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January 28, 2013

18 months

Ok, I seriously miss doing to monthly updates! Maybe I should start them back up again :0)

We've hit the 18 month mark which is basically like having a 2 1/2 foot tall teenager.  Some days I feel like I do more disciplining than praising. Tis' the life of a toddler Mama, right?

Just like every other time I update, I have no clue how much she weighs.  I feel like one of two things are happening though.  1) She is getting lighter. Or 2) she is learning to hold on a little tighter when carrying her.  I'm going to guesstimate that she's in the  upper 20's in the weight department.

Also wondering why I still have this on the  survey since I never know.  Maybe mid 30's?  I also suck at guessing.

Clothing Size:
24 months/2T.  Did you know that the difference between 24mo & 2T is that 24mo's pants are made bigger in the booty region to make room for a diaper? Yup. You're welcome for that!

In shoes she is a 4. She's basically been living in her Ugg's these days because it's been so cold! She is also in a phase where she loves to take her shoes off.  I don't even put them on her until I get her out of the car, because they'll just end up in the floorboard anyways.

Still a size 4.  The Huggies Pure & Natural are still my favorite! And call me crazy, but I almost bought a little Minnie Mouse toilet seat attachment in hopes that it won't be long before we start the potty training process.

HA! Yeah right. Have you met my kid?

Oh mylanta, I can't even..I just can't.  Feeding my child right now is going to be the death of me.  If I could pile up all of the food we waste we could feed a village.  Presley loves any and all pasta. She also likes most fruit, oatmeal, turkey dogs, eggs, and corn.  No ground beef (or anything with ground beef in it), no beans, no veggies.  I'm about to bust out the juicer and pack it with all of the crap she won't eat.  This phase does end, right? And then she will be eating me out of the house.


The hair is out of control.  If you look in my Google search history you will find things like "how to tame my kids curly hair" or "how to straighten my toddlers hair". I don't even know where to begin when it comes to her hair.  I pray it straightens out once we trim it, because I just can't deal with the frizzy curls. You should see the kid when she wakes up, I almost feel bad for her because her hair is SO crazy! Also, I may or may not have straightened it the other day while my straightener was cooling off (my Mother would put me 6 feet under if she would have known).

Still a great sleeper. Goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps in between 7:15-7:45. She naps on a cot at school from 12-2:30.  I so badly want to put her in a big girl bed, but I know my life will really be over then.  

Fun Stuff:
Her new favorite thing is to climb in and out of the bathtub.  I set up a hidden camera the other day hoping to catch her going in and out and the only thing I caught was her falling off and hitting her head.  She didn't learn her lesson though because she was back at it in no time.

She moved up a class at school.  There are bigger toys and a bigger room which I like! I love her school!

24/7 babbles. She wants to talk in sentences so bad! 

Words she can say are: mama, dada, nana, papa, rah rah, pop, dog, cat, meow, go, ta-da, good girl, eat, ball, bow, two, please, thanks, more, sit, baby, nose..and probably a million other words that I can't think of.

We are still dealing with the temper tantrums.  We usually just ignore them, but no luck so far. She doesn't care if we ignore her, she still pitches them.

She is obsessed with our cell phones.  She can unlock the screen, send a text, call people, and then lock it.  On our iPad she can unlock the screen, scroll over to the DisneyJr app, and put on an episode of Mickey Mouse.  I really don't want her to be the child who spends all day playing games on our phone, so we usually only use this in desperate times! But homegirl gets extremely ticked off when you take the phone away from her.

I could go on for days about our crazy girl. I wouldn't say this is my *favorite* stage, but she changes so much it's fun to watch.  She's a little sassy pants who knows what she wants, and always finds a way to get things going her way.

Wonder where she gets that from, huh?

Now I'm going to murder your screen with a picture ova-load!

January 23, 2013

that time I almost died

Need a recipe for death? 

It's quite easy, in fact.

Here's the ingredients:
a craptastic immune system
an airplane.

That's it!

Mix the two ingredients together and you have DEATH!

I know I've been MIA but I have been busy! I started working some, the DramaBaby has been in full swing, then I went to Texas (where everything is bigger, including my ass because OH MY LANTA I ATE 500 CHEESEBURGERS). 

Then I got sick.

On day 3 of my slow death I finally went to the doctor this morning.  Flu test was negative, but doc said it was still most likely the flu.  She said the test is only 60% accurate and since I'm on day 3 of being sick that it most likely wouldn't show up positive.  And my throat is all sorts of infected. YUMMY!

I've had to reschedule several massages that I had booked but all of my clients are very understanding.  Thank goodness! 

The hardest part of being a sick Madre is not being about to love on my sweet PDizzle! After being gone for a few days all I've wanted to do was kiss her chubby cheeks and be all up in her grill.

Instead I've been ordered by Adam to stay away from her and sleep by myself while he sleeps on the couch.

Yes it would be horrible if Presley got this mess. But even worse?

If Adam got it.

Lord knows men are *the* worst when they're sick.

Adam had the flu a few years ago and he requested that I lower my voice because it was making him nauseous.  

I know.

I have a lot to catch up on. Presley's 18 month update, my trip to San Antonio, and just an overall update on Adams job!

Tomorrow. Scouts honor!

January 12, 2013


Sometimes I can get a little weird.

I mean, I always act weird...but sometime I start to think weird things.

Like, I have an 18 month old kid and I'm sitting here thinking to myself, "holy crap..I'm a MOM!"

I obviously know I am a mother.  To prove it I have:

7 billion pictures of me and my huge stomach

(while typing this out the number rose to 170,061 views)

and a child who looks a lot like me

So, yes, I know I'm a Mom.

But sometimes (most of the time) I am still that same 17 year old goof ball that doesn't take many things seriously.  I am goofy, sarcastic, and a jokester. I like to be the center of attention. And half the time I just can't get my mind out of the gutter.
by the way, all three of us have baby girls now. can't wait for this picture to re-surface in 18 years.

But then I also have a child.  Who I act goofy around. Who I joke around with. Who (half the time) just stares at me like I have two heads and then copies exactly what I just did.

If you ever see Presley and I in the grocery store, get out of our way because I'm that super annoying person who pushes my kid in the buggy all the way down the aisle at 70 MPH. 

If you see us in Toys R Us I'm that Mom that's throwing balls at my child and pushing the buttons to ALL of those creepy baby dolls who cry. If we are in the clothing section I will be dressing her up like a french hooker.

If you ever come to our house and can't find me, the first place you should always check is Presley's crib.  We play in there, a lot.

I have SO much fun playing with Presley.  I love that I can be crazy with her and do funny things.  She loves it and, seriously y'all, she gets so choked up when she laughs.  It's pretty awesome.

And I can totally see me in Presley. She is so funny, marches to the beat of her own drum, and has a silly personality.

And at Christmas when my nephew was opening up his gifts in front of everyone, Presley stood in the middle of the room and lifted her dress up over her head because heaven forbid the attention be on anyone but her.

I wonder where she gets that from?

I hope when she grows up she will remember us playing, screaming, hiding in the closet together, putting weird things on our head, dressing up, and SO much more!

Adam balances things out by being very smart...and super good looking :)

Point of this story...there's not one. 

I'm random like that.

January 7, 2013

Park, Pickin', and Partying

While we were down in Florida we got to visit with some of our good friends.  We all met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel then Adam and the guys (Karl, Chris, and Matt) went golfing.  Presley and I hung out with Matt's wife (Kaitlyn) and son (Mason).  Mason is only a couple of weeks older than Presley.  Last year when we had the babes together they were still young and didn't interact much, but this year was so much fun!

We let them play at the house for a little bit, then headed to the park that's located in their neighborhood.  PDizzle was in diva mode and basically wore her pimp shades the entire time.

Presley also ditched every fear she had and darted down the slide like it was her job.

Like, the big swirly slide. 

Thank goodness Kaitlyn was there to catch her before she face planted into the ground!

We left the park and drove down the road to a cute little place where you can pick your own strawberries!  I had never been to a place like that and it was a lot of fun.  They give you a little basket and some scissors then you're on your own! You can pick as many as you want and it's super cheap!  They had some other home grown veggies and fruit for sale but the strawberries were the only thing you could pick yourself.  They also had some goats and the most obese miniature horse I've ever seen! 

We snapped a few pictures before heading back to the house for lunch!

We had such a fun time.  It makes me wish we lived closer so we could hang out more often!

New Years Eve was fun! Especially since it was Adam's 31st birthday! Every year we hang out with friends at our favorite restaurant in Sarasota.  It's called Ceviche and I'd give my left arm for some Patatas Bravas right about now!  Adam and I went at 10:00 for a late dinner then headed up to the roof top to meet up with friends.  We contemplated going home when we were done with dinner but got a second wind and ended up staying out until 1:30 in the morning.

We are so lame.  

Back in the day we would have (and did) stay out all night.  But now we are "those parents" who talk about and look at pictures of their kid while we are away.

The morning came quick, but we were up and ready to hit the big New Years Day sale that Dillard's was having.  We found out about this last year and hit the jackpot.  This year we had certain things we were each looking for and also racked up! The original total was around $600 but we got everything for about $220.  Adam got way more then I did, but the Men's section was also much better than the Women's.

We had a great time in Florida! There was a cold front while we were there so it was much colder than it usually is this time of year.  It was too cold/windy to take Presley to the beach like we had hoped to do, but something tells me she would have hated the sand anyways and it would have been a disaster.

Or at least that's what I am going to tell myself so I can stop regretting not taking her!

Can't wait to go back!

January 4, 2013

home sweet home

We are finally back in Alabama!  It was a 13 hour drive but Presley was perfect the entire time.  Seriously though, what would we do without the DVD player?

I can tell you what we'd do.  We'd never travel in peace, that's for sure.  Homegirl watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Barney the entire time.  She only slept for 45 minutes because stupid me woke her up when I opened a canned Diet Coke!


I feel like you can't truly grasp the meaning of "Home Sweet Home" until you've traveled out of town with a baby/toddler.  We had a great time over the holidays but there's just nothing like home.  

We came home to an igloo because we turned our heat off while we were gone.  Walking into a house that's 50* is always a good time! We also left our (real) Christmas tree up, so now that's dead as a doornail and I'm too exhausted to take the ornaments off.  

I start back to work next week.  I'm doing massage out of a chiropractors office and I will be making my own schedule. I'm pretty excited about that because I will be my own boss, won't have to call in when Presley is sick, and I can book my own appointments! Let's not forget about the regular adjustments from the Doc himself!

Adam leaves tomorrow to go to the National Championship game! His boss is taking him and he is so excited.  I'm a little jealous that he will be soaking up the sunshine in Miami while I'm a frozen little nugget in Huntsville.

Also, let's not forget that this is the second year in a row that he's gone to the championship game without me.


Presley will be asleep when the game comes on (Monday at 8:30 EST) but you can bet your face that I'll be elbow deep in some hot wings while drinking an ice cold adult beverage.  

If ya'll listen very carefully late Monday night you'll be able to hear me screaming Rammer Jammer after we win :)

Roll Tide Roll!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas.  I need to post the video of Presley debuting her Christmas dress!

attempt at a family photo.

please note that my child is wearing a dress.  must document this.

New Years Eve

parents night out!

I thought we had more pictures..apparently other people were taking them so I will have to steal their pictures!

January 1, 2013

the mayans got me!

I know.

I can totally explain.

See, what had happened wuz' those cray cray Mayans got me! They abducted me and told me the world was ending and that all of my friendz would be joining me soon.

But they lied.

And the world didn't end.

And then my excuse for the blogging vacation went right out the window.

I mean I basically just suck at life considering I just paroozed right through Christmas without posting anything.  Not one cotton pickin' thing was documented about all of our festivities!

Here's a recap:
1) Went to Opelika, AL for Christmas with my Dads family. 
 Lots of good food, fun quality time with family, and holy Moses I packed on a solid 31 pounds from the fried chicken.

2) Christmas at my Dad and Step Moms house.
First time doing this at his house but my step brother was in town so it was cool visiting with him! I got a few gift cards that I asked for, Adam got a wireless drill that we needed (and other tools to go along with it), and PDizzle got a bunch of toys (some being a Fur Real kitten that meows and walks, a sneezing Ernie, and a doctors kit). I also gained 89 pounds this night.

3) Drove down to Tuscaloosa for Christmas with my Moms side.  Presley wore a smocked dress for just the 2nd time in her life and I'm not gonna lie, while it pained me to put it on her, she looked PDP (pretty darn precious).  I also had to run out and buy her some dress shoes as we only own Converse (in every color). Adam got money and giftcards, I got a new Scentsy burner, new scents, some jewelry, and money.  Presley got a butt ton of stuff, too.  A chair, pajamas, new spoons, forks, and bibs, a buckle toy, clothes, and bath toys.  At this gathering I managed to put on approximately 17 pounds.

4) Presley must've been a bad girl because Santa did not come see her.

Why? You might ask.

Because she'll never remember it.

We are now $300 richer. (still poor)

5) We leave Tuscaloosa early Tuesday morning and make the 10 hour drive to Venice, FL to suprise Adam's family a day early! We were supposed to leave on Wednesday but had several tornado warnings coming in so we decided to beat the storms.  Presley was SO good on the way down.  We only stopped a few times to stretch our legs.  His parents were very surprised to see her walk through the door! 

We are still in FL, but leave in the morning.  We have had a great time visiting with his family! We had planned on going to the beach a lot but it has been so cold.  I don't think it's usually this chilly but there's just been a cold front for a while. 

Adam also had his 31st birthday yesterday! We went out with some friends at a place we always go to on New Years.  We stayed until 1:00 am, but then came home and crashed.  This morning we hit up some sales at the mall while Presley hung out with his parents!

Right now, we are headed to dinner! I will post pictures later on!

I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!