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October 28, 2008

Boca Chica

The past few days here in the Dominican have definitely been an adventure. After being told Saturday night that we were going home, we have just been soaking up as much as we can. Sunday we just hung around the hotel and relaxed a little bit. Monday we woke up around 10 and went to the field and got the rest of Adams things and got our flight information from the office. After that we went back to the hotel and ate a quick lunch, then it was off to the beach. I have been begging Adam to go to the beach since we got here and I was determined not to leave without going. The front desk people at the hotel set up a cab ride for 1500 Pesos (about $45) for a round trip ride to the beach in Boca Chica, which is not bad at all. It was about a 25 minute cab ride. When we got there we made sure that our driver was going to pick us up in two hours, but we were a little hesitant on if he really understood us or not! But, we were there and I didn't really care how we were getting home! The water was very pretty! It is just the typical Caribbean water, crystal blue/green. The sand wasn't all that great but, who cared?! So, we put our towels down and tried to relax. I say we "tried" to relax because on the beach there are people EVERYWHERE trying to sell all sorts of things. One man tried to sell me a necklace, a woman came up and asked if I wanted my hair braided or a massage, one guy tried to sell us some hats, another one had paintings, and then finally a kid tried to sell me some gum. I gave into buying the gum, just because I had a few pesos floating around my beach bag, and it was my favorite Strawberry with lime gum :)

Adam didn't want to lay out on the towel so he was in the water for the majority of the time, I went in for a few minutes but I don't like little fish swimming around me so I just went back to the towels. At one point two guys walked up to Adam and started fixing him a plate of all sorts of seafood. They cut up some shrimp, octopus, and something that lived inside a shell. Adam and I about died when he pulled the thing out of the shell and then reached into the bucket and cut up a tentacle from an octopus. To top it all off they poured some sort of salsa on top. I don't eat any kind of seafood, so I was NOT going to eat what they were cutting up. Adam felt bad and told them that he would eat the shrimp, but none of the other stuff. He was eating off of a plate that had probably been used by every other human on the beach, and the same with the spoon. When Adam was done eating the guy just washed it off with the nasty water that he had in a milk jug...it was gross, but I did get some funny pictures of Adam during this!

We met a guy that had a little restaurant there, and he spoke decent English so he came over and talked to us for a while and then insisted that he bring Adam a large Presidente beer. Down here it seems like you just can't refuse when someone offers you a Presidente. We only stayed at the beach for two hours but that was definitely enough time for us. We were just hoping that our cab driver would show back up, and he did! So then we headed back into town and I was finally happy that I went to the beach!

A few days ago we went to a spa down the road with a friend I met here. Her name is Katie and I met her through our friend Alex and they go to Med School together. The plan was for Katie and I to get pedicures together while Adam was getting a one hour massage, then when he was done with the massage I was going to get mine. I got my pedicure and went back to get ready for my massage when Adam told me that we might not have time for mine because he thought he had to be at the field early. I had told him that I didn't think he had to be there early on that particular day, but we didn't want to risk it. So I didn't get my massage at that spa. :(
So, on the day that we went to Boca Chica, we got back to the hotel room and showered up and went down to the little spa that is in the hotel. Massages here are pretty cheap so we took full advantage of it. The girls at the desk in the spa didn't speak any English so it was hard to tell them what we wanted. We tried to tell them that I would go first and then Adam would go after me. They seemed confused about it, but we got it all worked out and we got our massages at the same time by two different people. My massage wasn't all that great, I am pretty sure my Massage Therapist wasn't a real therapist. Every time I walk by the spa at the hotel I see her working the front desk. Adam said that his was great, so after I thought about it for a while I came to the conclusion that they wanted to get them over with at the same time so the front desk girl decided that she would give it a shot and do my mine. Here is a brief summary of how mine went....

OK, let's start this off by saying since I am a Massage Therapist, I am very particular about how things are done during the massage, and I know what to do and what not to do as far as the undressing goes. the girl shows me to the room and then hands me two little rolls of something wrapped in Saran Wrap and then she leaves. As I open them up, one of them is a mesh-looking diaper thing that looks about 10 sizes too big. The other one is supposed to be a little bra thing, that looks like it would fit my 1 year old niece. Perfect. So, we all can probably figure out how that went. After trying to make these two things fit my body I finally get situated and started to lay down on the massage table. OK, when I give massages, there is always a sheet to lay down on, a sheet to cover up with, and a blanket on top of that. Nope, not here. There was a sheet to lay down on, and a damp towel to cover up part of my body. I probably failed to mention that it was painfully bright in the room and there was music with trumpets playing and it sounded like the soundtrack from Aladdin when he is riding on the horse through the city. But, the lights nor the music lasted too long because not long into the massage the power went out. It didn't take long before I assumed that the poor girl clearly didn't go to school for this. She basically just used her thumbs the entire time and was moving at a very quick speed. I found this really odd because I had asked for the Stress Relieving Massage, and I can assure you that I was highly stressed during the whole thing. I got worried every time she finished with one body part because I just had no clue on what she was going to do next. That was frightening. To make things even better, I have no clue on what she was using for an oil/lotion. It was extremely minty and thick..so my only guess was a jumbo tube of Wintergreen Colgate toothpaste mixed with Vaseline. I am sure that's not what it was, but that is all I could come up with. Earlier I mentioned that the only thing for me to cover up with was a damp towel. Well, that was quickly ripped off during the beginning of the massage, so I was freezing. About 30 minutes into the massage, I am laying on my back and she is massaging the front of my legs, and she stops...and then TURNS ON THE AIR CONDITIONING. We are in a room about the size of a walk-in-closet, and it's got a huge air conditioning, so I am sure you can imagine how quickly it cooled off in there. I was shaking! She finally turned it off, I am guessing after she finished massaging my legs and felt all of the chill bumps. Anyways, she finally finished up and the massage ended with a few pinches on the ears and a good swipe of the hair with oil on her hands. Sorry, I know that was a lot of reading right there, but I just wanted to share what went on during that interesting adventure...trust me, you might have felt awkward just reading that, well..you weren't the one laying in a diaper on a table with no covers :) It didn't really help though when I saw Adam after his massage and he said his was "Amazing." I had nothing to say to that. But, I didn't complain too much, considering he was paying. He is very sweet and that's why I love him :)

I hope that everyone is doing well. I am going to go now because Adam just said I am rambling. We will write again when we make it back to Florida tomorrow...trust me when I say that today's adventure has been a fun one too.....


A guy trying to sell Adam a hat

Adam and I at Boca Chica

"There is no way I am eating the octopus!"

Boca Chica

October 26, 2008

Fishin in Florida

In Florida, Adam would spend a lot of time fishing at a pond by the house. I attempted to go with him one time and the first time I cast out I was SURE that I got a bite....it turned out to be the bottom of the pond...here is the video. In the end of it you can hear in Adams voice that something just isn't right...enjoy.

We're coming home

The Licey team is struggling, and they are not very use to that. When this happens, the front office gets crazy and panicky. Well...I'm on the wrong end of the first panicky decision...the just released me tonight after the game. I played in 6 games.....3 of which I didn't get any hits, the other 3 I played well. 6 games isn't very much time to get settled and it's definitely not enough time to make a judgment on whether or not a player is good. For whatever reason the decision is made and Lindsay and I will be heading back to Florida around Tuesday or Wednesday. I made a call to my agent and he said to give him a few days so he can make some calls to another Dominican team or maybe some Mexican teams. No reason to shut it down now since I'm in game shape and ready to play somewhere. We'll see what happens with that. On the good side, I get paid for a full month of work here. On a positive note this could be good because Lindsay wasn't enjoying her stay too much, mostly because there weren't any other wives or girlfriends for her to hang out with while I was gone. The majority of her day was spent by herself and that couldn't of been much fun. This will give her a chance to get back to the states and back to somewhere where she feels more comfortable. Since we have a few days to just hang out in the DR we might try to check out the beach or mall, not too sure yet but definitely something. We'll keep everyone up to speed on whats going on.


P.S. Alabama's football team just put a whoppin on Tennessee in Knoxville tonight 29-9. Still undefeated... RollTide!!

October 23, 2008

Game pics

We are trying to get some more pictures of the games up, here are a few

October 22, 2008

Thank the Lord!!!

Adam FINALLY had a good game tonight. He went 2-4 with a double, single, and an RBI. The game was a blow out 21-6, Licey won. It was a really exciting game. The Aguilas are the big time rival around here, so the fans were super pumped tonight. I brought our friend Alex and 4 of his friends that are in school with him. They had a really good time. They are in Med School down here and they don't get out much from studying, so this was a big deal to them.

Yesterday was the first off day. Adam went to the field to work on his hitting and then came back to catch the van. All of the Americans went to La Romana to Placido Palonco's house. He plays for the Detroit Tigers and is from here, so he has a huge house that he rarely uses. He was glad to let us use it. The trainer for Licey works for the Detroit Tigers organization and is pretty good friends with him. He said any time we want to go back, we were welcome to anything there. So we are going to take full advantage of that. We are going to go back on Sunday and spend the night and hang out all day on Monday. There was a housekeeper there that cooked us a really nice lunch and dinner. Of course it was chicken and rice..what else. The house was amazing, and the pool area was really fun too. It was about a 2 hour drive but it was totally worth it. Our driver Johnny took us and hung out all day, what a hard day at work he had that day..poor thing. ;)

We are going to post some new pictures in the album, so click on the icon!

October 18, 2008

Cancelled Game..woo hoo

Licey was playing a game last night against the Aguilas in Santiago tonight but, I got a call at about 8:00 from Adam saying that the game was cancelled because of problems with the lights, so I am very excited about that because he came home early and I wasn't bored all by myself all night! We haven't figured out yet if they will have to make that game up or not. They have an off day on Monday so I am hoping that we will get to do something fun. I have been bugging Adam about going to the mall to buy him some new shorts, all of his are ugly..God bless em'. :) They aren't ugly, it's just that all of the shorts he has used to be pants, so they are all fringy on the ends and to make matters worse..most of the pants were given to him by a friend...so I am hoping that he will get over the seperation anxiety and just buy new ones.

Nothing majorly exciting has been going on. We kind of just have a boring routine everyday. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Go to the gym. Go to the field. Go to bed. I am going to look into getting a personal trainer at the gym across the street, depending on how much it costs. Neither of us know the usual range of prices for that so I guess we will see. There is an American trainer there that I am going to ask. Most of you should know that I hate to work out and that I don't think I need to work out because I don't think I am fat or anything..but Adam says he wants my "heart to be healthy."..so I don't know what he is realllly trying to say ;) But, it's not like I really have anything else to do considering the sun hasn't been out in 3 days.

There is finally another one of the players girlfriends here so I have someone to hang out with sometimes. The stadium here is shared by two teams, Licey (Adams team) and the Escogidos. They have opposite schedules, so when Licey plays at home the Escogidos are playing away and when Licey is away the Escogidos are home. So her boyfriend plays for the Escogidos, so we don't really hang out that much because of the schedules. Licey and Escogido play each other many times so we will go to the games together when they do. Adam and the team played away Friday night so I went to her boyfriends game with her. It was nice to have a full conversation with an American. I mean, Adam and I talk all the time, but it was nice to have a girl there to talk to!

Ooooohh....we have hit the jackpot on a new grocery store. The one we had been going to before was just a dumpy little market with a few good American foods. But, we found another one, that is actually closer to our hotel and they have EVERYTHING!! It is like a Publix, so Adam and I were in Heaven walking down all of the aisles. We bought a lot of groceries and were finally happy to have all of our cabinets full of good foods and snacks. It's kind of sad when the highlight of your day is a good grocery store, but the Captain Crunch was getting old. I had started to eat so much of the Captain Crunch the that roof of my mouth had cuts and scratches on it from the hardness of the cereal. So, I have moved on to Lucky Charms. Actually, we bought the Dominican brand called Hokus Pokus because the American brand was about $7 a box. No thank you.

I think that's about all that has happened in the past few days, nothing too exciting! I am sure the next post will be more entertaining because of the off day on Monday. If anyone wants to talk on AIM I am on it a lot. My screen name is YouLookFunky2008 ..yes, please don't ask about the screen name..it was chosen in a moment of confusion and frustration of every other name being taken :) So if you have a screen name email it to me ( Ldevore7@gmail.com ) and we can chat!!

October 15, 2008

1st game tonight

The first game is tonight and hopefully it won't get rained out. We are catching a few storms and a lot of wind from the Hurricane ( I think it's a hurricane now?!?!) out in the Caribbean. It's been on and off today, but it rains everyday so I don't know if it's the storm or just the normal rain showers. I am not too excited about the weather here because it is extremely humid, which is just lovely for my luscious locks. The water in the showers here is a whole other story. I don't know if the water is dirty or what but it doesn't wash good, which leads to my hair looking mighty greasy all the time, which is fine because then I fit in with everyone else here. I haven't quite figured it out yet. But what I have figured out is that you never realize how hard it is to take a shower and not swallow the water while you are in there. I spend half of the time in the shower thinking to myself," Did I just swallow that water? No? Yes?" . That is really frustrating by the way. You should try it next time you shower, don't swallow and of the water. Maybe it's just me but I find it difficult. On the plus side, I have added grilled cheese to my daily food in take. So this makes the foods I am eating Campbells soup, Captain Crunch, and grilled cheese. I am pretty excited about that. I have already gone through two boxes of cereal, so we have to make a trip to the grocery store in the morning.

On Monday I had taken a shower and just threw on some sweat pants and a t-shirt then I threw my soaking wet hair up into a pony tail and came down to the lobby. That wouldn't have really been a big deal but I started to notice that the lobby was filling up with people in really nice dresses and suits. Then the camera crews started rolling on in. So after about an hour of me people watching and trying to find the right time to leave without everyone looking at me ( which didn't happen) a guy from one of the news stations sat down and asked if I was American. I said yes and then asked him what in the world was going on. He said (in very broken English) that some Secretary of State was in here doing an interview (which I clearly missed). That was just fantastic because I caught a few people looking at me and then talking, so I am sure they thought I was just a little hood rat hanging out in the lobby. Finally everyone left and I darted for the elevator before anything else could happen. One thing I have noticed is that whenever anyone asks me my name here, they always say , "Ohhhh Wendy, nice to meet you." I am not quite sure how you get Wendy out of Lindsay, but whatever. I guess they just can't understand me.

I have been going to the gym everyday, which is not like me, so that's something new. I have met a few people there that are either American or speak English, so it's nice to actually talk to other people. I am so used to not speaking to anyone until Adam gets home but when I go to the gym ( or anywhere really) people will just start talking to me in English, which I am not prepared for, so it is a bit surprising. At the gym the other day I was just sitting at a leg machine and this woman tapped me on the shoulder and screamed," ARE YOU DONE WITH THAT?" She was clearly American so it just caught me off guard, weird. Other than that nothing else has really been going on. I am ready for an off day because Alex ( a guy we met at the gym) said there is a really nice mall, so I am anxious to get over there and see that.

I haven't done any more laundry in the bath tub yet. It took about 2-3 days for the socks to dry so I figured that a pair of jeans would take about a week, and I just don't have the patience for that. I think we are just going to have to suck it up and pay for the laundry service to wash those. It is pretty expensive to do that but we have to have clean clothes. The socks and stuff I will just keep washing in the tub..maybe.

Sorry this is so short but there is a fly that is annoying me down here and all of the people coming for karaoke night in the bar are arriving...


A storm headed our way

Another picture of a storm

Laundry time...before...

And after..

October 14, 2008

Added pictures

We added a new album in our picture gallery of all the dominican pictures. We will put the good ones on here and add all of them on the gallery. I'll give you a heads up when more go on the gallery. To get to it there is a button on the right column that flashes "check out my photo album"

Good day!!

We finished with our last practice before our first game today around 1pm so Lindsay and I had some time to go check out more of the town. We headed about a half mile down the road to this outside shack that had some great rotisserie chicken that a few of the guys told us about. To get there we had to walk through an out door market which was a good square block of people selling all kinds of things. We made it to the chicken place and ordered a half chicken with some yuca (its like potato) and a couple bottled waters. It was awesome, some of the best tasting chicken I've had in a long time.

Later tonight we got together with the rest of the Americans and went to eat at a nice steak house. Again, the food was great. The group of guys on the team are very experienced playing winter ball here and in Venezuela and Mexico. They had all kinds of stories and funny things to say about their past years playing. They also talked a lot about some of the things to expect and giving us the heads up on travel and game stuff. They said Lindsay will be able to ride with either Johnny (our driver) or the assistant general manager to some of the away games. That will be nice to get her out and see some of the country. We stopped at Baskins Robbins for ice cream after on the walk home. There are a few American food places like Pizza Hut, Wendy's, TGIFridays, KFC, and I think I heard someone say there is an Outback. Here are some pictures from the day, enjoy.


Me, Lindsay, Dustin Nippert, Chris Roberson( medical trainer), Shawn Garrett, Derek Lee

October 12, 2008


We checked Licey.com and there is a picture of me hitting my homerun against the independent team on Friday. Our team was wearing grey and I'm number 28. The picture in on the home page, there are about 4 or 5 pictures that scroll through.

Click on pictures for larger view


HOLA!! Well, I can definitely say that being out here is a whole
different world. I don't really even know where to start to tell you
my version of how it has gone so far.

The trip here wasn't all that bad. The plane that we took from
Sarasota to Miami looked like the plane that the Wright brothers flew,
everyone that got on the plane had a look of panic on their face.
Thankfully, it was only an hour flight, a loud one I might add. When
we got to the Miami airport we had enough time to get some food and
then board the next flight to Santo Domingo. That plane was much
larger, it was a huge plane. Our seats were in the middle aisle so we
weren't able to look out the window when we were getting ready to
land, but I am sure that it was really nice! Once we landed we just
got our stuff and came to the hotel and ate some food.

Now that it has been a few days we are much more comfortable eating
the food here. Neither of us has gotten sick or anything so that is a
plus. We haven't really gotten the chance to explore the city yet but
we have become very familiar with the area around our hotel. We have
made several trips to the grocery store though. It is about a half a
mile away so its not too bad of a walk. On Thursday we went and got
the main necessities ( a pot to cook food in, a lot of bottled water,
cans of soup, Gatorades, laundry detergent and softener), but what we
really didn't think about was that we had to walk back with all of
that stuff. It was a long and hot walk back, we had to stop a few
times and rest. We decided that we wouldn't do that again. We had to
go back tonight to get a few more things. I have been living off of
Campbell's soup and Captain Crunch cereal. Tonight we went to the
Wendy's down the road from our hotel and it was the best meal we have
had since we have been here. One of the guys said that the Wendy's
was the "nice" restaurant and where the rich people eat. They even
had waitresses, so that was really weird. We agreed that we are only
going to eat there on Fridays, so it will kind of be a special
occasion. I can see myself going there every day just because it's
the closest thing to normal food. It is pretty easy to be on a diet
here because either I am too scared to eat any food or either they
don't have a lot of food, so I wouldn't want to ruin the diet with
Wendy's every day.

For the past two days I have gone out by the pool to lay out. So far
I have been the only person out there so it's nice to have the pool to
myself. When I am out there I listen to some Spanish lessons that I
downloaded onto our Ipod. They have actually helped out a lot. When
we first got out here the only thing I really knew in Spanish was my
numbers and the days of the week, and let me tell ya, that won't get
you too far in a conversation. So I am slowly learning a lot more.
It is much easier to learn Spanish when you have to actually use it
every day.

The people who drive here are absolutely insane. There is no speed
limit and I am pretty sure there aren't even real lanes. People park
everywhere and there are pretty much no rules or laws. Motorcycles
weave in and out of all of the cars. People honk their horn for
everything, too. Even where there is no traffic or anything, someone
will just lay on their horn. I am beginning to think that they just
do it for fun, but to me it is just annoying. I would never have the
guts to drive here.

Today we woke up and went to the gym across the street. It is a
really nice gym, probably nicer than any gym that I have seen in the
US. I find that weird considering everything else here is not all
that nice. It is a 3 story gym with a pool and basketball court on
the top floor. We get to work out there for free, all we have to do
is show them our hotel key. So between just eating soup and cereal,
then going to the gym every day because I have nothing else to do I
should be lookin' pretty good in no time!

I am excited for the games to start up pretty soon. At least that
will get me out of the hotel for a little bit! Adam has been going to
practice for the past two days. Today they played a scrimmage game
against an American Independent ball team. Adam only played the first
five innings and went 1 for 2 with a home run. We were really excited
about that, just because it was the first time anyone really got to
see him play, so it didn't look too bad that he got a home run 

We hope to be getting more blogs out and getting some pictures sent to
everyone. The internet at our hotel is horrible. It won't let us
access our blog and rarely lets us send out emails. So we will try
our best to keep you updated! Adios amigos!



We are officially here, now its time to get settled in. We arrived in
Santo Domingo and went through customs with no problems. All our bags
made it including my baseball stuff, that's one big worry off my
chest. Lindsay and I didn't really know who was picking us up or what
so we just walked out side with all of our bags and a little Dominican
named "Johnny" comes running up and says my name and shakes my hand. I
figured that he was our guy so we followed him. He loaded our stuff
into a crappy looking van and we hopped in. After waiting for about 10
minutes a ball player named Valerio De Los Santos got in with us. He
is a nine year big league veteran who is playing for Licey this year.
We talked with him as we road into town, stopping once to get a few
bottled waters and he bought us each a "Presidente" beer. Its their
national beer, so trying not to make a bad first impression we drank
them. It was pretty good, tasted just like Bud Light. As we drove
through Santo Domingo it looked like I thought it was going to...
really poor, bad roads, and crazy drivers. During the middle of the
day all the streets were packed with cars, vans, and dirt bikes. There
were a lot of people on the street corners selling stuff and just
hanging out. The one really nice thing is the palm trees and the
water, when we were going into town it was really nice and blue.

We got to the hotel and checked in. I gave Johnny $300 American
dollars and asked if he could exchange it somewhere for peso's. He was
able to get us a great exchange rate, 34.85 peso's per dollar. Lindsay
looked it up online and said the official rate is 35 to 1. We were
curious at the airport and asked what kind of rate they would give us
and they said 29 to 1.

The hotel room is ok. The beds and bathroom look great but we really
needed some sort of kitchen things to cook so we didn't have to eat
out every meal. There is a refrigerator, sink, and stove top but no
microwave or any pots, pans, or dishes. We looked into upgrading to a
full kitchen hotel room but it was going to cost $45 dollars a day
more. We are going to give it a couple days and see what other people
are doing or where they are living. De Los Santos said that the team
will pay for us to get an apartment if we want.

After getting our stuff in the room we headed out into the madness to
find some food. As we are walking around everyone is staring at us and
they seem to stop whatever they were doing to see what we were are
doing. All the parking lots have two guards in uniforms with shotguns
at the front of them keeping an eye on everything. Every street corner
and infront of most stores there are groups of men just sitting
around. It looks like there are drug deals going down everywhere but
that's not what it is. Finally we came across a pizza place and went

Lindsay hasn't let go of the spanish/english dictionary since we've
been here and we really needed it to get food. Our waitress spoke no
english so there was a lot of pointing at the menu and hand gestures
along with some broken spanish we tried saying. It eventually worked
and we got our pizza which we thought would be a safe first meal.
After that we found a grocery store and bought a few Gatorades,
waters, peanut butter, jelly, bread, oatmeal bars, and apple sauce.
Thats as far as we wanted to venture into the Dominican food for right
now. I also bought a crappy little cell phone with some minutes so we
can call home. It only cost about $14 dollars for the phone plus it
came with 20 minutes of call time.

We had dinner at the hotel's nice restaurant and it was really good.
We each got chicken something with a tasty sauce on top and rice. So
far everything seems to be going smooth with the food so we hope it
stays that way. Johnny is picking the guys up tomorrow in the lobby at
8:00am to go to the field and I think we are going to practice later
in the day.

So far so good, I really think this is going to be fun. We'll probably
have more to talk about in a few days. The internet isn't letting us
upload pictures right now...I'll figure it out and there will be some
up soon.

Adam and Lindsay

October 11, 2008

Dominican Republic

We get wireless internet in the club house at the field so I might have to do all our blogging from here. As of right now I sent out our first 2 blogs through email. I will eventually put them on here. Hang with us for just a little bit


October 1, 2008

One week left!

We have exactly one week left until we ship off to the Dominican! We haven't really been doing any packing or anything yet, so we should probably get on that. Right now, Adam is playing a softball game with some of his friends, it's a company team but they managed to get Adam on the roster. I haven not been going to those games, I don't think I could handle it..baseball from February until September, I don't see myself sitting through softball games on the off season :)
So I am sitting at home watching the Angels vs Red Sox game, which I am going to have to watch all over again because Adam recorded it on the TiVo.

Not much has really been going on. Adam has just been going up to IMG to work out and hit some balls with the team over there. I somehow managed to find the mall on my own today in Sarasota thanks to the map on my phone. The only thing I bought was a pair of shorts that were on clearance so I got them for $5. Then I went to Target (which is a danger zone for me) because my purse fell apart..like literally fell apart on the straps, so I had to get another one. After that I came back to the house and cooked (yes you read that right, it really does say COOKED!!!) some enchiladas. They were purtty tasty if you want my opinion. If you don't know me that well then you don't know that I hate to cook. I don't actually hate to cook it's just that I am not that good at it, even with a recipe sitting right in front of my face. But these managed to be alright! Now I am just waiting on Adam to come home because I am craving a smoothie, and he makes them the best.

Tomorrow night Adam and I are going to drive up to Tampa and go to the Halloween Horror Nights. I have never been but he says it's a lot of fun. There is going to be about 4 haunted houses and maybe some rides. This should be interesting because I don't think Adam and I have ever gone to a haunted house together. So he is in for a treat because I am the biggest pansy around and I scream at everything. Now, if they come after me with chainsaws then we have a huge problem. We will see. Last time I went to a haunted house\ we were on a hay ride and a clown came running up with a chain saw, so I fell onto the bottom of the wagon thing and a HUGE (like , 200lb little girl) fell on top of me and her elbow was in my guts, so I saw dinner for the 2nd time..on my friends shoe..i puked everywhere. So that's the worst case scenario, and I don't see that happening again. But you never know with me :)

Then on Friday night Adam, me, Karl, and some other guy are going to the Tampa Rays vs Chicago White Sox playoff game in Tampa! That should be fun! I tried to tell Adam that I would stay at home and he could have a fun guys night but he insisted that I go?!?! I think most guys would love that idea, but what can I say, I am the coolest person he knows ..I'm kidding :)

After that we have really go to get on the ball with packing and everything. I know this might sound shocking but I actually think that Adam might be taking more stuff than I am. I have no idea how I managed to pack so lightly but I am sure that I am forgetting something...but don't worry, I remembered my passport!

So if you ever get a chance you have to go to the website www.yearbookyourself.com. You just upload a picture of yourself and it will put your face on different yearbook pictures throughout the years, it is sooo funny! I will post some of me and Adam that I did.