May 30, 2013

holiday weekend catch up

I just realized that I never blogged about the last couple of holiday weekends we have had lately!  I know it's a little late now, but for memories sake (and our next blog book) I am going to write it all down here so I don't forget!  

Mother's Day
Adam was out of town this year during the Mother's Day weekend.  It wasn't a big deal since we usually don't get all worked up for holidays, but starting early on in the weekend I was getting a little caught up in all of my other mommy friends Facebook statuses.

"Husband and kids brought me breakfast in bed!"

"Currently getting a foot rub from one child while the other paints my nails!"

"Going on a shopping spree....KID FREE! YAY!"

So, there's that.

Here's how I celebrated: 
(warning: you're about to enter the "Pity Party Danger Zone)

~Wake up at the butt-crack of dawn (around 5:45 am) to the sound from the baby monitor of Presley wheezing and gasping for air.
~Jump straight out of bed and run in to check her out and we sit on the couch while I monitor what the heck  is going on.  

~I can't remember if I call my Mom and ask what to do, but I am pretty sure I did because I'm a mature adult like that.  

~I decided that I need to take her to the ER because she is clearly having trouble breathing.
(I'm not one to worry about stuff like this.  I normally just wait it out and hope things get better.  When I decided action needs to be taken immediately then you know things sound pretty bad)

~We hurry off to the hospital which is about 3 minutes from us.  Super nice hospital that has only been open for a few years.  ER is empty and we are taken straight back.

~Doctor and nurse come in to check things out.

~Presley goes BUCK ASS CRAZY because other people are looking at her and messing with her.

~After some tests and evaluations it turns out Presley just has an Upper Respiratory Infection!

~We get an oral dose of Decadron (steroid) and are on our merry way home.

~Presley is almost instantly better and no longer coughing and wheezing.

~Steroid makes Drama Baby super psycho and we are forced to go through the day with no nap.

~You guess how the rest of this day went.  

So, there was Mother's Day 2013 :)
Now how I intended on spending it but I did demand a re-do once Adam came home and things were back to normal!

Memorial Day Weekend
This past weekend we headed out to my Dad & Step moms house on the Tennessee River where we had a little get together with some family and friends.  It's always such a good time out there with the boats, jet skies, 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, dune buggy, unlimited amounts of junk food, and a fully stocked refrigerator full of every kind of beer you can imagine :)

It's pretty typical of Adam to head straight out to the little fishing boat and stay out for hours on end.  This weekend he was pretty good about coming in every once in a while and giving me a break from watching Presley.  It's always a little harder to let her just roam around out by the water because I get so nervous that she will fall in.  My Dad put up her swing so we spent a lot of time pushing her in that!

We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, had some awesome potato salad (which I cannot confirm that I may or may not have eaten 4 helpings of in one sitting), took the jet ski's out, hung out on the dock and playing in a little swimming pool!

It was the perfect weekend with the family, but we were exhausted by the time Tuesday morning rolled around and it was time to head back to work!

May 22, 2013

hump day=dump day

I know it's been a while since I have put recent pictures up of Presley.  Do you know how hard it is to carry around a huge Nikon camera and wrangle up a busy toddler? Purtty hard--which is why all of the pictures and videos I have these days are from my iPhone! 

Moms, holla if ya hear me!

We have a wedding to go to this weekend so I am making it my personal mission to get some decent photos of everyone when we have real people clothes on and don't look homeless :)

Until then, I'm just going to throw out a bunch of pictures and videos from my phone! If you follow me on FB/Twitter then you may have already seen some of these.

Happy Wednesday!
going shopping // at the doctors office

bath time fun

QT with the 'rents
happy // sad
ahoy cap'n // weekend at the river

May 20, 2013

Drama Baby

Hi. I'm Lindsay (for those of you who have forgotten who I am!) I'm apparently the worst blogger in all of Bloggy Land considering I haven't sat down to post anything worth reading in weeks! 

 I thought that once the baseball season ended--which, by the way it ended weeks ago--that I would have more time alone and more help with Presley. Yeah, not the case. Adam has been gone more than he was during the season, it seems. He's been gone a lot to recruit for next season and most of the time it's for a few days. That leaves me with the Drama Baby and OH MY GLORY has she really lived up to the name lately!

 I thought we were finally nearing the end of this "phase" of Presley's life but if you know anything about toddlers then you know they like to throw you a curve ball JUST when you think you've figured them out! 

 Sometimes I feel like a broken record because all I do is say,"No, Presley!"..."Presley, please stop!"..."Presley, if I have to ask you again you're going to time out!"..."Do I need to get my spanking spoon?" Yeah, about the spanking spoon. Homegirl ain't scared of it. I ask her if I need to get it out (when she is misbehaving) and she says,"SURE!" And then she will stand up and basically stick her leg out so I can spank her. 


 Such a massachicst, that girl. And then there's Time Out. We make her put her nose in the corner since that's how they discipline at school. She doesn't put up a fight when I tell her to go to time out and she will stand there and keep her nose in the corner. I only make her stay there for about 1-2 minutes and before she gets out she has to tell me she's sorry and give me a hug and kiss. That normally keeps her in check for a while so we've been doing more time outs than we have been spanking. 

 Funny story- I was getting ready for work one day and went out to get her ready but I couldn't find her! I walked around the corner and there she was--standing in the time out corner! I assumed she did something bad and just took matters into her own hands:)

 Parenting: NAILED IT! 

 I do feel like she is a little sassier when Adam is home. I think that's normal though. Right? Kids are weird. Anywho, so there's the invitation to my pity party. If you're a parent to a drama baby like mine please make me feel better by telling me how your child is 21387487324 times worse than mine :-) 

Don't forget tomorrow is Trendy Tot Tuesday!