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February 25, 2010

Grandpa's 85th Birthday!

Monday night Adam's family was planning a dinner for Grandpa's 85th Birthday..unfortunately, Grandpa wasn't feeling too spiffy. We ended up rescheduling the dinner, but we still paid the birthday boy a little visit so he could blow out his candles and open his presents! He specifically asked Aunt Vickie to make a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. And that's exactly what he got..it was delish!

Sorry for the bad quality, this was taken with my iPhone! But here is Grandpa with his cake & sparkler candles!

February 24, 2010

weekend on the east coast

Sorry, I totally forgot to post this yesterday! I'm sure you were all sitting at your desks twiddling your thumbs, just waiting for me to blog! HA..yeah right.

This past weekend Adam and I drove over to the other coast of Florida to visit some friends and family. Adam's family is pretty spread out (in Florida & Michigan) so we figured since we were still here, we might as well drive over and visit! We left Friday afternoon and drove to the West Palm Beach area to visit with our friends Rich & Helena! We hung out and went to a restaurant to grab some appetizers and drinks. We ended up staying there a while, then headed back to their house & went to bed! We woke up, went to Cracker Barrel, then Adam and I were off to visit with his Aunt Patty & Grandmother for the night!

Adam and I had been planning on having some engagement pictures made for a few weeks. I had been trying to find someone who would just take the pictures with our big Nikon and I would just edit them, thinking maybe it would be cheaper. I never really found anyone but then got a nice little surprise! Adams Aunt Patty told us that she would love to take our pictures on the beach! Hall-a-lu-yer! Once we got to her house we lounged for a little bit then we were beach bound! She did a great job taking the pictures! We found a nice little area with some rocks and she started snapping away! Now, I know it helps when you have such a beautimous little model like me Adam in the picture, but really, she did awesome! Thanks Aunt Patty!

Later on that night Adams Grandmother joined us and we all went out to dinner! The weather was so nice, we even got to sit outside! Whooo de whoooo! We chowed down on a bunch'a food, had good hearty conversations, then headed back to the house. After watching the Olympics for a while we were off to bed! Sunday morning we just were lazy for a bit,Aunt Patty cooked a yummy breakfast, then headed over to visit his cousin Jessie for a few minutes, then we were west coast bound! It was good to be home, but we had a great time visiting everyone! We hope we can do it again soon!

Here are just a few of the many pictures..there are so many it's hard to choose my favorite!

February 22, 2010

getting to know you Sunday Monday

I have been following Mrs. In Training for a while and saw where she did a "getting to know you Sunday" survey.  Since it's now Monday and I am just now seeing it, I'm declaring it "getting to know you Monday".

The questions..

1. How often do you wash/change your sheets?
I would say about once a week.  It sounds kinda weird but most every night before I get in bed I drown myself in Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body butter, so our sheets always smell so good from it so I never really want to wash that yummy smell out! Sad, but true.

2. When is your birthday?
Ummm, HELLO!! February 27th..boom!!!

. Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life?
Ummm..no, but maybe if Adam plays ball in the Atlantic league this year I will meet Carissa!

4. Brad Pitt or George Clooney?
I'd have to go with Brad Pitt. He had me in the movie Inglorious Basterds when he said "If you ever wanna eat a sauerkraut sammich again, take your weinersnitzel-lickin' fanger and point out on this map what I wanna know..."

5. If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?
Hmm, well how much time do you have? I think I would definitely want to be a weeee bit taller.  Actually, it would be stupendous if I could just stretch out my body a tad, maybe making my legs and waist longer, then I'd be taller & thinner! Score!!!!!

6. How often do you wash your hair?
You really don't want to know the answer to this.  My hair doesn't get very oily, so I can go about 3 days without washing it.  I'm not gonna lie though, if I go longer than that it looks like I sprayed a whole can of Afro Sheen on my head.   

7. Do you have pets?
Nope, just Adam :)

8. How many social networks do you belong to..if you had to give up one, what would it be?
Well, I have this blog, Facebook, Twitter,  and 20sb..and if I had to give one up it would be Twitter because I don't "tweet" I just stalk everyone else.

There ya go! I will blog and post pictures later on tonight or in the morning about our fun weekend!

February 17, 2010

updates of all kinds!

~  Well, we are still waiting on baseball! Adam has talked to his agent, along with a few other people throughout the past few days and they are just saying that the free agency market has taken a major downfall, soooo many guys who have to sign with teams this year.  There are still big leaguers that can't even find teams to sign with.  We are still going to try and wait it out, but the more time that passes, the more it looks like "Plan B" is going to be the route we go.  "Plan B" is Independent Ball with the Atlantic League.  I don't know much about indy ball, but basically what it is, is a league that's not in conjunction with any major league or minor league team.  There are several guys who go to indy ball, then get picked up by a major/minor league team either during the season, or after playing there for a little bit.  That is what our hopes will be if we do to there. It might just be something Adam will have to do for this coming up season and try to sign with a regular team next off season.  But, this is not set in stone yet, Adam is trying everything he can to avoid Independent Ball.  The teams are located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, & New York...umm yeah, nothing like Utah!! This has definitely been hard for Adam & I.  When you're under a contract with a team, you literally count down the time until you're a free agent.  It's supposed to be a fun and exciting process where you get the chance to choose from several teams that want you, negotiating your pay, and making new friends...but it's clearly not always like that! We never thought that spring training would be right around the corner, and Adam would still be looking for a team....it's a big let down! Not to mention, we had to take some friends to the airport the other day because they were Phoenix bound for spring training! It was kinda sad! But, throughout this whole process, Adam has really kept his head up, we've been praying all day, everyday. It's definitely been a lesson on keeping our faith, trusting in God that he will look out for us and lead us in the direction that he wants us to go..but dang it people, it's hard! But anywho, that's what's been going on in that department of our lives!!

~  My Dad is in his second week of his treatments and he is doing great! He says he feels fine so far, only have a few skin issues, nothing major! He did talk with a nutritionist who told him within the next week or so things might start getting funky with his taste buds, making things taste weird.  She just told him what he should be expecting so when it does happen, he knows that it is normal! He is going out of town for a few days, so there will be a day where he gets radiation twice in the same day.  As far as I know, the Erbitux is going smoothly too..so far, so good with him! Pray that he continues to do well with all of this!

~  I ate 6 cupcakes withing a two day time frame. I don't even want to go any further with this.

~  Speaking of eating..I am beginning to think back to when I was trying on my wedding dress.  The woman was trying to figure out what size I needed.  You can imagine how badly I wanted to hug the woman when she said "Maybe you should go with a '2'"...SSHHHYYYEEEAAAHH! But, instead we went with the '4' and just make alterations from that.  But, if I was smart then I should have agreed to getting the size 2, that way I would feel obligated to eat healthier so I would still be able to squeeze on in there! Seriously, it's like I get engaged and BAM, I start scarffing down everything in sight.  Maybe I should have gone up a size or two...

~  Oh, please don't let Adam know about the cupcakes, he hasn't realized yet that they're all gone..I didn't save him any...and hopefully by the time he reads this he will have forgotten about them completely. Props to Aunt Vickie, those things were ah-mazing.

~  Along with all of the stress from baseball and food, I can't even begin to tell you how mad I am at The Bachelor, Stupid Loser Face Jake.  I literally screamed when he kept Vienna on the last episode. I don't know why I'm surprised, I've already read all of the internet that he picks her. I guess I just keep hoping he really doesn't! I can't believe I am legitimately mad at a person I've never actually met.  But it's true..shallow, but true. 

~  I am going back to Bama on March 5th! I will be there until we figure out the baseball situation! I was on the phone with Hunter yesterday and he told me to "sneak out of the house when Adam is sleeping and COME HOME!!" Like he's holding me hostage or something :)

~ This is totally random, and probably really embarrassing for him, but I promise that one night I am going to record Adam talking in his sleep.  I'm not kidding people, he laughs hysterically while he's dead asleep.  Then, the other night he woke me up because he was saying,"Noooo way! NO WAY!!!". I can't even imagine what he's dreaming! Oh the best one so far is when he asked me if I was in the mafia.  I'm not kidding peeps, you can't make this stuff up.  He really did ask me that, and I played along with it..then stopped when he told me that I shot someone.  

~ Adam and I are going over to the other coast this weekend to see some of his family! I am purtty excited because we are going to attempt to get some engagement pictures made on the beach! I hope it's not too chilly!

~ Now, this is the most important update of all time... M y B i r t h d a y is on the 27th! Awww snap! Yeah, don't forget it..if you want our address so you can send me a pretty little present, I will be happy to give it to you.  I may or may not be joking about that.  My favorite present is tho$e little green rectangle  thingy-ma-bob$ with the face$ of tho$e weird men on them..just $ayin. 

~ That's all the updates I've got. Too-da-loo

February 15, 2010

wedding music

Lately I have been searching, searching, & searching some more for good music for all of the "first dance" hoopla that goes on at the reception.  Unfortunately there is only one "first dance" so I have to choose only one song, and I have about 5 that I love! I feel like a lot of people dance to really boring and cliche songs for the Father/Daughter dance & I want something a little different. I mean ,really, how many people do you know that danced to "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle?!? Exactly, about 1 million people use that song.  I, however, will not..sorry Bob.  I have yet to find a good song for my Dad and I, maybe I will make that this weeks mission.

I decided to post some YouTube videos with the songs that I have come up with for Adam and I .  I am pretty sure I know which one we are going to use, but if you want to give me your opinion then knock yourself out. 

This first song is by Casting Crowns, one of our favorite Christian artists! I know this is a Christian song, but I  think it could pass as a first dance song?!

This song is by Sister Hazel. This is the one that Adam wants to use, but I think that's because he hasn't heard any of the other ones?!

If you haven't heard of Patty Griffin, then I am afraid that we can't be friends.  I also realllly like this song, too!

Melissa Polinar is someone who I found on YouTube (remember, I spend a stupid amount of time on YouTube) and I have a bunch of her songs on my iPod. These are pretty crappy homemade videos of her songs, but the real versions sound much better!

Her other song

So that's all I have for now, any opinions?!?!?!

Valentine's Day 2010

This year for Valentine's Day, Adam and I decided to mix it up a little and get each others gift from Goodwill. You can usually find some pretty interesting items in there if you go at the right time..but you kind of have to be a "digger".  I am definitely not a "digger".  If I don't see anything I like within the first couple of minutes, I'm outta there.  Anywho, back to the presents.  We actually first stopped at the Salvation Army, because when I tell Adam we need to go to Goodwill, he automatically goes into "brainless man mode" and thinks they are most likely the same store.  Uhh, wrong.  Salvation Army is not near at neato as Goodwill (in case you were wondering).  Turns out, Adam finds my gift at Salvation Army. Scary thought, but I'm rolling with it at this point.  I searched for-ev-er and couldn't find anything interesting for Toasty so we left. 

I ended up going to Goodwill today while we were down in Venice. Errrr, holy guacamole, that place was packed! I found some fun things that I liked, but couldn't find anything for the boy toy! I had finally reached my breaking point.  I decided that I was going to go to Target, find something really random and fun, and tell him it was from Goodwill.  Yes, that's right, I was going to straight up lie.  But then I decided I probably shouldn't do that because I am a horrible liar.  So I am driving home, trying to come up with an excuse about why I don't have him an awesome gift, the BAM..it hits me.  Adam has recently taken an interest in cigars. I went to the ABC store, stood & stared at 5,000 cigars, then finally just asked the man which one was the best, then asked him for a "chopper" (which I was quickly informed that "it's technically called a cigar cutter") and I was off! I mean, you can totally buy cigars and junk at Goodwill, no? Ehh, whatever.  Oh yeah, I also took two of the cigar boxes that they had sitting outside.  Adam got really excited because he thought the boxes were full of cigars.  Psssh, naw homie, that ain't happnin'!

I am sure you are just dying to know what he got me...or maybe not, but I am going to share it with you anyways.  Now remember, the original plan was to get each other a funny gift, something totally random...

BOOM..in your face! Roller blades!

I'm already a pro..look at my spinning skillzzz!

oh snap...safety first!

Good thing he bought me the "X Game" knee and elbow pads! Please excuse my appearance..

I'm not gonna lie, they are pretty much brand new, the wheels definitely look brand new, and they were only $3.99! Shhyyeeaaahh!

Now, I know you are thinking, "when are you ever going to actually wear those? That is soooo 1999!!"

Well peeps, this is South Florida, roller blades are still in.  People roller blade here like it's their job.  I should be fine, but will these be making an appearance in Alabama? Absolutely not.

February 11, 2010

wedding talk!

Lately I have been on a "wedding planning hiatus" because frankly, planning a wedding stinks! A lot of it may have to do with the fact that I am so far away from Tuscaloosa! I am basically glued to the computer looking up wedding stuff, so it will be nice to actually go to Southern House & Garden and pick all of the fun things out! 

You see, in most cases, when planning a wedding, the groom-to-be tends to be like,"Oh sweet darling-honey-child, you just plan the wedding and tell me when to show up, I don't really care about the details."  But, Adam Pavkovich, hell-to-the-naw.  He wants to be a hunormous (huge+ginormous=hunormous) part of the wedding planning.  Which is totally fine, to an extent.  I get that it's his wedding too, but why oh sweetbabyJesus why does he want to be so particular?! Here's the low down...I don't want a big wedding..at all.  Like, immediate family and close friends only.  But Adam, wants everyone that he's ever talked to and their mother to come.  But, after many discussions, or as my Mom would call it, a "coming to Jesus meeting"..we are back to having family and close friends.  Cha ching!! It's all about compromises peeps, well, on his part anyways :)  Now now now, I'm not gonna lie, I have had to give in to a few things, too.  I am trying to plan this as stress-free as possible, I have no intentions of being a Bridezilla! 

So far I have a lot of things already done! I have had my dress for quite some time, and I also have the bridesmaids dresses picked out too! I am going to have my 2 Maids of Honor wear a different dress than the Bridesmaids.  They are almost the exact same dress, with one tiny difference!  The only little problem we had with the girls dresses was that it didn't come in my color! Ahhhh! 

My original color was Wine (Hm, this isn't a good picture of the color, since my blog background is pink it makes this wine color look more like doo doo brown..but it's really a dark crimson?!):

But their dresses didn't come in that color so we are now going with Apple:

Not too much of a difference, I just thought the Wine color was more Fall-ish! But anywho, it's those types of things that I refuse to stress about! The dresses are really pretty, simple, and flowwwwwwy (ladies, you're welcome..looks like you can leave your Spanx at home!!)

And being the lovely bride I am, I modeled the dresses so everyone can see them! So, without further adieu, I present..the Maid of Honor (Kristen and Page) dress.

Clearly, this isn't the Apple color, and please excuse the armpit fatness along with the bad picture quality.

This is the back (duh!). See that little sash-thingy-ma-jig. Yeah, that's coming off. Me no likey.

And here's the bridesmaids dress..in the Apple color!

I've still got to pick out my flowers, but I am almost positive it's going to be one of these. I personally love the first one best!

 I would post the picture of the flower girl dress, but since it's exactly like my wedding dress, I won't be doing that. But just let me tell you, it's presh! But here's a little teaser of my dress for you...

That's all you are getting folks! You will just have to wait until October to see the whole thing!

February 8, 2010

a bunch'a babbling

This afternoon my Dad starts his radiation treatments.  He will go everyday for the next 6-7 weeks, with a once a week dosage of Erbitux.  The doctors said he will be fine, but there will be days where he won't have much energy.  I know he will do great and hopefully these next few weeks will fly by and this will all be behind us! Please keep him & the doctors in your prayers! 

If you're not blind, then you probably noticed the little make-over I did on the blog! I've been messing around with the HTML thingy-ma-jig and trying to do my own layout! It's alright for now but hopefully I will get better at it! So, I am going to apologize in advance for changing the layout 300 times a week.  You'll live, hopefully.

I'm just waiting on all of the hype from the Super Bowl to die down.  Frankly, if the game doesn't include the University of Alabama,  Nick Saban and his man boobs, then I'm not interested.  I didn't root for either team for any particular reason, my mind changed about a million times:

1) I was cheering for the Saints, until the Colts scored.  Then I was for the Colts.
2) Then I thought the Saints coach had really pretty eyes, so then I pulled for them.
3) Then I thought the Colts coach looked really sad & I felt bad for him, so I started cheering for them.
4) Then I realized I had on a black shirt, so I thought I was destined to root for the Saints.
5) Then the final choice was to pull for the Colts...because their uniforms are prettier.

So, at the very last minuscule of a second, I cheered for the Saints. Since they won and all.  I don't like to lose.

But like I said, if it's not the SEC, we don't care. And honestly, I'm a wee bit ticked that Desperate Housewives didn't come on because of the game.

And I'm off! Too-da-loo!

February 6, 2010


Tonight Adam & I went to the movies.  Our original plan was for me to see Dear John & Adam was going to see Book of Eli.  Normally Adam will endure the chick flicks with me but not this time.  Fine with me, whatev.  But when we got to the theater, Dear John was sold out so we both agreed to see It's Complicated. Funniest. Movie. Ever.  We laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Go see it. 

When we got back home Fatty Adam was hungry.  Now, I've been following  this blog  for a while and recently saw that she has a "cooking challenge" going on.  She bought  The Pioneer Woman 's cookbook and is going to cook every recipe in there!  I saw where she made "Egg-In-A-Whole" and decided to attempt it tonight for Adam.  

Now, I don't want to toot my own horn.....but...

T O O O O O O O O O O O O T!!!!!

It was a-freaking-mazing. 


It was sooo easy to make! Trust me, if I can make it, anyone can make it.  I'm as domestically challenged as they come.

Here's how to make it:

1) Get out a piece of bread.  Careful now, don't pull any muscles on this part..it can be difficult.

2) Cut out a hole in the bread, preferably better than the one I did, but let's not go there. Also, butter the remaining bread. Which I didn't do.

3) Put the piece of bread in the pan (Med-High heat) for a minute or so to let it toast a tad, then break the egg in the hole.  Adam and I like our eggs Over Easy, so I didn't cook it too long but you can cook it to make the egg however you like it.  Just don't burn the bread!

4) Somehow, flip it over without completely ruining the done side.  How I did this is beyond me, I usually ruin everything.  Anywho, cook the other side until it's nice and toasted.  

5)  Then serve it to the hungry little lad (who clearly needs to fix his hair!)

There ya have it! You can probably get a better, more legit, explanation of the recipe here .

You're Welcome :)

February 3, 2010

why you should all love February .

Reason #1
Uhhh hellur?!?! Valentine's Day!!

Now, when Adam and I first met I had recently broken up with my ex-boyfriend of 2 years, so when February rolled around I was like "awesome! Perfect for Valentine's Day!" -can you smell the sarcasm?? I vividly remember having a piece of paper or something hanging on our refrigerator about "Valentine's Day Hater Club..President-Lindsay." I'm definitely one of those peeps who thinks V-day is a big deal..you know, because I am kind of a big deal. But I digress.

That Valentine's Day Adam left a rose and a card in my room for me to find..but I think it went down like this: I came home early, walked back to my room, then ran into Adam in the hallway. All while wondering why he was there when I wasn't. But clearly, I found out why :) I still have the card and the rose....somewhere.

I think that's the only Valentine's Day that Adam was actually still in town for. Spring training usually rolls around mid-February so most baseball couples aren't together for it..boo hoo, I know. But, ladies & gentlemen this year we will be together! Awwww snap! We have decided to make it fun & interesting by going to Goodwill to get each other a "gift". I'm sure it will turn out to be a total joke but at this point do we really need to spend $200 on a gift for each other? Negative.

(this picture was taken many-a-years ago..I think this is actually my 20th bday)

Reason #2:
It's my Birthday month!!

yes sir-ee-bob! I'm turning the big 2-4! I'm not really sure if there's anything too incredibly special about "24" though. Anywho, this year I am hoping I get this little thingy.  It's the Flip Video Camera (120 minute HD) and you just record your video (up to two hours at a time) then hook it up to the USB on the computer and it downloads onto your computer then you can start recording again! So, ahem, Mom & Dad..I'm just saying...

February 1, 2010


Lately things have been pretty uneventful! While most of our friends are counting down the days until they leave for Spring Training, Adam and I are still waiting on a team to sign him! Talk about stressful :) His agent is still working on things, so maybe we will know soon. Adam is definitely losing motivation to work out but we are very hopeful! We've had a few other things come up, sort of a "plan b" type of thing, but we're praying we don't have to go down that road!

A couple weeks ago Adam and I went to the movies to see Avatar in 3D...ohmyHeavens it was sooo good! Neither of us are into the sci-fi movies, but we'd heard from several people that we had to see this movie while it was still in theaters. Somehow I obliged and we went, rocked the 3D glasses, and were both amazed at how much we loved the movie! Seriously..go see it..

Here we are sportin' the 3D glasses..

Oh, another thing. Adams iPhone was stolen!!! Some little turd at IMG (where Adam works out) went through Adams jacket and took his phone. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal but with an iPhone..HA. It's a big deal. You can't get insurance on the phone, so when you lose it or it gets stolen, you've got to pay full price for a new one. And if you aren't aware, it's about $500. Go ahead. Throw up in your mouth just a little bit. Because that's what I almost did. Finished? Mmmkay. Anywho, so of course Adam isn't eligible for an upgrade for another 11 months, which means he could either pay $500 for a new phone, or get a cheap phone until it's time for him to upgrade and he can get the iPhone for $200 in 11 months. I now present you with Adams new phone (by the way, try to contain your jealousy..):

Oh yeah, p-i-m-p'in the new phone! That's about as basic as it gets, folks.

So there you have it, the highlights of our exciting life! HA!

Just an update on my Dad for you, he had his first treatment of Erbitux this morning! We emailed while he was getting it (I think it was a long process) and he said it was going fine. I haven't talked to him since but I think everything went great! We did find out that he only has to have the radiation on just one side of his throat which is a huge relief! God is good!