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December 29, 2008

Headed Back To Florida!

It's been a while since I have written a blog, but I have been busy during the holidays with a lot of traveling! We started out in Opelika, AL with my Dads side of the family and had a really great time! The weather was great so everyone hung out outside and ate some realllly good food! We also went over to my other Grandparents, Jane and Guerry, house who live close by and celebrated with them and opened our gifts with everyone. Then on Christmas Eve we were back in Tuscaloosa and at my Moms side of the family where I ate MORE food! I went over to my brothers house on Christmas Eve and helped Hunter get Santa's cookie and milk ready, but Hunter wanted to leave Santa a cup of Powerade for extra energy...I sure hope Santa liked the little change! After we set out Santa's cookies we went out front and left the reindeer some carrots to eat! Hunter must have been a good boy this year because I think he got every toy that has ever been made! It was crazy how much stuff him and Taelor got...I am keeping tabs on everyone that is spoiling those kids, so when it's my turn there will be major spoilage (if that's even a word...)! It wasn't even cold in Tuscaloosa on Christmas, so that was a little weird to all of us! Every year we (my little brother, Colby, and I) open up our Santa gifts and then head over to see what Hunter got. When I got there Hunter and I went to see if Rudolph ate his carrots and then I heard," OH MY GOSH...Rudolph is in BIG trouble..he pooped in our yard!!!" Hahaha. Hunter could not believe that Rudolph pooped in the yard and he said that next year he needs to be potty trained. It was funny! After spending all day over there I headed over to my Step Dads side of the family and once again, ate. We did things a little different over there this year, we played Dirty Santa with money! The biggest dollar amount in one envelope was $50 so the goal was to pick that one! There were a few 20's and more 10's and 5's. It was definitely a lot of fun, although I got $5!
That was about it for Christmas, I got a bunch of good stuff this year! It's always hard trying to let people know what I want, because whatever I ask for is just one more thing that I have to haul around with me wherever Adam and I are! The big present this year was a Nikon D60 camera and ohhhhh my am I excited to play with that darn thing! Between both of our parents we got the camera, a 55-200 mm lens (which I have NO clue what that means), a really fast loading memory card, and a cute little carrying case for it! We are both very excited about it!

Today a bunch of us headed down here to my aunts house in Mary Esther, FL. My Mom, Colby, and two cousins are here so we are all just relaxing! I am leaving tomorrow morning and headed down to be back with Adam! Wooo hooo! I will be down there until he drives out for Spring Training! I am not going to be at Spring Training like I was last year, I am going to fly out to Phoenix for the last week or so and then we will drive out to SLC (most likely). We are going to only have one car out there this season, so we will see how that works! I am very ready to get there tomorrow, but I dread the 7 1/2 hour drive! We have a fun night planned for New Years, I think, which also happens to be Adams 27th birthday! Yes sir, 27 years old..he's getting on up there!!

I am sure that we will be watching the Sugar Bowl that Alabama and Utah are playing in. My old roommate in Salt Lake graduated from Utah, so I have been getting a few text messages from her about the game!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year! I will post some pictures up here and then when I get to Adams I will make a whole photo album!

Hunter riding his new bike in his new Alabama Football uniform
Feeding the reindeer their carrots!
My neice Taelor and I
Me and my brother helping Tae open her presents
My favorite kid ever!

December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope the Christmas season is treating everyone great so far. Only a few more days for most of us to finish our shopping. Its been rather warm down here in Florida, definitely not winter weather, there is a high of 80 degrees for Christmas day. Sometimes its nice to have the seasonal changes you see in most other states, but then again would I really be saying that if I had to shovel a foot of snow off the driveway and break ice off my windshield, probably not. We are doing the usual for Christmas this year, we have a big family dinner planned for Christmas eve and a nice brunch on Christmas day after we open presents. Lindsay will be up in Bama with her family through Christmas and then make her way down here around the 29th or 30th. I have helped run the Holiday Baseball Clinic in Venice for the last 10 years or so and I'll be doing that again on the 26th and 27th.

Its getting to that point in the offseason where I'll really start picking up the pace on my hitting. I've been going just once or twice a week, but now I'd like to start trying to get after it everyday. One of our buddies that works out up at IMG, Joey Votto (played with the Reds this year) is getting JB and I in at the Reds spring training facility in the mornings so we can all hit together. It makes it a whole lot better when there are a few of us doing our baseball stuff together. Votto said there will be a few more guys joining us after the new year.

Last Saturday a group of us went to a cool spanish styled place for one of my friends birthday. We ate some really good food and had this amazing cake that Matt's wife got for him. I forgot where she got it from but this thing was huge. The label on the outside of the box said one slice had 1700 calories and 100 grams of fat in it. It was so good! After cake we went up onto the roof of the restaurant where they have a bar over looking downtown Sarasota. Sure wish Lindsay could of been there with us, we had a good time.

With all this time I have on my hands without Lindsay here I've been reading through some good books and doing a lot of fishing, but I've just added another thing to my list.... playing the guitar. Dad has a really nice acoustic guitar that just sits around at my parents house so last time I was home for dinner I brought it back up to the place I'm staying. A long time ago Dad taught me some of the basic chords and I messed around with it but didn't practice much. Then came the time in college where my roommate Beau and I thought we could master it and we spent like a week straight playing every night until 4am and barely learned to play one stupid song. Here I am again thinking I might have a chance at playing a little so we will see how it goes. Last night I got on the computer and looked up the chord sheets for a few country songs and also went on youtube to get some videos of guys teaching you how to play those songs. With all the stuff on the internet, it was like I had my own personal guitar lessons. I played for about 5 hours and today my fingertips are almost raw. There will be no guitar playing tonight, maybe tomorrow.

The guys at dinner in Sarasota


The waitress just heard how many calories are in that cake.

I forgot to mention that we had a jam session at Karl's this week.  Matt and Scott seemed to take over on the vocals and spent most of the night singing together, it was hilarious .  

December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas treeeeee...

Just so you know..for me, the hardest part of writing a blog is coming up with a dang title for it, so, in advance for all future postings, I apologize for all of the random titles that probably don't make sense ;)

The past few days have been quite busy for me! On Saturday my little brother, Colby, and I met my Dad in Birmingham and went to the McWane Science Center. It's a fun place to go, they have all sorts of different science experiments and activities to do. We have been several times, so now when we go it's just a short walk through to see what new things they have put up. When we left there we stopped by the Galleria and got some lunch then headed to Huntsville! We just lounged for a little bit, I wrapped a few Christmas gifts and then we were off to the Huntsville Havocs hockey game! It is a semi pro league, or as I called it, the minor leagues for hockey..I can only handle one sports terminology at a time :) It was actually a lot of fun! I was a little skeptical about going at first, not knowing if it would be exciting or not. But, let me tell you, it is a very aggressive sport! They were really getting after each other! So, by the end of the game, i was a new found hockey fan! After it was over we just went back to my Dads and went to sleep! We got up on Sunday and ate breakfast at IHOP. After that Colby and I were back on the road headed to Tuscaloosa! I ended up going straight to my brother Robbys house to hang out with him and my niece Taelor! We had lots of fun, she is just too dang cute! Hunter got there later on, he was in Nashville with his other grandparents. When he got home he did NOT look too hot. i took his temp and it was 100.8 and he said his throat hurt. So, being the lovely doctor that I am, I diagnosed him with Strep throat and planned on taking him to the doctor bright and early this morning. After going to the pediatrician this morning sure enough, he has a bad case of strep! He was not happy about having his throat swabbed..he is a little bit dramatic. Now his fever is up to 101.3 so we are giving him plenty of meds! He was supposed to go to the dentist in the morning, but we had to cancel that appointment since he is sick. But on Wednesday he is getting his tubes out of his ears..well, actually, he only has one tube left. The other one fell out at some point during the last few years. So I am just a busy bee right now!

I am getting very excited about Christmas! I still have trouble sleeping at night on Christmas Eve because I just can't wait to see what Santa has brought for me! I am going to be heading back down to Florida on the 28th or 29th to see my love! Woo hoooo!


December 9, 2008

Down here in FL

I'm back working out at IPI (International Performance Institute) at the IMG academy. There are three of us working with a personal trainer doing baseball specific exercises. We lift for about 2 hours not including warming up with cardio or throwing the football and some end of the workout stretching. We have a different trainer this year and I'm liking the stuff we're doing. Last years trainer did a great job too. These workouts are really challenging, almost threw up on the second day. I think they'll get me back to the strength I was at last year before spring training.

I'm all moved in up at one of my buddy's houses here in Bradenton. Its only about a 35 min drive to my parents house down in Venice. Mom helped me get some stuff together because there is noone and nothing inside the house. My living room has just a lazy boy and tv, my bedroom just a bed. My clothes are spread out on the floor into piles, I haven't really started to hang anything up yet. I can live pretty simply and this is about as simple as somebody could live. I like it. It will change a little when Lindsay gets here. We'll get stuff more orginized and probably have to find another lazy boy.

Nothing else really going on. Six of us did go play putt putt golf and watch monday night football for one of our friends birthdays. It's funny that no one really commented on the fact that we are all turning 27 years old and we still throw kid style birthday parties like putt putt. I think the competitive factor is still there and we love competing against eachother no matter what game it is so it was ok. The birthday boy and I battled for first all night and we finished tied so we had to play a playoff hole. Karl came out on top, only fitting that he takes home the win on his birthday. Oh, did I mention that we finished the game with pizza. Pizza and putt putt...happy birthday Karl.

My living room

All the guys waiting on our birthday pizza.

Quiet please...Karl shooting.

I have not forgotten about you!!

Well, I was going to make Adam get on here and write a blog, but who am I kidding? I realized I am just going to have to do it myself!

A lot has been going on! Adam and I met up in Atlanta this past weekend for the Alabama vs Florida SEC Championship game. We stayed with two friends of ours, Terry and Tanner Evans, who actually lived with us in Salt Lake. Terry is also with the Angels and was with us in SLC this past year, and they live in Woodstock, GA. It was about a 30 minute drive to the dome, but at least we didn't have to pay for a hotel! It was nice to visit them, outside of the baseball scene! Tanner is 8 months pregnant and wasn't feeling well, so they ended up not going to the game. We met up with her parents and got their passes to the Dr. Pepper Pre-Game party! It was a lot of fun, but we weren't there too long. Did I happen to mention that I wore high heels on this particular day? Did I also mention that it was the worst mistake of my life????? What was I thinking? Clearly, I wasn't thinking..at all. My feet were KILLING me before we even made it TO the dome! I thought that I would be okay when the game started, but it turns out that we stood up the entire game, with a few breaks in between time outs and reviews. We had unbelievable seats though. We were 22 rows up and in between the 20 & 30 yard line. It was a really good game, although with a bad ending :( I don't know what happened during most of the game because I was too busy stalking Sara Evans and Jay Barker right behind us. Sara Evans is a famous country singer and she married Jay Barker, who is a previous Alabama quarterback. So most of my time was spent turned around looking at them.

When the game was over we met Terry and Tanner at Macaroni Grill for dinner. Then we just headed back to their house and hit the sack. We woke up and went to church with them. Their church is HUGE, and it was amazing! I loved the church and would move there in a heartbeat just to attend church every Sunday! After that we grabbed some lunch then Adam and I headed our separate ways :'( Adam headed back to FL and I headed back to Bama.

Since then not too much has gone on!! Adam has just been working out and I have been hanging out at my Mom's. Today I watched an all day marathon of The First 48..I love that show! The weather is supposed to get pretty bad tonight so I am sure I will be up watching James Span on the news all night!

I don't really have much more to say, I am going to try and convince Adam to get on here and post a blog and share what he has been up to..he also is going to be the one to post some pictures!!

Talk to ya soon!


December 4, 2008

All About Lindsay!

1. Where is your cell phone? On the couch, right next to me..like always

2. Where is your significant other? In Florida

3. Your hair color? Very dark brown..I like to call it "Chocolate"..to be exact

4. Your mother? Stressed!

5. Your father? The best in the entire world.

6. Your favorite thing? Christmas Time and I sometimes think I really like Baseball season, but I think I am lying to myself.

7. Your dream last night? I forgot..they are usually pretty wild though.

8. Your dream/goal? To get married, settled in one place, and have kids..keyword here is DREAM!

9. The room you're in? The den

10. Your hobby? Trophy-wife-in-training ;)..yes, it is a hobby.

11. Your fear? Not being able to have kiddos.

12. Where do you want to be in six years? Uhh...just alive, I guess. I never know where I am going to be these days!

13. Where were you last night? My brothers house hanging out with Hunter

14. What you're not? Motivated to work out..I am working on it though.

15. One of your wish list items? Nothing really!

16. Where you grew up? Well...Born in Montgomery, AL..moved to Washington DC..moved to Tuscaloosa, AL..moved to Gulf Breeze, FL..then back to Tuscaloosa..all before the age of 14..so there's you answers!

17. The last thing you did? Turned the heat up...I have to do that while my Mom is gone, when she comes home the house is an igloo.

18. What are you wearing? Clothes...and contacts

19. Your T.V.? Mucho Grande

20. Your pet? There are too many to list

21. Your computer? Finally fixed! Thanks to my hunny!

22. Your mood? Tired! Hunter woke up at 6:00...I don't do 6:00 AM

23. Missing someone? Well, Adam, of course!

24. Your car? Gets around! It's a trooper!

25. Something you're not wearing? Shoes..and make-up..scary, I know

26. Favorite store? Target

27. Your Summer? Filled with baseball games

28. Love someone? Well, yes!

29. Your favorite color? Pink

30. When is the last time you laughed? About an hour ago, listening to Dane Cook on TV

31. Last time you cried? Oh Lordy, I cry all the time..poor Adam..but I would say the last time was last week

-AND-Write 7 random facts about yourself:

1. I love Sonic commercials

2. I like being by myself, a lot.

3. I recently discovered that I like to vacuum...

4. I love doing Bible studies, but I wish I could find the time to do them more often

5. I hate to work out, but complain about not being in shape.

6. I want Lasik eye surgery

7. I think it would be fun to be an Interior Designer

..if you have a blog then copy and paste this onto yours and fill it out with your own answers!


More Thanksgiving pictures

We got some more pictures from Thanksgiving week.

Colby and I playing bachi ball in Montgomery.

In Montgomery with Lindsay's grandparents.

In Tuscaloosa Lindsay, me, and Anna Lisa

Lindsay is SOOOO good at playing the piano!

Best ribs ever at Dreamland in T-town

December 2, 2008


I still feel like I m recovering from eating so much during Thanksgiving! We ate so much food! It was very nice having Adam with me during the holiday..after 3 years of dating this was our first real holiday together! We have been together on other holidays like Halloween, 4th of July, and stuff like that, but this was the first Thanksgiving! It's been hard in the past since his family is in FL and mine is in AL. But, it was a lot of fun! We went to Montgomery and spent time with my Grandparents (Dad's side). We had a reallllllly good dinner there, then we left the next day. Then on actual Thanksgiving we went to my Grandparents, who live in Tuscaloosa, and ate more food there and spent time with that whole crew. I know that poor ol' Adam was a little confused about that one because there were all kinds of people there! But he survived, he left in one piece and I don't think he was too traumatized :) Now I am preparing myself for Christmas! I love Christmas time!! Looking back on this year, I would say that I have been a very good girl this year so I am hoping I made Santa one proud fellow this year! I wish I could say the same for Adam. Just kidding :) He's been alright, and I am here to tell you, and Hunter will agree, I am not scared to give Santa a little ring on the telephone, I know the phone number up to the North Pole. I have called several times when I am with Hunter, just to give Santa an update on where I think Hunt is on the big list. Santa said that Hunter needed to start obeying more, and it worked like a charm...all it takes is the phone call to the big guy...
Ok..I will stop rambling about Santa..I don't really know where I was going with that one.

This year was the first time I have ever gone shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. It was definitely crowded but I did find some steals at a bunch of stores! I am not sure if I will do it again though. We will see!

On Saturday Me, Adam, my brother Robby, and my Dad went to the Alabama vs Auburn game here in Tuscaloosa...and we won!! Woo hooo! It was such a good game! We had a lot of fun! We tailgated on the quad before the game and saw a bunch of old friends. We took a bunch of pictures on other peoples cameras, so I will try to scrounge those up and post them.

Adam went back home to FL early Sunday morning..I was sad to see him go, BUT...we are meeting up in Atlanta this weekend for the SEC Championship game. Alabama vs Florida! I am so very excited and I already have my outfit planned! I am not too sure about the exact plans, but I do know that I am going and that's all that matters! Bama has had an amazing season, and I would love to see them win this weekend!

Since Adam is gone, I don't have too much to do. Yesterday I volunteered to clean out my Moms closet, get rid of a bunch of things that I didn't think she needed. It took FOREVER!! But, the end result was quite nice! We have two gigantic bags of clothes, jackets, and other stuff to give to the Salvation Army. My room and the guest bedroom are next on the list. It's an all day kind of project, and today I just don't have the energy!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! Sorry I don't have pictures to post, but soon, I will!

Ohhh also, I hope you enjoyed my dance skills. I can assure you that I will have it down-pat one day soon.