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August 31, 2012

the parent rap

Adam's Aunt Patty sent me the link to this video today and I thought it was hilarious.

We are currently experience Early Onset of The Terrible Two's 'round here (I self diagnosed P myself, Mommy M.D) so I feel like I can relate to a lot about what these homedawgs are sayin'.

I know how they feel.

I smell what they're steppin' in.

I get their drift.

August 30, 2012


Can you believe that I actually just sat here for 5 minutes trying to decide what to title this lousy post? 


People are always saying how P looks exactly like me.  I usually agree and say that I did all the hard work, so she better look like me! Poor Adam wants just one person to say that she looks nothing like me and exactly like him.  It would seriously make his life if someone said that to him! 

This was a for real convo between Adam and our waitress at lunch one day (Mr. Bills, so you can imagine the type of waitress we were dealing with).

Adam (to our waitress): "Ok, so you do you think she looks like (pointing to P)?

Waitress: **steps back, looks at me, looks at Presley, looks at Adam, and then back to P** 

"Like 'er mama! Yup, look nothin' like ya!"

Me: **trying to slip her $20 to retract that statement and say she is his twin.

As PSwizz gets a little older, I find myself seeing things about her that do look like him. For instance, the shape of her face is like his. I had more of a skinnier face when I was little. And the facial expressions she makes are identical to him, too. And let's not forget that she gets her little curly locks from him.  I had feathery stringy hair!

I decided it was time to do a side by side comparison! I'm not sure if we are all at the same age in these pictures but it's all I could find! I was surprised at how much P and Adam do look alike though!


Ok, now everyone email, text, and call Adam and tell him that Presley is his little doppleganger.


August 27, 2012

daycare dilemma

We are finally settled into the new apartment! All that's left is to hang the pictures and curtains, which honestly is the last thing on my mind right now. 

Task numero uno is to find PDizzle a pre-school/daycare.  In Tuscaloosa, that was no problem because she went to Valley View where my Mom worked (as her "teacher"). I knew that she was in good hands, it was clean and close to our house, and we could afford it.

We paid $465 for everything (she went 9-5 M-F) which is super affordable.  I've been searching schools here in Birmingham for two days and the average price is $700/month for a MOTHER'S DAY OUT! That's only 9:30-1:30.  Maybe I'm setting my standards too high and am looking in the wrong places. But y'all, Birmingham is on The First 48 all the time so I'm not sending her to some place called Thug4Life Day School.  I'm not saying sending her somewhere like that wouldn't be beneficial.  Would I pay $500 a month for her to learn how do live on da skreets in da hood and that pencils are actually used to scratch yo head? FO SHO! Every kid needs to be a little rough around the edges, right?


So basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm going to need a second job in order to send her to day care. I mean, I don't even have a first job at this point in time.  It's kinda like what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Do I get a job and then find a day care? Or do I find a day care first and then decide if I can do massage and still make a profit after paying for day care every month?


So, that's what we are dealing with. I need to look into the in-home day cares around here but I feel like  you only hear about those through word of mouth. And so far I haven't talked to anyone who knows of any!

If any of you live in Birmingham (near Homewood/Vestavia Hills) and know of anything then please let me know! 

See? She's hood even when she naps!

Also? Presley needs this backpack.

August 23, 2012

home sweet home!


Sorry for not posting yesterday, we got up bright and early in a Uhaul and headed to our new apartment!  With the help of my younger brother everything was moved into the house in about an hour.  Now we are up to our eyeballs in boxes that need to be unpacked!

As we unpack we are also getting rid of a TON of crap. I mean, we just have so much unnecessary stuff it's unreal.  If we are going to be moving every few years we just have to part with some things. I mean, I have two 8 piece sets of Pyrex thingy-ma-bobs, 2 sets of dishes, a bajillion cups, 2 sets of silverware, and about 10 platters (no joke).  Hopefully this will make our next move a little easier!

One thing that is odd about our new place. We pay $1000+ a month for this place and it didn't come with a microwave. I thought that was really weird.  We also got the very last 2BR/2BA they had available (and that was a fiasco it's self) so we are stuck with the handicapped apartment. They only differences are that there aren't as many bottom cabinets in the kitchen, and in the master bathroom we have rails by the toilet and in the shower?! I joked with the office that since we have the handicapped unit if they'd give us a handicapped parking decal..but sadly, they didn't :)

Things are slowly getting unpacked though. The first task was to put Presley's crib back together and I just wanna say...I'd like 5 minutes with the dill hole who decided a baby crib needed 50 pieces and 99 different screws.  Oy.  But I did it without any help and so far the crib hasn't collapsed on Presley while she sleeps. That's always good.

We are also having to buy a new washing machine.  Adam went to go wash his coaching gear last night and the tub never drained.  Thankfully, Birmingham has a good selection on Craigslist and I have emailed a few people about a washer. 

It is so nice to finally be able to unpack our suitcases and have all of our own furniture back.  We are so thankful for our family who let us stay with them while we were on this crazy job hunt!

I'll post pics later, gotta go get the little girl outta bed!

August 21, 2012

food fight

We are currently in a rut when it comes to feeding the babe.  Gone are the days where I slave over the stove and Baby Bullet to make her food.  I sometimes try to give her some pureed fruit and she take one bite before throwing a hissy fit.  Feeding her all table food is much harder, in my opinion.  All of the washing and cutting everything into tiny pieces so she doesn't choke takes so long! But the cutting..I mean..it's just so annoying because you obviously don't want your child to choke on a grape, but you also want them to be able to pick the squishy thing up between their tiny little fingers. So, I have yet to find the perfect grape cutting technique.

Luckily for me, Presley basically skips the chewing process and prefers to swallow everything whole. Homie ain't got time to chew, she's gonna finish lunch in record time! Seriously, I almost picked out the grapes from her poopfestdiaper yesterday to show Adam because it was basically amazing. Somehow I don't think he would've been as impressed as I was.

I always say I don't want Presley to be the child who only eats macaroni and chicken nuggets but so far that's basically where we're at. So, I'm on a quest to fix that!

It has been a little more difficult since we've been on the go so much for the past few weeks.  Going on vacation and then staying with my Mom and Step Dad until we move again (tomorrow! YAY!) makes it difficult to stock up on healthier groceries. I am super-dee-duper (sorry, too much Barney in my life) excited that moving to Birmingham also means there is a wider variety of health food stores. We are about 8 miles from a Whole Foods Market, and I will try to get most of Presleys food from there. Adam and I may be eating Ramen every night but PSwizz will be eating healthy :)

Right now Presley currently loves the Morning Star Chicken Nuggets. I have always loved Morning Star and I'm willing to be that I've eaten my weight in their corn dogs. You can't even tell that it's not real meat which I love. I don't know why we haven't given P anything but the chicken nuggets, I guess I should grab a few different items of theirs and try them with her.

Recently, Presley has been on a may-jah fruit kick. Bananas, grapes, strawberries, and watermelon are her faves so far! Adam and I don't eat the more exotic fruit but I guess it's because we've never really tried it. I bought a mango once and had to watch a YouTube video on how to cut it. Which I clearly failed at so I just threw it away. If anyone has any helpful hints on how to prepare weird fruit then help a sista out!

Yogurt Melts are like Cocaine around here. It's a shame that for the price you pay you only get a small pack of these mugs. We usually mix these in with some Cheerios or Baby Goldfish. I'm also guilty for eating half the pack of these :)

Breakfast for Presley is sometimes blueberry pancakes, a waffle, or eggs. Since we are staying at my Moms right now and have a chicken coup right outside our door, it's pretty fun to go out there and pick out the eggs and then eat them! Presley loves eggs which is just lovely since I hate the smell, taste, and feel of them. YAY!

This is one of the more unhealthy things I feed P. I'm trying to stop, but they're so convenient! I used to give her the regular ol' Easy Mac, but after giving her shells and cheese one time I figured these taste better! You're welcome P!

This is basically me just saying Presley loves watermelon, which I've already stated. I just liked the picture. Also, serious question..can my child actually turn into a watermelon if she eats it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner??

If you've got any good (and healthy) recipes for a toddler, please send them my way! Or, forget the recipes, just send us some healthy food and snack...'preciate it!!!

August 20, 2012

back to the hood we go!

Now that it's officially official I can tell all my homies that we are moving back to da hood because Adam got a job!

Well, we aren't moving to the ghetto, but Adam will be the assistant baseball coach at a community college..in the ghetto!


Ever heard of Lawson State Community College?

Yeah, me neither.

But who cares! They hired Adam so obviously it's about time I pull all of my hoodrat skeletons outta the closet and embrace this new journey!

When Adam started the job search he obviously applied to all SEC colleges, a few in Utah, and some other (D1) colleges that had great baseball programs. He did interview at a few really great places, but since he was just the graduate assistant at Alabama he never got any recruiting experience. And that is what most head coaches want when they hire someone to join their staff.  He did have to opportunity to interview at some other schools without the recruiting experience, but the job would always be given to a guy who was an alumni of the school.

We realized that we were just going to have to duke it out for a year or so while he got some experience and then hopefully we can move to a better known college!

It should be a nice transition because it's only 45 minutes from Tuscaloosa, and we will be living a few miles away from my best friend!

That part I am pretty pumped about! The fact that we will also be living 5 miles from a Babies R' Us gets me a little excited, too. I love that place.

The living situation has been a fun (hellacious) one. We looked at apartments, condos, town homes, called about some houses. About half way through our search we realized we were going to have to up our budget if we wanted to stay in the nicer areas. We found some newly built, very nice, and pretty expensive apartments we liked and felt they were safe. They are also about 3 miles from the school.

This all took place last Thursday. 

The only thing that was holding us back was that Adam had "officially" signed the papers stating that he was hired so we were hesitant to sign a lease. 

Today he was officially hired and had all of the papers signed. I got right on the ball and called the apartments to let them know that Adam would be bringing everything they needed and he would sign the lease. It was going to be all rainbows and unicorns!

"Ma'am, we rented out our last apartment on Saturday."

::cue the profusely sweating and pooping of the pants::

I started scrambling to find somewhere else to live, in a totally different area that we were wanting (we were wanting Homewood, but started searching in Hoover) and I got in touch with a few really nice places.It was going to be more expensive and a lengthy drive for Adam.

Long story short, I set up appointments to go look at places for tomorrow. I searched every rental website known to mankind in between changing Presley's 43 poopy diapers (yeah, thanks for that). In the mean time, I get a call from the leasing agent at our original apartment place saying that the people they rented the last apartment to got DENIED to move in. So it was up for grabs and it was ours!

I called Adam and told him, and he is on his way up there as we speak to get everything taken care of! And BONUS...we got a downstairs unit! I hate stairs. I don't care if Bigfoot lives above us!

Any who, so that's basically the gist of it all. We are going to ride it out for however long it takes for Adam to move up in the coaching world!

Sorry, no pics to post but that's because I've gotta hurry off to learn some new hoodrat slang!


August 18, 2012

the story of Ian and Larissa

I found this video on the Tiny Greene Elephants blog and thought it was such a great testimony to what a marriage is!

So, you're welcome for making you cry on a wonderful Saturday morning!

August 16, 2012

Hand, Foot, & Mouth

...except in our case it should be called Hand, Foot, Cookie, and Thighs.

Can someone please tell me how my child stays inside the house for almost a week straight and still contracts HFM?


I noticed a few days ago that she had a few red bumps on her knees, but thought nothing of it because she has had some spots like that ever since she's been crawling. I just assumed it was from the carpet rubbing her knees. Then I noticed a crap load of them on her feet and I just knew it. I knew that she had Hand, Foot, & Mouth. She hasn't spiked a fever with it, but I can tell that the spots are slowly fading away.

There's nothing you can do for HFM except wait it out and let it run its course. Thankfully, she hasn't been fussy from this! It can be very contagious for the first few days so we've stayed inside mostly.

Except for that trip to Chik-Fil-A.

So, if you were in Homewood eating at CFA yesterday, avoid the high chairs :)

Anywhoozles, that's all for today. Adam is possibly locking down a job right now!

August 15, 2012

my pet peeves

Today I am participating with Heather in a fun series that she is doing over on her blog. She is doing a *30 things in 30 days about me* little get-up and I thought I would join on some of the fun surverys.

Some of the surverys she has already done are things like "20 Random Facts" , "Dream Job", and some other fun ones.

Today's (which she actually did yesterday) is about pet peeves.

Which I just so happen to have several of!

1) My main pet peeve is people picking at their finger nails. And let me tell you, I am married to the President of the FingerNailPickersAssociation. I probably tell him 25 times a day to stop picking his nails. Sometimes I think he does it on purpose just to annoy me. I can honestly hear someone picking their nails from a mile away. It's absurd and I'm super anal about it.

2) People leaning over me and resting their chin on my shoulder. THAT! AH! It literally gives me shiver down my spines. I think between the boney part of the chin poking me and the breathing near my face, I turn into a psycho and start convulsing.

I dunno.

I'm weird.

3) If I'm riding in the car with you while it's raining, and then it stops raining but you still have your windsheild wipers on? Yeah, I'm gonna basically claw my eyeballs out because of the schreaching noise the wipers make on a dry windsheild.

4) Another pet peeve of mine is when the food on my plates touch. I'm that really difficult person at the table who orders a bunch of food on seperate plates. City Cafe is about the only place where it doesn't bother me and I have yet to figure out why.

5) The way Adam chews.


I don't know why it bothers me. But it's like, he chews every single bite SO much! I'm telling you, he even chews things like ice cream. I was not aware that those types of things needed chewing but apparently he likes every little particle dissolved before he swallows. And it's loud. Like, I can hear his top and bottom teeth hit..and chomp.

6) Other people doing my laundry. No specific reason except that I'm just really anal about the sorting of the clothes, and I don't dry a lot of things.

7) I don't really mean to pick on Toasty but, considering we spend so much time together I really only have him to harp on about everything. Another thing that he does that annoys me is, like, when I say, "oh babe! Look look look!" (mainly when P does something or when I am watching TV)..he never looks! He will finish what he is doing and then look up. And by that time it's over with.

8) I can't stand for the sheets to not be tucked in at the foot of the bed. I like for the covers to be even and not jumbled.

9) News reporters voices. Like, why do they all talk in the same tone of voice?

You know exactly what I'm talking about!

10) People driving 20 miles UNDER the speed limit but are in the fast lane.

Yeah, that get's my blood pressure pumpin'.

Move it or lose it sister!

Wow, look how lovely I am to be around!!!

I could go on all day.

Who wants to be friends with this girl? LOL

August 13, 2012

why walk?

Here we are at 13 months old (insert sad & ugly cry face) and PDizzle is still not walking. I was totallyforsure that she'd be an early walker since Adam was walking at 9 months. I'm not exactly sure how old I was but I'm sure it was super amazing, like 6 weeks or something (14 months).

Adam and I have never really encouraged walking. We knew she would eventually do it and we figured the longer she crawled, the longer we could enjoy her as a "baby". I also always judge the people who have kids that won't stay in the stroller so they put their kid on the "leash". You know, disguised as a monkey on the kids back? I wanted to avoid that nonsense for as long as possible.

She has taken several steps but usually just squats down and starts crawling. We spent the weekend at my Dad & Step Moms house and Presley really started walking a bunch! I took some video but I'm blogging from my phone so I can't upload the video!

I think she is getting the hang of it and will be walking everywhere in no time!

Anyone have any spare leashes? :-)

August 12, 2012

Nomading Around

I haven't updated the job status in a while! Right now we are waiting to hear back from a few colleges about a coaching job. Adam sent his resume out to TONS of schools but for the most part nobody is hiring. People also usually want someone with recruiting experience, which Adam does not have right now. I think in the beginning of this process we were sure that he'd definitely get a job at a school of our choice, but as time goes by we are realizing that we may have to lower out standards and just be thankful to get ANY sort of coaching job. We do realize that the first job he gets may not be where we would ideally like to be, but if it means that it's just a place for him to get some coaching and recruiting experience that can lead him to another (better) school then we will take it!

With that being said, one of the schools he's looking at is a community college in Birmingham. I've lived in Tuscaloosa for the majority of my life and I had never even heard of this school. That should tell you something right there :-)

There is also another school we are waiting to hear from but that will be a few more days before we know anything.

I had really hoped that we would end up somewhere outside of Alabama, but hopefully within the next few years that will be more realistic. Adam really wants to give coaching a shot, so we will go wherever he wants to go!

Thankfully I have a job that I can do anywhere, as many times as we have moved I have never had a problem getting a job as a massage therapist. I am nervous about moving somewhere unknown and having to put Presley in a day care where I don't know anyone. We were so so so lucky to have my Mom be her teacher at Valley View. I pray we will find somewhere like that, wherever we go!

Anywho, that's it for now. Once we get a job pinned down I will go into more details!

Love, peace, chicken grease,

August 9, 2012

Michigan Trip- Part 3

Picture overload!

These are just more pictures from our trip!

You don't have to look at them all, I just want to document them all for myself!

Taylor (cousin), and her friend Kristen


August 8, 2012

Michigan Trip- Part 2

The days we spent at the farm would be my ideal definition of "vacation". We had no plans, we lounged around in either our bathing suits, or comfy clothes, spent most of the day haning out by the water, and ate great food. I may have put make up on one day while we were there. Every day Adam, P, and I would stroll to the downtown area, window shop, and go to the park. It really is so beautiful up there. It's so clean! There are no chain resturaunts, no hotels (just a few bed & breakfast places), no gas station, one grocery store, one post office, a tiny little movie theatre, and just the cutest little shops!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect while we were there. I think the warmest day was 77 degrees? Go ahead, get jealous!

After dinner most nights we would gather around outside and just chat. We also watched the Olympics some! It stays light outside until around 10:00 PM which was cool! We stayed up late playing cards, doing puzzles, making 'smores around a fire..you know, regular vacation stuff :)

The great thing about the water in Suttons Bay is that it's crystal clear with NO animals in it! Like, I didn't even see one tiny little fish while we were there. Something about the ecology of the water is off balance. I'm not sure, and I don't care. I normally don't like water with things living in it. Now, the water is pretty cold, but it wasn't unbearable.

One day while we were there we rented a paddle board. It was so much fun! Since the water is so clear, you just paddle along and can see the bottom the whole time! It is definitely one of my new favorite things to do, and I actually think they may be looking into getting one or two to keep up there!

Presley had so much fun out by the beach area. There was a tent that we would put up for her to sit under, and she would just play with some toys, eat some snacks, and throw around some rocks. There is also a swing that she loved too! We took her out on the kayak and the paddle board some, which was fun but the water was a little too cold for her. She also didn't really like the sand. RUDE!

 Obviously she was the center of attention 99% of time.  I don't think she was completely herself, but being in new surroundings, not having all 500 of her toys, and having to share a room with us I think made her a little grouchy. She was super clingy to Adam and I, but we did manage to get away some for a nice little dinner downtown.

We had so much fun, even if it was just doing nothing! We enjoyed spending time with his family that we don't get to see that often. This is definitely the start of a great tradition for our little family!

We took some pictures, but Uncle Dave was the main photographer while we were there! I know Adam is planning on putting together a little video of our trip. But until then I will share some random pictures we took!

August 7, 2012

Michigan Trip- Part 1

A few weeks ago we headed up to Suttons Bay, MI for our first family vacation! We call it "The Farm" because back in the day it was a cherry tree farm (I think?!).  His Grandpa has a condo across the street from the farm and lives up there during the summer. He then goes down to FL for the winter, but during the summer is when his family travels up there and stays for a while! The farm property there is located right on the water with an old bigger house, a smaller house next to it, and a barn. OH! And the outhouse :)

The farm house has always been very well maintained, so we all stayed there when we visited! We were so excited to be able to coordinate our trip when most of his family was up there.  We bought our plane tickets and prayed that Adams job situation would hold off until we got back. I was extrememly nervous about flying with Presley because, um, hello? She can be a little..oh, how do I say this....TerrorFussyBrattyBitchyPants sometimes.

 We were flying out of Atlanta early Wednesday morning, so we decided to stay with a friend on Tuesday night, and she would drop us off at the airport the next morning. It was perfect because we left our car at her house instead of paying to leave it at the airport. I'll spare you all of the lovely happenings at the airport (it involved me losing my phone and having to go through security a 2nd time, almost missing the flight, and then finding out that I just left my phone in the car. It was super.)

When booking the flight we thought we were really smart by timing it during naptime. It would be perfect. She would sleep the whole time, right?


She cried. Cried some more. Arched her back and threw her head. Screamed bloody murder. Dozed off. Woke up 15 minutes later. Cried. And screamed some more.

And knowing that we had to do it all over on our way back home literally haunted me during the whole trip.

Also, just to clear things up, her ears were not bothering her. We were constantly giving her juice, snacks, and her paci!

One question:

Why in the name of everything good and holy isn't there a special part of the airplane specifically for babies? There should be a sound proof room filled with little toys and places for babies to nap, little TV's, and high chairs. I wouldn't even care if it was just a sound proof room where you could let your child scream without feeling bad for annoying the other passengers. I'd pay big bucks for that!

So anyways, we survived. I appologized to everyone in our surrounding area 50 times.

We arrived in Suttons Bay where were greeted with cooler weather, no humidity, and not a care in the world!

More to come later!

Before DramaBaby's breakdown

I think you can see the fear in mine and Adams eyes here. Look at P, just gearing up to put on a show.

Once we arrived! This is the back of the house!

Looking out from the back of the house.

The old barn!

August 4, 2012

30 things

I am kind of late to the game with this one, but I figured if I set a goal to blog 5 days out of the week this month then I will need some help with topics! We have a fairly boring life right now- with Adam job searching and me not working- not much goes on. So I found a link up that Heather is doing. It's 30 things about Me in 30 days. I most likely won't be doing the 30 days, but I will do a few of them here and there! Go follow her and join, it'll be fun!

August 3, 2012

twelve months

**I don't know how I forgot to post this..oh well, better late than never**

Presley is twelve months old! One year. 365 days. 52 weeks. We made it!

After not seeing the doctor since April (I think), we finally had a check up today!

23.5 pounds. She sure does feel heavier to me though!

30 inches. Why does it seem so much more normal to say "30 inches" rather than "2 1/2 feet" tall.

Clothing Size:
I don't think she can wear anything 12 month anymore. It's basically all 18 months. Some 18-24 months, just depends on the brand!

Size 4!

Presley was 1 for about 5 minutes when I decided we were cutting out formula and bottles- cold turkey. I don't prefer to slowly transition because I'm impatient. We give her Silk (original) milk. In the morning time we add about 1/2 of a NestlĂ© Carnation Breakfast (Vanilla), then the rest of the day it's just plain milk, apple juice, or water! She is also eating oatmeal, eggs, toast, or pancakes for breakfast. Snacks are usually goldfish, yogurt melts, crackers, cheese. Lunch and dinner varies  she likes macaroni and cheese, Chicken & Stars, rice and veggies, noodles, really just whatever! Same ol stuff as last month. I can honestly say I am so glad to be able to go out to eat and not have to worry about taking baby food!

Lots of hair now! Sometimes it's curly and sometimes it's not! Eyes are still green!

She goes to bed between 7:30-8:00 and sleeps until 7:00. Sometimes she takes a morning nap around 9:30 and then another one around 2:00! The last few days though she's only had one nap, lasting 3 hours! I seriously didn't know what to do with myself. I went in her room TWICE to wake her up because I was bored.

I've officially lost all my marbles.

Fun Stuff:
She is FINALLY standing on her own and has taken several steps! She just learned how to stand up without pulling on something. I was totally certain that she was going to be an early walker since Adam was walking at 8 months. But here we are and she's still not walking too much yet 

Can say Mama, Dada, Gaga, Papa, bye bye, dog(and will bark), uh-huh, and Rah Rah (my aunt), cat, meow, cheese, bambam.

She has been such a hugger lately! It's so sweet! She will come up to me, put her head on my shoulder, and pat my back! I die.

Now when she blows kisses she says,"mmmmmMA"! Presh.

When she knows she's getting into something she's not supposed to, she will TOTALLY ignore you when you get onto her. I predict lots of trouble in our future.

We've also hit a HUGE separation anxiety phase. The last two Sundays I've been paged at church to come get her. And don't even THINK about touching her. She will give you the stink-eye like it's her job.

August 2, 2012

birthday party

We had Presley and Hunter's birthday party a few weeks ago. Their birthdays are exactly a week apart so we figured it would be easier to have a joint birthday party, rather than asking family to come into town two weekends in a row. Plus, it's cheaper that way :)

You know, I had my Pinterest board just'a goin'. Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers? I was gonna make em'! Centerpieces and other table decor? I was gonna murder the HobLob aisles. The food was going to be fun and creative, all having a Mickey or Minnie theme.


It was going to be legit.

It was also going to send me into convulsions trying to get it all put together. So what did I do?

We hit up Wally World and bought every cotton pickin' Minnie Mouse decoration they had! And it was fabulous..ghetto fabulous, that is.

Maybe I will be a little more Martha Stewart next year. But with us moving and with it being a joint birthday party, I didn't want to go overboard on her decorations. Hunter's theme was The Avengers.

I know.


We also hit up Wal Mart and got all of his stuff.

The whole week before the party it rained. All day and all night. I was constantly checking the weather on my phone and there was a 50% chance of rain for Saturday. I decided to not stress about it. Rain or shine, we were gonna party!

The party was held at my brothers house and we rented a 16 foot blow-up water slide! The decorations and junk were set up in the garage (also ghetto fabulous). The slide people came and set that up, then the peeps started rolling in! We had friends and family (from out of town) come and it was so much fun! The slide was definitely a hit since it was a little toasty outside.

There was cake.

There was presents.

There was a pinata.

And there was me in a bikini.

I know.


If we were paying $$$ for that slide, then by golly I was gonna participate!

Adam didn't, he said the water was too cold.

I don't even know him anymore.

The weather was perfect. Sunny, breezy, and clear skies! The party ended at 2:00, and at 3:00 it started to rain. So we got lucky!

Hunter and Presley got tons of gifts. Presley hated her smash cakes. She was exhausted and hated everyone and everything. She was super grouchy the whole time. It was fantastic. I was about 5 seconds away from calling a babysitter to come get her FROM HER OWN PARTY!

Adam took her home as soon as the party ended while I helped with clean up. She napped. She napped hard.

And that's it. It was a success! When it came down to it, yes, I could've spent tons of time and money planning and decorating for this party. Hand-making everything. But I didn't. And we still had a great time!

We took a ton of pictures, but I am just going to post a few. Like I said, don't expect a Pinterest type of party from me!

August 1, 2012

one through twelve

We are finally back from vacation in Michigan. I was without a phone because I accidentally left it in the car in Atlanta! I must say though, it was nice not having it in my hand 24/7. The farm in Suttons Bay is one of my favorite places. The weather was beautiful, we spent all day outside, and we got to spend so much time with Adams wonderful family! Adam spent every summer up there, so when we had P-Nasty we decided that we would also spend part of the summer up there.

Anywho, I never got to post her 12 month picture on the monthly update. We got around to that this morning.

People! Do you know how hard it is to snap a picture of an active 1 year old? Here I am in my underwear, with a camera in one hand, a stuffed animal in the other, trying to get her to smile but she'd rather crawl around and yank everything off the side table. So you get what ya get!

I still can't believe my little nugget is one.

I also still need to post about her birthday party. I will do that!

Since it's the 1st day of August, I am going to set a goal. I am going to blog 5 days out of the week for the whole month. I am so bad about wanting to blog, but never actually doing it. We have some fun things coming up this month though so I am holding myself to it!