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December 28, 2011

FL vacay

Sorry for the lack of blogging! We are in sunny Florida right now visiting Adam's side of the family!

PDizzle has had a great Christmas!

She was perfect on the flight here and has been sleeping pretty good in her pack-n-play! There's been a few times where she's woken up a little early, but we are on vacation, so naps are a little more frequent and that's okay with me!

Adam has been gone yesterday and today to help run an annual baseball camp that he's helped with for several years.  On Saturday Adam and some friends went paintballing while Presley and I went and hung out with a friend (her husband was paintballing with Adam) and they have a little boy who is about a 1.5 weeks older than Presley.  They were super cute!

We have more family on their way now so I better go get ready!

Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a (late) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Visiting at Uncle Dave & Aunt Vickie's

Kara & Adam

On our way to FL!

hubba hubba!


paintball with the boys

December 16, 2011

five months

PDizzle is 5 months old!

Why can't pregnancy go by fast and the growing up go by slow?

We haven't weighed her, but I'd say about 16 pounds.  I'm apparently very bad at guessing her weight, so I could totally be off on that one!

Also not sure about this one!

Clothing Size:
Pretty much everything she wears is 6-9 months.  Pants need to be 9 months because her legs are a little long. Y'all.  Y'ALL! Is it possible that my child will have pretty long legs? Say it ain't so!

Size 3...too much booty in da pants..

We started solids a few weeks ago.  We haven't started doing it for specific "meals" yet, but we are going to very soon! So far we just sporadically give her a jar for lunch or dinner.  I plan on making her food, I just have to find a free day to do it! At night she is still eating about 8 oz of cereal, then when she wakes up she only takes about 4 ounces of formula. Throughout the day (usually every 3 hours) she takes about 6 ounces of formula!

Her hair is starting to get lighter. I don't think she will be blonde headed, but I do think it will be a lighter brown. Her eye brows are brown, if that's supposed to mean anything.  Her hair is also growing back in the back where it had rubbed off! Thank ya Jesus! Her eyes are green fo sho! 

Fan-freakin-tastic! I started to only swaddle one arm, so whenever she wakes up she will just suck her thumb right back to sleep.  I'm not even sure if she wakes up anymore, but if she does then she doesn't make any noises.  The only problem we have is that she scoots around the bed and gets herself smooshed up in the corner. She usually sleeps between 11-12 hours at night.  HOLLA!  If I'm being honest, I like my child a tiny bit more when she sleeps like that.  Truth.  She takes about a 30 minute nap in the morning, then about 2 hour nap in the afternoon!

-She is now out of her baby bath tub and sitting up in her little bath chair whatcha-ma-call-it. We fill the bath way up so she can splash around! 

-She also still loves her jumpy and will bounce her little heart out until she falls asleep.  

-Still loving Mickey Mouse. 

-LOVES to look at herself in the mirror. Umm..conceited?!

-She is slightly obsessed with chewing on her hands.

Fun Stuff:
She is on her way to sitting up by herself! Just a few more days of practicing and I'm sure she will be a pro. She loves playing with the toys that are attached to her jumpy and has very good coordination with her hands.  Everything she touches goes straight to her mouth...lovely! She loves to stand up and be talked to.  Whenever I'm holding her and someone talks to her, she gets shy and buries her head into my shoulder.  This leads me to believe that she's not actually my child because I know it's impossible for me to bear a shy child.  We shall work on this.

Little P, you're growing so fast! Make it stop little girl!

December 10, 2011

P-Nasty's first Christmas!

It's safe to say that this is my favorite time of year! October, November, and December are my favorite months because October has the nicest weather, November has lots of food, and December is Christmas time!


I pretty much burn Fall scented candles year round and if I could leave my Christmas tree up all year long then I would.  Except we get a real tree and I'm sure that come June, it'd look pretty ugly.

Everyone assumes that the second you have a baby that the holidays are like 143 times better than in the past.  

That, my friends, is a lie!

For example:
Halloween this year, Presley was 3 months old.  We took her trick-or-treating with the cousins and friends, you know, the usual.  Guess who came home empty handed with not one....I repeat....NOT ONE cotton pickin' Reese's Cup or Mini Snickers for me to enjoy.  How rude!

Thanksgiving this year, Presley was 4 months old.  Which means she was no longer living in my stomach which meant that I had no excuse to get 6 helpings of turkey and mashed taters.  Last year I could do that because I was preggo.  This year I was just a fatty-tard.  

So far Christmas has been going good.  The only ridiculous thing is the amount of Christmas outfits P has.  More specifically, Mud Pie outfits.  Can you get stock in Mud Pie? I totally should.

We are being the meanest parents on the block and have chosen to not let our kids believe in Santa.  It's just a personal choice that Adam and I made before we even had Presley and feel that we are making the right decision for our family!  We are going to tell our kids about Santa, but that he's just a fun make-believe part of Christmas.  This year, thankfully, we don't have to worry about it though since she will be so young.  

Honestly, Adam and I aren't even getting her anything! I mean, she's 5 months old.  

All she cares about is if she can fit her whole fist in her mouth and how high of a pitch she can scream at.

This year we will be in Florida for Christmas! Adam will be driving down next weekend, then Presley and I are flying down on the 23rd.  We got a straight flight out of Birmingham but I still get anxiety about the 1.5 hour plane ride! 

Anyone have any Xanax tips on flying with a baby?!

December 7, 2011

thankful for Toasty

Since Presley has been here, we have been so fortunate to have family around to help us take care of her. My Mom came over almost every day in the beginning and would sit with the babe while I went and took a 3 hour nap.  My Mimi came over on days that my Mom didn't and would keep her while I ran errands (walked around Target) or just needed a nap.  They were such lifesavers and I honestly don't know how people do it without family! But, during those times Adam was also so much help.  Whether it was helping clean the house, grocery shopping, cooking (Lord knows I didn't cook before the baby, much less when I was sleep deprived and a walking zombie!).  He never once complained about getting up to feed her even though he had class that day.  I got really lucky in the ol' ball & chain department! Granted, he does things totally different than I do, I am still very grateful that I have the extra helping hands :)

So, my advice to any expecting or preggo Mom would be to make sure you don't become too controlling over your new baby.  

There are times when I wonder what goes through Adams head when he's taking care of her, but instead of being all psycho and "you did it wrong!!!!!!" I just choose to be grateful that he is helping out at all.

If he doesn't hold her the right way while feeding her, who cares? 
She's not crying and she's still eating.

If he makes her bath temperature a little colder than I make it, she's still going to be just as clean.

If he puts her in super ugly clothes that don't match?! She is still clothed and isn't really trying to impress anyone!

On the nights when Adam has baby duty (which isn't much anymore since she sleeps through the night) he doesn't like to swaddle her.  She doesn't really sleep as long when she's not swaddled, but he's the one that will be up taking care of her.  Ain't no thang to this mama...I'm getting my beauty sleep!

While most of the time I am a pretty relaxed Mom, there are times when I do voice my opinion and say stuff like,"I promise if you do _________ she won't be so fussy!"

But I don't go all ape $#!* on him and cause an argument.

Some Moms think that it's just easier if they do all of the care taking for the baby.  But if the men don't ever have the chance to practice then they'll never learn.  I feel like my motherly instinct kicked in from the get go, but Adams instinct has come just by being very hands on.

So, Moms...don't be a psycho about your child! I've never heard of a child being in harm because they're wearing an outfit that they grew out of months ago but the Dad put it on them anyways!

Ok, that's my little tidbit for the day! 

I really really really really REALLY am going to start blogging more.  Presley is no longer boring and is a real human these days so I actually have things to blog about.

Y'all, she's on her way to sitting up by herself!


December 3, 2011

MMS Winner

Cady is the winner of the My Memories Suite giveaway! Cady send me your email address (Ldevore7@gmail.com) and I will send you the instructions on how to download it to your computer!