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February 28, 2009

We're gonna party like it's my birthday. Why? Because it is.

OK this title isn't exactly what I would call accurate. 1) We didn't party. 2) Because it's not my birthday anymore. But oh well! I had a GREAT birthday yesterday! I woke up to the kitchen decorated with birthday stuff, a really cute card, and an ice cream cake..Mmmmm Mmmmm! I started my day off by eating left over PF Changs for breakfast (calories don't count on birthdays...just so you know). Some of you might be thinking,'PF Changs?? For breakfast??' Yes, but it was 10 am..so it's not like I was eating honey chicken and rice at 6:00 am. OK, anyways...then I cleaned house and got ready for the game. BUT..on the way to the game I stopped by In-N-Out (burger place) and chowed down a greasy cheeseburger and fries! I was realllllly going to take advantage of my day off of eating healthy. After the game Adam, Terry, and I were headed to the Chris Tomlin concert in Glendale! Chris Tomlin is a famous Christian singer and Terry is friends with the assistant tour manager for Chris so he got free tickets and we even got to go backstage before it started and meet Chris! He stayed around and talked to us for a few minutes then we went to our seats! We were on the ground level, 9 rows from the stage! They were awesome! The opening show was a guy names Israel Houghton, and we was amazing! We didn't think he would be that entertaining but he was great! The whole concert was such a blast, it was just an entire coliseum filled with all of us praising God and singing our hearts out!

Adam got in the game yesterday around the 7th inning. He got one at bat but popped out. The pitcher he faced was brutal, though. He throws at or over 100 MPH. Adam said he faced him in the Dominican so he knew it wouldn't be too pretty. Today they are playing on the road, which is only about 30 minutes away, but I'm not going. I am going to hang out by the pool for a while, and maybe go by the mall :) I hope Adam gets to play today but if they are going by the same "schedule" they have done so far, then he won't get in today. We will see though!

This is just a random picture of a guy getting some sun..we thought it was funny

Yesterdays game against the Rockies

Some of the girls.

This was on Thusday, I know, my head is cut off, oh well...all that matters is that little Sofia is the cutest little girl ever

At the concert last night! I can't believe we didn't get a picture with Chris Tomlin! Its ok, he was too busy trying to seduce me with those eyes of his.... :)

February 26, 2009

One game down....

Yesterday the Angels had their first game and they played the White Sox..wait..more like, destroyed the White Sox. The final score was 12-3. Adam got in the game around the 6th inning (maybe 7th?!) and his first at bat he got an RBI Single. For those of you (specifically my family) who need more explanation of this...he hit the ball...got to first base...and in the mean time someone scored..there ya have it :) It was a big relief for Adam. He said that he felt so comfortable up at the plate, very different than last years spring training. Last year was his first year in big league spring training so when he was up to bat the nerves just took over, and got to him so it was good to hear that it was totally different this time around!

After the game ended we went to grab a quick bite to eat at Hooters..I was reallllllly craving some fried pickles. Then we hurried home to freshen up a little and then it was off to our Bible study. The church is pretty far away but is definitely worth the drive. It is led by the chaplain for the Arizona Diamondbacks and all of the people that attend are baseball players and their wives/girlfriends. Adam and I met a few people there (Terry Evans, Brandon Wood, and his girlfriend Lindsey) so we all sat together. I hadn't seen Lindsey in a while so we sat around for a few minutes after it was over and talked for a while!

I am now getting ready to go BACK to the grocery store. It's unreal how we go to the grocery store twice a week and there is only two of us..ugghhhh. The game is at 1:05 today so I will update later! I only took a few pictures yesterday and they aren't that good because I didn't get up and move from behind the net..I was too busy catching up with all the girls. Today I will get some better ones.. Have a good day!

The sun setting behind the mountains

Toasty on 3rd..getting ready to bring it home


February 25, 2009


That's how I think it should be spelled..I just really hate typing Phoenix..particularly the 'x'..don't know why..it's probably just one of my abnormally weird pet peeves. Anywho, today is the first game and I am so very excited!..I think. After a few games I might feel differently about the situation.

Since being here we have settled in the apartment quite nicely! I am so much happier to be in this apartment and not in a hotel. It's very nice to have a full size washer and dryer IN our room rather than carrying everything down into a lobby and into the laundromat and have to pay for every load! Oh but the neighbors upstairs?????? Holy cow they could possibly be the loudest human beings that our God ever put on this earth. This is what I have gathered about them so far..

1) They have the largest/heaviest feet known to man kind
2) They walk around with high heels on and stomp as hard as they can during every step taken
3) They sprint from one side of the apartment to the other..All. Day. Long.

We have figured out that they have a toddler and clearly this kids bedtime is around 10 PM..because that's how long this goes on. Our first night here Adam and I were really tired and frustrated by the noise. So what did we do? Of course we DIDN'T just tune out the noise while watching TV..So instead of acting like the totally mature adults that we are...I grabbed the broom and he grabbed a water bottle. He consistently threw the water bottle up to the ceiling and I banged the end of the broom on the ceiling about 15 times. Mature right? Do you think they got the message? NOPE! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Yesterday I spent the day getting my tan on at the pool. It was about 86 degrees and I was sweating like a pig! We have two pools so I had to cool off some..but I got a pretty sweet tan..ok..more like a burn, but my motto is "I'd rather be red than white!". After I got done with laying out I headed back up to the apartment and I had just sat down and blessed my beautiful Turkey & Cheese Lean Pocket when I got a call from Adam. I had to come pick him up and take him to Toys R Us....why you ask? Good question. Let me start from the beginning. Every morning during spring training there is a meeting. During these meetings there are certain tasks that people have to do and they consist of all different types of things and many people are chosen to do it. Sometimes it will be that a group of the big leaguers have to take some of the younger guys out to eat at a nice restaurant, go to a certain event going on in town and do a report/poster on it..just things like that. Yesterday was for a group of guys to go to Toys R Us and spend $3,000 on toys for a bunch of kids. Adam was one of the chosen guys, along with a few other guys that were in SLC last year. Adam had called me to come get him because they needed his truck to put all of the stuff in. Let's take note that I had just got in from laying out in the blistering heat all day, had tanning oil all over me, and looked like a hot mess. So I quickly got ready and was off to shop! Once we got there it was like Supermarket Sweep...but better..because it was toys. Everyone had their own buggy and they were spread out throughout the whole store. Now, most of the guys were getting little basket ball goals, baseball bats, firetrucks..and other stuff like that. Where do you think we were? We were on the aisle with the telescopes, computers, and home science projects..hahahaha. Leave it to Adam to pick out toys for these kids that HE really wanted..I had to explain to him that he is a differnt breed of man kind..So we grabbed a few things from that aisle then I had to tell him to move on over to what these kids really wanted. Most of the guys had their buggy filled with toys for boys only..so I kept trying to remind Adam to get some girl stuff too. As we were looking at the remote controlled helicopters I looked over and one of the guys was on the aisle with all of the Princess toys, and he had his buggy filled to the top with Princess stuff..I thought that was really cute! By the time we checked out there was about 8 buggies full and they spent $3,009. It was a lot of fun! I wish I had taken some pictures but I was too busy loading all of the stuff into Adams truck! At some point they will take all of the toys to the kids...such a great thing to do :)

Sorry, that was a long story but that's about the only interesting this that has happened so far. The people are supposed to be coming to fix our internet..we have a crappy signal so they are going to bring us our own router..but who knows when that will be! I will try to write tomorrow and let you know how the game goes today!

Oh yeah...my Birthday is Friday..just in case you forgot :)


February 22, 2009

Made it!

I had NO problems at the airport yesterday! Since I was flying stand by I had already prepared myself for a day of complete chaos..but nope, it was easy peasy. The flight from Atlanta to Phoenix was a long one but they played the movie The Family That Preys, so I watched that and then took myself a little nap! Adam picked me up from the airport then it was off to our apartment! Our apartment is about 10 minutes away from the field but it is really nice! Fully furnished with everything we need..much better than a hotel for sure! After we brought all of my luggage up we went to Oreganos..and I just have one word for that...Pizookie. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Pizookie...its a big warm mushy chocolate chip pizza/cookie with vanilla ice cream. OhMyGoshItsTheMostAmazingThingEver...besides me of course >:)

After eating we made a trip to Wal-Mart..which was bad because Adam and I were so full the last thing we wanted to do was go buy more food. We ended up getting a lot of stuff and headed back to the house! Lately I have been going to bed verrrry early, like 9:00..so thankfully Adam has been too..so we were out by 9:15 and were up bright and early at 6:30! That will all change when the season starts..we usually don't even get home until 11:00 at the earliest sometimes during that time.

Today I dropped Adam off at the field at 7:30. I'm not sure what my plans are for today. Right now I am watching something really funny on the news. They are talking about the incident that happened a few days ago with the Chimpanzee that attacked the woman. On the news they are talking about how the chimp relates to Obama..I don't understand what they are talking about but I think that's hilarious. Ok, enough with that I guess!

There are 3 more days until the games start here! Adam is excited! He said that they should be having a scrimmage pretty soon..maybe even today! I am going to try and go see some of my friends (players wives of girlfriends) in the next few days before the games start. I think we are going to try to go to lunch or something.

I took some pictures of our apartment. Once the games get started there will be more interesting pictures to post!


Den/Dining Room

Kitchen and Den


Bedroom with a big walk in closet

Welcome to our life..living out of suit cases..and many of them

February 19, 2009

Phoenix Bound!

Yep, I will be headin' west on Saturday! Yehaw! And just let me tell you how UN-prepared I am. I still have loads of laundry to do, people to see, and not enough time! Thankfully I went last week and did a few important things like get my license renewed! Is it bad that when the woman doing it asked me if all the information was still the same including weight and height that I lied?? I mean sure I would love to say that my weight did not fluctuate one ounce since 2007! DOH! Oh well, it made me feel better anyways :)

Let me just take you on a little tour of how my past week went.

We'll start with Sunday, because that's as far back as my memory goes.

Sunday- Went to church at Church of the Highlands. Almost passed out during the 45 minutes of standing and singing because it felt like it was 500 degrees. Met up with my Dad who was driving through town on his way home. We stopped at Target because he bought me a Crock Pot that I had mentioned that I wanted. After he bought it I then realized I can't carry that big ol' thang on a plane...hmm. I can't remember what I did for the rest of the day, must not have been too interesting though.

Monday-Hunter was out of school so Lindsey, Hunter, Haley (Lindseys friend), and Jacob (3years old), and I went to Chuck E Cheese's. Ate a lot of pizza. Then I had to go meet my friend Brittney to get fitted for her bridesmaid dress. Let me tell ya, it's not a good idea to eat a million pieces of pizza before getting measured for a dress. Then after that I headed back to Robbys house to get Hunter ready for Karate. Watched Hunter kick and punch a few things. Went back to Robbys.

Tuesday-Took Hunter to school..I think this was the first time we have ever been on time and I actually didn't forget his backpack..truly amazing on my part. Then I went to get my license renewed. I really wish they would show you what your picture looks like before they print it out. I mean, I thought I was lookin pretty darn good until I saw the new picture..I mean for goodness sake...my neck looks like it was yanked off a giraffe and transplanted onto my body...not to mention it my collar bone looks abnormally large and in charge. Oh well.

Wednesday- Hmmm..Wednesday..what did I do??? Shoot. Can't remember. OHHH YES. I went to the dentist. I was a nervous wreck. I brushed and flossed my teeth like it was my job before I went. I went in 99% positive that I would have at least 2 cavities..can you guess how many I have?? Give up?? NONE!! Yes sir-ee! I was so proud of myself. So after my gums got sliced and diced by the floss that was so thick you could have used it to bungee jump, I went home...I think..I actually don't remember what I did for the res of the day....hmmm...I do know that Hunter spend the night.

Thursday- Woke up, packed a few things for AZ. Drove to Montgomery to spend some time with My grandparents Jane and Guerry, and also my Aunt DJ, Uncle Johnny, and cousin Sidney. We went out to dinner and now I am back at my grandparents house writing this scrumptious little blog. Ohhhh yes how could I forget. All day today Adam and I have been trying to find a place to live in Phoenix. Not that hard, you say? Actually it's very hard! Nobody wants to rent their place for just 5 weeks. This is the way I look at it...you're most likely NOT going to get someone to rent out the place anytime soon so why not just let us live there for a few weeks???But Nooooooooo..can't do it that way. Whatever. Adam went and looked at one place but is waiting until I get there to get my opinion. Last year I only went to visit him for a week or so, so we just stayed at the Extended Stay hotel thingy. But since I am there for a while this year it is going to be too expensive to live in a hotel. I hope we find something!

Tomorrow- I am going to get up, eat some breakfast before heading back to Tuscaloosa. I have to finish packing my stuff, which will probably take forever because I get sidetracked way too easily. I am going to go hang out with Kristen and get her mom to paint my toe nails because she is amazing. Then I am going to go visit with my other Grandparents and Aunt Rah Rah and Uncle Ricky who are in town. Then I am driving to Huntsville because I am leaving my car with my Dad while I am gone. He is going to take me to the airport on Saturday!

I think that's about it! I can't wait to get to Phoenix!


Hunter and Jacob at Chuck E Cheese's

Hunter at karate..they practice hitting this foil before they advance to the harder things.

That's one good lookin kid!

Karate..aka "where they teach to you be a Power Ranger..."

Newest addition to the family...Buddy the yellow lab :)

February 15, 2009

Ok, I will admit that...

I have serious issues. Adam and I really love to people watch...and personally, I think that the airport is by far, the best place to do this at. But right now as I sit at Starbucks and drink my White Chocolate Mocha, I have concluded that this place might take first place in my book. I was sitting here just a few minutes ago listening to this college girl talk to some frat-looking guy about all of her ex boyfriends. So while just as she is getting to the good part about her last ex who had all of these issues because his Grandmother died..I noticed something very strange..or so I thought. I saw this business man sitting in the corner, sipping on his frappachino..talking/mumbling to himself. I tried to make is not-so-obvious that I was staring, but I really couldn't help myself. He was going on and on and on about something pretty intense and I am thinking 'this guy is psycho, he's like, having an argument..with himself .' Then it hit me..just when I thought that I wasn't the weirdest person after all.. He was on his Blue tooth phone piece. For goodness sake people..those things just make you look insane! Just thought I would share that with you. Really, if you have nothing fun to do during the day..find a Starbucks and drift away into everyone elses life stories..it's fun.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE...I am going to Phoenix early!! I was originally scheduled to leave March 3rd, but I just can't stand it anymore...I am going to leave around the 24th. My brothers girlfriends mom (got that??) works for Delta and is letting me use a Buddy Pass..whoot whoot. I was going to surprise Adam and show up at the hotel, but when he told me that he was thinking about flying me out there early and was going to go online when he got back to the hotel and look at tickets, I figured that I should probably tell him. And who am I kidding?? I can't keep a secret like that if my life depended on it! I remember back in the day we used to BEG my Mom to let us tell her what we got her for her Birthday..I get way too excited! I will know for sure in the morning as to what day I will be leaving. I can't wait!!

Adam has been in Phoenix for 2 days now and has been to the field to practice some. He said that he has been hitting pretty well so far. I pray that he keeps up the good work. (Oh my gosh, I promise you that a guy looking IDENTICAL to Richard Simmons just walked in...)..ok where was I?? OHH..yeah..baseball. Every time I mention to Adam about trying to find a place in SLC to live he always responds with,"You mean, Anaheim,right?" He's so positive about it all..we can only hope and pray! Hopefully this will be the last year with the Angels! I will tell Adam to get on here and post a blog about whats been going on.

Tomorrow I am going to take Hunter to karate, so I will try to snap a few pictures to post on here! I found a pretty funny picture the other day while cleaning my room..so I thought I would share it with you, it's not very clear because it's a picture..of a picture...but it's me and my best friend Kristen in the 5th grade..I am going to go ahead and apologize for the bangs..for both of us..and just try to keep in mind that we all went through an ugly stage of our lives...

The pigtails....What were we thinking??

Many years later...

Look how AMAZING we turned out?!!!!!

February 11, 2009

We've Been Poisoned!

Ok, well not we..just Adam...he's got food poisoning :( We went and ate at Cracker Barrel on Tuesday night when he first got here and pretty soon after, he started to feel pretty bad. So, today I have been trying to get him to eat but he won't. He was up all night puking his poor little guts up..he is feeling much better now.

Today Adam is going to drive to Oklahoma, but not alone. He is going to meet up with Terry Evans, who lives in Atlanta, and they will follow each other. I think they are going to meet up in Mississippi and go from there. It will only be 2 weeks until I leave...yahoooo! Uhh...errr..I mean, I am just devastated that I will once again be leaving. No really, I am sad that I am leaving my family, but we gotta do, what we gotta do :) I packed two suit cases to send with Adam in his truck, so that will make it much easier when I have to try and pack my other two suitcases..now I won't have to worry about being over the 50 lb limit or not. I sent most of my shoes, jeans, and heavy winter clothes and a lot of my summer clothes with him..hopefully it won't be too much colder here until I leave! We are trying to pack lighter this year, but his car is pretty packed full!

This morning before he left we made the trip to City Cafe and pigged out! I was sad to see him go but we are working on getting me out there earlier than I had planned. My original flight is set to leave on March 3rd but I am going to try and see if I can leave around February 24th. I was very close to just packing up and leaving with him today but then realized that I have a few things that I have to take care of before I head out west for the whole season.

Anyways, not much to talk about on this post..the days are nearing where baseball talk will be in action! Take care!


February 8, 2009


So, I thought that a few days ago, I was "worn slap out" from taking care of kids?!?!?! NOW, I am officially completely mentally & physically drained from it! On Friday night I came to my brothers house and had Hunter (5), Landon (4), and Taelor (17 months). It really wasn't that bad because they all played really well together, but it was just a little hectic at times! I can officially say though, 3 kids is just too much for me..I think I could just handle 2 :)

Landon left Saturday around 11 so Robby, Hunter, Taelor, Lindsey, and I played outside for a while! It was really nice out so we had a good ol' time!

Nothing too much to talk about though, I have watched so much of the Noggin channel lately that I actually catch myself getting into the shows. I guess that's what happens we you really have kids! Now Hunter and I are watching Ace Ventura When Nature Calls..I love the dang movie!

I am about to head back home and relax allllllllll night! Tomorrow I have to run just a few errands but that's all! I am soooooooooo very ready for Adam to get here on Tuesday! You just don't even KNOW!!!! Eeeeeeeeek!!!! I kind of forgot what his pretty little face looks like :) I know he can't forget what my beautiful face looks like, that would NEVER EVER happen!!!

Oh my goodness how could I forget to tell everyone the most important thing EVER..my birthday day is in 19 days (February 27th)..you know...just reminding you :)

Ok, I know this blog was pretty boring for those of you who don't know my fam, but how can you resist a million pictures of these cute little faces?


Why play with toys when you have the fire place?

Soakin' in the tub

Landon Blake and Hunter

Hunter is SO thrilled that Taelor is bouncing up and down on him...

Robby and Taelor

Miss Priss

Playing some ball

I know, those pigtails are just killin her! But they are so dang cute!

Who knows whats going on here, Hunter doesn't look too happy, but Tae does!

February 6, 2009

4 more days to go!

I have been one busy woman! I have been so busy that I haven't even started the countdown of when I get to finally see Adam! I usually start the at the 10 day mark, but I forgot, so I am starting with 4 days! Yehaw! It's going to be a short visit, but I will take what I can get, I guess. We will pretty much just have all day Wednesday to hang out, which means we can go to City Cafe! Whoot Whoot! They are only open on the week days, so we have to catch them while they're open! I can't believe that it's already baseball time again. I must say, I am very excited!

I went up to my Dads in Huntsville on Tuesday and came back yesterday. We had a lot of fun together! I really like Huntsville, especially the area that he lives in. Everything you need is just right down the road and there are about 100 million different places to eat! Tuesday we kept it simple and just ate dinner at Subway. Then, on Wednesday while he was working I weaseled my way to the mall and did some damage. It's amazing the thrill I get out of buying new jeans, it's really weird. But of course, I never find jeans that are cheap and fit good, it's always the expensive ones...story of my life! For dinner on Wednesday for dinner we went to Tokyo (Japanese place)..it was ohmygoodness SO good..I am afraid to admit though, I ate about one whole truck load of rice. Lets just say I was NOT counting the calories that day. Sheesh. But it was totally worth it! We had lunch on Thursday then I was on my way back to Tuscaloosa!

I went straight to my brothers house on my way home and picked Hunter up. Yesterday was his Moms birthday to I took him to buy a bunch of balloons and we went to her grave and sent the balloons up to her party with Jesus! We had SO many balloons that they took up the entire inside of the car, I think we had a total of 9 balloons..in a mustang..let that mental picture sit for just one second....ok..
Hunter had a lot of fun, we always go by her grave and clean it up. I will post pictures below!

Today I am baby sitting again, they are the cutest kids in the world! Tonight should be an interesting night. I am staying at my brothers and we will have Hunter, Taelor, and Hunters cousin Landon. Landon is 4 (I think). I am sure we are going to take them to McDonalds or somewhere to burn off some energy!

Ok, gotta go feed these kids! Have a good weekend!


February 4, 2009

25 Random Facts...

Ok, so I got tagged for this survey on Facebook but thought that I would do it on here instead..just because. And I am just going to go ahead and warn you that this isn't about Adam..it's about me...but maybe I will call him and get his 25 random facts over the phone...ok, herrrrre we go. Contain yourselves.

25) I am "that person" that makes the top to the toothpaste unable to be screwed back on because toothpaste is smothering the top.

24) I get nothing but pure joy out of watching people slip and fall, unless they're hurt

23) I very rarely get embarrassed, like ever

22) I have no problem getting up in front of a large group and speaking, but my face still turns bright red

21) I can burp really loud...and long...(I know Mom & Dad, I just made you really proud with that one)

20) I take blistering hot showers

19) I already have all of my future kids names picked out...and the one that Adam has picked out already is not even in the question...sorry babe.

18) It is possible that one day I might be the old Cat Woman...I love little kitties.

17) I am obsessed with the Twilight series and even call Adam 'Edward' from time to time

16) I could spend the rest of my life on the internet..sad, but true.

15) I totally believe in spanking your children..as Madea puts it "Whup that ass"..if this has anyone worried, don't worry too hard, there's a chance that my kids will be perfect and will never need to be spanked :) If you aren't familiar with Madea..watch these two clips..



14) I would rather be deaf then blind..shoot, at our house (my Moms) you would be lucky to be deaf..in fact, we have a deaf cat named Keller (after Helen Keller)..and we all envy his disability

13) I know the words to The Little Mermaid by heart..watched it everyday when I was in middle school...yes, middle school.

12) We call my Moms house the "Funny Farm" because we have a lot of animals..usually if we find a cat, it becomes a barn cat...and my Mom is a total sucker for a cute puppy.

11) I am a really good speller. I get it from my Mom. Although, she did once spell chihuahua like 'chewawa'..sorry Mom, I couldn't help myself..you will never live that down.

10) Don't talk to me during Grey's Anatomy, you might lose a limb.

9) I am very weird and random, but you already know that.

8) I am very cold natured so I am freeeeezing all the time

7) I used to be the kind of person that would never get rid of clothes because "maybe, just mayyybe I will wear that shirt again."..but now since we move around all the time I have learned to part with things

6) I could live off broccoli...and french fries

5) Adam and I have a secret handshake..but it's not a secret

4) I still sleep with a blanket...betcha didn't think I would admit that

3) I REALLY like buying laundry detergent...Adam buys the cheap stuff and I can't stand it.

2) Shopping at Target is just plain dangerous.

1) I can write anything backwards in cursive, I know...you are totally jealous of this talent I have..and you should be

Alrighty, now the list could go on and on and on but I want some of you to think that I am somewhat normal...HA..yea right.


February 3, 2009

Worn Slap Out

...taking care of Hunter is exhausting! I'm telling you, getting ready for school is not my forte. We are supposed to leave the house at about 7:30 and what time do you think we even woke up? Just guess.... 7:15. Yes, WAKE UP 15 minutes before we are needing to leave. Hunter is not a morning person and is slooooooooooow. We didn't even leave the house until 8:00 this morning, and about half way to school I realized that I had forgotten his backpack with his homework and snack in it. But, I dropped him off anyways and went across the street to the new Publix and got him a new and improved snack :) Tonight he is going to his first night of karate..he is pumped! He had a mild change of heart during the day but then I convinced him that they were going to teach him how to be Power Rangers and he was all over it, again. I am in Huntsville at my Dads so I am going to call him later to see how it went :)

The past week has been a busy one! On Friday I just hung out with Kristen and her room mates. We went to dinner at Panera and then played a few rounds of Catch Phrase, I love that friggin' game! Saturday morning I woke up and met my friend Jordan at David's Bridal. She is getting married in October and I am a bridesmaid. We looked at dresses for the both of us and just let me tell you, I don't know how you are supposed to decided on any kind of dress when there are 6 cajillion choices! We found a bridesmaid dress but no wedding dress! After we were done there I met up with my Dad and Colby and we went and shot some guns. The target=Dads old computers. I know, it sounds ridiculous (more like, scary!!!), but I did shoot a gun! I even hit the targets! It was the last day of hunting season, so I don't think many people around us were too happy about us being there! So, we left and went to Robby's house to hang out with him and Taelor! Sunday my Dad, my brothers girlfriend Lindsey, and I went to church on campus and it was a lot of fun! I have never been to that church before but I must say, I think it's a keeper! It is pretty much the same kind of setting as all the other churches that Adam and I go to in FL and UT!

That pretty much sums up my week, I am going to be at my Dads until Thursday afternoon, then I am headed back to T-Town!

Adam is still just working out hard, hitting, hating life without me (!), and eating a bunch of good food without me. He can't decide when he is coming but I sure do wish he would hurry up and decided. He keeps getting my hopes up by telling me that he is coming on Sunday, then at the end of the conversation he says he's going to come on Wednesday. Grrrrr. My guess is that he is really just trying to surprise me early but doesn't want me to think that he is coming on Sunday..but he really is. He tried to surprise me a few years ago by showing up a day early. When he called me he was standing outside my door, so I went to the front door..saw his face...and then slammed the door in his face. After coming to my senses I opened it up and let him back in. I was surprised....but...he came the night of the season premier of Grey's Anatomy annnnnddd well, I was a little torn. I really wanted to watch Grey's...so I did :) But anyways, I think I just started to ramble there, sorry. So, the whole point of that story is (this is for Adam)..Adam, if you are going to surprise me on Sunday please either make it before or after Desperate Housewives comes on ;) Totally kidding, kind of.

Isn't everyone just SO proud of Adam FINALLY taking the time to write a blog?? I figured it was about time for some pure baseball talk. I am going to try to make that happen more often! Thankfully, spring training is just around the corner. Then, you will probably be like 'man, I wonder what Lindsay has been doing lately, I'm so tired of hearing about baseball.' OK that probably won't happen.

Alrighty, my Dad just got home so we are going out to dinner....Hasta Luego!


Colby shooting the Revolver .357

My Pops shooting his "James Bond Gun"...PPK .380

Contain yourselves...this is me.

No one was injured.

Gun slingers...

How can you resist those eyes? Let me tell you, you can't!

February 1, 2009

Almost time to go

Warming up before a spring training game.
Tempe Diablo Stadium in Arizona

It's really getting close now, only one more week down here in Florida and I'll start my trip out to Arizona for spring training. I haven't decided which day I'll leave, all I know is that it will take 2 days from Tuscaloosa (which is my first stop). Our physicals are on Feb. 16th and our first workout will be the 17th. Really what I'm most excited about is that I get to see Lindsay in a week.

You never really know where you stand in the eyes of the big league team until you get to spring training and see who the new guys are and see who's injured and who didn't push themselves to get better during the offseason. All of things are taken into account when the manager is figuring out who will make his team. The chances of making the big league team right out of spring training aren't in my favor but I'd like to think that if I had a great spring training and played really well then I would set myself up to be one of the first guys called upon if an injury happens or someone isn't playing up to their potential. Besides all that I'm excited to get it all going again, get back into baseball mode. The offseasons are relaxing and I have plenty of time to do things I enjoy but I love the grind of the baseball season, playing games every night and traveling around the country with Lindsay. I found a good picture gallery online of a typical spring training day before a game. I'm not in any of the pictures. CLICK HERE .

All the spring training sites in Florida and in Arizona.

I'm wrapping up my training at IMG this week, they did a great job designing and setting up my strength program for this offseason. I feel just as strong or stronger than last year at this time. Hopefully that will mean I can just pick up where I left off last season. I had a chance to talk with one of the guys that heads the "Mental Conditioning" program at IMG. Their goal is to work with athletes on strengthening the mental side of their game. I didn't pay for that portion of my offseason workouts but he told me he would make a video reel for me, something I could watch throughout the season to give me a little pick-me-up when I needed it. Its designed to bring confidence back into me when times are tough. You can see it below, just hit the play button in the middle and make sure your speakers are on LOUD!!! (warning...there are three bad words in one of the songs in the video, not by my choice, I think they slipped by the guy who made it.....sorry)