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June 26, 2009

blackberry blogging

First off, you should feel loved. Because I am on vacation, blogging from my Crackberry Blackberry. I got to DC on Wednesday and just let me tell you how happy I was to see the fam....VERY happy! Yesterday was a full day of site seeing. We started off with a tour of the capital. Our tour guide was a short little Asian woman..with a lisp. Very hard to understand her. Then we went to a few museums (is that spelled right??) But I can't remember the names of them. All I know is they weren't very stroller friendly. Speaking of stollers, have you ever tried pushing a 55 pound 5 year old in a stroller made for a toddler?? it was difficult, but it saved our lives...or at least Hunters feet! He actually took about a two hour nap in it which helped big time because he was turning into a monster! Every bus that passed us had "Rock Obama" in it too, according to Hunter. We finished the day off at the Arlington Cemetery where we watched the changing of the guards at the unknown soldier thingy-ma-jig. Try explaining that to a 5 year old. He didn't get it at all.once we got back to the hotel we went to Chilis and then headed to the pool so Hunter could burn off all the energy he had from the TWO Mountain Dews he had at dinner. Maniac isn't even the word Right now we are on our way to Kings Dominion, an amusement and water park. We are excited! Oh, did I happen to mention that we ae driving a ginormous van?? Like, a church van? Yes, its true. Its the only thing that all 8 of us would fit in. It actually works out nicely because we have plenty of room! I took lots of pictures so I will try to post them later on today!! Bye!!

June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

I'm not sure who all actually reads our blog, but Happy Fathers Day to all of you Dads out there! I hope y'all took a day to relax and enjoy yourself for the day! I sure hope my Daddy-O had a great day..Man, I wouldn't be here without him..like, literally..::giggle,giggle..snort, snort::

The boys have been on a 4 day road trip to Sacramento, and to tell you the truth, I don't think I watched any of the games on the computer, so I couldn't tell you what Adam did if my life depended on it. I do know that he got a few hits though, and that's all that really matters! They get in at 11:00 tonight. So, here I am..just wasting time until I go to the airport.

I have worked a lot in the past few days. You know, just bringin' home the bacon. I had a client tell me that I had "the most perfect nose ever"...HA..talk about a compliment?!?! Utah folks, they're strange...all of em'.
I've just been keeping myself busy, going to the gym, working, hanging out with the girls, watching movies, and other stuff while the guys are gone. Today a few of us went to church, grabbed some lunch, then headed to the pool. Until the rain decided to make an appearance. Blah. It's been raining for-ev-er.

Tomorrow is an off day..finally! I think Adam and I are going to go get lunch and then go to a movie (if I don't get called into work). We are going to go see The Hangover. I have no clue what it's about but I have heard that it's really funny. I'm not sure yet what we are going to do at night, maybe we can rally up some people for a game night. Who knows!?

Please, just let me tell you about my new obsession. Adam Pavkovich Purex 3 in 1 laundry sheets. OhSweetBabyJesus, they are amazing. It's really sad, to be honest with you. I had to scrounge up dirty clothes just because I was so excited to use them. It doesn't take much to excite me people, not much at all.

I am leaving for my trip on Wednesday! Whoot whoot! I am so excited to see this little fella:

Yes, that sign says "Hi Lindsay" and the little chicken scratch drawing blob is supposed to be a picture of me. Looks identical to what I really look like. HA! The last family trip we took was to Hawaii and it was a lot of fun. We attempted a day of surfing, which is a lot harder than it looks! Here is a picture from the last vacation. I can assure you that I am going to take a bazillion on this trip :)

Well folks, that's all I have for now. But, I can't let you leave without looking at some pictures of some pretty cool Dads I know!!

Two peas in a pod! My brother & nephew.

My Dad & I in Hawaii

Me & my Daddy-o!

Ok, before you say anything...I have NO idea how we don't have any pictures of Adam and his Dad together. I didn't think this was humanly possible to NOT have any. I searched everywhere (my computer, Adams piece of junk computer, the old blog ..everywhere I tell ya!) So..I stole a picture of of Kara's Facebook and cropped Adam in. Creepy, I know. I apologize..I just still don't believe that we don't have one...sheesh. So, here is Adam, his Dad, and his sister Kara!

June 17, 2009

Oh Happy Dayyyyy...

So today hasn't been the best of days. I have just been in a crappy mood, that's allowed, right? Well, this afternoon I was driving home from picking up my dinner (Chipotle...to be exact.) and then I pulled up behind this truck.

MadeMyDay. Kind of cheesy, I know. But, would you still be my friend if you knew that I waved back at all of these goofballs?

Yes, yes I did. And just when I thought I had lost my mind, I looked over at the car next to me, and the lady in the passenger seat also waved to them. ThankYouSweetBabyJesus, I'm not the only lunatic in Utah Looks like there are two of us lunatics in Utah. Tonight I am skipping out on the game, eating my big ol' burrrrrrrito (that's supposed to mean that I am rolling my r's), and watching every episode of The First 48 that I have taped in the last few days (which by the way, is a lot of episodes).

"But Lindsay, why aren't you going to the last game of the home stand?!?!"

I am going to quote my good friend Darcy Budde on this one. "You've seen em' once, you've seen em' all." HA. I love her. She's HI-larious. So, there you have it, not going :)

Last nights game was freeeeeeezing. It has been purtty chilly here there past few days. The other day it was 54 degrees. I am not making that up folks. C-o-l-d.

The guys only have only 3 games here while they are home. The first game Adam went 1 for 3 with a single. Last nights game Adam got the only run scored for the whole game. The score at the end of the game was 0-1..I think it was a sacrifice bunt that brought in the runner that was at 3rd. I was just glad that that game didn't go into extra innings. I am not quite sure what he has done yet in tonight's game except that he has a double. Yipee!

I only have ONE WEEK until my trip to Washington DC to see some of the fam jam! I am really excited, but I am trying to prepare myself for the weather. I am very excited to see everyone, and I am also very past due on some good southern cookin' (or mostly just all of the good restaurants...)

Work is still going good! I didn't work on Sunday or Monday...or Tuesday, but I did work today and I have to go back in the morning after the guys go to the airport! It works out great!

I keep asking Adam to write a blog but he doesn't love y'all like I do hasn't had the time to sit down and actually do it. What a shame...actually, who am I kidding, my post are way better than his :)

Oh me oh my, it's thunder storming..I am going to go crawl up in a corner and rock back and forth until everyone gets home..errrr, I mean, I am going to go watch the tube. Adios amigos.


June 13, 2009

Work, Work, & More Work...

I have been a working maniac! It has been nice because it has made the road trip go by super fast, the guys get home tomorrow night! Yahooo! They will only be here for 3 days, and then they leave again after that for a 4 day road trip. Boo.

I'm pretty sure that Adam is still in a slump, so far he is 4 for 21..yeah, not so hot. The Angels have been making a lot of roster moves lately sending the big league guys down here to SLC and moving up a lot of our guys here. That has nothing to do with anything I am talking about though..just thought I would throw that out there. You're going to have to excise me tonight, I am a bit scatterbrained due to the massive amount of Mexican food I just ate. That burrito might be taking over my brain...moving on.

The girls and I decided to postpone out trip to Lagoon, I think we are going to try to go next weekend. With most of the girls out of town for now, we figured we would wait until everyone is back.

Work has been going great, I have given a lot of massages in the past few days..cha ching!! I even had a client tell me that I had the most perfect nose they have ever seen. HA. Man, gotta love these weirdos in Utah.

Can I just tell you how excited I am about seeing my family soon??? Um. Yes. Very excited! Almost as excited as I am about seeing Toasty tomorrow!

The weather has been so crappy for the past week. Like, raining every single stinkin' day! So much for laying out while the guys are gone. That's why I haven't blogged lately, because if I haven't been at work, I have just been on the couch!

Ok, I am over writing now. Going to watch Mean Girls. Ta Ta!!

Welcome to Salt Lake City....

June 7, 2009

Back In Business

Tanner and I started back at the P90X today. Not fun. We started with Plyometrics..which is the hardest workout of the whole series. We just went ahead and got it over with so we would be all of the other days are easier..blah. I do feel better though. Tonight one of the girls, Myla Rodriguez to be exact, is coming over and cooking us dinner! Yipee! She is making salmon, wild rice, broccoli (my fav), and chocolate covered strawberries. Nom Nom Nom. I can't wait! Last night Myla and Candice spent came over and spent the night, fun times. Most of the other girls have abandoned us gone home. Lori (Bobby Wilson's girlfriend) had to fly home because her Grandmother is in the hospital and isn't doing well, please keep her and her family in your prayers :) Jenny (Sandoval) and Darcy (Budde) went home, Giselle (Rodriguez) went home to AZ last week and had a baby (you know, no biggie or anything..ha), Ashley (Thompson) has been in Anaheim because her hubs is in the big leagues (but she is back in SLC now & coming over tonight), Amber (Willits) and her boys went back home yesterday to OK, and Sabrina (O'Sullivan) went home to CA yesterday too. SO, all of this is leading me to this..there is nobody here!!

Next weekend is going to be fun, we are going to Lagoon Water Park !

"But Lindsay, aren't all of you too old to go to a water park??"

PPPssshhh, hello?!?! NO! I mean, really we could just say that we are all taking Asher, you know, the bright eyed bushy tailed 4 month old. We all just happen to be going and wearing our bathing suit, and going on every ride..probably more than once..but it's all for Asher..yep. I can't wait!!!! He's gonna have so much fun!!

Remember how I told you that I am going on a trip?!?! Well, I must say, I am very excited about it! I am leaving on June 24th to meet my family in Washington, DC for a few fun filled days! It's going to be Me, my Dad (Eddie), my two brothers (Robby & Colby), my nephew (Hunter) , my brothers girlfriend (Lindsey), and my Dad's girlfriend and her daughter (Mary & Ally). It should be really fun! We will be there for 4 days, and we have a lot to see, so we should be pretty busy! We used to live there, so it will be nice to do some site seeing that I used to do all the time, but at that point in my life I didn't really care about site seeing ( I was in 3rd and 4th grade...). My Dad has a lot of fun things planned for us, so I can't wait! We are staying in DC June 24-28, then I will be flying home to Alabama until July 4th! Whoot whoot!

Hmm so far there have been two games on this road trip that the guys are on. Last night Adam went 0 for 4. Right now they are still playing the second game and Adam is 1 for 3. That's all I have for baseball at the moment. Sorry!

I just found this article about Adam. I think he did this interview while they were here for the past home stand. It's a good one! Enjoy!


June 5, 2009

An Interesting Night At The Field

Last nights game started off pretty normal. You know, me getting there really late, talking to all of the girls, playing with a few of the kids, giving a random 19 year old boy dating advice..the usual. Not paying attention to the game, nothing new. I took our camera (Big Bertha) to the game because Adam was playing 1st base, which hasn't happened that often, and it's much easier to get action shots of him when he's playing in the infield. So I move and go sit above the Bees dug out, getting ready to watch Adam bat, but the inning is over when he is on deck.

So I am thinking," Ok, I will just sit here and take some more pictures of him at first base."

Then, all of a sudden...Adam is on the pitchers mound..throwing the ball to the catcher. What in tarnation is he doing?? Well, you see, in the 9th inning the Bees were losing to Sacramento, 18-9. There was no way that the Bees were going to come back and win. Most of the time when this happens, the coach brings in a position player to pitch, instead of using another pitcher.

Let me just tell you, I was a nervous wreck! Before last night, I always wondered why the pitchers wife/girlfriend always got so nervous before their spouse pitched. Well, I now know why! I was shaking so bad! Ha! Here is how it went:

1st guy up to bat: Hit the ball straight to Adams glove, got out at 1st...PHEW!!!
2nd guy up to bat: This guy got a home run (which by the way, was his 3rd home run of the night, he was already doing really well)
3rd guy up to bat: Toasty struck him out...YEHAW!!!!
4th guy up to bat: Popped out to the catcher.

ThankyousweetbabyJesus..he survived! Although, at one point he almost pegged a guy in his head, it was pretty funny.

So, that was our eventful night! When we were driving home he said it was the "funnest night ever." He was really pumped! So, here are the pictures from last night, some of them are blurry because I couldn't get the settings right..but you get the point. Enjoy! Oh yeah while I was getting ready for the game, I got a few text messages from the girls saying that Adam hit a home run. Stupendous!!

After the inning is over, going into the dug out

Adam and Brandon

June 4, 2009

Feeling a bit neglected??

I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a few days! I've been working a lot, and when I'm not working I am at baseball games, or just hanging out with Adam!

The guys have been home for a while now (as a matter of fact, the leave again soon) and I feel like this home stand has flown by! They leave again on Saturday for a 9 day road trip. Yes, 9 days. Ahhhhhhhhh, I am going to be so bored! Oh well, hopefully I will get to work a lot :)

So far on this home stand Adam is 4 for 18..not the best, but it sure does seem like there hasn't been that many hits from any of the guys lately. I mean, not that it makes it any better, but if I were a baseball player, and I wasn't getting any hits, I guess it would make me feel better that I wasn't the only one..hmm..maybe that sounds bad?!

I wish I had more baseball talk for you, but to be quite honest with you, I haven't really watched any of the games lately. It has been raining almost every night, so we go up into a suite, which then leads to everyone just chatting and not paying attention :)

Let me just tell you how incredibly t-o'ed (ticked off) I am at the new computer game I begged Adam to get me Adam gladly bought me. Ok, well if you didn't know this I am addicted to The Sims computer game. I have almost every "add on" that you can have and that's what I do late at night when Adam is gone..the whole point of the game is to create people, build/buy houses for them, make them friends, get them married, have kids, go to work, blah blah blah. It sounds stupid, but I don't really care what you think it's actually a lot of fun. So, on June 3rd I was beyond excited that The Sims 3 was coming out. After the game was over with Adam and I went to Wally World to get it, but they were closed. So I woke up on the 4th, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go get it. When we get home, I head straight down to the dungeon our basement and install it. At this point, I can hardly stand it, it just can't load fast enough. Finally, installed.
Ready to play...that is, until something devastating happened.

My computer doesn't meet the minimal requirements for this new game.

What the $#@!#$&?!?!?! Seriously? My computer is only a few years old!! Why would they make a game, that I already have, and make it retardedly (is that even a word?) high tech?? Oh, and of course Wal Mart won't take it back because it's already been opened. Barf, I'm pissed. It won't work on Adams computer either, which isn't shocking because his computer is ancient old. So, I guess Adam is just going to have to finally give in and get a Mac so I can play my new game :) ::giggle giggle, snort snort::

I feel like I have a few more things I could write about, but I just got pretty hungry..but I will leave you with a few pictures of our little "mini tennis" match we had the other day....Oh yes, in my next post I will tell you about the fun trip I am taking soon!!!

I probably should have mentioned that I am horrible at tennis

Well hello there Mr. VolumeInMyHair, where are you every other day that I need you?

One of my favorite people EVER!


Adams lovely serve.

He had his game face on.