August 30, 2008

Nothing to do!

You can pretty much believe that I am officially counting down the days until baseball is OVER with! Tonight the guys started a 4 game series in Tuscon, AZ which are the last 4 games of the season. Then they go to Sacramento for the first two playoff games. After those first two games in Sac then they come home to Salt Lake to finish out the first series of the play offs. Whoever wins that will go on to the next round. So it is just a waiting game, which is frustrating because we can't really make any plans on when we will head home. Adam and I are really praying to be able to make it to an Alabama football game soon, so the sooner they are out of the playoffs, the better :)

Tonight me and two of the girls, Tanner Evans and Jenny Sandoval, we out to eat with Jill Johnson. She has been leading all of our (the girls) Bible studies at our house for the season. Her husband is that leader of the guys Bible studies at the field. This has been the first year that they have really been able to do something like that. It has been really nice to have her come to the house and do that for us. We do it once a week and it really helps to bring things back into perspective and she always reminds us to keep God's word going throughout the season, it's really easy during the baseball season to get caught up in other things. So it's nice to have a great group of girls to go to church with and to do extra things like that with! We were originally going to go to a nice Chinese restaurant but we showed up and it was shut down. So we went right next door to a place called Ruby's Steakhouse. It was a lot like Outback. I devoured my plate in about 7 minutes. It was great...I pigged out.

I have recently been EXTREMELY bored. Bored out of my mind actually. And when I get really bored I get ideas of wanting to dye my hair. So I have been contemplating on dying it back to brown. Adam doesn't like my hair brown, but it is SO expensive to keep my hair blonde. My roots start to show after 2 weeks ( which I know that whichever guys are reading this really don't care). But it's a pain to keep up with! Then at one point I wanted my hair short. So who knows what will happen! Adam has to love me either way ;)

I also finally cleaned our room here. I am pretty sure it's the first time that it has been thoroughly cleaned since we have been here. I am not a fan of deep cleaning ( which I find odd because my Mama is a cleaning freak). I only cleaned the bathroom but for me that is a huge accomplishment. It was really gross. And let me just tell you, Adam will swear up and down that his face shaver thing captures all of the little hairs inside of it and wont fall out, but after close examination of the counters yesterday it CLEARLY doesn't keep all the little hairs inside of it!!!!! So I cloroxed and scrubbed. And being the sweet girlfriend that I am...I saved the toilet for Adam to clean, which I know he is just thrilled about :) Our landlord also got a new vacuum for us so I used that too. So pretty much all we have to do is throw our clothes and stuff in a suitcase and get on the road, we just don't know when yet!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! ANNNNDD....ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!

The pictures below are of Adam and I. I found some Morphing website (yes, thats how bored I get). The pictures are morphed into the "baby" stage. I emailed them to Adam and he thought they were hilarious so we decided that we should put them up here.

The other picture is of Jill Johnson (Bible study leader) , Tanner Evans, Jenny Sandoval, and ME!