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October 25, 2012

Move #4,765

If you follow me on Twitter or FB then you already know that the Pav's have moved. AGAIN!

It was very last minute. Like, found out on Saturday and had the U-Haul rented that night, and by Sunday afternoon had everything packed.

We are now living in Huntsville and Adam had joined the baseball coaching staff at UAH (University of Alabama-Huntsville). It is only because of the big guy above that we are here--because you can only imagine the hassle of trying to get out of a lease that you just signed. Long story short, we apparently signed a "newly revised" lease at our apartments in Birmingham which has no early termination policy. So we had to find someone to sub lease and it was not the easiest thing we've ever done! But, we did get it leased and today signed another lease here in Huntsville!

We've been staying with my Dad and Step Mom for the last few days! They're super excited that we are living so close by!

Anywho, just wanted to drop in and say sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. I will be doing a Noodle & Boo giveaway on Saturday so keep your eye out for it!

Also, send Two Men and a Truck.


October 15, 2012

15 months

Bad thing about Presley growing up? I don't get to do the "monthly" updates! I figured once she turned 1 I would only do the updates at 15, 28, 21, & then 24 months. 

Seriously though, how are we already at 15 months old ,baby girl?


Slow down!

Her 15 month appointment isn't until the end of the month, so we won't know until then!

Not sure, but I'm going to say around 31 inches. We will find out at the end of the month!

Clothing Size:
Some 18 months, but to be on the safe side we buy 24 months.  Shoe size is 3.5 but we just buy 4's so they'll last longer!

Size 4! We ended up having to switch from Pampers Crusiers to the Huggies Natural & Pure diapers because she kept getting a diaper rash.  Since switching she hasn't had any more rashes!

She's become a little bit picky when it comes to eating.  PDizzle likes turkey dogs, morning star chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, chef boyardee's chicken and vegetables, cornbread, pancakes, hard boiled eggs, oatmeal with nutella, peanut butter & honey sandwiches, veggie chips, goldfish, and holy moly WATERMELON.  We go through so much watermelon it's not even funny.  She went through a grape eating phase but then I discovered grapes in her poop and that, my friends, is something I can't handle.

The hair is definitely curly.  I can't tell if it'll stay curly forever or if they'll go away once we trim her hair.  While I think curly hair for P would be awesome, I also think it'd be super stupendous if it straightened out a bit. Ya know, like, maybe she will have the type of hair that's easy to straighten but can hold a curl when needed.  I don't know, I just feel like I've heard so many people with curly hair say they'd "die to have straight hair" and I've never really hated mine. But for real though, I am thinking too much into this. Let move on for pete's sake.

She still goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps until 7:00.  At preschool during the week she only takes one nap from 11:30-1:00, but on the weekends she still takes two naps (morning and mid afternoon).  The last few days have been a blast (hellacious) because two top molars are coming in and that seems to be bothering her during the night. So, you can imagine how much we all love life right now.

Fun Stuff:
Walking is so last week. P would rather run everywhere. Which would be adorbz and all except it's more of a "stanky leg wobble run", if you catch my drift.

P started preschool and now goes in without crying.  I took her into the class the other day and they were practicing snack time at a table, and I thought I was going to die of cuteness.

Words she can say are: mama, dada, nana, papa, rah rah, pop, dog, cat, meow, go, ball, bow, train, more, and baby. She can also call Toodles and it's pretty funny! (oooooooooohh)

She babbles all the time and seems to think that she knows what she's talking about.  If I get onto her she runs over to me and babbles like she's trying to explain to me what she was going to do.

Homegirl has one heck of a temper.  If she's done eating or drinking, she throws everything in the floor.  If I try to feed her something she doesn't want she gets super p.o.'ed and knocks it out of my hand.  It frustrates me to no end! But how do you explain to a 15 month old that if you're done with something you just leave it on the tray and I will come clean it off? If you're a baby whisperer then please leave me some tips!

She loves bed time and if you ask if she's ready to go to sleep she runs to her bed and freaks out until she's in the crib.  I can't argue with that!

We hung a swing out on our deck and she loves that.  We have to keep the blinds shut because if she sees the swing she instantly goes into super pyscho mode and must go outside asap.

Barney and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are constantly on our TV.  She watches it all day long on the weekends.  We should probably not let her watch as much TV as she does, but it's not like she's glued Jerry Springer or Spongebob.  She likes the songs the shows sing and is hopefully learning some thingg (because for the friggin' love if Barney sings about eating apples and bananas one time he's going to sing it a million!)

Obviously, I could go on and on.  This age is so much fun!  I miss her when she's at school everyday and when Adam and I put her to bed we usually get our phones out and look at the pictures/videos we took that day.  We love her so much it's ridiculous.

Presley Grace,
You'll never know how much we love you, sweet girl!

You love to help with the dishes. If we could only teach you to pick up your toys and bathe yourself  :)

You had school pictures the day you started pre school.  Your Dad thinks you look ridiculous, but what does he know?

I die. So stylish! Also, you own 5 pairs of Converse and I promise to never let you wear Keds.  Pinky swear.

October 11, 2012

two years

                               Tuesday was mine and Adam's 2 year wedding anniversary.  

We celebrated like any old married couple with a 15 month old would. 
Ya know, the ol' Hey babe, Happy Anniversary! Didn't get you a card but here's a hug and maybe you can just scratch my back later!

We aren't big on going out and spending tons of money on gifts for each other.  Usually, I just go get a massage or something and the gift in that is that Adam isn't allowed to complain about me spending money.  See how low maintenance I am? He doesn't even have to leave the house in order to give me a present! For reals though, we are planning on going out to dinner soon.  I've been craving PF Changs so that's most likely where we will go. Kid in tow, I'm sure :)

But seriously, has it really only been two years? Feels like more to me, and I don't mean that in a mean way.  Maybe it seems like it should be longer because this December will mark 7 years together.  

These last two years as a married couple have been so much fun! We've achieved so much, made lots of memories, and still love each other like we just met. I still get butterflies when Adam texts me that he's on his way home and when he's gone I sometimes wear his deodorant  spray his cologne in the air so it at least smells like him in the house.

I know. I'M WEIRD!

Love will make ya do some crazy things like that though :)

Anywhoozle, I'll spare you a novel of mushy feelings and stuff like that!

So here's to many more happy years together, babe! I love you the most!

Remember that time my husband snuck outside in the snow with a stick to surprise me with something? Yeah, who's Linday?
Holy blondie! Vegas a few years ago!
Park City, UT 2007

Spring Training 2008
Halloween 2010, we like to keep it classy. 

October 9th, 2010

October 8, 2012


So, one time back in the day--which was a Tuesday (I'm sorry I can't help myself, I have to quote my homedizzle Dane Cook every time)-- I flew from Salt Lake City to Tuscaloosa for a friends wedding.  I was flying 'Stand By' and had no problems on the way from SLC to AL, but once it was time to go home I had a much harder time.  I easily made it from Birmingham to Atlanta with no problems getting a seat.  Trouble struck when every single flight from ATL to SLC was booked, meaning nobody on the stand by list would get a seat.  Naturally, like the mature adult was, I lost my shizz and freaked the freak out.  I was stranded in Atlanta with no luggage and unsure of when I'd make it back home.  

And you know how kind an helpful the airport employees are when you're freaking your freak.

Or not.

After blood, sweat, and tears--mainly just tears because I don't like blood and I also start to die a little when I sweat--they told me I could fly to WASHINGTON DC and hopefully get on a flight from there.  Sounded good to me, and off I went.  

I crossed my fingers, crossed my toes, said my prayers just hoping there'd be a flight headed west.  We land, I get there and find out that there isn't a flight until the next morning from the other airport in DC.  That's when I call my Dad and obviously hope he can solve my problem.




I'm about to blow your mind...


I know.

He picked me up from the airport, and I stayed the night with them, and he sent me off to Dulles the next morning where I caught a plane and headed back to the Salty City.

"Now Lindsay, why in tarnation are you telling me this story?"

Because the other day, as I was on my way to pick Presley up from preschool I stopped at a super ghetto store in search of orange leggings (don't even get me started) and as I got back in my car to leave and get the Princess my car wouldn't start.

And Adam was out of town.

And I had 1 hour until Presley's school closed.

And AAA couldn't find my account because I didn't have my card, they misspelled our last name on the acct, AND had the wrong phone number so they couldn't even look it up.

I called my Mom crying because I felt helpless and thought I was going to have to take a cab or  hitch a ride in some dudes souped-up-caddy and pick my child up.

THEN...my Dad called.

And he just so happen to be 10 minutes down the road and was wanting to go grab a bite to eat!!

**sidenote- my Dad lives about 1.5 hours away, he had been in Montgomery visiting my Grandmother who was in the hospital**

He came to my rescue AGAIN like the guardian angel he is and we made it back home!

So, thank you Daddy-O for always rescuing me!

Seriously though, what are the odds?!

Also, we got a new battery thanks to AAA.  Then the next day my Mom and I went to Buy Buy Baby.  Got in the car to leave AND THE CAR DIDN'T CRANK!  Wires were loose.  I about lost my marbles.

The End.

October 4, 2012

then and now

Whenever I'm shopping for Presley, I get really excited when I find the same (but bigger) outfits that she wore when she was younger.  She's growing so fast that it just takes me back to the days where she was a fat, bald, snuggly little butterball.  When I was at the consignment sale in Montgomery I found a halloween shirt that was the same as a onesie we had last October.  It's crazy to me how much she has grown in just a year!

See! Have mercy, I can't even take it. 

How about that bow? Yeesh.

October 2, 2012

tuesday randoms

I'm about four hundred and eleventy percent POSITIVE that the hardest part of blogging is coming up with a title. For realz, just sat here for a good 6 minutes and "tuesday randoms" is the best I could do. 

Sorry 'bout that.

Also, it's freezing in our house so therefor I'm trying to type with frozen fat sausage fingers.

- Presley and I headed to Tuscaloosa on Saturday.  I went to the quad to tailgate with family while my Mom watched Presley.  I hate, with every fiber in my body, parking for the quad.  I get sweaty, jittery, nervous, anxious, and turn into the worlds worst driver. And if you honk at me? I get super pissed and will stop my car AND CUT YOU.  

So it's usually best for me to just park really far away and walk. Which is exactly what I did.  Then I learned about the trolleys?! Where have they been all my life? I paid 1 bone and rode that bad boy all the way back to my car on the way back.  Also fun? Stepping in dog poop and not realizing it until you're on a jam packed trolley.  BOOM!

-We were going to stay and hang out on Sunday but then my Mom woke up with the stomach bug so P and I hightailed it back home at 7:30am.  Her DVD player stopped working so it was a long 45 minute drive for me.  I bet the cars passing by thought I was having a seizure but I was actually singing and dancing in hopes to keep my youngin' entertained.  Seriously though, what did kids to before DVD players? We must've been super annoying!

- I need a hair trim so bad it's ridonkulous.  I would bet money that if you looked out your window right now you could see my dead ends all the way from here.  You'd think that having a sister-in-law that's a hair stylist would mean that I have the most awesomespice hair ever.  Except that I never have time to go down there to let her do it.  This weekend though, it's on. 

- I've developed a slight obsession with making Presley's school lunches.  Bento box lunches are currently taking over my life and I'm sure her teachers think I am a loon.  I send enough food to feed a dern village!  

- Speaking of bento boxes, I wandered into an Asian Supermarket yesterday in hopes of finding some cool bento box accessories.  I stuck out like a sore thumb in there and was slightly amazed at all of the stuff they have in there.  It smelled like licorice though so I didn't last very long.  I also didn't find any cool hard boiled egg molders.  I KNOW!

- I've been reading a ton of blogs who are participating in The Nester's "31 Days" shenanigans.  I thought about it but then realized that the only thing I can consistently do for 31 days is not shave my legs or not wash my hair.  Definitely not blog worthy tasks and I also think Adam would divorce me. So instead, I'm just going to follow other peoples posts :)

Happy Tuesday, y'all!