April 24, 2013

remember when?

I am going through some some older albums on our iPhoto and ran across some oldies...but goodies.  I thought I would take a stroll down memory lane with you today!


...when I was a street walker in the Dominican Republic When we lived in the middle-of-the-ghetto in the Dominican Republic? That was a fun adventure...but we'd never go back!

...when I could pull off wearing a shirt/tunic as a dress? Hoochie Mama!(and yes, I do realize how horrible centered this photo was taken)

 ...when I was a bleach blonde babe? Stop drop and roll, y'all.  

...when I peed my pants? Sike, Adam poured water down my pants, but it's way-mo-funner to pretend that I peed my pants as an adult.

...when I was 349857439857 months pregnant? Woof.

...when I actually became Super Mom? Motherhood makes you do weird things.

...when Presley continuously made the worlds ugliest faces in a 30 second span? And I documented it.  ZING!

 ...when PDizzle became the nations chubbiest and cutest surfer? OH MY LANTA...my ovaries just exploded.

 ...when I went on the most amaze-balls trip to Dallas for Blissdom and NEVER BLOGGED ABOUT IT!  You can always count on me to be the #1 slacker.  Ya welcome!

April 18, 2013

21 months

::sighs. cries. thanks the good Lord above. cries some more.  searches kitchen for wine::



On Monday (the 15th) little PDizzle turned 21 months.  And while I'm no mathematician I do know that it's only 3 months until her 2nd birthday.

*Sidenote- I swore I wasn't going to be that parent who always told people my kids age in months.  Like, "oh yes, she is 544 months old!"  But I do it sometimes, and other times I just say,"she is almost two!"*

I already have her party planned.  In my head.  But that's progress, right?  It's going to be at a gymnastics place in Tuscaloosa and OH MY GLORY I can't wait to see Presley's little tush in a leotard.

So, here is her 21 month update.  I will try to keep from writing a novel, but this stage of her life there is a lot going on!

I attempted to put her on a scale at my Dads and it was around 27 pounds.  Give or take a few because GOD FORBID I make my child be still long enough to get her weight. 

Clothing Size:
It all depends what type of clothing.  Leggings-3T.  Shirts-24months-2T. Skirts/dresses:18months-2T. Shorts:2T-3T. Also depends on the brand! She is wearing a size 5 in shoes, which we just bought a few new pairs from Old Navy and Target.  Girlfriend LOVES shoes and pitched one helluva fit when we walked out of DSW the other day.  I'm talking, she stood at the glass doors, stuck her face onto the glass and cried like she was watching a kitten slowly die right before her eyes.

Still a size 4.  The Huggies Pure & Natural are still my favorite but are getting harder to find for some reason.  I've also been trying out cheaper diapers and the verdict is in:

Luvs are my favorite.  I've tried Target brand and they sucked.  Babies R Us brand isn't too bad either but I am going to be buying a big box of Luvs again when we run out of the BRU brand.
The Easter Bunny (aka Adams parents) brought her a little toilet seat.  I usually let her sit on it while I run her bath water but so far she is very scared of it! I am not trying to rush potty training so I am not that worried about it.  Although, this morning when I walked into the den she said,"POOP!" And sure enough, she had dropped a bomb!  ZING!

We have finally hit the stage where she can basically feed herself an entire meal.  I just plop her in her booster seat, snap on her bib (with the food catcher) and let her go at it.  She loves turkey dogs, Shells and Cheese, Morning Star chicken nuggets, spaghetti, Ramen, yogurt, all fruits, corn, gold fish, popcorn, Spaghetti O's, Chicken and Rice, Ravioli and Beefaroni.

If I ever meet the great Chef Boyardee I swear to sequins I'm going to give him a big ol' kiss.  Presley would wither away if it weren't for those dinners!

I can not confirm nor deny that I straightened Presley's hair this morning.  I think it's about time for her first trim because her hair is WHACK! The curls, the frizz, that matted up mess in the back after nap time.  It's gotta go.  It's still a pretty light brown and her eyes are still green.  I mean, I don't imagine that any of that will change.

Her nightly bed time usually depends on what level my sanity is at.  If I'm about to lose my marbles (well, the marbles that I do have left) then she goes to bed at 6:45.  If she is in a good mood (or has gotten ahold of my sweet tea and is wired) then she will stay up until 8:00.  I'm not too strict on her bed time because she sleeps all night and is in a great mood (most of the time) in the mornings.  Her school nap time is from 11:30-2:00 but I think she is usually the last one to fall asleep and the first one up.  Hence why she goes to bed at 6:45 sometimes! 

Fun Stuff:
Now this is the part where I could go on and on and on.

While the toddler stage is probably the most difficult stage so far, it's also really, really fun.  She is at the age where she repeats anything we say, can point out and say all of the Mickey Mouse characters, tells us what she wants/doesn't want and so much more.  She can count, repeats her ABC's, can make all sorts of animal noises, sings songs and knows a lot of her colors.  

And the girl loves to sing.  The other morning I picked her up out of bed and literally, with one eye open, she sang,"Sun, sun, sun" (Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun song).  We sing all the way to school, all the way home from school, as we are walking up the stairs, then as it plays on the TV.  Seriously, ALL. THE. TIME!

She loves shoes and is always putting mine or Adams shoes on her feet.  She loves to play outside or at one of the many indoor playgrounds we have in town.  Her new favorite shoe is Super Why and if it's not on the TV she will hand me the flipper and say, "Why! Why! Why!"  Gone are the days of constantly having the Hot Dog Song stuck in my head or replaying those cheesy Barney scenes in my head.  I don't miss it at all!

Coloring is, by far, her favorite activity right now.  Give her a pad of paper and a pen/crayon and she will entertain herself for hours.  She is left handed still but I'm not sure how early on that is determined.  

Throughout the last few weeks she has become such a cuddler.  Well, with me anyways.  She loves to sit in my lap which I love because for a while there we thought she would never be a snuggly kid! She is going through a "Mommy's girl" phase right now, but that's probably because Adam is gone a lot.  I am hoping once the baseball season ends they can spend some more time together and let Mama have some time to herself! Can I get an AMEN?

I could go on and on about her but I will stop and share some recent pictures.  It's finally warming up here so I hope to get out and take our real camera to snap some decent (non-iPhone) pictures!

April 1, 2013

Manic Monday

Last week was pretty hectic for us.  Between work, a crazy toddler, cleaning house for company and then Adam's parents visiting--blogging just didn't make the cut.  

womp womp.

I am also a big fat loser and didn't realize that Presley's school was closed for Good Friday so by the end of the week I needed a drink...or five.

I haven't posted many recent pictures of Pdizzle lately so that's exactly what this post will be. 

Just random pictures of the Drama Baby herself.  In (mostly) all of her Drama Baby glory.

Playing on Papa Eddie & Nana Missy's dock
Always wearing her sunglasses!
pitching a fit because our neighbor (Katie and her little boy Jackson) won't answer the door.  This kid.  Oy.
"the look"

a series of unfortunate events

bath time!
what highchair?

Don't forget that tomorrow is Trendy Tot Tuesday!