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February 24, 2012

our week

This past week has really been a doozie for me! I've been pretty busy at work, then as soon as I get home with the kid the work just keeps going on and on and on and ON!

 Monday I had my first day of physical therapy.

Diagnosis: Tendonitis in elbows and wrist.
Treatment: PT 3x a week FOR THREE WEEKS!

  I go and I literally paid $30 (co-pay) to bend my elbows and wrists for 20 second increments.  Oh, and I got to squeeze some putty.

How is this medical science?

Not to mention I left work and did 4 massages! I think it just totally defeats the purpose. 

So obviously, I haven't been back and don't really plan on it.  I ended up getting one of my co-workers to strip my arms and OH MYLANTA it felt, like, a-freaking-mazing. Seriously, he worked on my arms with so much pressure that I have bruises.  But it's all good in the hood, I'm healed for now!

Presley went to the doctor about a week ago, she has fluid on her ear so we've been treating that by some nose spray or something.  I'm not really sure how that helps but as long as I don't have to   sit on her and squirt medicine down her esophagus I'm on board.  Dramababy.  

Homegirl has started fussing during bath time which is super tragic.  I could do without that for like, the rest of my life.  I'm about six hundred and eleventy two percent sure it was her ears bothering her, but I take no excuses.  She's fine now, but bath time took about 3 years off my life.  I can't get those years back. Ever.

On a sad note, I have stopped rocking Presley to sleep at night.  No reason except THERE IS ONE IMPORTANT REASON which is bedtime and LindsaysFavoriteShowsAreOn-Time just so happen to run together.  That's something I can't deal with, so I plop her into bed and start to watch my shows (teenmom2WHAT!!!!!!) We are on night 3 of this and so we are golden.  She doesn't cry and she still sleeps all night.  BOOM!

Sorry, lots of excitement in the baby department tonight.

Adam just got home and is in a good mood because the baseball team won tonight! Pretty soon he will be leaving for road trips which sucks donkey butt, big time!  He enjoys the coaching part of the job but I'm sure being away from me for so long will just. tear. him. to. shreds.


Yeah right...freeeeeeedom!


The End.


February 21, 2012

I know I know I KNOW!

Yes, I do realize that my child is 7 months old and her ultrasound picture is my blog header.

I'm workin' on it!

Anywho, I was going to blog but then saw what time it was and now I'm getting ready for small group.

So basically, I'm a big fat failure right now!

February 15, 2012

seven months

My little babynuggetlove is 7 months old today!

Holding steady at 19 pounds! (75%)

27 inches (75%)

Clothing Size:
I think we are finally transitioning into 9-12 months! I bought her a few more pairs of jammies that are 12 months, but I think they run small because they're cheap.

Size 3, but once we run out of these I'm getting size 4.  Has anyone tried the slip on diapers? We've reached the point where she turns over mid-diaper change.  Presley doesn't know how annoying that is!

This last month was one big experiment with food! P is now eating table food! So far she loves chicken, crackers, bread, rice, and apparently after today at school...red velvet cuppycakes!  She is still eating baby food and taking 5 ounces every few hours! 

Lots of hair coming in and it's brown! This makes me happy! Her eyes are also still green.

This is a sensitive subject this week.

The little turd has started waking up every 30 seconds because she flips from her back to her front.  Any other time she'd just roll back over, but NOOOOOOO sir-e-bob.  At night she just cries for me to come flip her back over.  Super annoying and just so we are clear...it is in fact illegal to duct tape a child to the bed, right? Because I'm running out of options.  I know she's fine on her stomach, that's not a concern.  It's just that she hates sleeping on her stomach and will cry until we flip her back over.

She's going through a rattle phase, or really anything that she can shake and it will make noise!

She loves to babble and fake cough

Mickey Mouse and his little minions are still dictating our TV

She loves to people watch

Fun Stuff:
Homefry has her two bottom teeth! BOOM!

Should be crawling in no time!

Says bye-bye, Mama, and Papa

weird fact: P calls Adam Papa...I've decided it's from all the Pitbull I listened to when I was pregnant.  Look at my little latin bambina! 

She's basically fluent in espanol.

She can pick food up and put it in her mouth.  She prefers mouth fulls of food. There is no portion control with her!

That's basically it! It makes me sad to think how quickly this is going bye, but I love watching her grow and learn new things! 


February 12, 2012

do's & don'ts

If you aren't already aware of my job as a Massage Therapist, I'm about to dedicate a whole post to it! 


What? Not excited?

**crickets chipping......**

Turns out that since I'm back at work everyday from 9-5, that's the only thing I have to talk about right now.  No news on the babe.  No news on the hubs.  Just work.

Everyday all day I massage people.  

Some big, some small, some weird, some smelly (!), some old, some annoying sorority girls, some guys who have been forced to come because their girlfriend booked a surprise massage for their 3 month anniversary.

I've literally worked on every type of person God ever ever EVER created.  Which has led me to some pretty helpful tips for all you heathens who ever question your spa-going-woes.


1) Your massage therapist doesn't care if you forgot to shave your legs before coming.  Honestly, either don't shave for a long time (you know, get past the prickly stage!) so it's soft, or shave 30 seconds before walking through the door.  Prickly legs hurt my hands!

2) Nobody cares that you haven't had a pedicure in 14 months.  First off, to be a MT you can't have a foot phobia.  People love a good foot massage and to me, it's the best part and what I always end the massage with.  I generally don't get grossed out by peoples feet.  It's nothing a little warm water and Dial soap can't fix!

3) If you book a deep tissue massage, that's a fine and dandy.  You'll get a deep tissue.  But where I work we sell Buy One Get One free Swedish Massage gift cards, so I mainly just do Swedish.  But I have some crazy folks comin' up in there saying, "You can go deeper, you can't hurt me I promise!"

Ummmm...first off, it's a Swedish massage.  Second, I can hurt you if I'd like to.

(FYI: Swedish massage is light to medium pressure.)

4) Don't call your MT a masseuse.  Like, ever.  That's like calling your hair stylist a beautician.  

Back in the day- which was a Wednesday- I'm sure you did call them masseuse's and beauticians.  

Not not peeps.  Not now.

5) If you're ever wondering if your MT wants to talk, the answer is YES! HECK YES! I love when my clients talk! Can you imagine being in a room for 5-6 hours a day massaging people who don't say a word? 

Trust me, by my 4th client I'm dead.  

By the end of the day I literally can not produce one single brain cell because I've been silent for 5 hours straight.  

6) To answer most peoples question of,"don't your hands hurt from massaging all day?" 
SSHHHYYEEAAAHH! My hands, my arms, my elbows, my back, my feet, my freakin' brain...you name it- it hurts! 

7) Just because you're about to get a massage and get all oily and greasy does not mean you can come to your appointment right after working out! This rule also applies to people who just got over a bad sunburn and are peeling! 

Peeling skin + massage= little skin flakes all over my hands and the sheets.

8) Most places require clients to fill out an intake form.  It asks questions about your health and injuries.  If you list that your L5 & L6 are herniated disks, you have migraines, you had rotator cuff surgery, you have Fibromyalgia, you have a pinched nerve, and have arthritis then.... 

Not a massage! People will seriously come in with 538 problems and then think that one massage will heal them..I'm not the Lord...just little ol' Lindsay!

9) Turn your phones off!

last and most importantly...muy importante my amigos....

10) TIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The only reason you shouldn't tip is if the massage was absolutely horrible! I can't tell you how many clients have gone on and on about how it was the best massage they're ever had..and then they don't tip. I always look forward to my clients who tip..and I will usually give them an extra 5 minutes or a neck or foot massage! Sometimes the tip is $5 and sometimes it's $20..I'd say an average tip is $10-15 though! 

So, there you go...hopefully that will answer some questions that some of you have been pondering on!

Or not.

But I had nothing else to write about.

This is also a good time to talk about the other type of massage I just started doing! I got trained in Ashiatsu (bar therapy) and I am starting to take clients this coming up week! It consists of my and my chubby little self walking on my clients! It's a lot of fun for me, and perfect for anyone who likes very deep pressure! If you're in Tuscaloosa and want to try it out, then let me know!

Obviously not me..but you get the idea!

I'll be back in a few days with Presley's 7 month update!

February 4, 2012


I suck at blogging.


My name is Lindsay and I'm a work-a-holic we're poor so I have to work 700 hours a day.


What happens when I hate being a SAHM but I also hate working?

I don't hate my job, I just hate that I have to work 9-5 and only get to see my little nugget for a few hours a day! It sucks major donkey butt and me no likey.

Up until a few weeks ago I was only working 9-3, but now I am back to working 9-5 and FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD AND HOLY I hate it! By the time I get Presley from day care I only have about and hour and a half before we start the bed time routine and she's out for the night! 

Oh wellz.

It makes me cherish the weekends even more now!

In other news...

Presley might as well go ahead and apply for Social Security and move into the nearest nursing home...

because she's like, eating real grown up food these days and pretty much a genius!

Here's some updates on the fatty:
~two teeth
~waves and says 'bye bye'
~loves waffles and pasta
~so close to crawling we can taste it
~swaddle free at night
~also says 'pa pa'
~pisses excellence

See? So grown up I tell ya!

We still haven't taken her to her 6 month check-up..uh oh!  We had her appointment for the 15th but when she was so sick her pediatrician rescheduled it for later on in January. Then after much thought we ended up taking her out of her pediatricians office and switching to a different doctor.  There had been several doctor visits with her pediatrician that I wasn't happy with and when she overlooked Presley when she was very sick it was just the icing on the cake.  We now have her 6 month appointment this coming up week and I am so excited to meet her new doctor (Dr. Buettner for the locals....her pediatrician was Dr. Roberts at West AL Peds and I really do love her, she just wasn't the doc for us!)


Adam has been pretty busy with baseball.  The season starts very soon so they've had lots of practicing and workouts going on! I guess in a few weeks I'll become a single Mom...boo!  Besides baseball he has been at school.  He only has one class this semester AND THEN HE GRADUATES!


He will put out his resume soon and I pray he finds a coaching job! He is majoring in Accounting and has a minor in Computer Science....and he wants to be a college baseball coach!!??!!

Whatever makes him happy...if coaching falls through he at least has something good to fall back on!

Ok, well it's Bachelor time.

And if you're wondering, I can't stand Ben and I already know who he picks so I hate him even more.  I can't wait for next season because Emily is the Bachelorette!

I'll consider entering Adam and maybe she'll want to be a sister wife! ;)

Holla back youngin' OOOOOHHHH OOOOOHHHH!

**We had our sweet friend Jamie take Presley's 6 month pictures...get ready to fall over and die from cuteness overload....**

Different day, same pose :)

The flash got us in the next two pictures!