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December 26, 2010

Christmas in pictures

We spent some time in Montgomery for Christmas, and also here in Tuscaloosa.  Here are a few pictures from both! There is also another post below this one :)

10 Weeks

How Far Along: 10 weeks

Total Weight Gained: I won't know until January 5th..but I would say none!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, although I did buy a pair of maternity jeans, but I can't get passed how "Mom-ish" they look so I refuse to put them on.

Sleep: It's great except for waking up every hour to pee.  Doesn't insurance reimburse pregnant women for the amount of toilet paper they use during pregnancy?

Best Moment of the Week: You mean there are supposed to be great things that happen weekly? HA! Well, I guess you could consider my "best moment" to be that I only complained a little bit, rather than 24/7. Oh oh OOHH! I did actually cook dinner for Adam one night..poor guy has been living off of Hungry Man frozen dinners.  If any of you see Adam out and about, please invite him over to your house for dinner one night :)

Food Cravings: Smoothies and ice cream

Food Aversions: Everything that's not smoothies and ice cream

Belly button/stretch marks: None yet!

Symptoms: Dizziness, hormonal, claustrophobic, laziness..who wants to hang out with this chick?? No one? But why???

Movement: Way too early for that!

Gender: For the sake of my marriage- please be a boy, we agree on many more boy things than we do girls.

What I miss: Um, well, to be honest..I really miss not being pregnant.  But more specifically, I guess it would have to be a double cheeseburger with mustard & ketchup only with a Diet Coke from McDonalds.

What I’m looking forward to: Doctor appt on the 5th!

Milestones:  Keeping all of my food down for the past two weeks! HOLLER!

I had planned on posting a weekly pictures of the last few weeks of my pregnancy, but up until my 10th week you couldn't tell a difference, my stomach was still pretty flat.  If there was any kind of bulge, I can assure you that it was a "food baby" that emerged from stuffing my face.  So, here we are at week 10 and this, boys and girls, is no food baby.  I took this crappy picture with my iPhone as soon as I woke up the other morning.  Hopefully I won't be taking all of the pictures of myself from now on, but Adam was still sleeping and I am going to go out on a limb and say he'd be pretty annoyed if I woke him up to take a picture of my stomach.  

Pregnancy is still going to be the death of me.  I mean, does anyone  actually enjoy the first trimester? Thankfully I have started to keep all of my food down feel better through out the day and don't have to high tail it to the bathroom every few minutes.  Can I get an Amen??  For a few weeks I self diagnosed myself as a "desperate bulimic pregnant woman" because I was making myself throw up to feel better.  But that eventually stopped.  It's sad when you choose what you are going to eat for breakfast by what is easiest to come up.  My personal choice- applesauce and Slim Fast.  Appetizing, I know.  Now, I just make a daily trip to Hardees and get a large Hash Round and ice water.  The girl who works the drive-thru finally caved and ended up asking me why I came every morning.  DUH, it's what the baby wants!  Lunch I can usually eat whatever (as long as it's not anything  with meat, just the thought of meat makes me want to dry heave), and for dinner- chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup. No dinner, just ice cream.  My baby is going to come out of the womb and immediately become a contestant for The Biggest Loser, but that's okay because I like that show.  

I go to the doctor on Jan. 5th.  I would have gone sooner but due to a funny story that's actually not so funny about me not having insurance until January 1st, it was postponed!  Speaking of insurance, do you think BCBS would cover my daily trip to Hardees?? They totally should, because spending $2.17 every day for the next few months is going to add up.  Something to think about.  

I should find out in a few weeks what this little thing is.  I've had a feeling the entire time that it's a boy.  Adam is praying it's a boy so it can "rough it" with us until he is done with school.  We pretty much have names picked out, and by "we" I mean "I".  Adam is hell-bent determined to name it one particular name that I refuse to name my child.  Thankfully we have a few more weeks until we find out what it is!

I know one thing's for sure...Baby P is spoiled! It got so many cute things for Christmas! My Dad got us the Pack-n-Play that we wanted, and it go a bunch of cute Alabama outfits, and a little lamb thingy-ma-jig that makes soothing sounds!  I can only imagine what next year is going to be like.  

Speaking of Christmas with a child next year (and many more after that, God willing)...Adam and I have decided that we don't want our kids to "believe" in Santa Clause.  I know it sounds so incredibly mean (& ridiculous because I LIVED for Santa...like, believed until I was embarrassingly old...but that's neither here nor there..).  We want our kids to know who Santa is, but that he is just a "fun, make believe" part of Christmas.  Our reason behind this is that we don't want our children to think that Santa is why we celebrate Christmas. We want them to know that we celebrate the birth of our Savior and that Christmas is more about giving and helping others.  So Adam and I have decided that before we open up any gifts on Christmas morning, we will go volunteer some where in town, or take presents to other families that need them.  Then we will come home and open up presents that the "make believe" Santa brought.  Call us the Grinch or whatever you want, but it's just what we've agreed to do :)  

I plan on posting a lot this week, we have a crap ton of pictures from Christmas.  Adam is driving down to Florida right now to spend some time with his family, I have to work on Wednesday so I wasn't able to go :(

December 13, 2010

Reality Check(s)

If you were to ask me 9 weeks ago what I thought it would feel like to be pregnant, I would probably say this,"Probably doesn't feel any different, just hungrier and fatter."  

Ask me that question NOW and here's my answer,"Definitely feels like poo."

Before I was preggo I never associated the crappy symptoms with the cute little belly that comes along.  I just automatically assumed that I would feel the same, just a little more hungry, maybe a little bit tired.  Never in my life did I imagine that my body would turn into some kind of creature that has a mind of it's own..and frankly, makes me feel like sh!t...24/7.  Point is..I hate being pregnant. 

So, until I get to feeling better I am guessing there's going to be a whollllle lotta complainin' going on round here.  So for everyone's sake (especially Adams) let's hope this little butterbean starts acting right, because at this rate it's gettin' a spankin' as soon as he/she is born!

Speaking of Adam, bless his little heart.  He has been SO good to me! I literally have been completely useless around this house.  I eat breakfast and leave it sitting on the counter.  I take a shower and leave my clothes on the floor.  But I can do that, because I'm knocked up and all.  I come home and he has it all cleaned up.  Love that kid.  What's even more impressive is how good he takes care of me while I'm hugging the toilet.  I know, I KNOW he hates puke.  But I also hate it, especially when I'm the one that doing the puking.  I still cry like a little baby when I do, too.  I have strict rules when it comes down to it.  The lights must be off, because I don't want to look at it, the sink water must be on because I don't want to hear it, and I must have one hand on the flusher with the other holding a wash cloth to my forehead. I mean, that's not asking too much is it? Didn't think so.  Ya'll probably don't want me to go into detail about all of my barfing adventures so I will spare you, but just know that Adam is a Saint for taking care of me right now!

Right now I am 8 weeks (give or take a few days) and due July 25th. It seems so far away but I know it will come sneaking up on us! We are very very excited and just know that even though I will probably complain for the next few months, I can't wait to be a Mom! 

November 29, 2010


What do you get when two honeymooners have a little too much fun?

Yes, you can quit rubbing your eyes now..Yours Truly is pregnant.  And nobody can be more shocked than I was.  Details to come later.  But I feel like I must warn you, I am about to take this blog to a whole 'nother level,  because pregnancy has done things to me that I never would have imagined.  People, we are about to get real personal on this blog.  

November 15, 2010

Go ahead, give me the Worst Blogger of the Year Award...

People, what has happened? I will tell you what has happened.  LIFE! I don't know where the hours in the days go  but I sure could use a few more!  I am beginning to miss the baseball life that I once always complained about! BOO!  Well, I think the last post was about the wedding, so I will stop blabbing and post about our honeymoon!

I have the best in laws ever.  They sent us to Mexico for an entire week to an all inclusive resort.  It was the nicest place I have ever stayed! It was a place for adults only so there were no kids running around (well, except for me)! All of our food and drinks were included which is seriously the best thing ever.  We would have probably spent $1,000 in food if it weren't already included.  I think I probably gained about 48 pounds because I was always eating.  Like, for instance: Every. Single. Day when I would go lay out by the beach I would order a (HUGE) cheeseburger with fries, and fully loaded nachos.  By the 3rd day the butler didn't even have to ask what I wanted.  I would just be getting my tan on and a few minutes later he would walk up with a huge tray of food.  Loved that kid.  He obviously knew his way to my heart.  

Ok well I just now remembered that I actually blogged from Mexico HERE so you can go back and read that :)

So here are a bunch of pictures from our trip.  :)

November 1, 2010

Cue the wedding details....!!!

Well, obviously ever since the wedding shenanigans went down Adam and I have been Non. Stop. Busy.  Wedding...honeymoon...home for 4 days...gone to Mobile for Kristen's wedding...back to work and school.  So I am just now getting time to sit down and post about our wedding!

On Friday (the 8th) we had the rehearsal dinner, it went by pretty fast then it was off to the hotel to get some sleep! I was for sure that I was going to be up all night but I actually slept great...without the help of Ambien..thank ya Jesus! As soon as we woke up I was sooo hongry! We went straight to Bojangles then headed to Tera Lane to get our hair and make up done.  There were quite a few of us there and we all looked so good!  When we were done there I was hungry again-which reminds me, everyone told me I would be too nervous to eat...umm, yeah. NotSoMuch...-we went to McDonalds where I ate enough to feed a village then headed to Southern House and Garden to start pictures.  

The rest of the day is kind of a blur.  The ceremony was perfect, the flower girls and ring bearer all did so good too! I was a little worried about Taelor not wanting to walk down the aisle but I put gummies at the bottom of her basket and she got rid of all the flowers then sat up on the steps during the ceremony and ate them.  She was doing sooo good...then she farted.  Outloud. Thankfully only the bridesmaids heard it.  You gotta love that kid.

The rest of the day sailed by and I am so glad everyone made it for the big day, it was good seeing everyone and having a day the totally revolved around me....oh yeah, and Adam..but I like to pretend it was all about me.  What's new?

Our professional pictures aren't ready yet but we had a bunch of people take candid pics so I will post those! We also had disposable cameras at the reception but I haven't gotten those developed yet.  I will definitely post other pictures as soon as they're ready!

Click on the pictures to make them bigger :)

This is the ring my Dad gave me for my "something blue".  For my "old" and "borrowed" my Mom sewed part of her wedding dress and veil inside of my dress :)

Kara & Janine at Tera Lane!


October 16, 2010


Adam and I have officially been married one week! Whooo de whooo! We left for our honey moon on Monday the 11th and we are still here in Meh-he-co! We are having sooooo much fun..but I am thinking that they are going to have to put me on a seperate flight home, because I am going to put the plane over the weight capacity with all of this food that I've been eating! If we aren't sleeping, we are eating..and that's no lie.  Since all of our food is free we just eat all of the time! 

I have learned a very interesting fact about Adam and myself though.  We are two totally different types of vacationers.  Adam is the type that like to do every. single. activity. available.  Like, when we got here, he put his bags down and was like,"alright, what are we going to do first?" and I am all..."umm...well I just spent the last 11 months planning a wedding, moving around the country, working full time, with no type of vacation in between...so I am actually going to be lazy and lay on the beach...for the next 7 day...kthanksbye."  Seriously, I was so beyond exhausted from the wedding that I slept for the entire first day we were here. And the next day when we went into town, I slept the entire van ride there! It's like I go on vacation and I immediately go into zombie mode.  Adam has been playing beach volleyball everyday which works out great because the court is right by where I have been laying out so I can watch.  He attempted to teach me how to body surf, but after the first few attempts I figured it was time to call it quits because the waves were so big that it was pretty much just me re-adjusting my bathing suit top every 2 seconds.  The good thing is that the water here is soooooo pretty and blue! I can see the bottom which makes me happy because I don't get into the ocean unless I can see my feet at the bottom.  I don't like any fish near me.  But with that said, you can imagine my PantsCrappingFear when I was "body surfing" and in the huge wave that was coming for me, I saw about 15 fish in the wave.  I died.  You would have literally thought a shark was coming for me.  I seriously think I walked on water I was swimming so fast.  Adam swam off and pretended he had no clue who I was, which was just awesome.  

Yesterday we took a kayak out into the water.  It was fun until Adam thought it would be a good idea to let me "ride the waves in" by myself.  Maybe it is just me being dramatic but I honestly felt like I was on an episode of the Deadliest Catch and my boat was about to capsize.  First off, the waves were ginormous.  Secondly, Adam pushed me into the wave like he was freakin' Hurcules so I was going about 700 MPH.  Those two things combined- me and the kayak went sideways which then led to a complete disaster...I went one way, the kayak went the other, and the paddle went onlyGodknowswhere. I was d-o-n-e after that!

We are having the best time ever, though! The resort is by far, the most amazing place we've ever seen.  The food is soooo good, and the staff are so nice! This is probably the nicest vacation we will ever take, so we are livin' it up! I am going to be an old grumpy lady when we have to go home!

Well, that's it for now..just thought I would give you hood rats a little update.  We go home on Monday afternoon but don't get home until late that night! I will update with pictures when I can!  
Adios amigos!

September 27, 2010

Channeling Aunt Jackie?!

So there I was..minding my own business, watching tv after a long day at work.  Then my cousin Anna Lisa sends me a text message saying,"OMG!!!!! I am watching your video!!! bahahahahahahahahaha." And I'm all," what??" and she's all,"On your blog!!!! omg!!!! The figure skating!!" At this point I'm like she's on drugs I must've put a video up and not remembered it.  Then I get home and Adam is on the computer.  With "guilty" written all over his pretty little face.  So, I watched the video.  I sure did.  And let me tell you, this is just wrong..on SO MANY LEVELS! Wha..wha...what was he even doing to find this video, was my first question? I mean, because the big pile of dishes, or the mountain of laundry that's upstairs was put on the back burner for this montage he put together.  And second, why am I the character that has Aunt Jackie's horrible hair cut.  The bangs people! THE BANGS! Adam's little animated dude has better hair then mine.  Anywho, it was funny, but I can tell you one thing..the next time he does a video like that I sure hope he uses a more flattering picture of me ;)

oh hey, um..we are getting married in TWELVE days! Everything is officially done and we are set to go.  I tried my dress on after it was altered and HELLO..can we say no eating for the next 12 days? Ha..well we all know that won't happen.  Yesterday at my Dad's house I had a big breakfast, then Rocky Road ice cream, then PF Changs.  Adam and I drove up to Huntsville Saturday night after the game and spent some time with my Dad.  It was a quick trip but we had a good time just being lazy.  We played some ping pong and the guys fished.  My brother was there too so it was good seeing him.  

Well, wish this was longer but I am going to go tan..I will leave you with a video of Taelor! buh-buh-buh-buh-byeeeeeeee!

September 24, 2010


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September 20, 2010

don't stop..belieeeeeeeving...

Don't give up on us over here! You wouldn't even believe what happened as soon as we got internet.  See, what had happened wuz'...we got internet.  Adam got internet happy.  He downloaded a show called Dexter, which by the way is  a show that we have never even watched.  That download gave my...MY...computer a virus that inevitably just absolutely destroyed it.  You know, now that I think about it, not that I am glad my computer died, but I am glad that it was Adam that killed it.  If I would have been the one to ruin it, I would have never. heard. the. end. of it.  Ladies? Am I right? Or am I right? Mmmkay, glad we cleared the air on that one.  Anywho, a week or so went by and I just had to put my foot down.  Adam finally took my computer to the Geek Squad at Best Buy, which in my experience was more like the Ghetto Squad, because the toddler young man that was helping us "wuz talkin' like dis an ummmm, like, shoot, he cu'int fiss our computer ba-cuz we done gots the virus dat ruined my cd-rom blah blah blah freakin BLAH!"..or something like that.  Like I said, I couldn't really interpret what he was saying.  Long story short, we went home computer-less and a few days later here we are...BAM!

The proud new owners of an iMac.  We're. In. Heaven.  

In other news.  Last Monday I had surgery.  Just a minor laproscopic surgery to get rid of some endometriosis I have.  I've had the surgery before so I knew what to expect.  Blow up the stomach, burn it off my ovaries, go home, look pregnant for a few days, have gas pockets stuck in my shoulders, then go on with my life.  What I wasn't prepared for was the busted lip the doctors gave me..RUDE!  

under my "bair hugger" to warm me up before surgery.

I survived.  This is after I went all Bon Qui Qui on Anna Lisa.

Now I am fully recovered and endometriosis free..for a few years anyways!

Yesterday I had my Briday Shower/Tea.  It was a lot of fun and Adam and I got soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....(get the point??) much stuff! Seriously, it looks like Bed Bath & Beyond and Target threw up in our kitchen.  That's as far as all of the gifts have made it so far.  We are seriously going to need a bigger apartment.  We have such great family and friends who have helped make our wedding festivities even more exciting! Speaking of our wedding..it's in 19 days...NINETEEN DAYS PEOPLE!! I'm freakin' out man! Ok not really, I just felt that was an appropriate response to I"M GETTING MARRIED IN 19 DAYS! Tomorrow we finalize everything at Southern House and Garden..so if you haven't sent in your response card then, too bad so sad, you won't have a seat at the wedding. I kid, I kid.  You can come, but you have to stand up, and you can't eat any food. KIDDING peeps.

Ok seriously though, the blogs may be sparse with all of the festivities we have coming up. What? You're surprised I may be a bad blogger? HA..what would give you that...oh nevermind..just go look at my blogging history.  That's all.  Adios!

September 3, 2010

Roll Tide Roll!

I feel like a lot has happened in the past few weeks that I haven't been blogging.  Our daily routine has pretty much set in and we feel like we are officially in the "real world". Wake up, eat breakfast, go to school/work, come home study (for Adam) shower, eat, go to bed. Wake up and do it all over again.  Adam has started the fall semester at UA and is swamped with classes.  He is also going to the field every day to coach the baseball team.  This morning he woke up at 5:00 because the team had conditioning at the aquatic center.  Or something like that, I wasn't really paying attention.  That happens a lot these days now that I work full time..who would have thunk that the real world was so exhausting? Oh and don't even get me started on what we are going to do when we have kids and I have to go to work then take care of some little chitlens all night.  Speaking of working when we have kids.  I learned last night (during our pre-marital counseling) that Adam thinks I should not have to work when we have kids.  Let me give you a second to be jealous....

Mmmkay.  Moving on.

Well not really moving on because this next update has to do with kids.  On Monday one of my best friends had her baby boy! I went to the hospital around 8am thinking that baby Tanner would still be chillin' like a villan in the womb, but when I walked through the door she was in hard core labor, still no epidural. She eventually got the epidural and about 20 minutes later the little bambino was here!  I was in the room when she had him, which was awesome and horrific at the same time.  Let's just put it this way, I am forever scarred and therefor Adam and I will be hiring a surrogate to have our children.  Y'all I swear, I definitely didn't see "all of that"(if you know what I mean) coming when I got out of bed Monday morning.  Her mom said that when she looked over at me I was standing in the corner, pale as a ghost, and crossing my legs and holding myself.  Freaked out? Maybe so.  Taking applications for surrogates? Definitely.

Well the first Bama game is this weekend.  Obviously, since we live on campus, the partying started about ohhhhh, I don't know, two weeks ago.  Seriously, I came home from work last Friday night completely exhausted and all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch tv (Adam was at his bachelor party) but as soon as I walked up our stairs I heard it.  I heard the sea of people that was accumulated right outside our front door.  Then I saw it and I was all,"What the hell? A piñata? Yes.  There were about 30-40 drunk college kids surrounding a  piñata that was apparently filled with adderall blow pops and smarties.  At this point I am just pissed at the world.  I couldn't even hear my tv because all of the little sorority girls were rapping to Eminem's new song.  The party eventually ended around midnight, and when I woke up the next morning at 7:30 to get ready for work I was very tempted to open up my door and blare the radio. But I didn't, but there's always next week.

Like I said before, Adam went on his bachelor party last weekend.  Him my brother, and some of Adam's friends drove down to Jacksonville, FL for a weekend get-a-way. I wish I could tell you what they did, but I was informed to not call or text all weekend.  And I did just that, I didn't call or text one single time.  Heaven forbid I be the nagging fiance who can't let her man go out with his friends for the weekend :)  I told him to not tell me any stories of what happened and we really haven't talked about it since! I know they didn't do anything stupid, which is why I am not too concerned about what they did :) 

Oh and just in case you were wondering..we are getting married in 36 days.  

Holy freakin' cow..where's the Xanax?

September 2, 2010

...and on the 67897987th day, God created Comcast gave us internet..

I know you've probably forgotten who I am but, I wasn't informed that in the real world there is no time for blogging, facebook, eating, or sleeping.  So just know this: We have internet, we have no time to get online, but solemnly swear to write a much needed post tonight.  Pinky triple swearsies. But for now I am off to work..then headed to the AT&T store because my phone has officially died.  


August 19, 2010

Internet FAIL

Just as soon as we got the internet up and running, Allyson either a) moved out...b)changed the name of her internet and locked it...or c) has something wrong with her wireless thingy-ma-bob.  Which leads me to my next point- we are internet-less...again.  But this time I am caving, I just can't handle this instability :) I am calling Comcast on Monday and will hopefully set up a day for them to come hook us up! Oh happy day! Thank ya Jesus! Hall-a-lu-yer! So, until then, I will most likely be busy at work and Adam will be busy at school.  Fall semester started this week at UA and I am so busy at TL that I can't even catch my breath! 

Hopefully I will be back soon, with my OWN internet!

August 13, 2010

.Thank you, Allyson.

Well boys and girls, we have internet again! Whoever "Allyson" is in our complex, thanks for the free internet! Whooo de whooo! 

Man, we have been busy! Wait, let me rephrase that.  I've been busy.  Adam has been enjoying his break from school while I have been working 9-5 everyday!  He starts the fall semester sometime soon, not exactly sure when.  I officially started my new job at Tera Lane and LOVE it there!  I am so busy with massage, and let me tell you, my lower back is completely done by the end of the day.  I literally come home and beg Adam to just dig his elbows into my lower back.  I definitely need to get a massage for myself!  But, I love all of the girls I work with, and the people I work for are awesome, I am so blessed to have gotten this job! I work with one of my really good friends, Mary Kate, and we are in the process of re-decorating our massage room (we have 3 rooms but MK and I share).  Our boss' are letting us get whatever we want so we are going all out! I can't wait! I am going to do "before and after" pics so maybe I will share when we get done! HOLLA!

I feel like our schedule is jammed pack from here on out until the wedding.  I think I have every type of doctors appointment that you could ever have.  My Dads insurance doesn't cover me when I'm married, but luckily starting in January his insurance will cover me until I am 26 even though I will be married. Thank ya Jesus! So I will have no insurance from October until then so I am trying to get everything taken care of!  Then Adam starts coaching with the Bama baseball team, I've got work, wedding showers, pre-marital counseling, my BFF's wedding festivities, bachelorette party...oh..and a wedding in 57 days.  If you happen to run into me during the time period, it would be best to start the conversation off with,"Hey Linds, here's a Xanax." I kid, I kid.

In other news, Adam has a golf tournament coming up in Huntsville and I'm giving a massage to a 5 time world champion wrestler.  Say whaaaaat? Yes, apparently little ol' me is giving a big ol' dude a massage next week.  I will let you know how that goes, should be interesting.  And considering I know nothing about wrestling, there's not really much to say except, I'll let you know how it goes :) I am looking forward to it!

This weekend is Page's bachelorette party, I wasn't able to go due to work , but I'm almost positive they're miserable without me there.  I hope they survive and don't die of boredom since I'm not there! Just kidding folks. I wish I could've gone but Mama's gotta bring home the bacon ;)

Ok, well I feel like this post is going nowhere. I'm tired, can't think straight.  I'll holler at you hood rats later, when I'm more conscious. 

August 3, 2010

update on our oh-so-interesting life

Well boys and girls..I am officially out of the world of web.  Not having internet at the house sucks a big monkey...toe.  I can live with out the whole cable get-up, but internet? No sir-ee-bob.  I have literally tried every nook and cranny in our house to see if we pick anyones internet up and, well obviously, I haven't had any luck. My guess is that we are just going to have to suck it up and get our own, which would just make me the happiest girl in the world right now!

Since we are internet-less right now I am sure you are wondering how in tarnation I am writing and publishing this blog post..or not.  I am "dog sitting" my furry cousin Shadow.  Turns out he's the laziest dog on the planet and there's not too much "dog sitting" going on rather than me bribing him with Saltine crackers to make his fat booty go outside.  That would normally be stupendous except for the fact that when I finally do get him outside, all he does is plop down in the grass.  Needless to say, we are going through approximately 9 crackers a day. Anywho, I am here until Friday which is great because- a) there's cable here..and b) it's Shark Week on Discovery.  Need I say more? Mmmkay, that's what I thought.

Adam is officially done with summer classes..I don't know who is more excited, me or him.  I'm sure he's more excited, but I am definitely glad it's over because I can only handle him repeating his presentation speech so many times.  I think he made A's in both classes...thank ya Jesus! He has also been helping with a few baseball camps at Bama which has to be miserable because it's hotter than 40 freakin' Hades right now.  I think he has a week and a half off of school until the fall semester starts.

How's work going? Oh I am so glad you asked!  Well, SURPRISE! I have a new job.  Yes, that's right, I've been home for one month and I am on job #3...that's got to be some kind of record.  I should be starting at my new job by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  The previous place I worked at (job #2 for those of you keeping up) just wasn't busy enough for me to stay.  I understand that these days most people are cutting out "pampering" in the budget, but I wasn't getting paid hourly there.  At all of the other places I've worked I got an hourly wage plus commission and tips.  So considering I did more sitting than I did massaging, I had to explore my other options! The place I am at now will pay me salary, so no matter how many massages I do, I will still get paid! I do have the option to switch over to commission, but I am probably not going to do that until I have a steady clientele built up, or until Adam is out of school.  That way I know how much I will bring home every month! I am the 4th massage therapist at this place, so that says a lot.  They wouldn't have hired me if they didn't need a 4th therapist..so obviously they are doing plenty of massage therapy :)

This past weekend we had Hunter's birthday party.  It was just family and a few of his friends there, but he had fun! It was a Toy Story 3 themed party.  We had 2 Buzz Lightyear slip-n-slides and one Buzz Lightyear pool.  It was a good this because turns out it was 415 degrees outside.  Funny thing is that Robbys AC wasn't working..it was nice and toasty in the house...it was kinda hectic.  I learned one, maybe two, valuable lessons that day.  1) party planning is not my calling...partying, maybe.  But planning, definitely not. 2) Future parties will be held somewhere where other people set up and clean up for you.  So take note folks, when we have kids you will never come to my house for a party.  K. That's all.

My Dad came down for the festivities.  He hasn't been to T-Town in quite some time so I was happy to have him stay at our abode! We set up the guest bedroom for him..air mattress and all :)  We went out to dinner with my two brothers and Aunt Lori and Uncle Charley (they were in town moving in my cousin). It was nice to catch up with them! My Dad took me the next morning to get some much needed groceries..and most importantly...Season 3 set of Grey's Anatomy.  No cable = me watching all of the seasons of Grey's.  Thanks Dad!

Ok, I think this is long enough...I'm going to go watch Teen Mom now...don't judge.

July 22, 2010

wha- wha- what to do without internet AND cable?

It's a sad, sad day in the Pav/DeVore household.  First off, our neighbor (who we were stealing internet from) moved out..which means they got their internet turned off.  Second, the free cable we were using? Gone! I'm like a lost little lamb who wandered far, far away from the heard into the stone age with Fred Flinstone.  Not that any of that makes sense, but you get my point.  The good thing about this is, though, that last night since I had nothing else to do, I busted out P90X and got my swole on! Whoop Whoop! Adam says we need to give it a few weeks to see if any other folks move in and get internet.  My fingers and toes are crossed.  I think we could live without cable but definitely not internet!

Anywho, Adam had midterms yesterday and did stupendous! I've been working while he's a school.  He's had baseball camps and lots of studying to do! So nothing really new to share! ONLY the fact that my sweet little Hunterboo turned SEVEN yesterday..he's so grown up! I remember when he was just a wee little lad who had big blue eyes and a big ol' bald head :( His party is on the 31st so I better get-ta-planin'! 

Here are some of our engagement pictures by the wonderful Jamie Cormier!