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August 31, 2009

One More Week!!!!


I've been back for a few days now and have been enjoying some time with the girls! We are allvery ready for the season to be over with, and multiple times a day we remind each other of how many days are left. 8 days. Yes sir!

Tonight Adam is playing 3rd base. He hasn't played since the 26th, I am so glad he is finally in the game. I am pretty much over the Bee's at this point..seriously, only playing in 2 games for the past week in a half is just ridiculous. It makes me so mad! But like I said before, I think I am more pissed off about it than Adam is. Whatever.

Today Jenny (Sandoval), Myla (Rodriguez), and I went on a hike. It was near the capitol downtown so once we got to the top we had a beautiful view of Salt Lake! It was kind of smokey outside so we couldn't see some of the mountains. It was a lot of fun! We got to the top and had a little bite to eat, then headed back down! I can't wait to take Adam when they get back!

That's really all I have, nothing big to report! Tonight the Angels should be calling up a few players for the September call-ups. They probably will only call up a few and then send a few more up on the 7th once the triple a season is over with. I can't wait to see who all goes up! Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Oh my, Brad Paisley is on the tube, time for me to go! Holla!!

Myla and Jenny
Myla and I

Darn you smoke!!!

Only8 more days in this cit-ay!

Going up up up!

August 28, 2009

This post has no title..

I hate trying to come up with a title for posts! I just sat here for a good 5 minutes thinking of what to title this post. It didn't help that I've been getting a tad bit distracted by Fox News on the tube.

Right now I am in Huntsville with my Dad! I left Tuscaloosa yesterday and made the short drive up here to see my Dad some, and I fly out this afternoon! Last night we ran to the mall (side note: I've never understood why people use the phrase "we ran to...." because Lord knows I'm not going to run anywhere, except to the refrigerator...) we drove to the mall, and then had dinner at Tokyo. Fatness, that's what I am feeling like! It was soooo good! This morning my Dad let me sleep in while he did some work, then we headed off to Waffle House for some good, greasy grub! My Dad had to finish up some work at home so I made a trip to Target and now I'm lounged in the recliner!

I'm not really sure it's possible to express the amount of excitement I have when I say there are only 11 more games left in this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SweetBabyJesus ! I've been a little irritated because Adam hasn't been playing much at all. He went FIVE DAYS without playing. Yes, 5 days! He played the night before last, but didn't play last night. I am really annoyed because I feel like they just put him in the other night as a "courtesy game" or something like that, just so they can say they played him. Whatever, let's not get me started on anything like that. I don't really feel like purposely making my blood pressure sky rocket. Good times. Adam won't be home until the 4 th of September, then they will play the last 4 games of the season. What in the heck am I going to do with all of my spare time, you ask?? Laundry, laundry, and maybe a little more laundry. Oh, and some packing. Yes sir!

Ohh yes, I would like to give a shout out....HEY MIMI & POPS!! My Mimi and Pops are new to the internet and they are new readers of our blog! I'm really hoping that Mimi remembered how to scroll down on the page, otherwise they aren't getting my shout out.

Well, my Dad is done with his conference, have a good weekend!!! Adios!!

August 25, 2009

There's no doubt about it....

I'm definitely back in the south. It's always surprised me how living in Utah for half of the year, then the South for the other half is like living in two totally different worlds. When I first got to Utah and saw the scenery of the humongous mountains surrounding everywhere I looked, it really seemed like I was in a different country. One of the things I vaguely remember about Salt Lake was how many people drove a Subaru . I was just amazed at how many of those u-g-l-y cars were on the road (I later learned that they drive good in the snow or something like that). Even the people in SLC are different...they are definitely weirder and waaaaay less friendly!

**If I know you and you drive a Subaru, I'm not actually making fun of your car...well, maybe I am, but you're probably still the bomb.com

Want to know how I knew I was back in the south when I came home this time?

While riding down the escalator in the Atlanta airport during a layover, I learned a strangers whole life story within the 45 second escalator ride. For once, I wasn't the one trying to strike up a convo to a complete stranger! Hall-a-lu-yer! Seriously, at that moment I knew it was good to be back in the south! Sometimes in SLC I will be standing in line at the store, and I think how awfully weird it is that the person behind me isn't trying to talk to me! Back at home, everyone talks to everyone, even if you don't know 'em!

Just the other day, when I was stopped in Mississippi waiting for the 'naders (umm..tornadoes) to pass on my way home from NOLA, I ran into the Arby's/gas station and this older fella (who also stopped to let the storm pass) just started yappin' to me about how his wife smokes, but he doesn't, and sometimes he feels like the people that smoke just do it to socialize more (whatever that means). Seriously, the story went on for 10 minutes...at least. But, like I said...those folks, just striking up a conversation with a complete stranger..I love it!!!

Ooooohh, another thing.....

In Alabama, whenever there is a sneaky little cop hiding in the bushes waiting on the next little NASCAR driver to speed down the road, you will see a nice little car flashing their brights at you letting you know he's-a-hiding. When I was in SLC a few years ago when I lived with some roommates, I flashed my brights at a car passing by and my roommate was totally clueless as to what that meant. True story. So all that time I thought I was trying to "help a brotha out" in SLC, they probably just thought I didn't know how to work my lights. Good times.

Now now now, when I was flying here from SLC this last time, I MostDefinitelyKnewIWasBackInBama when I walked up the little tunnel thingy-ma-jig when I got off the plane, and the security guard man sitting by the door had a fat dip in his mouth, spitting into a Coke bottle...Home Sweet Home!! Ha.

I'm not really sure what possessed me into writing about this subject, but it just happened. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I am going to eat at City Cafe tomorrow. If you don't know what City Cafe is, then we can't be friends you're missing out. It's the best southern food e-v-e-r. Salt Lake doesn't have any restaurants with good country cookin'. And we all know I don't cook it! Adam is missing out! I have also gained about 78 pounds with Taco Casa alone. Everyone say it with me "Diet ASAP."

Ok, well now that I got all of that off my chest, I'm going to bed! Nighty night!!

August 22, 2009

Oopsie Daisy...

On my last post I said I would blog again"tomorrow".. that was almost a week ago! Sorry! Now that the wedding is over I have had some down time! I left on the 18th to go see Adam in New Orleans. My cousin Anna Lisa was supposed to go with me but she ended up having some last minute things to do! She is moving to New York soon so we were going to be rushed! Adam and I had a great time in New Orleans! We didn't do much of anything, it was waaay to hot and humid to go sight seeing! We just lounged around the hotel room, rented a movie, and ate a lot of good Cajun food! I think it might have been my favorite road trip yet! I was supposed to come back to Bama on the 20th but ended up staying until yesterday. That was a bad idea because the weather was horrible the entire trip! It got so bad that I had to pull over in Meridian, MS for over an hour! I thought it would be fine because I pulled over at an Arby's, so I just figured that I would get some food. That didn't happen, their power was out.

So after the storm passed I was back on the road! It rained pretty much everyday I was there but the games never got cancelled. So you know that the day I left, Adam calls me at 8:30 at night, which of course I immediately thought something was wrong because he has never called me during a game..and the first thing I asked him was "Why are you calling me???DID YOU GET EJECTED???" ...he said that they cancelled the game. Go figure. I didn't get too sad though, I knew he would be going to bed early because they had a 4:15am wake up call....muwahahahahahaha.

Lately, the Bee's haven't been doing their best. They've only won a few games and have dropped to 3rd place in their league. That means that the odds of them going to playoffs are looking rather slim, considering there are only 18 more games left. In the last 10 games Adam is 9 for 36. A lot of guys that have been on the disabled list are now back in Salt Lake. That means that Adam is back to not playing every day. I hope Adam can get in some good playing time though, this is an important year for him! He's talked to his agent some about winter ball, it's still in the works though.

I spent the night with my brother so I could hang out with Hunter and Taelor, we played outside for a little bit. I knew it was time to go inside and give them a bath when I looked over and Taelor had taken her clothes and diaper off on the front porch. Good times.

Adam just called and said they got to SLC safely, he's going back to bed. I'm just going to spend some time with the fam! Talk to ya soon!

Outside on the porch blowing bubbles..and sweating our tails off!
Potty Time!...I think it's time Robby gets her a little potty!
The little Princess in her princess chair!
The little lady herself! She's a mess!!

I love this kid!!!!

August 16, 2009

Barely Alive...

So far my trip home has been eventful! My day of traveling to Alabama was far from smooth! I had prepared myself for a long day of flying (I was flying from SLC to El Paso , El Paso to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Huntsville....) and I really didn't mind that I had a lot of stops along the way. Unlike most people, I don't really like flying non stop when I have a long way to go, I like to split it up and get off the plane for a while to people watch stretch my legs and eat.

The first stop in El Paso was a quick one due to our plane arriving late, then I was off to Atlanta where I was supposed to have an hour layover. That turned into a two hour layover which put me in Huntsville at 12am. Good times. It wouldn't have been a big deal but I had to wake up at 5:30 am the next morning to make it to Tuscaloosa in time for a bridesmaid brunch. More on that later. My Dad was there waiting for me at the airport and I was so glad to see him! We headed out of the airport and drove to his house, he only lives about 13 miles from the airport, I couldn't wait to get to bed! So we pulled up and we were getting out of the car and I said...

"Hey Dad, did you get my luggage?"

"Yeah, it's right there."

"No, that's my carry on....CRAP...I forgot to get my suitcase at baggage claim!!!"

$#*% !!!!!

B y t h i s t i m e i t w a s a b o u t 1 2 : 4 0 b e c a u s e w h e n a r r i v i n g a t t h e a i r p o r t t h e y h a d t o g e t our carry on luggage (it was a small plane so our carry on went under the plane). We hurried back to the airport and I ran back inside, just in time to catch the last few workers leaving. I told them that I had forgotten my luggage and asked if they could get it. At first the guy told me that it was locked up and that I wouldn't be able to get it until 8am..I "nicely" told him that wasn't really an option because I was leaving Huntsville at 6am the next morning for a wedding. For some odd reason after I told him that I had to have it he said,"Wellllllll....ok....I guess I can find a maintenance worker around here to see if they have a key..."

You're dang right you better!!!

I finally got my luggage and we were back on the road headed home. 5:30am rolled around very quickly, considering I didn't get to bed until 2am. After a quick stop by McDonald's for a MckMuffin and coffee I was on the road to Tuscaloosa (a two and a half hour drive)! I made a pit stop by my cousin Anna Lisa's house to get ready for the bridal shower that was at 10:30am. The shower was a lot of fun, rrreeealllllly great food...or maybe I was just starving?!?! We got some really cute gifts from the bride-to-be! The shower was over at 12:30 then I zoomed around town for some last minute errands that had to be taken care of before the wedding on Saturday!

I spent the night at my Grandparents house that night because I had to be up bright and early Saturday morning to get my hair and make up done. Brittney, the bride-to-be, is a hair dresser so everyone met up at the salon she works at, it's right next to my Grandparents house. It was a madhouse in there but everyone was getting beauti - fide ! I kind of had a little panic attack because I realized that I had forgotten my wedding shoes...but thankfully my Mom was headed to that side of town to get her hair cut so she dropped them off... ppphheeeww ! We had to be at the church by 10:30 for pictures, and surprisingly, everyone was there on time! The wedding was at 2pm so in between 10:30 and 2:00 we all just hung out, ate Chick- fil -a, took lots of pictures, and all complained about our Spanx .

Note to self: Never eat a truck load of Chick- fil -a while wearing Spanx . It may cause sever bloating and the inability to suck in permanently.

Seriously, I ate all day long. And when I wasn't eating I was talking about eating. And when I wasn't talking about eating I was thinking about eating. I think it was my nerves. Anywho ...where was I?

The wedding was beautiful! We all tried really hard not to cry, some failed, some succeeded. I think we were all relieved when we made it to the stage without falling on our face. I wasn't nervous until my feet started to profusely sweat. I didn't know it was humanly possible for feet to sweat like mine were. Disgusting, I know, but it's a true story. Don't judge. The flower girl was the best though. She was throwing those rose petals out of the basket like a mad woman. No smile. Just angrily throwing flowers on the ground. I'm still wondering if her parents bought her that trampoline that they bribed her with.

The reception was a quick one..everyone just ate and socialized. The only thing I could think about was how marvelous it was to no longer have those uncomfortable shoes on. I sat with my family for a while then they left, and Anna Lisa and I talked to some people then had to leave. We were having dinner at my Grandparents house at 6.

So, that's it. Wedding is over! I must say, I am exhausted! It was so much fun! Hopefully I will be planning my own wedding soon.. ::cough cough ADAM cough cough::

I will update tomorrow...right now I am laying in bed with my favorite nephew! We have to wake up at 6:30 for school tomorrow! Nighty Night!

Enjoy the pictures from the wedding. These are just a few I took, when we get the professional ones back I will share!

Anna Lisa and I at the reception
Aaahhhh, now these are much more comfy! If only I could have worn these all day!
I think I was still showing off my converse here...
My aunt Rah Rah, my Mom, Me, and my Mimi!
Two friends from High School, Erica and Heather. By this time I was o-v-e-r smiling, I had been doing it all day long.
This was at the rehearsal dinner Friday night...can you guess which one of us got the spray tan?

Best Friends since we were 4!

August 10, 2009

I must be bad luck.

I decided to stay at home tonight and not go to the game. I've got to catch up on the laundry before it takes over my life. You know it's bad when you don't have any clean underwear left. Well, apparently, me not going to the games is a good thing because the past two times I have played hookie, Adam has gotten a home run! I just got a text said he got a home run and that I'm not allowed to come to any more games. Ha!

I wish I had all sorts of fun and interesting news to fill you in on, but, you know how it is! Yesterdays game was a 4:00pm game so we were back home by 8..it was perfect! We actually sat on the couch all night, Adam played xBox and I played The Sims..then we played a few card games and hit the sack! I wish all of the games were at 4:00, the weather was (finally!!) so nice!

The night before last we had the whole "family" together( meaning, all of the roomies) and Brandon Wood came over and we watched The Land Before Time. Yes, I know, we are all grown adults, but puh-lease, how can you resist cute little Ducky and Little Foot??

Good times.

Okie dokie, time to go switch out the laundry. Just so you know, I highly recommend the Blue Sparkle Snuggle fabric softener....

I also just found this articl e thingy-ma-jig on Adam, I don't know who wrote it but they are awfully sweet!

August 8, 2009

someone turn on the heat!

I'm fully aware that it's August. Hottest month of the year.

But why in the name of sweetbabyJesus are we running the heat?

I will tell you why. It's fa-reeeeeezing here in Salt Lake. It's supposed to warm back up next week, but then cool back down after that. I said after Vegas that I wasn't going to complain about the weather but holy guacamole, I didn't know we were returning to the arctic zone! The games have been miserable! Good times.

Not much news to report since the last time we spoke I blogged. Last night after the game Adam and I went to The Cheesecake Factory. Nom Nom Nom. Then Adam had to go do an autograph signing this morning at a local grocery store while I ran (actually, I drove....) to the baseball field to attempt to hand out some flyer's for the camp that Adam is putting on. I got all the way there and noticed that these kids weren't old enough. So I drove back to where Adam was and sat in the car until he was done. Being the fabulous guy he is, he brought me some corn on the cob that someone had cooked on the grill. Doesn't take much to satisfy me, just corn.

The past two nights have been great games for Toasty. On Thursday night he went 3 for 4 with a home run and two singles, then last night he was 1 for 3! Whoot Whoot! He is only 6 RBI's away from breaking another Salt Lake Bees record!

I better start doing laundry soon, only 5 more days until I arrive in Sweet Home Alabama! I talked to Hunter today and told him I would see him in 5 days and he replied with," Well that ain't hard 'ta count. By the way I'm at the grocery store and Colby almost ran me into the ketchup. KloveyouBYE." I am going to pretend that's code for "I can't freakin' wait to see my favorite Aunt!!!!!!!!"

When it was 108 degrees in Vegas, I said I wouldn't complain about SLC...

But 68 degrees at 2pm, that may not seem cold to you, but it is to me!

August 6, 2009

I'm Still Alive...

We have just been on the go! That, and honestly, I just haven't felt like blogging. Now I feel like I have so much to catch up on that I don't even know where to start.

Adam has been doing alright in baseball, right now his average is .239 and in the last 10 games played he is 10 for 36. We worked on his batting stance the other night and after the game last night he said he felt a lot better about how he was seeing the ball. As the season is nearing the end, there have been a few articles about Adam. He has been in SLC for 5 seasons so at this point, he has broken a trillion franchise records. I actually just googled Adam and found this little video , it must have been taken today. Many of the articles have talked about how he has struggled this year, so it's kind of frustrating, but they are mainly just about how his time in SLC is almost done. Adam will (finally!!!!) be a free agent this year. I can't wait to see what happens and where we will be next year!!

Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, we went to Vegas for a few days. It was a quick but fun trip! Adam and I succesfully made it out of Vegas for the past 3 years without getting married. Hall-a-lu-yer!!! For some reason, this trip was a lot more fun that the others which is weird because at night after the games it was just me and the guys! We would just go hang out by the pool at night since that was about the only time it wasn't scorching hot. One of the nights we went to a casino and I watched them all play Blackjack. That's about all we did, the rest of the time was spent at the field or just people watching! They had a double header on the last night, and an off day the next day. So being the lunatics that we are, we drove back from Vegas after the double header. We left Vegas at about 12:00am which meant that we drove all night morning long. We got back to Salt Lake at about 6 am. Not fun. We spent much of the off day sleeping, Adam and the guys went to the community center pool to jump off of the high dive, and then we stayed up all night long because we had slept in so late. So, needless to say, I am still a little thrown off by our recent sleeping schedule, but I am recovering!

I will be heading back to Alabama in exactly ONE WEEK! Ssshhhyyeeaahh baby! Can you tell I am excited? The main reason I am going back is because I am in one of my best friends wedding on the 15th. I am flying into Huntsville on the night of the 13th, spending the night at my Dads, then I have to get up bright and early on the 14th to make it to the bridesmaid luncheon at 10:30 am. Then that afternoon I have the rehearsal dinner after the actual rehearsal! I am going to be so busy that I won't even get to see my Hunterboo until the 16th :-( I think I am going to surprise him and show up at his school and eat lunch with him!

On the 18th the Bees are playing in New Orleans against the Zephyrs so me and my cousin Anna Lisa are going to drive down for a few days and watch some games! Woo Hoo! It's going to be fun because Candice and Lori are going to be there! I can't wait! I am coming back to SLC on the 28th then after that the countdown will begin until it's the OFF SEASON! Whoooo de whooo!

Our plans for the off season are still unknown. Adam wants to go to Florida, I want to go to Alabama, he might go play winter ball, he might go play winter ball and only be gone a week, he might go play and be gone for months. Who knows! That's the life of a baseball player though. You can't ever make plans. Which is fine, I just have to get a j-o-b wherever we are!

Well that's all I have! Gotta go to the game! Ta-Ta!

I can't wait to see these kiddies!
Maybe Hunter and I will even do a little bit of this! Looks like he got his sun worshipping genes from me!

This is my bridesmaid dress...

...that I will be wearing in her (Brittney) wedding. Pretty!