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April 29, 2009

Do you hear that??

**crickets chirping**...silence!! **sssiiiigggghhh**..it's a glorious sound! Tonight I totally skipped out on the game to "catch up on laundry" for the Vegas trip that starts tomorrow. What that realllllyyy means is that I lounged on the couch all night watching my good friends Will & Grace on the tube..I love that show! I mean, secretly, doesn't everyone want a real life relationship like they all have on that show...I for sure want a "Karen" and a "Jack" in my life..hmm, I just realized that if you don't watch that show, you are probably really lost. Moving on kids.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I did actually get some laundry done, but it still looks like I have a while. If I went along with Adams theory on doing laundry it would go by much quicker..and by his theory I mean throwing everything in one load and putting it on "cold"...uhh, no thank you. I like to make it more difficult and sort everything by whites, darks, reds/pinks, and then all of the stuff to wash on "hot". Did I mention that our washing machine is off balance so during the spin cycle it sounds like a friggin' tor-nader goin' on up there? Yeah, we should probably get that fixed. Can you tell I'm bored?..because I really did just write a paragraph on laundry....hmm..

Let's get on to the more important things that have happened in the last few days.

Adam got home on Saturday!! I was ohsoveryhappy! I picked him up at the airport and we met the rest of our roomies at Cracker Barrel..nom nom nom. It wasn't long after though that I had to drop him back off at the baseball field :( His parents got here that day too! They had planned on going to the game that night, but Adam ended up not playing, so his Mom stayed at the hotel and caught up on some sleep (I don't blame her, it was freeeeezing)! I did meet up with his Dad at the game, I took him up to the suite that we were in, I don't think he is used to all of this cold weather! He got to meet all of the girls and their kids while we were up there.

The next day (Sunday) was a day game but the game got cancelled pretty early on in the day! Can you believe it people?? They actually cancelled the game without pushing it back 500 times! Sweet! It actually worked out perfectly because we spent all day with his parents! We went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory then headed to the mall to buy Adam some new jeans. I have been trying forevvvver to get him to buy some more jeans (I mean, you know it's time for new jeans when the ones you have now are like, soft from being washed so many times..do you know what I mean? Or did I just lose you right there?). He found some jeans then we headed to DSW (Designer Shoe Wearhouse..aka Shoe Heaven) to buy some shoes..then to Cold Stone..ohhh my..after typing all of this out I just realized how many calories I have consumed in the last few days...uh oh.

I'm not really sure why, but for some reason I can't remember what we did yesterday...(this is called a brainfart..)...hmm..give me a minute...(I'm going to go switch the laundry out....)

Ok, I'm back..and my memory returned while coming back downstairs.(Is it bad that I am only 23 and suffer from Dementia?). Yesterday we met his Mom and Dad at the best breakfast place known to mankind. It's called the Original Pancake House and boy-oh-boy is it good! When we were done there he went to the field and I came home and did a much needed P90X workout! This morning we kind of did the same thing, but instead we met up for lunch! Lots of food in the past few days!

Last nights baseball game was a double header. Adam played in the 2nd game and got two singles. Whoop whoop! (OhMyGosh...I am watching Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel and this guy just ate a worm the size of a friggin' Volvo..not kidding **barf**) Where was I? Oh. Tonight Adam played in the game and got out twice, and walked twice, scoring once. We'll take it! (Baaahhhh, I'm sorry, but I really wish you could watch what this guy is eating right now....) I am totally off track tonight...

Tomorrow is VEGAS! I am so excited I don't even know what to do with myself. I haven't started packing yet, but I am sure I will start when it's about 30 minutes before we leave. I work better under pressure. I have only been to Vegas during the summer (you know, when its 190 degrees outside, pools and air conditioning don't even matter in those conditions.) So I am quite thrilled about the forecast while we are there. Mid 80's the whole time...oh snap!!!! That reminds me, I need to charge the camera, it's been a while since you have seen a picture of this pretty little face of mine, and the strapping young man that I date :) har har har

Ok, clearly I am losing my mind so I am going to slowly back away from the computer...before someone gets hurt.....

I can't end this post without sharing with you what just happened on this food show..he was eating a fried FROG and said,"You know, the best part about this meal is the crispy little legs"...ahhhhhhh, I am scarred...for life....my life will never be the same after this show...

Nighty night!

April 24, 2009

Oh me, oh my.....

how on earth could I have forgotten to tell you the big news???


We will be going to the show called "O" at 7:30 pm on Wednesday night! I am sure a lovely dinner will be in place before we go... :)

Do you even know how happy this makes me????!!!!!! I don't think you do! I have the bestest boy toy EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now you can read the post below this..but I must warn you..it's a little insane

Yeah, so what? A cheeseburger is my weakness..

That's right boys and girls, I had a cheeseburger today **gasp**. "But Lindsay, that is NOT part of the P90X," you say. I know, I know. But, I just so happen to be out and about while doing a little job hunting today that I had to stop at Sonic and get a tiny, little smidgen of a cheeseburger..and a Vanilla Diet Coke..oopsie daisy :) Ohhh man, but how I enjoyed every little particle of the burger....so greasy, yet so yummy...**sigh**

So, what does a cheeseburger have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing. It just happened to be the highlight of my day.

Adam was the DH last night (the 23rd). Let me just start off by saying the none of the guys did too hot at the plate, there were only 3 hits total for the Bees during the whole game. Adam went 0 for 2 and then they put Reggie Willits in to DH for the rest of the game. I was a little confused on why Adam was the only one that was taken out, when the rest of the other guys weren't getting hits either. Hmmm, just when you think you have finally figgered' these Angels/Bees out..there they go, just-a-switching things around! I guess I will never totally understand this life.

I just talked to him a few minutes ago and he is DH'ing again..I am going to say a long prayer tonight..(Ohhh my lovely sweet baby Jesus, please let Toasty get a hit tonight..for this makes him very happy, which leads me to being very happy, which THEN leads to everyone else being happy..because if I ain't happy, nobody's happy. Amen). Sounds good to me..right?

Ok, this is going to be a little random, and for those of you who have,unfortunately (!), never met me in person, it might make you think of me like I am a total weirdo-which I am. Ok, so for the past few nights I have been a total insomniac. Wednesday night I didn't go to bed until 5:15 in the morning, I just couldn't do it! I watched "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" until about 3:30 then just sat on the couch. Do you know how I got myself to go downstairs and get in bed? Well, I saw a commercial with E.T. (yes, the extra terrestrial) and it freaked my freak. I was so scared. I pictured him sitting outside the window that I was sitting by. That ultimately let me downstairs in which I locked myself in my room and finally fell asleep. Crazy, huh? Oh, you just wait though, it gets better. I feel like this next story needs it's own paragraph....

Last night I was totallyforsure that I was going to be able to go to bed early since the night before I stayed up until morning time. Then, 3:00am rolls around and I just knew this couldn't be true. Why can't I sleep??? I even drank a small glass of wine at about 11:00pm to make sure that I was going to be tired. What-had-happened-was that while my pretty little glass of wine was sitting on the coffee table, I went to rest my feet right where that pretty little glass sat and it turned right over. Wine was everywhere...all over the table, dripping onto the floor, on 5 of Tanner's Thank You cards, Tanner's car keys, Asher's Mylanta..EVERYWHERE! I was so flustered that I didn't even know where to begin on the clean up process! Ok, moving on. Finally, at 3:15 I carry myself to bed and quickly fall asleep. That's when the freak show began. I wake up at 5:13 (on the dot) because I am coughing my head off and practically gagging. I am also sweating like a little pig. You are never going to guess why all of this was happening..so I will spare you the suspense...ready for this?? I dreamt that I swallowed the cap to the liquid laundry detergent. I know, I am a freak. You just don't know how happy I was to wake up and find that I really didn't swallow that big ol' cap. Phhheeewww! Thank you Lord!

Either some of you are laughing right now, or you are sitting there thinking,"This girl is mental."..I would go with the latter.

On that note, I am going to eat and watch the game! Nighty night!

April 22, 2009

Girls Night...

Since the guys have been gone all of us lonely and miserable girls have been keeping each other company. Last night we had a pot luck- which I have never even heard of, until now. It was a lot of fun, although I feel like I ate all night long..wait..nevermind, I did. Everyone brought their own dish of food. Ashley brought Aussie meat pies (her husband is from Australia, so she has all kinds of good stuff to make that we've never even heard of!), Myla made cute little chicken bites, Jenny brought over salad and carrots, Tanner made rice crispy treats, and I made pigs in a blanket and some amazing spinach dip! Yes folk's you just read it for yourself, I cooked. And let me just tell you this, the spinach dip...completely gone by the end of the night. Success!! It was pretty funny, we had all of the food on the table, we were all sitting around eating and chatting, then we realized that every single one of us had our lap tops in front of us watching the game. Maybe you had to be there?!?!

Moving on.

Adam was the DH last night, he went 1 for 5 with a single...I don't think he was really happy about that. Soooo, ahem, not much more to say on that.

Yesterday I got a new phone! (Thanks Daddy-o ) My iPhone officially died, forever. I got the Samsung Impression and I love it! It's similar to the iPhone, but it has a keyboard, I hated not having any buttons to push! Cha Ching!!!

Adam comes home in 3 days and I can't WAIT!! I must admit, I was ready for him to go on a road trip, but now I want him back! (awww, ain't that sweet?) It's no surprise, but he sounds pretty miserable without me around :) Oh, yes, I just want to point out one tiny thing. Since Adam has been gone I have kept the room and bathroom spotless (and that is said with my very best British accent..just because). I wonder who the messy one is now? Huh Huh Huh??

Adams parents will be here on Saturday! I am not sure yet what all we are going to do (besides go to baseball games). Last year when they were here we went to Park City and did some fun things! It will be fun though, whatever we do!

After they leave it's Vegas time! Oh yeah! Ok, so I can promise you that every time we have ever been to Vegas I have begged and begged to go to a Cirque Du Soleil show, and we have yet to go to one. This year is the perfect chance to go because they have an off day before they go, so we could drive up a day early and go to a show. I thought we would for sure be going, but I think tickets are a little too expensive, unless we want the seats that are titled "Limited View"..umm no thank you :( I am like a sad little puppy right now **sniff**

This is totally off the subject, but my brothers wonderful girlfriend (Lindsey) made a blog about them and the kids a while back..and how rude of me to not mention is so you can see it? Geeeze! She is usually pretty good about updating it..so check it out here!

This was a pretty random post...but, I'm a pretty random person...

I stole this picture from one of the girls...but its the food from last night!! Nom Nom Nom!!

April 20, 2009


Adam is back on track with his swing (I hope I didn't just jinx him!). Last night he ended up getting in the game and got a single and a double! Yahoooo! I was like a proud Mama :) He is playing in tonight's game and so far his first at bat he got a double...(ok he is up to bat right now...HOLY COW....he just got ANOTHER double..that's two in one night people!)

Sooo, earlier I was sitting here thinking,"Hmm, I wonder how many blogs I have posted since stating this?!?!" Can you guess how many I have done? (And don't scroll down and cheat by adding up all of the numbers..)..ok, give up? 184. That is including our old blog. Can you believe it..that our life is so interesting crazy that we could come up with that many things to write about. My oh my, it's like I am just growing up right before your eyes....**sniff**

Today I had a busy day, I started my morning off by going up to my school to print off my resume. I sat down with my advisor as he was looking over it and do you know what that nice young chap did for me? (probably not)..he like, totally made over my resume..it's nice and purtty now! I printed off a bunch then drove alllll around town to the nice spas that I liked. Out of all the spas I went to today, only one of them said they were hiring and that they would call me soon..yehawww!

Right now all of the girlies are over here, Jenny made some yummy chicken and potatoes...and get this...I tried an artichoke for the first time ever..and I friggin' love it! I can't wait to make Adam try it...Yummm...nom nom nom. I love having all of the girls over..they are like family (but not as crazy.....HA..just kidding...maybe..ok yes, I'm kidding).

Ok, one last thing...last night I was re-reading my last post and I can't believe how illiterate it was. I probably misspelled every other word. For the record, I am an amazing speller..but the fact that my keyboard is difficult would make you think otherwise..so, I am going to apologize in advance for all other illiterate posts in the future..spell check doesn't always correct everything..

Have a good night! Sorry, no pictures to post!

April 19, 2009

Another Day...Another Background..

Ta daaaa..ok, I think this background is a keeper! The only other thing left to do is try and make it a 3-column template..and to be honest, I have no earthly idea how to do that.

The Bee's are still in Reno playing games. Adam played in the first game, but got out on all 3 at bats..which is probably why he didn't play last night, and isn't playing today. So, that's all I have on baseball news because,clearly, nothing is happening.

Yesterday I went to lunch with two of my good friends from school here (whoop whoop...shout out to Tonja and Sara..ok..that was weird....). We went to Z Tejas and talked the entire time, and I think we could have gone on and on and on. It was so much fun!! We are definitely going to do it again, soon!

After that I had to hurry home because all of the girls (except the ones that are gone) came over and we started our Bible study again with Jill Johnson! We are doing a 6 week study on "Building a Marriage That Really Works"....(awkward silence)...yeah, exactly...Adam and I aren't married. Duh. But, I have a feeling that it will be very useful to do this before we get married.... :)

After the Bible study was over with Jill left and we (Me, Tanner, Myla, and Jenny) watched/listened to the game on the computer, then all went to bed! It was fun having them spend the night, it was not as lonely! We all woke up this morning and went to church..good times! Myla and Jenny went back to their place after church and Tanner and I did our daily workout!

Tomorrow is the big day of taking my resume around town, and trying to bribe people to hire me :) Wish me luck! I mean, I called a gazillion spas here and none are hiring, but they gave the cliche line of, "But, we are always accepting applications..." Ok good, but how long of a time frame do I give them to call me back??...Well, that's why I have come up with this brilliant plan. I am taking my resume tomorrow to my chosen spas. Then I am going to give them some time to call me before I start looking at my other options. In the mean time, I will be attending the Vegas trip that is at the end of the month (leave the 29th and come back on the 3rd) with Adam and the team...and yes, all of the other girls are going..yahooo. Then when we come back, if I haven't heard back from any of the spas, then I will start looking for other jobs. Sounds good right? Ohhh but how I hope I can get a massage job...**sigh**

The rest of my day is consumed of finishing watching The Holiday (BTW Jude Law is probably one of the best lookin chaps around..besides Adam)..then Tanner and I are watching Twilight...oh Edward...nuff' said about that one...

**Oh snap! Just as I finished this post Adam got in the game and got a single then eventually scored to bring the Bee's ahead 4-3...Hall-le-lu-yer!!!**

**Adams next at bat he got a double..thankyousweetbabyJesus!!!!!!!!!**

Below are just some pictures that my mom sent me..oh how I miss these kids!

Taelor & Hunter

Go Bama!

Boy does she love some Lindsey Bond!..me too!!!

Just woke up..lookin just like her Dad!

April 17, 2009

8 days..alllll to myself

Sooo I totally wrote a really good blog before this one, and accidentally deleted it, so this semi-boring one is just going to have to do!

I just took the guys to the airport for their first road trip to Reno, NV for 4 days and then they are off to Tacoma, WA for the last 4 days. Do you know what this means??? I have all the time in the world to take care of the things that I have been meaning to do! Yes sir! For instance, I have been saying that I am going to do my resume so I can get a job, but with Adam here it's almost impossible! But you know what happened earlier? Yep, you guessed it...I finished it! Yipeeee! Now I just have to go up to my school and print it off! Wheeeew! I have called several spas around here and they aren't hiring for Massage Therapist..and I kind of can't blame them. With this economy, if you're trying to budget your money, are you going to get groceries or are you going to get a massage? Exactly my point. I am going to take my resume to several spas, but if I don't get a call soon I am going to have to venture out into my other options..I have got to start making some moo-lah! Cha-Ching!

Ok enough about me..onto baseball-which is a very fragile subject right now. Adam has been struggling quite a bit at the plate. He has been playing great when he's in the outfield-or wherever he's playing-but then as soon as he steps up to the plate it's a whole different story. I am hoping that maybe he will get his swing back during the road trip. I keep telling him that it's too early in the season to be getting frustrated but, I can only say and do so much..I mean really, what do I actually know about the mechanics of baseball? Exactly my point, nothing! Here's the rundown on how the past few games went:

April 15th they had a double header against Las Vegas-
Game 1:
1st at bat- The bases were loaded and he got a double, bringing in three runs..woo hoo.
2nd at bat- He struck out
3rd at bat- He grounded out, but moved Chris Pettit from 2nd to third..so it's not so bad
4th at bat- Called out on strikes..yeah..bad

Game 2 of the night:
1st at bat- He walked
2nd at bat- Called out on strikes
3rd at bat- Called out on strikes..again...boo.

The next night they also played Vegas-
1st at bat- He flew out to left field
2nd at bat- Called out on strikes
3rd at bat- Pops out to the second baseman
4th at bat- Called out on strikes

So, needless to say, the mood at the field hasn't been to exciting! Please say a little prayer for Adam :)

If you have noticed I have changed the background to our blog, like, everyday...bear with me though, I am trying to find a really cute one. But you have also probably noticed the " I'm Twittering...thingy, you know, because updating my Facebook status is not enough..but I will try to update it a lot during the games more often so you can see what Adam has done..

It's been snowing here for the last few days, hence the double header that they played the other day (which, by the way, didn't get over with until 12:30 at night). But, of course since the guys are gone now the weather is supposed to be bright, sunny, and warm..of course! Just a few random pictures are posted below...

Asher wanted to say hi to everyone....

Just the beginning of the snow...

Ain't he cute?

April 14, 2009

Last Nights Game

Yesterday before Adam left to go to the field, he mentioned that I should probably just stay at home because he would most likely not be playing since he didn't get any hits the night before. So, when he wrote me a text message a little later on saying that he was DH-ing (Hitting in place of the pitcher, because in their league the pitcher doesn't bat...I think), I laughed..really hard. I was a little worried because he wasn't feeling good at the plate, and couldn't get his swing like he had it in spring training. But when I got to the game, they guy that guards the players parking lot told me that he had done pretty good so far, phhheeew! Here is how he did last night:

1st at bat- Grounded out to the second baseman
2nd at bat- doubles on a fly ball to left fielder. Chris Pettit and Terry Evans scored.
3rd at bat- He walked, and later on scored a run
4th at bat- Grounded out to the pitcher.

So, there ya go! Oh yeah, I thought it was kind of corny, but he got the "Electrifying Play of the Game.." Ya know, whatever it takes though to bring his spirits up :)

He is playing RF again tonight, but we are waiting to see if the game is going to be cancelled or not, it's been raining all day and it doesn't look like it's going to clear out anytime soon. I mean, seriously, couldn't last nights game been cancelled since my favorite show came on? Of course not! Why would my luck turn out like that? Thankfully I am going to pick up the DVR today so we can start to record all of my shows..because believe me when I say that nobody else in the house wants to watch the Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon...

Brace yourself..I am gonna go cook...have a g'day mate!


April 13, 2009

Once it hits your lips...it's so good!!!

I'm sorry, that title is totally unnecessary..but we are watching Old School...and that's a classic quote....here are the pictures from the past two games..nothing special, but hey..as Hunter says ,"You get whatcha get, don't pitch a fit..."

Back into the dug out

Asher's first picture with Bumble..many more to come!

Pavkoviiiiiiich in right field

Of course I have to throw in some pics of the most beautiful girl in the world..Sofia!

She's so purtty...I want to steal her...and I think Adam does too.

Here we gooooo...

Toasty at bat...

Ladies and gentlemen we have a single...

On base...duh..obviously.

He stole second right after I took this picture...

Ok, now you have permission to ready the post after this one...

April 12, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire...

I always say "I will post tomorrow about...." and I never do..geeeeze, I am such a liar! Sorry! Ok so here is a rundown of how the last two games have gone so far..

Saturday - It was a day game and Adam played right field. He went 1 for 3 with a single. I'm not really sure if the fact that the Bee's only got 4 hits matters..but I would think so..the Ace's got 15 hits off of the Bee's...ok anyways.

Sunday- Today was also a day game and Adam played RF again..only this time he went 0 for 3 with a strike out..not so hot.

He says that he isn't getting his swing right, like it's not how it was during spring training. He is trying not to get frustrated or mad at himself so early in the season. I mean, there have only been three games for cryin' out loud! But, I know there are those days where he is just going to be hard on himself, and he can try again tomorrow. That's the good thing about baseball, there is always another game the next day..to totally redeem yourself (FYI, that's a quote from Dumb and Dumber.....).

Last night the team had to make an appearance at the Utah Jazz basketball game. They do this every year and it's nothing exciting. Welllll, I was all ready to sit court side and take a few pictures with our big bad camera but then two tragic things happened. 1) We got kicked out of our court side seats..because obviously the people that pay thousands of dollars for those seats showed up, gave me and the other girls a few weird looks, then asked us to get up. HA. 2) The guys didn't even stop on the court..they just walked from one side to the other..it all happened in about 4.2 seconds..not even enough time for me to take the lens cover off and turn the camera on...psshhh...

We ended up staying for some of the game because as soon as Adam walked off the court his phone started ringing. It was Dad of the host family that he lived with in Provo in 2003. He was in the stands and happened to be just a few seats down from where our seats were. So, we stayed and chatted for a while then left. On the way out of the game I had a light bulb go off upstairs (umm..my brain, if you didn't catch that)..basketball games are WAY more fun to watch than baseball..they are so intense..I think my blood pressure sky rocketed a few times while we were there! Good times.

Today was the memorial service for Nick Adenhart. It was like the final goodbye. It was a nice little service and the Bee's manager (Bobby Mitchell) made a little speech and said that Nick's step-dad called him and talked last night. He said the one thing his step-dad wanted the team to know was that Nick would want them to move on, and keep on pursuing their dreams in baseball. It's not going to be an easy thing to do, but I know that Nick is cheering everyone on :)

So, Tanner and I are on day 4 of the P90X workout, so far I still love it...but ask me in about 60 more days and my answer might be slightly different. We did the hardest video yesterday, Plyometrics, and I swear, my butt feels one inch higher..promise..if I'm lyin', I'm dyin'...I took some "before" pictures today so I am anxious to see how different my hot bod looks in a few weeks...yahooo...

Adam and I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I am going to post pictures in just a few minutes...Adam has to go out to the truck and get the camera....yehawwwwwwwwwww

April 11, 2009

Oh Snap!!

I forgot to put this in the post below this one..but one day, I hope I have a kid like this...Click on the Dancing Maniac

Dancing Maniac

ok...now you can read the post I did earlier....

One Game Down...

Last night was the first game here in SLC! The Bee's played the Reno Ace's..and I think the Bee's won?!?! All of the girls sat up in a suite so, I don't really think anyone payed attention. I especially didn't pay attention because Adam didn't even play! Blah! But, I think he will be playing more often now because Reggie Willits got called up. That makes us double happy (if that makes any sense) because we are happy for Reggie and his fam that he is back in Anaheim, and Toasty gets to play more! Although, I will miss getting to play with his adorable kiddos! Last night before the game they had a tribute to Nick. I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it or not, it seems like the more stuff I see on the news, ESPN, pretty much everywhere, it gets harder to watch. I didn't really get to know Nick that well until spring training this year. He spent the day at the pool with me and two other girls one day-he didn't have to go to the field that day since he didn't have to pitch that day. He was such a funny person to be around. So carefree and sweet. So now that he is gone it's hard to watch all of the other guys talking about him, because he really was such a great guy. But, like Soscia said, the game must go on..but definitely with Nick in everyone's heart.

I am still on the hunt for a job. I am looking for another Massage Therapy job at some spas here. I have a few really nice spas in mind, I don't think I will be making the mistake that I made last year-working at a place that wasn't that nice. It turns out that I have to re-do my resume though, which I am not too excited about! I thought that I could just go by my school and use the one I did then, but it is no longer available! So I have to try and remember what all I had on it. You would think it wouldn't be that difficult, but I have to remember exactly how many hours I had in training of all sorts of things. So, that is my task for today and tomorrow!

Today is a 2:00 game, so I am about to work out, then get ready for that! After the game the team has to make an appearance at the Utah Jazz basketball game during half time! They do this every year, but I will take some pictures this time! I will post tomorrow on how the game goes today! Hollllerrrrrr!


Nick's locker in SLC. (Did anyone notice that in the locker to the left of his, the guy uses Bath & Body Works lotion??..hmm..looks like Juniper Breeze?!! )

April 9, 2009

RIP Nick Adenhart

This morning Adam and I woke up to devastating news. I came upstairs and saw on the news that his teammate, Nick Adenhart (22 years old), had been killed in a car accident around 12:20AM. I quickly ran back downstairs in the dungeon to tell Adam and we watched the news all morning, in pure shock. Nick pitched in last nights game (Angels vs A's) pitching 6 shut out innings, then got in the car with 3 friends of his when a guy in a mini van hit them at 80 MPH, sending them striaght into a pole. The driver of the minivan fled from the scene but was caught..he was drunk. Did I happen to mention that the drunk driver had previously been arrested for a DUI?? Seriously? Two of the peopl in the car with Nick were pronounced dead at the scene, but Nick was not pronounced dead until around 6 this morning, after he went into surgery. His Dad was in Anaheim to watch him pitch last night, it was his 4th time pitching in the big league for the Angels, little did he know that he would be cleaning out his sons locker this morning. I can't even imagine how hard that was for him, and how hard the plane ride from Maryland to California will be for his Mom. He spent the whole season in Salt Lake last year, so all of his friends are all of the guys on the team here. Nick was an only child, so please keep his family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time. We will be sure to update if any more details arise.

Here are a few articles that have been posted online:

Angels Adenhard Killed in Car Crash

Former Bees Pitcher Killed

Los Angeles Angels Angels Rookie Killed

April 6, 2009

No time for unpacking..we're goin' skiing!

I can honestly say that it does feel good to be back in Salt Lake City. I feel like it's our 2nd home, considering we spend half the year here (for the past few years). It ended up that we are living in the same house that we lived in last year, so it definitely feels like home! We live with the same couple as we did last year, so when we all walked in last night we were all like," Wow, it feels like we never even left!" We are also living with Chris Petit, this is his first year in triple-a. He's a really good guy (Sorry Anna Lisa, he's taken...for now.) We left Phoenix around 1:30 or 2:00 yesterday afternoon and made the 11 hour drive...we were all exhausted and just headed straight to bed. This year Adam and I are living in the basement..aka, The Dungeon. Its got its own separate den, and good sized bedroom, and a huge updated bathroom..and the best thing about it..no windows. (I know that as soon as my Mom reads this she's going to call me and say,"Lindsay Danielle, how in the heck are you going to get out of there if there is a fire????"...Well Mom, I won't...I've just got to hope and pray to sweet baby Jesus that the fire extinguisher that's in our room saves me. Now that we have that cleared up..let me tell you about our fun day we had today on the slopes!!
Last night on the long ride up north, Adam had the brilliant idea that we should go skiing today..Psshhh...I was all over that idea..heck yes...put me on some ski's and send me down that mountain!! Adam had never been before, so he was extra pumped. Usually the ski season is ending when we get here, but the past few winters have been longer so they have kept all of the skiing places open! So, I text Brooke, my roommate while I was in school here, and ask her if I can borrow her skiing gear and I told her I would come get it from her work this morning. I woke up bright and early..meaning, 9:30..and went to McDonald's to pick up breakfast for the guys, then headed downtown to pick up the clothes! I met Adam and Chris down at the ski rental place where we got all of our gear, then we headed home to change and drove up the mountain!
We went to Solitude, which is right by where we live, and it's also where my Dad and I went skiing 2 years ago when he came to visit me when I was finishing up school. It was much different this time though because the snow was actually real this time :) Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that Adam was not skiing, he was snowboarding, which is much much harder. He's such a brave little chap! I was stickin' to the ski's...the "pizza slice" and "french fries" are all ya gotta know for that! I told Adam all morning that he was probably going to fall a lot and spend most of the day on his butt..I mean, that's what I have always heard! What the heck was I thinking though?? This is Adam Pavkovich for heavens sake..he's like, the pro of all pros...Mr. King Confidence of all confidant people..he is the epitome of "anything you can do, I can definitely do better..even if I have never done it before..". So, with all of that being said, it shouldn't come as a surprise when I say that on his 4th run down the slopes he goes on one of the hardest ones, the black diamond trail. I did not go down it, I patiently waited at the bottom :)
I attempted a harder trail...It didn't work out like I had expected it to. It started out nicely, but then it got ugly. Adam and Chris were already waaaaaaay in front of me, then me and my ski's got in a tad bit of a debacle, to say the least. Here is how it went down-I slid down the trail, one of my skis fell off, then somehow I managed to go way off the trail next to a tree. I finally wiggled my way over near the trail and sat for about 20 minutes until Adam and Chris came and found me :) I was sweating like a pig. Needless to say, I went back to the easy slope for the rest of the day.

When we were all done, we were pooped. I have a feeling that we are going to be pretty sore tomorrow....what?? Come again?? Did someone say massage?? Great idea! I'll run that by Adam...

Oh, and if you have noticed, I have learned how to post from my phone..hence all of the random pictures posted under this one..check back every once in a while to see random pictures of what we are doing because I won't send out the email for those, just the long posts like this one! Also if you are on our email like that goes out every time we post, and you don't want to be..just email me (Ldevore7@gmail.com) and I will take you off...it won't hurt our feelings too much :) No really, I can see where you wouldn't wait 5 million emails in your inbox that say "Blog Update!!"..and on the other hand..if you aren't on our email list and want to be, email me and I will add you! Capeesh?

Three more days until games start! I'll post soon! Have a good week!


Adam was quoted saying."That was, by far, the coolest thing I have ever done." There you have it boys and girls..the coolest thing ever.

Master of the Easy trail...

Adam and Chris going up

At the end of the day.

This was the beginning of the day

Going skiing!!

Wish us luck and pray Toasty doesn't get hurt!!

April 5, 2009

On the road again

Who is this sexy beast!?!?!

Our trip so far...

We are almost to Vegas and this is how it looks from the passenger

April 3, 2009

Pack Up & Move Out

That is the story of our lives! I have so much to do before we leave on Sunday..and as all procrastinators do, I am writing this blog instead of going to start the laundry!

I think we have finally found a place to live..yahoooo! We are going to live in the same neighborhood that we lived in last year, but in a different house! We had originally wanted to live downtown this year to save some money, but it turned out that we probably wouldn't be saving money because it's way more expensive to live in the downtown area! The good thing about where we are living this year is that we already know the area is nice, and when Tanner and I are by ourselves for 8-9 days at a time, we feel very safe, and I don't know if I could say the same thing if we were living downtown. There are A LOT of homeless people downtown that wonder alllll over the place, so I don't know how well we would sleep at night knowing the guys aren't there to keep us safe! (Which reminds me, have I ever told the story of when Adam lived next door to me and made me search his house with a baseball bat before he went in because he thought someone was in there?..yeah, I see who the protector of the relationship is....). We are going to live with Terry, Tanner and Asher Evans, and a guy named Chris Petit, he is a super sweet guy and I think it is the perfect fit! It's a 4 bedroom house, so we do have an extra room, but we are going to all use that room to store all of our extra stuff..I mean, can you even imagine how many suitcases there will be between all of us?!?! Adam and I have 7 or 8 just for ourselves! I just looked on my phone and it says it is snowing in SLC, uggggghhhh! I am already dreading the first baseball game, and it is still 6 days away. Althoughhhhh, it would be nice if I could go skiing pretty soon!

Oh my goodness, let me just tell you about this non-sense that happened on April Fools Day. Being the child that I am, I was sooooooo excited about getting Adam on this day. I just knew that he wouldn't know that it was the first..so I'm thinkin I am going to get him really good! We started the day off in the car on the way to the field listening to JohnJay & Rich, just a local radio show. Well, they were going on and on about how at 8:34 (and 32 seconds, to be exact) that Venus and Saturn were going to be in the same exact alignment and if you jump in the air at 8:34 and 32 seconds, you will "float" for just one second because of a gravitational pull..or something like that..so Adam and I are like,"Well, are you gonna jump?" and I'm like, "Uhhh....yeah."..like DUH..We are still listening to them and we keep hearing a faint noise of a cat meowing...

Adam: "Do you hear that?"

Me:" Yeah, that's weird.."

Adam: "Is there a cat in here? You know, sometimes cats will crawl up into the engines of cars and get stuck..."

Me: (Silently freaking out in my head).."Should we pull over????"

After turning the radio down for a while and changing the station, we finally figured out that it was on the radio station...it was one of their jokes ..and do you know what ALSO was an April Fools Day joke??? Yes, the story about jumping at 8:34 and floating....Yeah, see the thing about that is that I forgot to jump at that time..but Adam?? You better believe he jumped..and the funny thing about it is that he was so excited about it that he told like, 3 other guys at the field about it..so they jumped too! Hahahahahahaha...I can only imagine the looks on their faces when Adam tells them it was all a joke. Adam felt a little dumb I think..he didn't find out until last night that it was a joke..

Later on that night Adam and I went to the last Bible study of the spring. After it was over we were talking to Brian (the leader) and he had asked me what I was doing on Saturday because his wife was needing my help! So, I am thinking. 'Ohhh ok..maybe she just wants me to watch her kids while she runs her errands..because you know, that's what I am good at...watching kids.....ok I can do that.' But, that wasn't the case..he says," Yeah, Kim runs a business where people have parties and she comes in a brings massage therapists, estheticians, and nail people and people get pampered and she needs a massage therapist."....Uhhhhhh HECK YES I'LL DO IT!! Okay, I didn't say it like that..but I wanted to. Kim and I talked today and it is going to be great! I only have to give 5 massages, 30 minutes each..and I am going to be making a butt load of money (and just in case you aren't aware of it, a butt load is a wholllllle lotta lot.) It's been a while since I have given a massage, but you can't go wrong with a 30 minute one, it's not enough time to run out of techniques to use...pheeww! It will be good practice to get me back in gear before I start massaging again in SLC soon!

Yesterday I went and bought a polarized lens filter thingy-ma-jig for our camera. I am not 100% sure as to exactly what it does, but I do know that it makes the pictures that are taken in bright sunlight not so bright..or something like that. After that I had to go to the eye doctor because I needed new contacts and my prescription was expired..so I made an appt at the last minute..not knowing if the place I was going was a dump..or if the doctor was even legit. Thankfully, it was a very nice place, and I would say the doctor was legit..but she was quite a nutcase. But they were all very nice I now have new contacts.

I just lost my whole train of thought...crap.

I am about to get ready and then head over to the game today. I will get Adam to blog either today or tomorrow and he will give you a little somethin' somthin' about how he is feeling so far!

Later gator!

I feel like I am really workin my lazy eye in this pic..but Toasty looks good