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September 28, 2012


Yesterday I made the drive down to Montgomery with a goal to shop until I dropped! I also stopped to visit with my Grandmother!

My Aunt DJ (dads sister) is a manager of the big consignment sales and I got to go in to do some early shopping before it opened up to the public. Tuscaloosa locals: it's just like the Little Lambs & Children's Closet.  I have never gone to any of the sales in Tuscaloosa because I refuse to fight a crowd.  But, since DJ is VIP then I had the entire building to myself and I must say, it was heavenly.  Hot, but heavenly.

There were rack and racks, rows and rows, tables and tables, shelves and shelves of every single baby item you could ever imagine in the huge warehouse.  Clothes, shoes, pajamas, bottles, cups, toys, books, movies, nursery bedding and decor, furniture, car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings GALORE.

I honestly don't think I will ever buy anything brand new after seeing how good of a deal you can get at these sales.  Most of the stuff looked brand new. CUH-RAY-ZAY!  I went with the intentions of just getting Presley's Fall/Winter wardrobe, but when I saw all the other things they had I kind of ventured off course.  I had a $100 budget and at the end of it all I spent a total of $107.32. 


Lemme just tell you what all I got!

(DJ also bought her a ton a stuff which I'm also including in this list, although I'm not sure how much money she spent)

Here's the list of the goods:
6 outfits(pants w/ matching shirt)
- two of them are Rare Editions holiday outfits and one of them is a Sweet Tea outfit, others are Old Navy or Gap.

3 pair of pants/leggings

3 pair of jeans
-all from The Children's Place 

12 shirts
-from Old Navy, Gap, The Children's Place, and a few other good name brands. Lots of Halloween and Christmas shirts!

5 pajama sets
-from The Children's Place and Old Navy

2 dresses
-not sure of the brand but one is a corduroy Christmas dress

2 pairs of shoes
-one pair of brand new Converse and one pair of brand new "Uggs" (not real Uggs)

2 pair of Christmas socks
-they look like MudPie but don't have a tag on them

8 DVD's
-5 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and 3 Barney

3 pacifier clips

2 Avent sippy cups

1 wooden activity cube
-Um, hi. Do you know how expensive these usually are? I paid 8 bones.

1 huge Batman toy for my nephews Birthday gift
-seriously, it's legit.

Isn't that a crap ton of stuff? I can't even explain to you how expensive that all would've been brand new.  And here's the thing about buying clothes for a rapidly growing toddler- they only wear them for a few months!  We literally just got Presley a ton of 18 month sized clothes and now she's almost too big for them.  

They have these sales twice a year.  A Fall/Winter sale and then a Spring/Summer sale.  I've already decided to start saving the dough for the next sale.  We also have a huge sale down the road from our house here in Birmingham that is open to the public on October 2nd but I'm debating on going.  I've officially been spoiled by DJ and don't know if I can handle the crowds, but I think now I'm addicted!

**just a few things we got**

September 26, 2012

news flash


Attention lawn care workers: Must you come every other day? I know the grass can't possibly grow that fast.  Also, if you are going to come 3 days a week can you please schedule the incessant weed whacking by my window around my shows? It's like you know that I'm in the middle of catching up on The Challenge or Ninja Warrior and you must whack the weeds the entire time.  LOVE YOU!

Attention Presley: Next time you decide to take a slam in the bath tub a little warning would be nice.  Instead you just stand up and let er' go? What did I do to deserve that? Thankfully your Dad was here to scoop it out because I was dry heaving. Love that man. Also? Stop being so cotton pickin' cute when you're not pooping in tubs. K? Oh yeah, you may need to tell the fat guy at the North Pole to bring you new bath toys.

Attention Birmingham: Please repave Lakeshore Parkway. I'm bound to have a flat soon because of the giant valleys that most call potholes. 

Attention Toasty: Please don't forget our anniversary that is in two weeks. Also, please don't forget that I'm a fatty and will be needing PF Changs in-mah-bellay at approximately 6:30 that night (we must be home in time for Modern Family). And next time you decided to frolic around in the kitchen please ease up on the Clorox, I'm getting a little woozy. One last thing, thank you for loving me when I'm not showered, wearing no make up, greasy, and lazy all the time. I'm now realizing that you have horrible taste in women. Maybe I'll slab on some make up.

Attention Kelly Ripa: Really? Michael Strahan? I just can't bring myself to watch the show anymore. I was rooting for Seth Meyers. Meh. Whatever. 

Attention Presleys Preschool: Lets speed up the carpool lane, shall we? It's super cute when you allow the child to wave to their parents until they're out of sight, but come on.  

Attention bloggy friends: It took me 476 hours to make myself a blog button so be a doll and add it to your sidebar! If you have one for me to add to mine leave me a comment and I'll jump all over that.  kthanksloveyou!

Attention University of Alabama Football: Roll Tide! 

September 19, 2012

award winning meltdowns

Monday was Presley's first day at preschool.  I was so excited that I could hardly sleep! I had her backpack filled with everything she needed: blanket, paci's on a clip, sippy cup filled with juice, a carton of her Silk milk, an extra change of clothes, diapers, and her lunch box packed with goodies!

Her out fit was laid out, her hair was fixed, she was lotioned and sprayed with some smell good spray. God forbid she is the crusty smelly kid on the first day, but I may have gone overboard. They probably smelled her from a mile away but hey, who doesn't love Warm Vanilla Sugar on a nice cool day?

And naturally, on the ONE day when we need to be up and going she sleeps in.  Like, seriously kid? Yeesh.

So I go in, being the most annoying parent ever. 

I'm all, "ok, here are her diapers but I forgot to label them and here are her pacifiers but I brought two because I'd hate for you to lose one and then here is her sippy cup but it's got apple juice in it and I know you prefer milk SO LOOK HERES A WHOLE COTTON PICKIN' GALLON which I'm sure you can just squeeze into that little fridge over there and oh yeah her lunch has a few things that need to be warmed up but also some things that don't so make sure you don't heat up the goldfish OK LOVE YOU BYE!"

I know.

And then I headed to the office and handed out money like it was candy but I didn't care BECAUSE I WAS FREE!

They were all, "do you want to walk back down to her class and peek into the window and she if she is okay?"

"Um. No I'm good. HOLLA!"

And then I skipped town and went to Tuscaloosa for the day.  I had to give a friend a massage and also go to the health department (kdsjfnkdaHf;sdlfhdsa;f) to pick up a form for the schools records.

I wasn't worried about her all day, I know she has great teachers and was having such a good time. I was super anxious to get back and pick her up though.  I rolled in to get her around 3:30 and as soon as she saw me she lost it. In typical Presley fashion she pitched an award winning fit because she thought I was leaving again.  They said she cried a little in the morning but then had a great day otherwise!

Yesterday was a little more difficult to drop her off.  I didn't have anything to do during the day so I kind of felt bad, but I know she needs to go and get used to it. Plus, I needed to catch up on trashy tv shows.  

We pulled up to the carpool line and it was super long, so we turned around and headed to Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts. Presley only ate a bite of hers so I devoured three...THREE glazed doughnuts.  Best $2.03 I've spent all week.

Anywho, I then dropped her off and she had a great day. Only cried a little bit in the afternoon! 

September 17, 2012

hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school we go!

Mornin' y'all! 

I'm up and raring to go this morning thanks to the highly sugared coffee I had.

That, and it is SCHOOL DAY!

And it honestly couldn't come at a better time. These last two days Presley has not been herself.  She's been fussy, needy, unsatisfied, and just plain unhappy! I think she's tired of playing with the same toys every day, and she's also tired of being in the house all the time.  I usually try to take her to the park every other day and she loves that, but as soon as we get back to the house she's antsy again.

I've packed her lunch, labeled all of her supplies, filled out the forms, and paid them the $dough$. I'll be  dropping her off at 9:00 and then I'm actually headed to do a massage and get some things done! I have to pick her up by 4:30 and I know I'll be running in to get and and give her a big squeezing hug!

So, say your prayers, cross your fingers, cross your toes, whatever you do....for us to have a great day and that neither one of us will cry!

ALSO....I have to send you over to Kelly's blog at Mrs. In Training because her post today is exactly, word for word, how I feel about being a SAHM vs being a working Mom....I mean, if I could give her a big fat hug and kiss for her post today I would. But, that'd be super weird and I'd have to drive a long way to do it.

So yeah.

That bruise on her head is proof that she is my child. Running into the wall is  the norm around here.

"But Mom, I swear I'll be good! Just don't send me to school!"

"You've gotta be kidding me...you're seriously going to do things and have fun without me during the day?"

September 14, 2012

Sept. 17, 2012 = D-Day

ladies & gentlemen
boys & girls
hoe's & bro's


And it isn't a jail cell. Or in the ghetto. And it also doesn't have bars on the windows.

All of which were possible features in our search because we were getting desperate and we have the poors.

After searching the internet until my eyeballs bled, we found a few places where we would consider sending the little PGP.  Most (all) of them were extremely expensive so I thought I was going to have to try and sell Adam on Craigslist just to pay for child care.

Thankfully, that didn't happen and we found a very nice church down the road who doesn't charge $900+ per month.

It reminds me a lot of Valley View in Tuscaloosa so I really felt at home.  Presley is going to go absolutely ape $#&! come Monday morning.


I'm going to be running out pointing and laughing at her poor teachers screamin',"MUWAHAHAHAHAH GOOD LUCK!"

And then I'm skipping town!

Not really, I'm probably going to come home and cry and miss my baby and eat my feelings.

I'm excited for her to play with other kids, to play with new toys, make me pretty pictures, go to music, and learn that being away from me is okay. She's become very attached to me, which sometimes I love, but most of the time is bad because I can't ever leave her.

This also means that I can finally find a job! YEHAW!

So, Monday is the big day. I'm going to pack her cute little backpack and lunch box full of goodies and then drop her like it's hot in the classroom. I probably won't linger because I don't want to see her cry!

This is the backpack and lunch box I got her at The Gap! How cute is it? It's not so bright in real life :)

September 12, 2012

long hair don't care

As you all know by now (or not) I accidentally dyed my hair red last week. It was unfortunate but hey, it happens.

I'm the type of person that doesn't really care about my hair.  Not "I don't care" in the way that I don't care that it's messy or whatnot but more of the "I don't care what color it is so lets just have some fun experimenting."  I worked at a hair salon for 2 years and whenever I was in the hot seat of a stylist I would usually just say, "Do whatever you want. If there's anything funky you've been dying to try then go at it. It's just hair!"

My luscious locks have been dyed and fried several different colors. Brown, red, black, bleach blonde, some purple, some pink, and even an accidental yellow at one point.  How I still have hair on my head is beyond me, but I have a lot of it I can tell you that!

Adam loves my hair really dark. Like, black. But the problem is that I am pale and people get all butt hurt when I go to the tanning bed so I look gothic. And nobody wants that obviously.

I also like my hair dark (not black though) with some funky colors added to it. I like purple and pink, but they fade out so fast! I need to look for some clip in extensions that I can just snap in when I go somewhere. 

Anywho, I figured I would throw in some pictures of a few colors my mane has been!

I think this is the blondest my hair has ever been. I mean...wow.

This was taken a few weeks after the first picture. I went from bleach blonde to this dark brown!

A few highlights for the wedding!

This was 2 weeks after our wedding. I dyed my hair red a few days after getting home from our honeymoon!

Annnnd back to blonde :) This is my Mimi, me, and my Mom...all sporting the same hair color!

While I have no problem coloring my hair any color, I do have a problem cutting it.  I have only had short hair once or twice in my life and I will never cut it short again. My face is too round, I think. I mean, I would LOVE to be one of those people who can pull off a super cute and stylish shorter hairstyle, but I can't.

I vowed that when I became a Mom that I wouldn't cut my hair into a "Mom Do" just because I didn't have time to fix it.  If anything you can at least put long hair into a cute ponytail and it looks a little more put together (not that I do this by any means)! I told the girls I was working with that I could come into the salon and tell them to color my hair blue and they can do it, but if I came in there telling them to cut my hair that they better not. Never happened though!

I don't know why, but I've gotten really attached to my long hair lately. It's pretty long right now and I have no plans of cutting it. I feel like I want Presley to look back at old pictures when she's older and be all, "Mom! Your hair was so long and pretty!"

Totally ridiculous I KNOW! But I just don't look right with shorter hair.


**I am not bashing women with short hair...this is me being totally jealous that my face is too fat to be able to have short hair myself...so don't get your panties in a wad**

September 9, 2012

Roll Tide Roll!

Yesterday Presley and I woke up bright and early to head home to Tuscaloosa. We headed straight for the quad for Presleys first "real" tailgating experience. We took her one time last year but didn't stay very long since she was little! We strategically left Birmingham at 9:30 in the morning and I had high hopes that Presley would nap on the way there.
She banged her head on her car seat and yelled,"TIDE!" the whole way there.
Once we made it on campus I immediately got stressed out because I hate finding a place to park.  Usually Adam is with me and he can whip the Yukon up on a curb or in someones yard.  I would rather not drive around for 30 minutes so I just paid some boyscouts 20 bones and walked about a mile. 
And can I just say something here?
 ("Sure you can Linds!) <=== Thanks, you're always so sweet!
There needs to be a sidewalk designated for the lollygaggers and another one for people like me who are bookin' it to their destination.
YEESH! Peeps get outta my way!
We got to our tent, Presley wondered around the quad for a while, and then we went to eat.  I knew that we wouldn't have much longer before Presley got sleepy so we tried to have as much fun as possible.
Which, if you didn't know, isn't possible at all with a no-napped, can't sit still, high maintenence 14 month old. So we left as soon as we got done eating.  I was hot and she was tired. We trekked back to the truck (which seemed to be a lot farther away on the way back) and before I knew it P was asleep in the stroller.
That never happens. Ever.
We headed back to my Moms house, watched the game, ate dinner, and then headed to bed a little early!
Her and I are here for a few days while Adam is still in Birmingham.  I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday so I figured it would be a waste of money to drive back and forth so much!
Happy Sunday doodles!
Add caption


September 7, 2012

a day in the life

Happy Friday peeps! Yesterday I took time out of my glorious day to document what we did. Times and all. Which is harder than you'd think it'd be.

So for wondering minds..here's a day in the life of a SAHMBIRBWEIMMK (stay at home mom but i'd rather be working except i'd miss my kid)...

7:03 AM- I hear a little voice over the monitor. I immediately turn the monitor off and pretend I never heard it.

7:19 AM- I feel bad (this rarely happens) so I get up and head to the kitchen to make her a waffle and cup of juice...all with one eye open.  Then I go get her out of bed, put on a fresh diaper, and we head back to our bed where she watches Mickey Mouse and eats breakfast.

Adam is still sound asleep.


7:45 AM- Adams alarm goes off but he's already been woken up by Presley sitting on his pillow and playing with his ears.

7:56 AM- We go into the den, I dump her box of toys out, and I plop down on the couch while she plays!

8:26 AM- Adam leaves for work. Presley sits at the front door and cries. Adam eats that up and comes back in to hug her. I am still sacked out on the couch.

9:15 AM- We head out the door to run some errands. Sally's is the first stop because I've accidentally dyed my hair red and we need to fix that ASAP. Then we go deposit a check into the bank. CHA CHING! (just kidding we still have the poors)

9:47 AM- PDizz and I witness a dog TAKE A DUMP on the sidewalk outside of Pet Supplies Plus. We both stand there and watch like total boneheads. We then head home. I fear that this is the most excitement we will have all day.

10:00 AM- I feed Presley yogurt then toss some goldfish at her to eat. I'm lazy like that.

10:18 AM- I put her down for a morning nap and then watch a few YouTube videos (nerd alert)

10:45 AM- I'm elbow deep in hair color. I know nothing about the mixing proportions so I'm living on a prayer here and hoping for the best. 

Wow, I have a lot of hair.

OW OW OW MY SCALP IS BURNING! It probably has nothing to do with the fact that I poured the whole bottle of developer into the color mixture.

Oh well!

11:15 AM- While the color sits I make a sammich and watch House Hunters...I picked house #2 but the buyers went against my advice and chose house #1...RUDE!

11:40 AM- Presley is still asleep so I shower and hope I still have hair left on my head at this point. Adam also comes home for lunch.

12:00 PM- Presley wakes up and I blow dry my now dark brown hair. HALLALUYER!

12:13 PM- Adam leaves to go back to work, Presley is playing with a box of tampons, and I am still blowdrying my hair. Somehow this isn't exactly how I pictured how my life would turn out but it did.

12:30 PM- I feed P lunch (Morning Star chicken nuggets and cut up strawberries) and I put on make up. Then I load THE WORLDS LOUDEST dishwasher. Super annoying.

1:34 PM- We head to the splash pad

2:15 PM- We leave splash pad because Presley got her hair wet and now hates life.

Hating life.
2:35 PM- I drive to a woman's house to pick up some sort of dog shots for my Moms rescue dogs.  This woman lets her dog Betty lick my arm and I am having an internal anxiety attack as I hate dog slobber. 

3:34 PM- We are finally home

3:51 PM- I feed Presley Mac N Cheese while she watches Barney

4:09 PM- She goes down for a late nap

5:13 PM- Presley is still asleep and UPS delivers her new shoes! YAY!

5:53 PM- I lose my marbles and wake Presley up. Then I text Adam and tell him that I need hot wings in my life and that I will not be cooking dinner because the VMA's are on and I'm 13 again. (side note: super disappointed in the VMA's last night)

6:28 PM- I shoot Presley in the leg with a Nerf gun and she goes absolutely ape shit on me. Then she brought the dart back to me to do it again.

7:?? PM- Adam gets home, I've had a change of heart and now want Moe's. He turns around and retrieves my food because I'm a princess like that.

7:44 PM- I feed Presley dinner then we play some more

8:42 PM- Presley is still awake. We are still in the floor playing together and she's at least in a good mood!

9:00 PM- I throw in the towel and take her to bed. I then leave to go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. It's as fun as it sounds.

10:03 PM- I am home and unload the groceries..then I hit the hay!

 **Just kidding I don't go to bed that early, I stayed up until 11:00 trying to pass The Moron Test 2 on my phone..............................**

September 4, 2012

cookin' queen!

Since I am still staying at home with P right now, I've tried to embrace the SAHM/Housewife role. As much as I want to work, part of me also enjoys staying home with my little Doodle.  There are obviously times where I get really frustrated with her and I am sure she is tired of being around me, but when I think about being away from her all day long I get a little sad!

On days that I like staying at home with her, I try really hard to impress Adam with my housewife skills. I make sure the house is clean when he comes home, and I make sure he can smell dinner cooking from a mile away. I don't think I have ever cooked this much in my entire life.  I scour Pinterest all. day. long. in search for the yummiest meal.  I have found a few recipes that are keepers so I thought I'd share some! I'm notorious for making something off Pinterest and it ends up being a major suckfest.  And then we are $30 poorer. 

I served these taters with baked parmesan crusted chicken, and corn.

via Southern Plate
This was seriously SO good. We ate this for 3 days in a row. Yeah. That good. It was really easy and cheap. Serve it with some Sister Schubert rolls and you're golden!
This was SOOOO good! But, I basically love any kind of taco soup. I served this with some sliced avocado! I think it would also be good to throw in some Fritos or Cool Ranch Doritos!  FATTY!