October 16, 2010


Adam and I have officially been married one week! Whooo de whooo! We left for our honey moon on Monday the 11th and we are still here in Meh-he-co! We are having sooooo much fun..but I am thinking that they are going to have to put me on a seperate flight home, because I am going to put the plane over the weight capacity with all of this food that I've been eating! If we aren't sleeping, we are eating..and that's no lie.  Since all of our food is free we just eat all of the time! 

I have learned a very interesting fact about Adam and myself though.  We are two totally different types of vacationers.  Adam is the type that like to do every. single. activity. available.  Like, when we got here, he put his bags down and was like,"alright, what are we going to do first?" and I am all..."umm...well I just spent the last 11 months planning a wedding, moving around the country, working full time, with no type of vacation in between...so I am actually going to be lazy and lay on the beach...for the next 7 day...kthanksbye."  Seriously, I was so beyond exhausted from the wedding that I slept for the entire first day we were here. And the next day when we went into town, I slept the entire van ride there! It's like I go on vacation and I immediately go into zombie mode.  Adam has been playing beach volleyball everyday which works out great because the court is right by where I have been laying out so I can watch.  He attempted to teach me how to body surf, but after the first few attempts I figured it was time to call it quits because the waves were so big that it was pretty much just me re-adjusting my bathing suit top every 2 seconds.  The good thing is that the water here is soooooo pretty and blue! I can see the bottom which makes me happy because I don't get into the ocean unless I can see my feet at the bottom.  I don't like any fish near me.  But with that said, you can imagine my PantsCrappingFear when I was "body surfing" and in the huge wave that was coming for me, I saw about 15 fish in the wave.  I died.  You would have literally thought a shark was coming for me.  I seriously think I walked on water I was swimming so fast.  Adam swam off and pretended he had no clue who I was, which was just awesome.  

Yesterday we took a kayak out into the water.  It was fun until Adam thought it would be a good idea to let me "ride the waves in" by myself.  Maybe it is just me being dramatic but I honestly felt like I was on an episode of the Deadliest Catch and my boat was about to capsize.  First off, the waves were ginormous.  Secondly, Adam pushed me into the wave like he was freakin' Hurcules so I was going about 700 MPH.  Those two things combined- me and the kayak went sideways which then led to a complete disaster...I went one way, the kayak went the other, and the paddle went onlyGodknowswhere. I was d-o-n-e after that!

We are having the best time ever, though! The resort is by far, the most amazing place we've ever seen.  The food is soooo good, and the staff are so nice! This is probably the nicest vacation we will ever take, so we are livin' it up! I am going to be an old grumpy lady when we have to go home!

Well, that's it for now..just thought I would give you hood rats a little update.  We go home on Monday afternoon but don't get home until late that night! I will update with pictures when I can!  
Adios amigos!