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January 29, 2014

18 weeks & it's a....

Welcome to the suck-fest that is apparently this blog! I really thought I'd be on top of my game when it came to the weekly pregnancy updates, but I really don't even know who I am anymore :)

I won't bore you with excuses (read: I can't kick this sinus crap and a certain nameless someone has been a demanding little diva lately--her name rhymes with Schmresley, though.)

So, here is where we are at with this new little babe!

First off, it's a

Presley is being promoted to Queen Bee--we are adding another Princess to our clan and we are SO excited!  I really had no preference, but with another girl coming along we won't have to buy much stuff for her! Hand-me-downs are the best--HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!

Now, for how we are doing and growing...

How far along:
18 weeks!

Size of baby:
About 5 1/2 inches long (or the size of a bell pepper)

Total weight gain:
I am up 5 pound total so far!

Maternity clothes:
Psshhhh, heck yes! I never want to remember life before maternity jeans.  Ever.  I am actually pretty pumped to hit up the maternity section at H&M when we go home in a few weeks! Also, my sister-in-law just had her baby so I also plan on bringing home what she give me (they just had they're 5th child--she won't be needed any more maternity clothes...ever!)

Girl! Yay! We haven't really discussed a ton of names, mainly because we don't like any girl names.  But, I think we may have agreed on a first name--it's just not set in stone yet :)  You know, I will let you know when we do decide!

Not a lot yet! I will sometimes feel a few flutters if I am lying down, but nothing too intense yet!

I usually wake up around midnight to use the bathroom and then will wake up again around 5 or 6.  Most of the time I usually just stay up and get ready for work, because going back to sleep for 45min-an hour will just make me more sleepy!  I'm not tired throughout the day though.  I do go to bed pretty early :)

What I miss:
Still missing my appetite.  And if we're being honest, I could use a cold brewski some night (HELLO TERRIBLE TWO'S!) Other than that, we're good!

I have more aversions than I do cravings.  Raw meat just about does me in most nights.  I've really been loving smoothies, fruit, cereal and any type or form of potatoes!  And, OH LORD JESUS, I can not get enough ice water.  Preferably ice water from Sonic or Chik-Fil-A because everything tastes better from a styrofoam cup.  Am I right, or am I right?

Not too many things to complain about during the past few weeks.  Although, I did get a sinus infection that I just can't seem to kick.  I also get the occasional visit from the Heartburn Fairy... little bitch.

Best moment this week:
Obviously, seeing our babe on the ultrasound and finding out she is a girl!  I wish I worked somewhere where there was an ultrasound tech.  I'd for sure take a peek everyday if they'd let me :)

That's is for this week! I will try my best to do this weekly, but as you all know--don't hold your breath!

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease...

January 10, 2014

P-Dizzle at 2 1/2

It's been a while since I've done an update on the Drama Baby.  In the past few months our girl has grown and changed so much--so really, just for my sake, I thought I would document it here (in hopes that I will finish printing out my blog into book form!)

At 2.5 years old, Presley weighs a whopping 30 pounds! And I only know this because she had to be weighed in order to play on one of those bungee trampolines at the mall :)  She has also recently sprouted up and is gaining a few inches in the height department.  I'm hoping she isn't a shorty like I am, but maybe somewhere around 5'6...a girl can dream! 

We started the potty training process a few months ago, but really had no enthusiasm from Presley.  Like, at all.  She will go in the potty at school all day long, but the second she gets home she couldn't care less.  Adam and I should probably start working with her more.  Honestly though, I'm in no rush (as of now, but hoping she is trained by July when the new babe comes) and I know that when she is ready she will do it.  So, meh--it is what it is in that department :)

I think back to the days where Presley went to bed at 6:30 or 7:00 and realize that I didn't know how good we had it!  These days, she is up until around 9:00 or 9:30 and going full speed until her head hits her pillow.  She is still in her crib and by the looks of it, will be there until college.  She hasn't even attempted to climb out which is a plus!  Funny thing is that when she wakes up in the mornings, she doesn't make a peep.  She will just sit in there until I go get her--which sometimes is pretty late because I just assume she is still asleep.  I tell her she can call for me when she wakes up, but I don't think she understands. Oh well! 

I'm not exactly sure when or if we will attempt to move her to a big girl bed any time soon.  My theory is If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If that means we have to buy another crib when the new baby comes because Presley still wants to sleep in hers, then so be it!  She actually really has a comfy crib. I added a double layer of a foam mattress pad (I cut it so it would be the right size) and has a really soft pillow.  Not so sure I'd want to give that up either!

As far as eating/her diet goes we are still dairy free over here.  Sometimes it is unavoidable and she has some foods with traces of dairy in it.  But, we obviously don't give her the obvious stuff with dairy in it, like yogurt or milk.  We are still going with the dairy free options on most things and her skin looks great!  There was a time during Christmas vacation where she got ahold of some cheese cubes (unbeknownst to me) and the next day, sure enough, she had broken out into a terrible rash.   That goes to show that she obviously hasn't grown out of it--but hopefully she will!   

Let me just tell you, this girl of ours has turned into a Chatty Cathy! 

She. Does. Not. Shut. Up.

And OH MYLANTA is she bossy!? She has no problem telling Adam and I what to do or where to shove it (basically.)  If Adam is bothering her, she will say,"Daddy, go work!" or,"Daddy, go lay on your cot!" (she must have heard that a few times at school!)

It is so funny to me to hear her say stuff that I know she has heard from her teachers at school.  We were playing the other day and I threw a ball at her.  She turned to look at me and had her finger pointed at me and said,"Mama, no throwing."  Can't have any fun around here! HA! She will also say,"Mama, we don't do that." Which, I know is something she has heard her teachers say, because that is exactly something I used to say when working at a preschool! I think it's hilarious.

She is every bit of sassy, independent, smart, funny, wild and daring, SO goofy, snuggly, and really has just the best personality!  We can actually have conversations with her, compromise with her, and go places with her without it being a big hassle.  I really do love this stage she is in right now.

I mean, don't let me fool you.  We have PLENTY of temper tantrums, spankings, time outs, tears, foot stomping, fake tears, and pouty faces. 

My patience is tested more than I'd like, but I haven't ended up on the news yet.  I consider that a win in my book :)

This kid of post may seem boring to most and you probably stopped about two sentences in.  But, I want to remember this time for my sake so I thought it was worth posting!

Have a great weekend!

January 8, 2014

15 Weeks

Hey-oooooo!  Seriously y'all, am I really just now doing my first little bump date on the blog? If this is any indication of how things are going to go with having 2 kids then we are really in for it.  Should I even buy a baby book for #2, or will that just make me feel worse for not filling it out? B-t-dubs, Presley's baby book has always been up to date.  Who knows, maybe I will be able to keep up :)

Anywhozzles, here we are with the first weekly pregnancy update!  I will have more accurate info after my appointment on the 15th.

And, before anyone gets all butthurt (I know, I'm so mature!)--just know that I don't usually enjoy pregnancy and that if you try to make me feel bad about it I will cut you.  Let me be hormonal and bitchy for these 9 months without the "it's a blessing, you should enjoy every second" comments.  Yes, I know it's a blessing and we are SO thankful and excited.  But, that doesn't mean that I don't hate life a little bit.  KTHANKSLOVEYOU!

I would never (HA!) make you suffer and look at a picture of what my face currently looks like.  We've been snowed in for way too long and I couldn't even tell you where my make up is.  Thus, I have morphed into Kate Middleton.  Also, sorry for the blurry bump picture.  Getting a tripod ASAP!


How Far Along: 15 weeks

Size of baby: This babe is the size of an  avocado! Or, as Adam would say, an alvacado.  Never fails, every time he pronounces it that way.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Not sure on this one yet, but will know on the 15th at my next appointment!  If I had to guess, I'm up about 5 or so pounds.

Maternity Clothes:  Seriously though, I was about 45 seconds pregnant and whipped out my maternity jeans and haven't looked back.  Mainly due to the nausea, I don't like for my pants to be too tight.  And I'm good in the shirt department.  

Gender: We don't know (yet!) but am hoping they will take a peek at it during my appointment! I'm about seven hundred bajillion percent sure it's a girl though.  Which would be so fun! But, if it's a boy that would also be awesome sauce, because who doesn't want to have one of each?! 

Movement:  I'm not sure.  I sometimes think I may feel something, but then again...maybe not! Definitely no  strong movements going on in there.

Sleep: BLAH! I'll have to go back and look at my updates with Presley, but I don't remember the insomnia kicking in so early the first time around!  I usually am awake from about 3-4am for no reason.  I only get up to pee about 1 or two times a night, so I know it could actually be worse.  I try to not drink too much water before bed.

What I miss:  Sleeping on my stomach and having a normal sense of smell.  I had to throw away Adams toothpaste the other day because just the slightest smell of it made me sick.  I also cried a few weeks ago because our fabric  softener  was too "flower-y smelling." So, there's that.

Cravings: The main thing I crave is freezing cold ice water.  Oh my lanta! If there was ever any time where a person consumes too much water, it would be me right now.  Also, I'm on a Root Beer kick right now that is out of control.  As far as food goes, I really just want carbs and cereal.

Symptoms: Still a little nausea here and there if I let myself get too hungry, but I actually haven't thrown up in a few weeks.  I am so glad to be over that!  And thankfully, I haven't had the  exhaustion this time around like I did with Presley.  I mean, maybe I did in the beginning a little bit, but I was so busy with Presley that I never really noticed.  So, yay! That's a plus!

Best Moment this week:  Uhhh, well, we've had our first blizzard here in Northern Indiana.  So, lots of QT with my two babes (husband and kid) was..........................................fun.  Also, I have a job interview coming up at a really nice spa!  I took a little break from Massage Therapy, but am anxious to get back at it!

January 2, 2014

Pregnancy Details--Baby #2!

First off, thank you for all of the sweet comments/tweets congratulating us on the new babe! We are very excited about all of the fun things to come! Well, most of us are excited.

There's always the Drama Baby.

At first, she did not want me to have a baby.  And I know, she is so young still she probably has no clue what that even means.  But, every time we asked her, "Presley, do you want Mama to have a baby?" Her response was, "Nope."

That was encouraging!

Then, she would reply that she did want a baby, but specifically a baby brother.   That was always her response--never once said she wanted a sister.  So, no pressure or anything unborn embryo/fetus/gorillababy...but, ya kinda need to be a boy!

The first 12 or so weeks were just a complete joy.  I spent my days throwing up non-stop.  Never cooking dinner.  Throwing toys around for Presley to play with so I didn't have to move off of the couch.  Sending her out back to graze on the grass for snacks (just praying it had recently rained so there would at least be a water puddle for her to get some fluids out of.)  

You know, survival mode.

Really though, dinner never got cooked and Presley finally learned how to go to the refrigerator an get her own snacks and water.  I'd look over on the couch and she'd have a big bowl of grapes and a big package of ham from the deli...just chowing down!

I eventually did get a prescription of Zofran and that has basically been my little happy pill.  Meals still don't always get prepared, but we are all eating a little better! Yipee!

I went to a midwife appointment a few weeks ago, but wasn't too impressed with the staff or the office.  It was a basic appointment, pretty boring.  Just a lot of family history questions and blood work.  They didn't even listen for a heart beat or do an ultrasound.  I did have an ultrasound a few weeks later and saw ONE cute little butterball kicking around in there!

I have an appointment with a new doctor and midwife on the 15th of this month and I hope I get a good feeling from them.  It's at the brand new hospital that is actually right down the road from where we live.  I can literally see the hospital from our road.  After that appointment I will have more details on how much weight I've gained, and I am actually hoping they do an ultrasound since it will be my first appointment with them.  I'm hoping they want to do one just to see for themselves how things are going.  I will be almost 17 weeks at that appointment, so if they do an ultrasound they should be able to tell the sex of the baby!

Honestly, this time around, I don't have a preference of a girl or boy.  With my first pregnancy I SO badly (secretly) wanted a girl.  Like, so incredibly bad.  And now that I have a girl, I think it would be so fun for Presley to have a sister! Then again, having a boy would be such a fun new experience.  Plus, if it's a boy we can be done in the kiddo department.

So really it's a win-win!

Okay, enough blabbing for now :)

I will post my first "bump" post on Wednesday of next week!

January 1, 2014

I'm back! And, SURPRISE!

Well, if that wasn't one heck of a blogging break, then I don't know what is! PHEW!  Sometimes, you just have let a few things go for a little bit to recoup and get back on track, and that is exactly what I've been doing.

Except not really.

What I've actually been doing is puking, sleeping, eating, then puking more and more, add a little more crackers and puke....Why, you ask?

That's right.  Round 2, y'all!

I have so much to update everyone on! And I need to start back with the weekly updates ASAP--I'm already 14 weeks and haven't taken the first bump picture.  So, I'm already slacking!

We've been busy traveling home for the holidays, a job "situation" (with me, not Adam) and then trying to survive the first trimester.  So, please forgive me for my absence.

I'm back.  I'm hormonal.  I'm hungry. And you get to reap the benefits of it all.....YAY!