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September 29, 2009

Utah to Michigan

Adam and I started our drive Thursday (Sept 17th) around lunch. We had originally planned to leave on Friday, but when we realized on Thursday that we had nothing to do, we figured we might as well just get on the road, even if we only drive for a little bit! So, we were off! We drove up through the top of Utah, up into Wyoming, part of Iowa, and all the way through Nebraska the first day. There wasn't really much to those states, just farms. I would probably die if I lived in WY or NE. I think we only saw civilization every 2 or 3 hours. I may or may not be exaggerating on this one, but I'm just sayin'. It sucked.

When we drove through Iowa, we had a little interesting event occur...

Yes, that is Toasty sitting in a cop car. He pulled us over for going over the speed limit by like, 5 over the speed limit, and because he thought the tint was too dark on the windows. Turns out, when he walked up to the car he saw that it wasn't too dark, it just was SO packed in our car that it made it look darker. I think he felt dumb, so he let us off with a warning. I mean really, we ain't scared of the po-po!!!!

Thank goodness we had plenty of movies to watch! A guy named Rick, who goes to all of the Bee's games, burnt us so many movies! We had a good system going on during the 12-13 hours when we weren't watching movies, which I can assure you is illegal, according to Mr. KnowItAll Adam. When Adam would watch a movie that I wasn't too enthused about, I would just put our handy dandy Bose headphones on and listen to my iPod! I listened to a few Joyce Meyer sermons while Adam watched Young Guns. The best part about using the headphones while we were driving was that when we wanted to sleep (I mean, obviously, whoever the passenger was), whoever was going to sleep could do so in complete silence! Thank you Jesus! Before our brilliant idea of using the headphones, which looked pretty redneck, I would have to try and sleep with the loud music or a movie blaring, but not this time!

We did pretty good on taking turns driving. There were a few times where I would get in "the zone" and just keep driving for a few extra hours. I am almost positive it was all of the Diet Mountain Dew I drank. I think during those 2 days, if you would have cut me open, I would have bled Diet Mtn. Dew, not even kidding. It saved my life.

We finally stopped around midnight in Lincoln, Nebraska. Not much to that place. We stopped at the first hotel we saw because we were only going to be there for a few hours. So, of all the hotels around us, we stopped at The Cobbler Inn. Perfect. It was the most old school, country looking place I've ever seen! It had burgundy carpet with huge flowers on it, as a matter of fact, let me just show you a picture of the decor...in the lobby.

Very interesting, huh?

The beds were actually ah-mazing! We woke up pretty early, ate the free (stale) breakfast and got back on the road. On this day Adam was the one that got "in the zone" and drove for a really long time. Thank you SweetBabyJesus! I wasn't complaining! Friday was a really long day of driving, we were tired! For some reason I kept thinking that Suttons Bay wasn't that far from where we were, so I kept thinking "we're almost there"..but not so much. Apparently I hadn't done my research, I didn't know that Suttons Bay was at the top part of "the glove". I put an arrow of where we were, if it isn't obvious.

We didn't get there until reallllly late! I have never been so glad to be done driving!

Once we got into Michigan we went straight to Adams Grandpa's condo. It is right across the street from the farm. Since it was late, we decided that we would wait until the next morning to go see the farm. Needless to say, we went straight to bed!

The next morning we woke up, had some breakfast, and headed across the street to the farm .

Adam hasn't been there in a while, so it was a lot of fun to be there with him! We were there for a few days, just hanging out! We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes one day, kayaking another day, played cards all day on the farm porch another day, and every night we had a great dinner! One night we went to his Great Aunt Helen's house to look at some old family photo albums..and when I say old, I mean, from the early 1900's! It was nice to see his Grandpa too! Here are a few more pictures...

We went to the dunes on the first day, but I am going to have to post about that later, I think this is long enough, I will leave you with a picture though!

Those dots on the sand, yeah, those are people..this place is huge.

September 27, 2009


I know I said that a "post was coming up soon".. but unfortunately it's been impossible to get on the internet lately. So..what have we been doing? Oh, I'm so glad you asked!

We are finally back home!!!!!!!!!

And when I say "home" I actually mean Alabama. But, it has definitely been one heck of a trip and I can't wait to tell you all about it! I am going to try and break it up into several posts though. Once I tell you everywhere we've been you will thank me. I don't think it would be fun for anyone if I wrote a post that took you 4 1/2 days to read.

I will start off by telling you everywhere we went. We left Salt Lake City on Thursday (Sept 17th) around lunch and drove until about midnight which put us in Lincoln, Nebraska. We stayed in the Cobbler Inn (yes, you are reading that right, the Cobbler Inn, and it was a very interesting hotel, in fact). We woke up bright and early on Friday morning and drove for-ev-er all day long until we reached Suttons Bay, Michigan. If you are wondering why in tarnation we drove there, it's because Adam has some family up there, and his family has a stupendous farm house up there! We spent Friday-Tuesday there with his Grandpa, then left Tuesday around lunch and headed to Detroit, Michigan to stay with his Aunt & Uncle. We then woke up on Wednesday and headed to Somerset, Kentucky and spent the night with one of my best friends from high school, Megan Gregory (well, she's married now, so technically her last name isn't Gregory anymore..whatev). We hung out with them and stayed the night at their house and actually slept in on Thursday, then we were back on the road headed to Huntsville, AL to stop by my Dads to get my car. Finally, we were headed to Tuscaloosa, AL. Phew!!!!!! I am tired just from typing that out!

So, as you can imagine, we have been doing some traveling! It was, surprisingly, a whole lotta fun! Of course, we were packed in the car the the friggin' Beverly Hill Billies, but we survived! (And if you're wondering, I was able to lean the passenger seat back and get some sleep )!!!

I would love to keep on writing to tell you how the first part of our trip (from SLC to Michigan) went, but we are getting ready to go see my sweet little niece before Adam leaves! He is leaving in the morning and going to Florida! I will be joining him in the middle of October, after the wedding I am in is done with..

Here are a few pics for you, I have billions from our trip, but only have a couple of minutes...and let's get real here, I haven't photoshopped in my tan on any of the pics yet....so they aren't quite ready...ha.

Pretty sunset out of the side view mirror..

Not too much interesting scenery for the first part of the trip...

Goodbye Utah!!!

September 20, 2009


Howdy folks! Did you think that I've forgotten about you?? **gasp** how could I ever do that? Well I just wanted to let you know that I , in fact, haven't forgotten about you and that a new big post is coming up soon. Adam and I have been very busy for the past few days! Once we figure out the Internet ( I'm writing this from my phone) you will get to catch up on what we've been doing!!


September 14, 2009

benadryl overdose? yes, please!

I'm usually not a big fan of taking medicine. Not because I am anti-meds or anything, just because I have a hard time swallowing pills. Last night though, me and my friend Benadryl went a little cray-zay! I think from spending so much time in Barnes N Noble, I might have caught a cold! Needless to say, the Benadryl knocked me the freak out and I slept like a baby...until 12:00! Holy guacamole, that's late for me! A big cup of coffee was definitely in order. See the thing is, like I said, I don't like to take medicine..and I most definitely don't like to take Benadryl. Mainly because it makes me a zombie for the entire next day. But I think might have helped that I slept the day away. It's all good in the hood now. I'm just starving!

Last night Adam and I went to the speaking event that we have been anxiously awaiting! It was a lot like the one we saw before. It was help at the Tabernacle near the Temple downtown. It was really pretty, but ummm hello? It was so friggin' hot! Can't those people afford an air conditioner? Thank goodness for the little fliers that they handed out, it made a great fan. It was a long service, which was just dandy because by the time it was over I had no circulation in my legs due to the fact that the bench we were sitting on was so tall that my feet didn't touch the floor! Really though, I am glad we went, Nick is so inspirational and I loved hearing his story again!

Adam and I have been spending most of our time at Barnes & Noble. The area that we are in is within walking distance to almost everything we need. We even set up shop in the cafe the other day to watch the Bama football game on the computer. I know people thought we were crazy! We both had headphones on and whenever Bama did something good we would cheer and high five. Talk about dedication! You don't even know how hard it was for me to have to be quiet and sing Rammer Jammer. Good times.

The other day Adam and I went to the movies. We saw Inglorious Basterds. Not really a movie that I wanted to see, but it had Brad Pitt in it so uhhhh hello...I'm game. Ladies, am I right..or am I right?? It turned out to be a really great movies..except for the fact that it was soooo gruesome! Seriously, be prepared to turn your head a time or two and gag. Brad Pitt was really funny in the movie too, and I don't know why, but I thought it was really funny when he said "sauerkraut sammich"...ok, maybe you have to see the movie to think it's funny too.

So, what are our plans now that Nicks event is over with? I'm so glad you asked!

I'm actually not sure! We are having dinner with the team chaplain and then we are going to mosey our way out of Salt Lake! It hasn't really felt like the off season yet, because we are still here! If you are wondering why we didn't book it out of Salt Lake from the start, it's because this is the last time we will be in SLC. We are just trying to soak it all up, and do some last minute things before we leave! We have no timeline and are just enjoying ourselves without baseball! Next year we have no idea where we will be, but it definitely won't be Salt Lake. So we are in no hurry to get outta here! We will be leaving here within the next few days and we are going to be driving to Suttons Bay, MI. Adam's family has a farm up there and his Grandpa lives there. Adam hasn't been there in a few years so we figured this would be a great time to go and spend a few days! After that we are going to head down to Alabama! We are going to be going to the Alabama vs Arkansas game with my Dad..whoot whoot! Adam is sooo excited about that! I'm not exactly sure how long Adam is going to stay in AL but I have to stay until the 10th because I am in another wedding! Sometime after the 10th I will be driving down to FL. We aren't sure how long I will be in FL, it just depends on the winter ball situation. Talk about being stressed out!

So, there's our plans so far! I thought I had a lot more to write about but considering my stomach just growled louder than...I don't know what...I'm going to go eat a little somethin' somethin'.

Sorry but there aren't any pictures..I've got to get Adams phone and get the pictures, then I will post them later.... :)

September 9, 2009

Home Sweet.... Homestead?!

Well we have had a busy week so far! We are now moved into the Homestead Suites and I must say, it sucks! I am feeling a wee bit claustrophobic in this teensy tiny room, and the internet could be a little faster, but it's home for the next few days :)

Adam and I are staying is Salt Lake for a few more days because we are going to see a speaker at church this weekend. The speaker is Nick Vujicic and he has an amazing testimony. He was born with out arms and legs (he has a little nubby thing that is like a foot and he calls it his "chicken wing") and his story is so interesting to listen to. He is very good looking, and the Australian accent, **sigh** it's amazing too :) We saw him speak earlier in the season at the National Day of Prayer, so when we were asked to go again we gladly agreed! Here is a video about him, it's kind of long, but it's really good! I can't wait to hear him speak again!

Well let's see, where do I begin to recap our last week?!?!

The guys got home on Friday (the 4th) and started the last series of the season. If you've been reading my blog for the last few months you know how much I have been looking forward to the end of the season! We didn't do anything extremely exciting, just hung out with the roomies. Lindsay Banas (we call her Lindsay Bananas) came, she is our room mate Chris Petits girlfriend. We all love her, she is hi-larious. We hung out and had game night, boys vs. girls and we played Battle of the Sexes. It's a game where the girls draw a card and get asked a "manly" question and then the guys draw a card and get asked a "girly" question, whoever gets the most cards wins. Us girls were just totally for sure that we had this game in the bag. We were going to win. No doubt. So you know, we are winning some, the boys are losing some, a few wild cards are drawn and we have to put back a card, blah blah blah..then for some reason, the girls minds slip off to GoshKnowsWhere and we start losing. Let me just recap one of the questions for you.

Adam (reading a manly question to the girls): Okay, on an automobile, what does ABS stand for?
Me (I am so totally sure that I know this question I don't even run it by Tanner and Lindsay B, so I shout...)...AIR BAG SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tanner (quiet little Tanner, who also thinks I am a genius at this point): Yea-yahhhhh!!!!!!!!
Adam: Wrong.

What the ______?!?!?! I'm so stupid! Anti-Lock Brake System. stupid stupid stupid. Whelp, ya learn something new everyday.

The baseball games went by slow, the fans were all sad that the season was over, meanwhile, all of us were excited. The Bees started winning a lot of games, so the thought of going to the play offs starting haunting us..but we made it out safely.

Moving on.

Turns out that both of our room mates got called up to the big leagues! Terry has been up before, but this was Chris' first time! He was out for a part of this season for surgery on his hand, but he is such a great athlete, and he is so down to earth! Plus, his girlfriend has an awesome name. Just sayin'. (If you haven't caught on yet, her name is also Lindsay :) )

Then it was time to pack up. And let me tell you. Adam and I have a lot.. I repeat..a lot of crap. It's pretty pathetic. We each have a suitcase dedicated to just shoes, and I am embarrassed to say (for Adams sake) that his shoe suitcase is bigger than mine. I'm not sure if it because he has more shoes than I do, or if it just that my shoes are smaller and fit into a smaller suitcase. Either way, it's absurd. We just shoved clothes into suitcases, no particular order, then I realized that I actually needed clothes for the remainder of our time here...so it's a big mess. Good times. By now I am a professional packer. I can stuff an entire closet into my bag, sit on it, and have it completely zipped up, almost bursting at the seams, but by-George it's all in there! I think we have a total of 7 suitcases, we have 2 laundry baskets full of junk. A box of baseballs (which I find totally unnecessary but Adam insisted on bringing them home), we have baseball bat bags, a crock pot, a griddle, an xBox..you name it, we've got it.

I am really bothered by the fact that we are packed so tightly into our car, that we can't even lean the passenger seat back. So that 25+ hour car ride across the country should be interesting sitting up the whole time. I think I might just get Adam to strap me on top of the car so I can lay down and nap. No? Not a good idea? Well then I might just have to sleep on top of all of our stuff. Now that I think about it, that might be a marvelous idea!

Yesterday was my sweet nieces birthday. She turned 2 years old, man time flies! She is so cute, and has the best little personality! When I was back home, I got a little phone call from her, and this is all I heard," Sissssssssy! Blah blah babble babble SISSSSSSSSY!!!" Good times. I can't wait until Adam Uncle Pac and I get back to Bama to see her (and Hunterboo of course) again!

Well, it looks like I must go now...I am watching the US Open and Federer is on....I'm going to go drool over him cheer for him now! Ta Ta!

Enjoy the overload of pictures..I will miss all of these girls!!!!

Jen-nay and I at the last game...tear :(
Myla and I hiking! This girl is freakin' hilarious!

Last game of the '09 season, pretty good turnout!

Crazy fans..just-a-hootin' and-a-hollerin' !

Top row left to right :Lindsay "Bananas", Teresa Bennett (pitching coaches wifey), Tanner and Asher. Bottom row is Jenny and I

My favorite boyfriend..well, he's my only boyfriend..but he's my favorite. :)

I think I just shed a tear looking at these pictures.

I will definitely miss D-a to the r-c-y !!!!!!!!

September 3, 2009

Another record in the books...

Yes sir-ee Bob! Last night Adam got the RBI he needed to break the record to be the Bees all time leader in RBI's! Here is a picture of him (trying to look hard) with the ball!
While Toasty is out breaking records, me and the girls have just been counting down the hours days until the guys come home! They get in around 10:30 in the morning! That's when the real countdown begins..only 4 more games!! Last night the Bees got eliminated from the playoffs (!). We were all (guys included) very thrilled..we wanna go home! Adam and I can't wait to go to a Bama game!

No other news to report! I have just been watching Grey's Anatomy marathons! Only 3 more weeks until the new season starts! After that, it's Desperate Housewives! Oh my, both of my shows back on, the off season, Alabama football....Everyone say it with me- HEAVEN!!

Winter ball for Adam is still in the works. I think I mentioned before that he had a call from Mexico, but it was for the first half, and he only wants to play the second half. I am almost positive that if he does go to winter ball, I won't be going with him. The Dominican wasn't my cup of tea. It just all depends on where he goes, and maybe once he gets there and finds out if any other girls are there, then I might consider it. Who knows! Winter ball is a totally different atmosphere. The games last for-ev-er and the fans are loud and obnoxious. Whistles being blown, little kids banging on the metal railings, drums being banged (bung?! No, that's not right), people speaking a language that I obviously don't know , men guarding the parking lots with sawed off shot guns (security?!?!), having to wash our clothes in the bath tub, not knowing if I just tipped the pizza delivery boy $100 because I don't know the conversion rate of a peso..That's just a few things about winter ball. I think, just maybe, the only way I will go with Adam this winter is if he goes to Puerto Rico...Heck yes! But, it hasn't really been talked about yet, but I will let you all know what the outcome is!

Here is a video of one of the Dominican games. This was when Adam was still playing for Licey (pronounced Lee-say), so this is what I had to endure.

I just can't wait to finally spend some time with friends and family, with Adam there!!!!! Yahooo!

Alright then, going to go clean our dungeon so Adam can come home and destroy it! I don't mind though, as long as he is home, I will gladly let him destroy it...then I will gladly tell him to pick his s#*t up! :)

Here is what our nights usually consist of....

Just paroozing through some old pictures.

Most of you probably already know that Adam and I have been dating for quite some time now. It's always fun to look back at all of our old pictures, you know, the ones where we were just friends and never even thought about dating. Good times. I thought that I would share a couple of pictures from back in the day..some are from our old high school days and such. Now now, don't be too jealous of some of my hairstyles, but you know, we all go through "that stage" where it's a little rough in the luscious locks department. Enjoy!

I know this wasn't one of Adams proudest moments, but he definitely caught my eye at our first cheer leading practice. (1958)

Adam was an all-around athlete, basketball was one of his favorite past times.
Go #32! (1968)

It wasn't easy being the only girl in the chess club, but I survived! Look at Adams fro! (1972)

Definitely one of my favorite memories from High School, Prom King & Queen! (1978)

Oh yes, the 80's. Who didn't love the 80's? (1982)

**Ssiiiggghhh** How can you not love him?!! (1986)

September 1, 2009

New Layout!

Like the new layout? Thanks! I've been on the computer all day putting it together! A long time ago I bought a little digital scrapbook kit thingy-ma-jig and had every intention to make my own layout for the blog, but I couldn't figure out how to do it if my life depended on it. Then I ran across this amazing website and it walked me right through it! It doesn't have any instructions on how to make your own header, so I found t his website and made my own! It may not be the best in the world, but it took me forever, so deal with it! I may find another one that I like later on and change it up! If any of you are having problems seeing the blog then let me know. KthanksBye.