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November 29, 2010


What do you get when two honeymooners have a little too much fun?

Yes, you can quit rubbing your eyes now..Yours Truly is pregnant.  And nobody can be more shocked than I was.  Details to come later.  But I feel like I must warn you, I am about to take this blog to a whole 'nother level,  because pregnancy has done things to me that I never would have imagined.  People, we are about to get real personal on this blog.  

November 15, 2010

Go ahead, give me the Worst Blogger of the Year Award...

People, what has happened? I will tell you what has happened.  LIFE! I don't know where the hours in the days go  but I sure could use a few more!  I am beginning to miss the baseball life that I once always complained about! BOO!  Well, I think the last post was about the wedding, so I will stop blabbing and post about our honeymoon!

I have the best in laws ever.  They sent us to Mexico for an entire week to an all inclusive resort.  It was the nicest place I have ever stayed! It was a place for adults only so there were no kids running around (well, except for me)! All of our food and drinks were included which is seriously the best thing ever.  We would have probably spent $1,000 in food if it weren't already included.  I think I probably gained about 48 pounds because I was always eating.  Like, for instance: Every. Single. Day when I would go lay out by the beach I would order a (HUGE) cheeseburger with fries, and fully loaded nachos.  By the 3rd day the butler didn't even have to ask what I wanted.  I would just be getting my tan on and a few minutes later he would walk up with a huge tray of food.  Loved that kid.  He obviously knew his way to my heart.  

Ok well I just now remembered that I actually blogged from Mexico HERE so you can go back and read that :)

So here are a bunch of pictures from our trip.  :)

November 1, 2010

Cue the wedding details....!!!

Well, obviously ever since the wedding shenanigans went down Adam and I have been Non. Stop. Busy.  Wedding...honeymoon...home for 4 days...gone to Mobile for Kristen's wedding...back to work and school.  So I am just now getting time to sit down and post about our wedding!

On Friday (the 8th) we had the rehearsal dinner, it went by pretty fast then it was off to the hotel to get some sleep! I was for sure that I was going to be up all night but I actually slept great...without the help of Ambien..thank ya Jesus! As soon as we woke up I was sooo hongry! We went straight to Bojangles then headed to Tera Lane to get our hair and make up done.  There were quite a few of us there and we all looked so good!  When we were done there I was hungry again-which reminds me, everyone told me I would be too nervous to eat...umm, yeah. NotSoMuch...-we went to McDonalds where I ate enough to feed a village then headed to Southern House and Garden to start pictures.  

The rest of the day is kind of a blur.  The ceremony was perfect, the flower girls and ring bearer all did so good too! I was a little worried about Taelor not wanting to walk down the aisle but I put gummies at the bottom of her basket and she got rid of all the flowers then sat up on the steps during the ceremony and ate them.  She was doing sooo good...then she farted.  Outloud. Thankfully only the bridesmaids heard it.  You gotta love that kid.

The rest of the day sailed by and I am so glad everyone made it for the big day, it was good seeing everyone and having a day the totally revolved around me....oh yeah, and Adam..but I like to pretend it was all about me.  What's new?

Our professional pictures aren't ready yet but we had a bunch of people take candid pics so I will post those! We also had disposable cameras at the reception but I haven't gotten those developed yet.  I will definitely post other pictures as soon as they're ready!

Click on the pictures to make them bigger :)

This is the ring my Dad gave me for my "something blue".  For my "old" and "borrowed" my Mom sewed part of her wedding dress and veil inside of my dress :)

Kara & Janine at Tera Lane!