league team to their game, so he will probably play some up there. They can call him up to play in their games while he is down in minor league camp, so that's good :) This means I am officially done going to games for the rest of spring training..yahooooo!

I baby sat baby Asher the other day while Terry and Tanner went out to a much needed lunch by themselves. He is so dang cute! He is going to be one spoiled child, weather his mom and dad like it or not!! :o)

The most important thing that has happened recently is that Twilight came out on DVD yesterday!!! I finally finished all of the books, so now I am just going to watch the movie until the next movie comes out!

Man, I feel like I had SO much to blog about, but I guess I just had a brain fart and forgot..now all I can think about is food..so Im gonna go eat and maybe my thoughts will come back to me...dang it! I hate it when this happens (welcome to my world).


March 11, 2009

Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

I just want to start this off with this video....If you read our blog from the internet on your phone and can't get YouTube, you have to fine a computer and watch this...it's hilarious.


Adam still hasn't played any, so I am sad to say that there isn't much to blog about on that note. But I am very happy to say that there is no game today, which means Adam will be joining me poolside..whoot whoot! We started the day off this morning with breakfast at McDonald's..our favorite :)

Last night we went to a Bible study at Jason Bulgers house. There were about 7 guys there and they all had their girlfriends/wife with them. It was nice because it was just the Angels players so everyone was pretty comfortable with talking more and giving their opinion on the subject. We are going to do it again next week, so I can't wait! Before the Bible study we went and ate at The Cheesecake Factory, also our favorite.

I know this is a boring post, but like I said last time, right now our life is pretty boring! Adam will be posting tonight!!


March 8, 2009

Nothing New

Nothing exciting has gone on since the last post! Since the last post Adam hasn't really played much at all! A lot of the big league guys are playing most of the games, which leaves Adam and many other guys on the bench. Most of the time he will get in the game for one at bat or so. I didn't go to a few games this past week so I'm not positive if he got any hits or not. I do know that he got an RBI yesterday, but that's about it. I sure do hope that he gets some game time today!

I haven't been attending the games for the past few days because I have been having some girl time! Tanner and baby Asher got here last week so I have been hanging out with them! They have all the kids at their place so that is WAY more fun than going to games! Yesterday I spent the day by the pool with a couple of girls, so today I am going to suck it up and go to the field..and you are never going to believe this but...I will actually be on time! I know, I know..I am pretty shocked myself..I don't know if I have ever been on time!

On a crappier note, our internet is no longer our friend...at all. Poor Adam had to go sit across the street on the curb to pick up a signal the other night..I am actually pretty surprised that I am getting a signal right now. The guy at the desk is not much help either..so that's why there aren't too many blogs these days (on top of the fact that our life is pretty boring)!

We are still trying to find a place to live in SLC. Our landlord from last year emailed me and asked if we would like to live in his townhouse again. We would love to but we aren't willing to pay what we did last year. I think Adam and Terry are working on it though. I am addicted to Craigslist so I still look on there!

Ok..I better go if I still want to be on time! I don't have any pictures to post..sorry!


March 2, 2009

You're not seeing things..it really is two posts in one day!

I don't think our life has ever been exciting enough for two posts in one day! Yahooo!! Well let me just give you a quick update on the game...Adam played all 9 innings and went 3 for 5 with 4 RBI's. He got three doubles actually! I talked to him after the game and he was very excited! They are on their way home now so I should be getting a call pretty soon to go pick him up. I am reallllly hoping that he calls soon because the season finale of The Bachelor comes on tonight..actually, it comes on in an hour..eeeekk! I don't know if any of you watch The Bachelor but if so, I hope he picks Molly! :)
In my post earlier I forgot to mention what we did last night after the game (I guess I was too busy talking about....Chris). After the game was over Adam, Terry, and I went over to Brandon Woods house. His girlfriend Lindsey cooked chicken enchiladas and then we watched The Passion of the Christ movie. One word: Intense. If you have seen the movie then you know what I mean when I say I never want to watch it ever ever ever again. It was a great movie, but it's almost unbearable to watch, knowing that what we were watching really happened...for us. If you haven't seen it, you should! After it was over with Lindsey baked a Cookie Pie so we sat around talking about the movie while we ate that. Thankfully we had Terry there to answer a bunch of questions. He is just a book of knowledge when it comes to the Bible and everything that happened. He has read the entire Bible twice and has also read a million other books about Christianity.

Oh crap..gotta go get Adam...

Ok I'm back..

So, a while back Terry and his wife Tanner told us about a child that they sponsor through a Christian organization called Compassion. You can sponsor a child for only $32 a month and it will provide everything they need and more. Tanners brother went on a mission trip with the Compassion group and said that every penny you give is given to the child, so it's legit. Today I "adopted" a little boy from Ecuador, named Edison. He is 5 years old and is so stinkin' cute! You can choose from many different countries and you can also chose kids that have been on the waiting list for more than 6 months or that are in an AIDS affected area. I chose Ecuador because that it where my cousin, Mariah, is from. I will try to post the picture of him on here, but it's a small one. I am supposed to be getting more stuff in the mail. Adam is home now and is about to pick out a little girl! I will put the link to the website on here, take a look at it. It's only $32 a month and it's for such a good cause, I totally recommend you do it!

Alrighty, gotta go get ready for The Bachelor!

Here is my kiddo: Edison Patricio Guairacaja Villafuerte..isn't he just the cutest little 5 year old?!

My new crush & some baseball talk

Lets start off with my new found love. Chris Tomlin. I have always loved his music..but ohmygoodness ...when we met him Friday night...**sssiiiiggghhh**..love. He is pretty much all I talk about. You're probably thinking,'But Lindsay, you are confessing your love for another man on you and your BOYFRIENDS blog?!?!'...well boys and girls, he is fully aware of the situation. Thankfully he still loves me, even though I have brought Chris (yes, we are on a first name basis) up in more than one conversation. Adam DID say that if Chris Tomlin ever approached me and asked me out it would be fine, as long as I got Adam tickets to all of his concerts. So I said that was fine, as long as we can get tickets to some baseball games. Sounds like a fair trade to me. Now you are also wondering,'But Lindsay, can you handle to rock star life that Chris Tomlin lives? Could you make it on tour with him??"

You tell me.

Exactly my point.
Ok ok ok, enough about that...I said I would have some baseball talk. But the thing is there really isn't much to talk about other than the fact that Adam hasn't played in 2 days. Yeah, what's up with THAT?? My guess is that they wanted to play all of the guys that are leaving soon to go play in the World Classic. I think those guys should be going pretty soon, so we are hoping that during those 3 weeks Adam will get a lot of playing time! Today they play is Tucson, which is about 2 hours away, so I won't be going. But I hope he gets to play! Sorry, that's all I've got for baseball, I know, the title seems like a tease.
I hope everyone has a great week...I'm not one to brag, but it's going to be 90 degrees here today, which means I will be by the pool..but like I said..not bragging. :)