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October 26, 2011

workin' woman!

Ok, so I promise I am done being a total lame-o and I will start posting more! I've been pretty busy at work so I am usually exhausted when I get home. I only work 9-3, but when you have a child you never stop working. I leave at 3 and go pick her up from daycare, come home and try to pick the house up before Adam gets home.  

Ok. That was a lie.

I come home, take my shoes off, put Presleytard in her swing and I plop down in the recliner.

What about dinner, you ask? 

Um, hello.  It's called Ramen and it only takes 3 minutes to cook.  

Cooking real food requires me to go to the grocery store.  Going to the grocery store requires me to remove my fat @$$ from the recliner.  Removing my fat @$$ from the recliner requires me to actually open my eyelids and move my limbs. 

All of which I am not a fan of.  So we eat poor people food.


Presley is still doing great at daycare.  I had to tell my Mom to not let her sleep so much because she wasn't sleeping all night.  Ever since I told them that though she's been sleeping all night! Last night was a milestone in the Pav house...PDizzle slept in her room all by herself! 

Yes sir-ee-bob Adam and I actually slept in the same bed together for the first time in for-ev-errr!

I figured that I would wake up every hour and get up to check on her, but when I fell asleep at 11:00 I never woke up until 6:00! Let's hope that she keeps sleeping all night so Mama can also get some good sleep!


This past Sunday Adam and I went to a new church and loved it! Well, I don't think the church itself is new, but it's the first time we visited.  We loved it and are already looking forward to next Sunday! (For you locals, it was Safe Haven Church located in the Cobb 16).  It seems kind of odd, but the church is held in the big movie theater here, but we love it because the seats are super comfy! Presley did great with the child care and it turns out that I know several people who also go there! We attended the couples small group last night and had a great time. We ate food, they had a baby sitter there, and we discussed Sundays sermon! If you live in T-Town and are looking for a fun church to attend you should really come! It's mainly younger couples who also have children, and the Pastor is also really great! He really just tells it like it is, preaches straight from the Bible, and that's what Adam and I have been looking for.

After small group last night, we I put Presley down for bed while Adam got a wild hair and went to Wal Mart to buy a new flat screen TV.  

He apparently needed a new tv to play his new xBox game on.  I don't really know.  

If you are the wife of a proclaimed Penny Pincher then know this: never ask questions of why your Penny Pinching husband is going to buy a nice, new, flat screen.  Just encourage and confirm that, indeed, the new Battlefield 3 will look much much better on that nice new TV.


You're welcome.

On top of the new TV we are also trying to spruce up the ol' apartment.  I just bought a new rug which I was extremely too excited about. Definitely made me realize just what my life has come to, but that's ok! And and AND I also found out today that we can paint our walls! Lowe's doesn't even KNOW what's about to hit them! 

I'm going through a turquoise phase, which is very unfortunate for Adam because I'm not sure how he actually feels about it.  On second thought, he's a man...will he actually even notice enough to care?

Probably not...so I'm going to go a little overboard I think.


Well, that's about it for now! I'm off to go feed that youngin' of mine!

I will leave you with some a crap ton pictures of the little lady in a few of her Halloween outfits! 

How fat does PDizz look in this picture? Hubba hubba! That's baby Turner and he only weighs 5 pounds! That's a preemie outfit he has on and it is almost too big! 

October 22, 2011

where are my ear plugs??

I just thought I drop in to say that I totally intended on posting today...but I currently have a child who will not stop screaming at the top of her lungs, making it hard to concentrate on anything!

She's fed. She's got a clean diaper. She's had gripe water AND tylenol. And she's tired.

At what point do you think she'll realize that her eyes are already closed and if she just shuts the BLEEP up she will fall right to sleep??

Well, I'm off to go be a bad parent now because I'm going to continue to clean house.

Judge away!

But before you judge..can you bring me a Xanax?

October 16, 2011

three months

Yesterday our little Bunny turned 3 months old! People! I mean, 3 months is half way to 6 months...and 6 months is half way to ONE YEAR! 

I'm nothing if not dramatic.  Sometimes.

We did go to the doctor last week to get two other shots from her 2 month shots.  They've really made her grouchy and irritable because she has been sleeping through the night for about a week & a half.  Then she got those shots and has been waking up every night.  

Guess who was less than thrilled about that????


Today is the 4th day (they say the 3rd day after should be the worst, and yesterday was day 3) so hopefully tonight we will be back on track.  

**I know her onesie looks like a different color, but the picture on the right was taken with the flash on, and it changed the color...FAIL!**

They didn't weigh her at the doctor on Wednesday, but I can guarentee you that she's at least 14..maybe 15 pounds. Hubba Hubba!

Also, not sure about that one either.  I can tell she's gotten longer because her feet are getting squished in her sleepers! Let's all pause and say a prayer that she inherited Adams height and not mine. Not that I have any height or anything.  I'm pushing 5' 3"...on a good day.

Clothing Size:
Depending on the brand it varies.  For instance, whoever designed baby clothes for Target clearly had a morbidly obese baby because they run very big.  I think she can still fit into some newborn clothes from there.  But mainly 0-3 months from Target.  She can wear a few things that are 3-6 months too!

Still in size 1 diapers.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that she could manage wearing a size 2 in Huggies but the size 1 in Pampers fit perfectly.  

Also, does anyone else's kid have super potent pee? Or maybe I just have a good sniffer.

She's still eating 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours.  At night I give her a 5 ounce bottle and add two scoops of rice cereal in and that keeps her full a little longer than normal.  I started out using Gerber cereal but found that the grains were too big and thick.  Beechnut's cereal is more like a powder so it's easier on her tummy!  She is still a pretty slow eater though so she obviously takes after her Dad in that department because I eat soo ridiculously fast. It's absurd! 

Her hair has lightened up, and has also started falling out in the back.  I shed a tear (a very small one, mind you) the other day when I looked in her bed and saw her little hairs that have rubbed off. She still has a good bit left though so I'm not too concerned.  Her eyes are still blue, I think.  Honestly, I haven't even looked lately.

HA.  Well it was going fan-freakin-tastic.  Then she got shots & possibly hit a growth spurt and things have been downhill ever since! Or maybe she's teething? I'm not the best at diagnosing these things because I'm a wee bit of a hypochondriac.  But just a little.

Bath time is still a great way to calm her down! She also loves to go outside.  Sometimes when she's freaking the freak out I will just open up the door and walk her around outside. Maybe we should invest in some patio furniture.  

Or not.  

Because I married a tight wad.

Not really...but seriously. 

She loves her changing table and will smile and talk to you then entire time she's up there! She still hates to be held, but loves her Moby wrap.  She also told me that she loves to go to Tokyo.  She said that Adam needs to take us there for dinner one night soon.  

Hey, it was her idea, not mine!

Welp, that's all! 

She's a growing little butter bean who we love tremendously! I don't want to say that we "don't remember life without her" (why do people say that anyways? I vividly remember more sleep and less Fisher Price items taking over our house!) but she has definitely given Adam and I a new meaning of life and love and we would never want to go back to just being the two of us! She fills my heart with joy and there is for sure, no love like a Mother's love :)

October 10, 2011

in the funk

guess who sucks at blogging?


Yeah, about that.

Once you get into a blogging funk, it's a hard hole to climb out of! 

**SWEET NIBBLETS...let me go feed my little babytard..**

Ok...geeeeze, she's so needy sometimes :)

Last Tuesday I went back to work! Hence, the lack of bloggage.  I was super busy all week getting my massage on and can I just tell you how sore my hands, arms, and back were? I think we are in the middle of hiring another massage therapist, so that should help out a lot! 

While I was working my Mimi kept the bambino which helped out tremendously! Not that P is hard to take care of or anything.  I mean, she sleeps for the majority of the day and never cries.  But it was nice of her to watch her while I was gone!  Wednesday will be Presley's first day of pre-school! I have her bag packed, everything labeled, and I'm squeezing & kissing her as much as possible before she enters the germ infested world of pre school! It's bound to happen, she will be sick within a matter of days, I am already prepared! 

One person who I know is excited about P starting school is my Mom! She will be her "teacher" and gets to spend all day with her! You don't even know how thankful I am that P is in my Mom's class! I have no intentions of crying or being a complete wreck when I drop her off which is a big relief!

oh oh OHHHHHHH and guess who has been sleeping through the night?


Yes-sir-ee Bob! 

It's taken a combination of things that (I think) have done the trick! The main one being that we try to keep her awake more starting around 5 or 6 in the afternoon.  Now, don't let me fool you, she's a raging beast during these hours because she'd much rather be sleeping.  But, I would take a few fussy hours for a whole nights sleep! Our first step to our nightly routine is bath time.  Homefry loves the bath so we usually keep her in there for a while just to pass the time.  Then, she gets her jammies on and I feed her a 5 or 6 ounce bottle with rice cereal in it.  After that she burps and I let her food settle for a few more minutes...then it's swaddle time!!!

She hates the swaddling process.  Loves being swaddled though.

I'm officially the swaddling queen and I have created a concoction of ways to keep her from breaking out of said swaddle...the only thing lacking in this process is the duct tape.  We haven't had to go the route....yet.


Don't call the Mommy Police.

Or do.  I could use some company around here.

After I mummify the babe we then turn on the little box fan and her lullaby music, then I rock her to sleep.  I know I know I know, some people don't think you should rock the kid to sleep because once you start, you can't stop.  But, this is the only time P will let me really hold and cuddle her, so I don't care if I am rocking her until she is 43 years old! (Have I mentioned before that PDizz hates to be held? Well, she does.  I don't know how that happened but she would much rather be in her swing, bed, or bouncy seat than in someones arms).  

Then she sleeps! Depending on how early we put her to bed she usually gets anywhere between 7-9 straight hours. Boom shaka laka!

I am also hoping that once she starts day care she will be more tired at night and we can put her to bed earlier without the 2 hours of pure Hell fussiness.

In other news, Adam is still very busy with school and baseball.  I think Fall practice ends in a few weeks and I think that's when we will try to go somewhere for our anniversary.

OH YEAH...yesterday was our 1 year anny! We didn't really do anything major..just snuggled with our babe in the morning and then that night Adam and I went to a movie and dinner while my Mom kept Pres! I'm a pretty cheap date :)

Hmmmm what else?

Well, on Wednesday Presley has to get the rest of her 2 month old shots.  Since we are doing the delayed vaccines she will pretty much have a shot every month or so. Then this weekend we are getting her ears pierced..that should be a bitchin' time! But, I would rather do it now rather than when she's older.  Go ahead, judge away!

That's all for now! I've got Gumbo cookin' away on the stove and it's time to wake P up so she can have a scream fest! 


Here are a few pictures from our PhotoBooth session today...Presley was super excited as you can tell.  

October 2, 2011

more brain dumpage

**Lots and lots of useful non-sense in this post...seriously..it's long and pointless...but when is it not, right?**
  • This post has taken me 2 days to write.  Turns out when you have a kid you have to feed, bathe, and rock the baby to sleep. Those things come first.  Who knew?

  •  We had some more pictures taken of P-Nasty and they're OMG so freakin' cute. Seriously, Jamie Cormier is the best I know! 

  • Are you not just dying from those pictures? I seriously have baby fever..and my child is only 2 1/2 months old!

  • Whoever said "sleep when the baby sleeps" obviously had a maid, a laundry service, someone to sponge bathe them while they slept, and a cook because yes, I could "sleep when the baby sleeps" but every other aspect in my life would suck because I'd be living in a dump...and I'd be starving.

  • We just got a spray tan doo-dad at work. Yours Truly gets the employee discount which means I'll be looking like I joined the cast of Jersey Shore from here on out. Snookie ain't got nothin on LDizzle!

  • Work starts Monday! Let's hope I still know how to give a massage! 

  • October 9th will be mine and Adams 1 year anniversary :o) We won't be able to go on a trip or anything until next month though because of baseball, but I'm sure we will go out to dinner or something. 

  • After having Hunter and Taelor some this weekend I've decided that the worlds most annoying question is, "Can I play with your phone?" NO! You can't! I usually just lie and say my battery is dead.  I think they're onto me though. They spotted the car charger!

  • Presley is the next Houdini.  At night we swaddle her.  She loves it, she just doesn't know it yet.  She will fight to get her arms out until she is literally soaking wet from sweating. I won't give in though. We have tried 3 different swaddle blankets and we are now on our 4th.  I like the SwaddleMe blankets but she has figured out how to get her hand out of the top of them.  Our solution? WOOMBIE! I think it's the winner, although she can still suck on her hands, just through the fabric.
It's pretty much like a human cocoon. the only hole is from the head, so no arms can get out..yet.  My child may prove us wrong. Now of course, she gets royally pissed as soon as we lock her up in this mug, but she will learn to like it..I'm determined.

Now, obviously the picture below isn't Presley because Adam is as white as they come, leaving all chances of P to have a little brotha-hood in here to be negative.  Although, I'm not gonna lie, mixed babies are THE CUTEST of all offspring. Seriously, the curly hair, pretty eyes..and 

ANYWAYS..the woombie. This one shown below you have to pay extra for the ruffly boob decor, which I find really odd and distracting, but you get the point of this thing.

  • I'm switching P's pediatrician. No major reason except that I don't really care for the other doctor that is in with our pediatrician.  We usually see him more often than our own because we just pop in and he's the one that happens to be there.

  • Adam has been really busy with baseball.  He has been getting home really late every night and then still has homework! I feel like I've been a single Mom most days and lemme tell ya, it ain't fun.  I don't know how single Moms do it and I want to give them a big pat on the butt back for doing it by themselves!

  • We are now on day 3 of me writing this.  It is now Saturday and it's been quite the afternoon.  I couldn't find my phone earlier & after searching my house up and down I found it in Taelor's underwear because "they make a good pocket".  Where's the Lysol when you need it? Adam took Hunter to the Alabama baseball field to give him a good one-on-one lesson! Adam is a fun Uncle..I'm just a mean, boring Aunt compared to him!

  • I'm joining a Bible study group with a few friends from high school.  It's actually held here in my neighborhood so it's very convenient! They also bring a baby sitter in to watch all of the kids! I can't wait!

  • We've been using the Moby anytime we go somewhere.  It's so much easier than carrying that big ol' car seat everywhere! Please excuse the side-boob and my dirty mirror.

  • We didn't have big plans during the Alabama vs Florida game last night, just chilled at the hizzle! Bama SPANKED the Gators which makes me happy :) I do feel bad for their QB because he really hurt his knee/leg. It's never fun to watch a player get hurt, even if it's the other team. Presley had on her pink Bama jersey!

  • I got a new jumperoo toy thingy-ma-jig from one of my BFF's, Jordan.  Her little boy has outgrown all of his baby toys and she always gives me first dibs! As you can see, Presley obviously loves it...

That's about it..don't you worry though, there's still much more dumpage to be dumped out of this old noggin', but I've got to go wash Tae's hair now!