September 25, 2013

Life Update :)

I've been meaning to do a general "life update" but haven't really had the time to blog, like I thought I would!  Here is what we've been up to:

  • Adam has been very, very busy with the baseball team.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings he has to be at the field for 6:15am workouts/conditioning.  He usually doesn't get home until 7:30pm every night.  They're all working long, hard days! 
  • I have been at my job for two weeks.  I'm working for a medical supply company that is actually located 3 hours away, so it's just me in the office.  All day.  By myself. So, yeah.  At first, I thought I would enjoy the silence and alone time, and I do, but, I do miss having normal conversations with other human beings!  I have found that I enjoy my day a lot more when I take my iPad.  I will stream Netflix all day just to have some background noise.  Today I got to catch up on last nights episode of The Voice and last weeks episode of New Girl!
  • Speaking of TV shows--it is about time for all of "my shows" to come on!  This is the time of year where I am in bed every night at 8:00 and shall not be interrupted until all shows are over for the night.  Not even kidding--Adam used to LEAVE THE HOUSE anytime Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice came on.  It was the safer thing to do as I tend to get a little...ahem, feisty when people talk to me if it's not a commercial. :)
  • Presley is adjusting to her new school, finally! She did cry for the first few days when I dropped her off, but has now warmed up to her new teachers and little friends.  I also love both of her teachers--they are SO sweet!
  • While we are talking about the Drama Baby--today was picture day at school and I kind of freaked myself out last night.  I got super anxious about what she would wear, how I would fix her hair, and then worried if she would even smile for the pictures.  I'm normally not like that!  I had originally bought an outfit that was, like, super cute but also really, really hideous.  The leggings were cute, but the shirt was something that I thought would be really funny to look back on when Presley is older and we would be all, "Oh my gosh, look how horrible that shirt it! Can't believe I dressed her in that!"  That's my definition of "planning ahead."  But, it has been pretty cold here, so I opted for some leopard print pants, plain black shirt, black shoes, and a leopard print bow.  I must have been feeling a little swayed by my last Trendy Tot Tuesday post :)  Presley's teacher said she smiled and did great for the pictures, so I will share them when we get our order in!
  • My Mom is coming up in a little over a week! We are so excited to see her, just counting down the days!  She will keep Presley at home with her while she is here, so that will be nice for me!  I can just wake up and head straight to work!
  • While my Mom is here Adam and I will go out to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  October 9th marks 3 years that we've been married, so we will just celebrate a little earlier! It sure does seem like we've been married longer than that!  I guess when you date close to 5 years before marriage it throws it off a bit!
  • On Monday, I upgraded my iPhone! I still had the iPhone 4, so I just upgraded to the 5C.  Even if I were to get the 5S, it was a 10 week wait for delivery.  I have no self control or patience so I ended up with the white 5C.  And I love it!  Adam is super jealous of it so I suspect he will be making his way over the the AT&T store any day now to get a new phone, too :)
Well, that's it for now!  Dinner won't cook itself!  I will leave you with some random pictures from the last few weeks!

September 1, 2013

oh, the places you'll go!

I feel like the title of Dr. Seuss' book would make a great tagline of our little family's life.  Since Adam and I have been together (which, in December will be 8 years) we have never "settled." I think the longest we've stayed in one town is when he was finishing his degree at Alabama after he retired from pro ball.  We were there from September 2010  until August 2012 and ever since then we've been on the move!  Adams dream is to be a college baseball coach (preferably at a pretty big school) so, that's why we move a lot.  It's like a totem pole, you have to start at the bottom and work your way up once better opportunities arise! 

Our latest quest?

The University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana!

I can't tell you how hard I prayed for something like this.  We were literally days away from our apartment lease ending in Huntsville, AL and he still didn't have a job.  We had a few things in the works, but we were really panicking!  He got a call late Friday night (August 16th) and was offered the Paid Volunteer coaching job and within the next week we packed up our apartment, said goodbye to family and friends, loaded up the Uhaul and headed north!

We came into this move without having a place to live, so we stayed in a hotel for a few days until we found a cute little townhouse.  If we stay here for a few years then we will look into a house or something, but for now? I will gladly live somewhere that provides snow removal :)

Yeah, snow--about that.

I am currently taking any and all winter clothing donations.  I don't know about where you live, but in Alabama schools and businesses shut down just at the thought of sleet.  I've been told that up North, you learn to deal with it and go on with your life.  If I go missing from November-March, I will most likely be hibernating in my warm house!

I have stashed my Alabama shirts into one pile and have literally worn a different UA football championship shirt for the last week.  Not even kidding.  I haven't gone anywhere without being asked where my accent is from and I still haven't found the nearest H&M. I did, however, find a Noodles & Co. and a Coldstone Creamery.  Fatty McFatterson--party of 1.

Sorry for being so absent lately.  We've been pretty busy getting settled in and we are still trying to find a preschool for Presley.  After that, I start a new office job (and by "office job" I mean it's just one office--and it's mine.  I will be working A-L-O-N-E!)  I know that will give me SO much more time to blog rather than doing it from home.  

So, butter my butt and call me a biscuit--let's get this new adventure started, ya'll!