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April 25, 2011

27 weeks

How far along? 27 weeks

Total weight gain: Not sure! We will find out on May 2nd at our next appointment! I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'm up 15 pounds.

Stretch marks? Nope!

Sleep: It's been pretty good! I think the exhaustion is back for good, I have started getting really tired during the afternoon again.

Best moment this week: Our trip to Gainesville! I survived the plane ride and and AND I am 46.7% sure I am slowly convincing Toasty that we **totally most definitely for sure** need a king size bed when we move.  I'm not giving up on this, I don't know what the next step will be to continue persuading him, but I'm thinking something more along the lines of crossing my arms, stomping my feet, poking my bottom lip out, and maybe squeezing out a tear or two..or 411.

I'm nothing if not dramatic.

Movement: I think she's getting pissed off about her living quarters.  She is constantly jabbing me.  I'm beginning to be able to distinguish body parts, too.  I'm also thinking that she's playing Dance Dance Revolution on my bladder.  

Food cravings: French fries..with all of those yummy seasonings on them. Possibly dipped in ranch.  FATTY ALERT!

Gender: We got a incredibly clear confirmation during our attempted 4D ultrasound that she is fo sho a girl!

Labor signs: None!

Belly button in/out: Still in for now  

What I miss: Believe it or not, I'm not really missing anything too badly this week.  Dare I say it, but I like being pregnant this week....it's baby steps, y'all, baby steps...

What I am looking forward to: This week we are trying our 2nd attempt at a 4d ultrasound. We went last week but I didn't have enough fluid. For now I am a water drinking fool!  

Weekly wisdom: ....I've got nothin'.....  

Milestone: Only a few more days and I will have officially survived 7 months of pregnancy......holy COW!

April 18, 2011

26 weeks

Also 26 weeks, but looking bigger in these next few pictures!

How this got so off-centered is beyond me.  Also, please ignore the pile of washcloths in the floor!

How far along? 26 weeks

Total weight gain: 13 pounds total

Stretch marks? None! 

Sleep: In general it's alright.  It's the crazy dreams that wake me up feeling all psycho and confused.  Then I usually stay awake for an hour or so before falling back to sleep.  Seriously, the other night I dreamt that I was training to go to the moon and getting ready to run for President...all in one dream!

Best moment this week: She's been very active! I had a bowl of strawberries sitting on my stomach the other night and she literally kicked them off..it was crazy.  I tried to video it some but I'm a 'tard and suck at video-ing(?)!

Movement: Like I just said, all. the. time.  I know that when I'm no longer preggo I will miss feeling her move and all that junk.  But for the time being I'm a little over it.  Okay, not really over it, but after about 45 minutes of being jabbed and poked I'm all,"HOLY MOTHER, I know you're in there, you've made it clear! Now get outta the ribs and GO. TO. SLEEP."

Food cravings: Milkshakes.  But don't worry, they're not bringing any boys to the yard at this point in my life.  I made a Coldstone run at 9:00 last night.  I think I heard angels singing through my straw.

Gender: An obnoxious little girl!

Labor signs: I think I may have had a Braxton Hicks yesterday. Either that, or I just had a bad ummmm....errrrrr...stomach ache?!

Belly button in/out: Half & Half (which reminds me...we need coffee creamer..dang it.)  

What I miss: Shopping at regular stores.  I still try to convince myself that I can wear non-maternity clothes.  Some places I can, but in others I just get all depressed.  I've started to just head straight to Motherhood when going to the mall.  It's the only store I can still wear an XS in, which makes me feel a little better about all this junk in my trunk. 

What I am looking forward to: Gainesville Friday thru Sunday! Get to spend some time with the in-laws and other friends! Mind you, it's going to be hot as donkey butt.  

Weekly wisdom: Get used to people saying "hey" to you then looking at your stomach first, then your boobs (or maybe this is just my case because like I've said before, they're their own solar system at this point), then finally they look at your face and are all,"Oh HEY!" Get used to it.  

Milestone: I've officially started to waddle a little when I walk. 

April 13, 2011

coming up...

MMkay, I'm not going to lie, trying to blog everyday is quite harder than I expected.  I already talked about my beach trip and I'm sure y'all are getting tired of me talking about how I am growing a child.  Our daily routines are pretty much the same everyday which brings me to my point:
 We. Have. No. Life.

So I'm probably going to ramble in this post, talk about a whole 'lotta nothing.  

I guess I could let you know what Adam has been up to.  Oh you know, same ol' same ol'.  Busy studying and doing the baseball thing.  He did come home with some fan-freaking-tastic news not long ago.  He will be graduating this December! Can I get an amen??  He was supposed to graduate next May, but decided to switch from the Professional Accounting program to the regular or some kinda something.  I couldn't understand anything he was really talking about because I was too busy doing a happy dance like the neurotic idiot I am :)  

Any who, something about not doing his CPA right away and just getting his Masters or something.  I've had him explain it to me several times, but I forgot.  BUT THE POINT HERE PEOPLE....the point is December is just around the corner and that means he will finally graduate! Hot diggity dog!

He's also been traveling a lot with the baseball team.  While I was at the beach the team was in Nashville playing Vanderbilt.  I'm pretty sure Bama lost every game, but Vandy is the #1 team in the country right now so whaddya expect? This week they have games almost every night of the week, then next week we are alllllllll off to Gainesville, FL! I've mentioned it a trillion times before but Adams parents and friends are driving up from Sarasota so it will be nice to visit with everyone! 

I had to take the ol' Mustang to get new brakes on Monday.  No big deal, guys gave me an estimate of about $150.  Sounds good to me, then they call back.  Something about needing some part because my brake pedal was all the way to the floor, I don't really know because I was taking a nap.  The guy told me that I had to have it, which didn't leave me with anything else to say except ,"Go for it!"

$425.66 later, we were golden. Poor, but golden.  This wouldn't be a big deal but last month I paid $500 for a new power steering pump or something.  I mean, my car probably isn't worth much more than what we are putting into it.  Hence why I am excited about Adam graduating sooner.  He can get a job and Mama can get some new wheels! Both of our cars are paid for so it's really nice not having any car payments! Score!

Speaking of serial killers, or not...have you seen on the news about the Long Island serial killer? Ummmm, hi.  Suffolk County: where we lived! That just totally freaks my freak! 

Moving on.  Monday night we had a Sweet 16 birthday party for my cousin, Mariah.  It was at my Grandparents house and everyone and their Mama all of the family came and celebrated.  It was the perfect weather, too.  Tornadoes!  Poor Mariah, all the attention was on the TV for the beginning of the party, and when I say TV I really mean James Spann.  Who doesn't want to look at him and his little patch of hair on top? 

Now to the main event.  

Adam looks like such a "coach" in this picture!

Anna Lisa and I.  She went to the Masters and got a little burnt!

Colby, Rah Rah (her Mom), Mariah, and Mike (her Dad).  Can you see the resemblance? No? Duh you weirdo's, she was adopted.  Geeze.

Luke, Chris (her step bro), Anna Lisa (her step sis), me, and Adam!

We had yummy bar-b-que from The Pig Shack.  If you live in T-Town you have to try it! SO GOOD!

She owns every shirt from the Buckle, but being the great cousin I am, the girl that works there went to the back and got me a shirt that had just come in.  Score! She loved it......I think.

April 12, 2011

because my husband makes me work....

As you can see, my goal this week is to blog every day.  Yes, If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.  But, unfortunately my husband makes me work and quite frankly I have nothing to write about at the moment because my brain has been taken over by this weird little thing called PREGNANCY.

So, I decided to go back to April 12th of last year to see what Adam and I were doing.  So here is the post I wrote this exact time last year.  Read if you want, otherwise move along with your merry ways and come back tomorrow, ya hear?!

MONDAY, APRIL 12, 2010

almost there!

Toasty and I left yesterday morning from Huntsville to make our way up to Long Island.  We were both pretty excited that this trip was only 16 hours long.  I guess when you do a lot of cross country traveling (Florida to Alabama, then Alabama to Arizona, then Arizona to Utah, then BACK!) you consider a 16 hour trip to be "short". At least we do. We left around 8 am yesterday morning and made it to Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) around 10 pm last night.  Adam wanted to go farther but I informed him that I wanted it to be day light when we drove into NYC so I could see all the purtty little buildings.  The trip so far has been great, I only drove an hour. Adam wouldn't let me drive because he was "in the zone" or something..I wasn't going to argue with that! Hall-a-lu-yer!

Everything was pretty uneventful from the beginning of the trip. Until we entered Tennessee.  Well, technically, until we entered the Arby's in Knoxville, TN.  There I was, all starving and junk, and we enter what might be the most crowded Arby's my little eyes have ever seen.  But it's cool, I'm down for waiting in line because I spot what most definitely was the most redneck family I've ever seen.  Let me set the scene for you.

Father and son (about 12) are wearing matching rebel flag trucker hats.

Mom is wearing her Sundays Best- ripped up blue jeans, a lime green (tie dyed) t-shirt..and she's missing her front tooth.  I can't make this up.

Then there's the (maybe 15 year old) daughter.  She's in neon orange and pink pajama pants, with a remotely dressy shirt on, and he hair looks like she sprayed it with Afro Sheen. Either that or she hadn't bathed in a few years days. 

From what I gathered while standing in line behind them, the little boy must have upset the whole family and just ruined their day.  The Mom, Dad, and daughter are standing in line when the boy walks up, says something to the Mom, and she proceeds to spank him in front of everyone.  Now, I am not opposed to spanking, just ask Hunter, I am the spanking queen. But this kid was old and HUGE! It made it hilarious to watch.

So anywho, long story short, the boy ran outside, the Mom screamed something at the Dad and he started to leave the line and go outside...then it ended like this:

Mom: "Don't chu leave this here line, you gotta pay 'fir our sammiches."

Dad: "I'm 'gon go outside and git him...and YOU WATCH YER MOUTH! (finger pointed right in her face)"

Dad walks out, then Mom and daughter jibber jabber some kind of hillbilly talk that even I couldn't understand.  They all leave and ride off into the sunset in their 1978 Cadillac Coupe Deville. 

If only I had my camera it may be funnier.

In other news, it only took Adam 5 hours into the trip to realize that I wrote "i love poop" on his back windshield.  Because I'm mature like that.

I waited all day to get to Hagerstown, MD to eat at Chipotle for dinner.  Can you believe that from Huntsville all the way to Maryland there wasn't a Moe's OR a Chipotle? Yes, it's true.  So you can only imagine how happy I was when I messaged the great Carissa and asked her where the Chipotle was in MD and we were only 30 minutes away! Thank you sweetbabyJesus! 

The chicken burrito bowl.  I died.

And went to Heaven.

Then the good Lord told me it wasn't time yet, so He sent me back to earth. And here I am, in Pennsylvania.  

We will be getting up soon and finishing the last 4 hours of our trip.  HOLLER!

Love, peace, and chicken grease, 

April 11, 2011

25 weeks

I apologize for the plethora of  knocked-up-Lindsay-in-a-bikini pictures.  For your sake, I won't post anymore.  Ok I lied, I probably will.  

How far along? 25 weeks

Total weight gain: Let's get real, I probably gained 2-3 pounds on the beach trip, so I am going to say 13 or so pounds total.  Can someone please buy my rapidly-growing-a$$ a scale so I don't have to wait until my doctor appts to know how much I've gained?!

Stretch marks? Still none! And the scar on my stomach isn't getting bigger either! You can see it in the picture where I'm facing the right.

Sleep: I've added more pillows to my sleeping arrangements.  To say that Adam and I need a king size bed, is an understatement.  We have to have a mother bleepin' king size bed.

Best moment this week: Shamu-ing it up at the beach! I am already wanting to go back.  Maybe I'll bring Adam along with me?!

Movement: All the time! I have officially felt what it's like to have a baby in the ribs though! It happened during a continuing education class I was taking for massage.  I jumped and made a really awkward noise when it happened so everyone turned and looked at me.  Not embarrassing..at all.

Food cravings: Cheeseburgers and french fries! I'm also still on a fruit kick, so I convince myself that I balance each craving out with the other.

Gender: Girl- Presley Grace!

Labor signs: None so far, thank ya Jesus!

Belly button in/out: It's not long before it will be flat.  If I push on it in a really weird way it will pop out.  

What I miss: After this past weekend I would have to say I miss being skinny! 

What I am looking forward to: This coming weekend I am going to a good friends wedding and I am pretty excited about catching up with some old friends.  Then the weekend after that is when I'm going to Gainesville!  

Weekly wisdom: Get a spray tan.  You won't believe how magical it is.  I'm going to start referring my spray tans to "cellulite erasers" from now on. Seriously, it will change your life.  Now, standing in line in the college campus tanning salon while you have a huge baby bump will definitely get you several awkward looks from all of the sorority girls there, but you'll get over it.

Milestone: I only have 3 days until my due date countdown reached double digits! 

Oh shizz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 10, 2011

ahoy mateys

Boys & girls.  Ladies & gentlemen. Dumb & dumber, 

I have returned from the beach and I have the sunburn to show it.  It was a girls trip that consisted of me and the two amigas- Kristen and Page. We stayed at Kristens condo in Gulf Shores and while it wasn't even a smidgen like our old spring break trips used to be, we still had a bitchin' stupendous time! Back in the day, our beach shenanigans consisted of laying out for approximately 7 hours a day soaked in baby oil to ensure the best sunburn-soon-to-turn-to-tan evah.  Then we'd shower, eat, and head out to hang out with everyone else that was from Tuscaloosa. Same people, different place.

Rinse & repeat for the next 5 days.
How fun does that sound?! 

Don't answer that.

Now that we are older, wiser, and more mature lame married women our trips are a little different.  We woke up at 7:30 am, Kristen jogged, Page slept,  I went to the Tom Thumb and got coffee before going by a few garage sales, then we lounged around until it was time to lay out.  We lathered up in sunscreen (I'm not gonna lie, I only used SPF 4 because um, hellur, I like a little color..even if it is red), we laid by the pool, ate lunch, then drove over to the beach for a few hours.  We guzzled water, but a teenie tiny part of me wished it was a nice cold Corona with lime!  

It was ri-donk-ulously foggy, but we still got a butt ton of sun so it was nice because the sun wasn't beaming down on us.  I brought a few 76 washcloths to keep in the cooler so I wouldn't deep fry the little nugget in the tum tum.  We left, showered, and shopped each night before going out to dinner.  Please take note that we were eating dinner by 5:30 every night, and done by 7...which means we were back at the house and in our pajamas by 7:30.  

And in bed by 9.

As you can obviously tell, it got pretty wild & crazy.

It was still a great time, just different than the past trips we've taken together! I am hoping that we can go back before Presley gets here!

Allow me to take you on a nice little trip down Memory Lane...

The first two pictures are super old..we may have been fresh outta high school during this.  If it's not 2004 then it's definitely 2005. This is the year that we went to a Lil' Jon concert.

Page, Kristen, and Me - ruining a perfectly decent picture.  

These pictures are from 2008.  I can't find any pictures from trips in between these two trips, which you know, I'm sure you were just dying to see.  But probably not.

Don't we just look like a hot, slippery mess with all of that tanning oil?

 And without further adieu,  pictures from this year..which is actually just a montage of me and all of my preggo glory in a bikini.  View at your own risk. 

BAM! In your face! I should probably justify this picture by saying that I just ate a huge Subway sammich and Doritos.  Stomach. Is. Bloated. 

 This is the only picture of all 3 of us.  We were waiting to be seated at Sea-N-Suds!

We then got a wild hair and went to Dippin' Dots! This year it was Page ruining the perfectly decent picture! :)

I wish we would have taken a picture of me laying on my stomach! I dug a hole for little P-Dizzle to rest in, I think she liked it because she would kick the entire time.  Or maybe that meant she hated it? Oh well, right now I am in charge and I say she loved it!

That's all for now! Lame pics I know, but it's all I've got! Now I am just waiting on Toasty to get home, they had games in Nashville this weekend against Vanderbilt.  They lost every game which majorly stinks, but I don't care because I'm ready to see him!  

What's super duper awesome is that my Mom came over while we were both gone for the weekend and cleaned our house.  Like, deep cleaned! Thanks a ton Mom :) I was going to just play along and let Adam think I busted my butt cleaning all afternoon, but once he see's that the floors have been mopped he will know that I had no part in it!   

25 week update coming tomorrow!

April 5, 2011

24 weeks

I really did try to post this yesterday, but Adam just had  to have the internet to play Xbox Live.  You can blame him.

How far along?  24  weeks

(I don't know why I can't get the font to look normal..or the color. Just deal with it. I'm hungry and hormonal today!)

Total weight gain/loss:
 11 pounds...yowzas! 

Maternity clothes?   Definitely all maternity pants.  Tried putting on some pre-preggo pants yesterday, and Hunny, these hips don't lie! Oh. My. God! I can still pull off the pre-preggo shirts though! 

Stretch marks?   None! And thankfully, the scar on my stomach is not stretching...yet.

Sleep:  I've now graduated from only getting up to pee from about 4 times to only 1 time..if that! Now I am trying to deal with insomnia! I usually wake up at about 4 or 5 AM and stay up for an hour or so.  I try not to move too much because Little P likes to start kicking. Non stop.

Best moment this week: Passing my glucose test! Which means I don't have Gestational Diabeetus Diabetes!    

All the time.  I sure hope this isn't a sign to come, that she's going to be a wild child.  Lord, help me!

Food cravings:   Grapes! I think we are on bag 3 of grapes??!! I'm not exactly sure, but I am addicted at this point.  

She still has her girly bits!  

Labor Signs:  None! But that reminds me.  When I was in the hospital with the kidney stones, the nurses kept asking me if I was having contractions.  UMMMM HELLO?? I'm passing TWO kidney stones, which I think  may be a little worse than a contraction.  So I am not exactly sure at this point.  I have started to worry that I may confuse a contraction with kidney pain, but I hope not! Hopefully the Braxton Hicks will hold off a while longer.

Belly button in or out?  
In for now. But slowly popping out.  

What I miss:  I'm not gonna lie, I miss ev-ery-thing about my pre-pregnancy body! I've officially become that person who looks at old pictures (old as in last summer) and says,"Dang! I looked good!"  

**3 more months Lindsay...3 more months.......**     

What I am looking forward to:
Holy Mother of Shamu...the BEACH this weekend!!!!! I tried to look up a better word for "motherfreakinexcited" in the dictionary, but I couldn't find one.  I'm also really looking forward to flying to Gainesville on the 22nd.  Adam and the baseball team will be playing there for a few days, and Adams parents will be coming up.  We haven't seen them in forever!

Weekly Wisdom:   .....um, yeah...about that....

Milestones:  Next month will be the last time I go every 4 weeks for my doctor appointments. After that I start going every 2 weeks.  Then every week.  Holy crap....I really  am having a child, aren't I??????

April 3, 2011

four hundred and eleventy reasons we need to move...

As most of you know, Adam and I live on campus in a two story shoebox townhouse.  Or maybe you didn't.  But whatever.  It's really not that incredibly small for just Adam and I.  But there is no way that we could have re-signed our lease with a baby coming.  Why do these little turds have to have so much crap?! I mean, Adam and I are getting rid of our kitchen table and turning our kitchen into the "storage room" for the next few months.  It's okay because I don't cook we eat in the den anyways, so we don't need that space.  Seriously though, Presley already has so much stuff.  What can I say, we are spoiled by our wonderful family! We are so grateful for everything that everyone has bought us already, but I'm just wondering who's going to buy us the house to put all of this in.  Any takers? No?? But WHY!?

We do plan on moving, though.  Our lease here is up at the end of July, which is just stupendous timing since I am due at the end of July.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we will most likely move at the beginning of July instead.  That should be a fun time for everyone, I can see it now: Me, all large and in charge at 9 months pregnant in the deathly summer heat, bossing everyone around where to move or put things in the new place while they try not to pass out from heat exhaustion.  Good times will be had by all I am sure!  We have looked at some places on the south side of town, which I would usually not be too thrilled about because the morning and afternoon traffic down there makes me want to pluck my eyeballs out.  But, it's close to my work, Presley's day care, and my Grandparents house (which is important because they'll be the ones to keep her if I can't get off work when she's sick and can't go to school).  Of course I wouldn't really have to worry about the traffic because it's close to my work, but it would suck may-jah donkey butt for Toasty! Priorities change when you have a little nugget though! 

We will see, we may get lucky and find a house to rent that's better located for Adam and still reasonably close to my work and junk.  I know it's going to creep up on us though and then I will be all bat-$hit-crazy trying to find a place to live.  Hopefully I still have some great house searching abilities left in my from the good ol' baseball days! Oh, and just as an extra tid-bit in the oh-so-inneresting rant, we do not want to buy a house..renting only! We have no idea if we are going to say in Tuscaloosa once Adam is done with school, and we would hate to have to worry about selling a house in a few years..makes me want to puke just thinking about it- or maybe I want to puke because I just ate 1,400 grapes.  

I digress.

Anywho, so I know you all are just dying to see everything we have for the la nina, Presley.  I knew that because apparently once you hit the 6 month of pregnancy you become psychic.  So here I am to fulfill all of your hopes and dreams!

Just so you know, Adam and I are incredibly blessed with families who are willing to help a brotha and sista....and baby out! We haven't had to buy anything yet (except for all of the clothes I keep buying her).

1) Adams parents bought us the travel system.  We picked it out before we knew it was a girl & we picked one that we could use more than once, so if we have a boy next time we can hopefully still use this stuff! Wait, did I just say next time? "Easy L-Dizzle...you haven't even popped the first one out."
2) Here is a better picture of the car seat (you may have to click on the pics to make them larger).  We chose the Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System by Graco.  It's the Maddox pattern. We will just make it look more girly by adding some pink accessories to it!
3) My Dad got us the pack-n-play to match the rest of the goods! This will be nice to take down to Florida when we visit Adams family!
4) I already posted picture of her furniture in this blog post .  Here are a few pictures of her bedding.  I bought it at the Pottery Barn Kids in Birmingham after looking at every other bedding website online. Wait, so that means I did buy something on my own.  Go me!

5) I just got our diaper bag this past weekend! My wonderful Dad drove down on Saturday for the day and we did a little shopping!  I want to get her name monogrammed in hot pink on her diaper bag, but I'm not sure yet.  It's a Kalencom diaper bag & is a water resistant fabric, so I'm not positive if it's monogram-able or not!

6) Also while my Dad was in town we ordered the glider & ottoman.  We got it off Walmart.com and it was much cheaper than everything else we were looking at.  It will be here by April 12th and Adam is pretty pumped about using it as his "Xbox chair" until July.   

7) Lastly, the swing! Oh snap, just remembered that I did pay for this too.  We actually got this swing from a girl my Mom used to work with.  She said her son only used it a few times, he didn't like it, so she sold it to us for $75 and threw in a free Bumbo! 

Ok, that's all I have for now.  Maybe I should've broken this down into several smaller posts.  Too late, I hope you survived this long sucker! I will post an update on my ever-growing uterus stomach tomorrow.  Swear!!!!