February 8, 2016

420 days later

Phew! Ya'll! Nope, you don't need to pinch yourself.  You're not seeing things...this is real! I'm not exactly sure what made me want to sit down and peck away at the keyboard, but lets just roll with it! Honestly, I couldn't even remember which email address was connected with the blog and the dashboard looks foreign.  Somehow the Facebook page to Baby Mama Drama has 1,868, which has to be some kind of typo. But while I have this wild hair, lets play catch up!

It has been over a year, which means so much change has happened.  Actually, I need to go read my last post to see where I left off....

Okay, um--wow.  That was a long time ago. First thing's first:


As of July 30th, 2015 we are back in the Dirtty South in Atlanta, GA. Adam is the Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator at Georgia State University.  I can assure you that there wasn't a soul on earth more excited than I was to move closer to home. Well, besides my family--they were pretty darn pumped, too.  In typical Pavkovich fashion the move was last minute and we didn't even have a place to live once we got here.  So that was super fun! Six months later we are settled into a place that our friends found for us and have developed a new routine.  Presley is in a Pre-K program 5 days a week while I stay home with Sadie Belle.  Once we realized how much more expensive everything is here, the topic of me going back to work never really came up.  When Presley finishes up the school she is in now I'm not sure what our plans will be.  We are in the throws of that dilemma right now!

 We have a few options:

1) Put her back in Montessori.  We only toured one school when we first moved here, and once they informed us that it was $18,000 A YEAR we picked up our jaw off the flood, changed our pants, and kind of just forgot about that until we got to know the area better and could fine more Montessori schools.  Just as a comparison, I think the Montessori she attended in Indiana was like, $4,500 a year.  We do have a tour scheduled for a different Montessori on the 16th of this month.  I have no clue what tuition is so I'm praying that they at least have financial aid (most Montessori schools do!) This is obviously our first choice, but we do have a few back up plans.

2) I have registered her for a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) school that is opening up.  There will be a lottery since so many kids have registered, so it's not definite that her name will be drawn.  This is our second choice, because I don't think this is a type of school she would like to be in past Kindergarten. But it will buy us another year to scope out more areas with better school systems.

3) Our third choice is keeping her at the Presbyterian church she is currently at. They offer a Young 5's class and since she has a mid-July birthday,  we could really swing either way.  This is probably our last choice though since she really has no other reason of being help back except that it would just buy us more time to find a decent public school. Also, I could put Sadie in a two day program without having to drive all around town!

Parenting.  It will give you gray hairs (trust me, I have proof.)

Then there is Sadie Belle!  Last you knew of home girl wasn't even mobile! Which is even weird to think about because it doesn't even seem like that long ago.  These days, she running around everywhere, talking up a storm, copying everything Presley does, and is basically going to be driving next week.

She is more of a Mama's girl than Presley ever was.  There are days that I have to wear her in the Ergo just to unload the dishwasher or cook dinner.  I'm okay with that though since I have no plans of having anymore babies.

Speaking of more babies...Adam is apparently "not done."

I sure hope the Sister Wive he brings in likes to cook and clean!  Honestly, I've been YouTubing vasectomies and I'm pretty sure with the right tools (a hair straightener and maybe some fingernail clippers) I could totally do it. It looks super simple, except I'd have to knock Adam out with a frying pan or something just to get it done.  I HAVE IT ALL PLANNED OUT...OBVIOUSLY!

But for real though, the dude wants a son.  I don't. I like playing house, having tea parties, staying indoors and watching Presley do ballet.  I'm cool with that!

Anywhoozle, that's really crappy summary of where we are now.  I love everything about life right now (except for the fact that it's the last season of Downton Abbey and Brody really is dead in Homeland--I swear, I thought he'd come back) and I solemnly swear to not go so long between posts!

Prepare yourselves...pictures of my grown @$$ kids coming your way in 5...4...3...2...1...