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January 30, 2009

Good Googly Moogly!

Yes, I am still watching the Noggin channel with baby Griffin. Right now we are watching Maggie & The Ferocious Beast..sounds child friendly, right? The "ferocious beast" probably says "good googly moogly" about a gazillion times....it's funny

Adam got to sleep in today. When his alarm went off at 7:30 to get up and go hit, it was storming outside so him and the guys called it off (I think, maybe they just delayed it), but whatever. Before I left FL we had gotten all of his old tapes/DVDs together from college and earlier in the minors. Some of the people at IMG said they would put a "motivational video" together for him with some of the clips from the tapes/DVDs. He wrote me a text message this morning that said,"The video is freakin' sick!!!!!!!" So, there you have it folks, a totally sick video of the one and only Toasty himself. Maybe, if we are smart enough, we will try to get the video on the blog, but I'm not making any promises..we might not be able to figure it out!

Oh good googly moogly..Griffin just grunted reallllly long and hard, we all know what that means...I'll be right back....

OK, that was fun.

No big plans for this happenin' Friday night. I hardly ever go out the the bars where everyone goes on the weekends. There is something about being around obnoxious drunks that just don't appeal to my likings. As for me and Kristen, we keep like to keep it "Grandma Style". (No offense to the Grandmas out there, it's a good time for all). Tonight we are just going to hang out at her house, maybe rent a movie and cook some food..soooo romantical, I know :) Her boyfriend lives in Opelika, which is about 2 1/2 hours away, and he won't be in Tuscaloosa this weekend so she is alllllll mine! Muwahahahaha

Holy smokes, I can't believe I forgot to write about this weeks ago. OK, so in the neighborhood in FL where we were staying, we had a news reporter come to our house and ask us about our dry wall?!?! Apparently all of the houses in our "hood" had been built with Chinese Dry Wall, which supposedly is very very bad! They had said that most of the people that were affected by it were having respiratory problems, furniture ruining, air conditioners breaking, the smell of sulfur everywhere, and much more stuff. We didn't think our house was one of the bad ones but, it was! Now, I am quite the hypochondriac, so I am surprised that after we heard the news that I actually didn't stop breathing or fall apart to pieces :) So, now the builder of the whole neighborhood is having to pay for all the residents to move into other housing situations so they can pretty much gut the whole house and fix it. I mean, seriously, what in tarnation did we do to the Chinese folks to deserve this? I mean, for goodness sake, a Chinese man couldn't even get to the moon without the help of American technology (I bet you are wondering where I got this from...I'll never telllllllll). Sheesh, give us a break Cheech and Chong!


January 29, 2009

Sweet Home Alabammmmma

I am finally back in Tuscaloosa, and holy macaroni it's freeeeezing! As soon as I arrived on Monday I went straight to Taylorville Primary School and ate with the Hunter. He was really surprised to see me and wanted to go home with me, but I told him he had to stay at school so he could get smarter. And do you know what the little twerp responded with?? "I am already smart, now lets go.". How do you argue with that? He stayed though. Ohhh my, how could I forget to tell you the great news? I had to cancel my dreaded dentist appointment that I was supposed to have on Monday. For some reason every dentist in the whole nation takes my insurance. Except for this one. It was a glorious day after I found that out. Although, the same day, I made another appointment at a different office. But, I was freeeeee on that day!

Later that night me and my 2 best friends,Kristen and Page, went out to eat and it.was.amazing. It's so fun to just sit around and talk about whats been going on. We always just pick up from where we left off last time, good stuff. I hurried home after that though to watch all of the shows that I had recorded on the DVR. You never know how great those dang DVR's are until you don't have it! I got all caught up on The Bachelor, Jon and Kate Plus 8, The First 48, and some Intervention. Just let me tell you. If you think you and your family have problems, just watch a single episode of Intervention...THOSE poor people have problems. Bless their hearts! And what makes me angry is that I sat there for a whole hour watching this woman who has been getting her food intake with a feeding tube for like, 14 years. So she goes to rehab, blah blah blah, and then LEAVES soon after getting there and goes back to her old ways. Such a friggin' waste..of both of our times, I tell ya! OK, enough about that.

Oh my goodness how could I forget. My step-sister, Kassie, had her baby on the 27th. His name is Caden and oh my sweet baby Jesus he is the cutest little thing!

Adam is surviving down in Florida without me. We talk on the phone a few times a day, but these days, there's not THAT much to talk about. After over 3 years of dating the phone calls get shorter and shorter. That's all right though because he's a busy little fellow down there! Yesterday him and his friend JB went on JB's boat and did some scuba diving. Adam called me and was "trying to make me jealous." Yeah, see...the thing about that is that I have NEVER been scuba diving, never had the desire to, and have never even mentioned how "cool and exciting" it would be to go. So, I don't know where he came up with that, but it didn't work. I have no intentions of ever strapping on 500 devices of who-knows-what, and jumping into a sea of death. Sharks are not friendly creatures people, it doesn't take a genius to figger' that one out. But, he had a great time! Wednesdays are his days off of working out, so today it was back to the gym to get his work out on! There are 18 days left until he has to report to spring training in AZ so it's coming down to the wire! Eeeeeeek!

This week I have been doing a little babysitting for a family that we know pretty well. I am keeping their 8 month old Griffin until Friday. He is sooo darn cute! He just sits around and plays, doesn't cry unless he is hungry or tired. And the best of all...he is a TV junky..just like me! That's my kind of kid! Now, granted, the TV is on Noggin all day long but thats fine with me! I could just snuggle with him allll day, he's the sweetest thing ever!

Well, I think that's it for now! I wish there was more exciting things to blog about, but hey..beggars can't be choosers, right? Oh and get excited (but not too excited) I am going to insist that Adam writes a blog this weekend..so there is more exciting baseball news to come, oh and there will also be a little ,'ohhhhh how I miss my sweet little Princess Lindsay, I am just sooo depressed and lonely without her here, how will I ever survive?'...yeah, right!


Elliott and Griffin...who I am baby sitting

My step sister Kassie and baby Caden

January 25, 2009

The couch potatoe strikes again..

Aaaaaaahhhhhh...I have never been so glad to sit on a big comfy couch. I made it to my Aunt's house today and am waking up bright and early in the morning to finish driving to Alabama. I know that Adam is already just so miserable and lonely without me (I'm assuming...or he better be...) but I have only talked to him a few times on the phone, so I am guessing he's just fine :)

Ohhh yes...I just wanted to say that if the last post scared anyone that just looks at the blog ONLY for baseball news, no worries, you will not be hearing about my circus-like life for much longer..it's just kind of hard to talk about baseball when it's actually not going on. So just bare with us for a while..spring training is soon and then everyone is freeeeeeee (kind of) of my not-so personal life :) Just wanted to throw that in there since I have been changing the blog to pink and writing about God only knows what. I have been thinking that maybe I should change the layout of the blog again..I'm sure there is nothing like sitting at your desk ( this really just applies to the men) looking at a sparkly pink web page...I definitely don't want to cramp any ones style or ruin a totally awesomeness reputation at work. Have no fear folks..change is near..no no..not from Obama..me :)

Adam spent a lot of time yesterday hitting. He was having a hard time finding his swing, I sure hope he finds that little sucker...we need it! Now that I am gone I am sure he will be in full baseball mode for the rest of the off season. As the days come I am getting more and more excited about baseball. I am usually really excited to watch the first month or so of games then that wears off and I usually start showing up at the games later and later and latttter. The main reason I am excited is because (as crazy as this sounds) it seems like the baseball season holds more of a routine than the off season. This off season was crazy with winter ball in the Dominican and then me traveling to and from Alabama and blah blah blah. At least during the season we have an everyday routine...somewhat.

OK well now that I just rambled on and on about a whole bunch of non sense I am going to hit the sack. Gotta get up and drive some more tomorrow!

The pictures are of my Aunts dogs..errr..I mean, kids..Izzy and Shadow. I took the pics with our new camera. The other picture is of Adam in our only chair, watching the Miss America pageant.

Rah Rah and her furry children

Shad-boy.. he really knew how to work the camera :)
Isabelle was a feisty little model..but I got a few good ones of her

This is Toasty lounging while watching TV...OK, so the chair is a little off balance..

January 23, 2009

Under Construction

If you are wondering why all of a sudden the layout of our blog has taken a turn to the girly side, let me just tell you why. When is the last time you read a blog from Adam??? Exactly. I have declared the blog as my own, so therefor I must change the layout to pink...and glitter. The good thing about that is, Adam looks at the blog on his phone, which doesn't show the background...so until he actually gets on the computer, I am safe.

Welllll, the countdown continues, and I am leaving for Bama in 2 days..whoooo deee whoooo! Oh wait..I mean..I am just so so so sad and wondering what the heck I am going to do with myself with out Adam around (wink wink...). I talked to my nephew today and he is pretty pumped about me coming to eat lunch with him at school on Monday. That is usually a fun adventure because at that age, kids at the lunch table CLEARLY don't think about, "Hmm..yes, instead of placing my slice of pizza back onto my tray I am going to sit it on the lunch table where 5,000 other germs are."..or, "Sure, I did just accidentally spit on my friends food while telling that funny story." Sheesh..I just want to be like, "Hey...kid...say it, don't spray it."..But what can you do. The last time I went to eat with him I had this little black girl tell me 200 times,"HAAAAAY...my name's India."..Good for you kid, good for you. It also includes me being the unpaid lunch worker..that involves me opening up every kids milk carton and unrolling their fruit roll-up which they know good and well that their parents told them NOT to buy. But, enough about that.

Not only do I get to go eat cafeteria food as soon as I get there but right after that I have to go to the dentist. I. Hate. The. Dentist. Those evil people just slice and dice your gums then tell you to rinse with the mouthwash that they know is going to sting all of the damage that they just did. Let's not forget that I am almost positive that I am going to have a few cavities. I am pretty sure I was supposed to get those filled a while back but never did. The reason I never did was because the dentist I was going to told me I needed a root canal. That's fine. Went to the appointment got all numb and he dug away. The weird thing about it was that a few days later, my tooth was still hurting. So I called him up and told him and do you know what he said? This man had the NERVE to say "Ohhh, yep..looks like that root canal was done on the wrong tooth." So I am thinking to myself, 'What kind of DUFAS does that??'...But, instead we just made the appointment for the right tooth. But, needless to say I did not get my cavities filled by him...I am sure you understand why.

Onto less personal issues...the countdown for the baseball season is almost official! I got my plane ticket set to go to Arizona on March 3rd and I am pretty excited about that! I am excited to get to see my baseball girlfriends!! Adam is still working out pretty hard and getting ready. He is really getting into the swing of things and is ready to start playing in some games instead of hitting in the cages everyday. I am going to try to send a lot of my stuff with Adam so I don't have to worry about my luggage being too heavy. I mean, for Heavens sake...I am going to have one suitcases just for my shoes :) This year we are only taking Adams car out there, so that means we are going to have to pack lighter..which is fine on my part. Adam seems to be the one with a lot of stuff. Last year he thought it would be necessary to take his own comforter with him. Do you know where it sat all season?? In the corner of our closet..along with all sorts of other non sense. So it should be interesting when he rolls through Alabama on his way to Arizona and it's time for me to load all of my stuff in the truck. Once the end of spring training rolls around we will try to figure out where we are going to live, and who we want to live with!

On another personal note...I know on my last blog I confessed my love for McDonald's. Welllll, I am proud to say that ever since that blog I have not gone to McDonald's and I have been eating so healthy! I am now a Talapia eating fool! I think I eat it for dinner every night! Now, when I get back to Bama it's going to be tough..there are SO many good places to eat, and they aren't healthy! I am going to try my best though. I am thinking about printing off a picture of someone with a hot bod and carrying it around with me so when I start having thoughts about that evil place (McDonald's), or Taco Casa, or Willy T's, and so on..I can just pull that picture out and hopefully change my mind!

I am sad to say that there is only one picture to post, but I must say..it's a great one..Once I get back home there will be zillions of pictures on here of the kiddos.

Enjoy the weekend!


January 16, 2009


The title of this probably doesn't apply to me considering when I woke up this morning I had no clue as to what day it was. So, scratch that. It would make more sense if it said TGIGHIND. And what does that stand for? Why I thought you would never ask. "Thank goodness I am going home in nine days." !! I have decided to return back to Bama for the remainder of the off season. I want to get some good time at home before we leave for a long time, although I will miss Adam ;) I plan on spending a lot of time with my niece and nephew and everyone else! I am sure that Adam will be fine without me! It will only be about two weeks that we aren't together, so it's not bad! The only thing I am not looking forward to is the cold weather! It has been so nice down here, I will not know what to do with myself in all of that coldness! The other morning it was a tad bit chilly, so I decided that it was the perfect opportunity for me to wear my new Ugg boots that Adam got me for Christmas. So I bundled up and slipped them on and was off to Wal-Mart. I noticed as soon as I started my shopping that people were still wearing flip-flops, and I even caught a few people awkwardly staring at me. That is when I came to the conclusion that when you live in the warmer parts of FL you don't even own these type of things! It just so happen to get really warm by the time I was done shopping so I booked it to the car and drove off! Sheesh!

Adam has been working out really hard lately at IMG. He comes home and is just exhausted. Poor thing came home last night and wanted a massage because he was so sore. I told him," Man, I sure wish I knew someone who knew how to give a massage (wink wink)." He actually ended up going to get a massage at a chiropractors office. (**GASP**I know you are thinking,"But YOU are a massage therapist, LINDSAY!!!"). I can explain. Wait. Actually I can't. The only excuse I have is that I am not into giving the verrrrrry deep massages. That sounds horrible, but it kills my back and I never get deep enough! But, it was all taken care of and he said it ended up being the best thing ever! He ended up going to bed early, which I am not used to!! We always stay up pretty late, so I was not mentally prepared to go to bed at 10:30! I actually ended up lying in bed until about 1:00. I played on the internet on my phone the whole time! It sounds odd, but somehow I ended up reading all of these random peoples blogs! I am hooked on a few of them just because I start to read them and then I have to know what happens next! I like to call it, "Blog Stalking". Most of them are just the most random things, but oh well! It was funny because the whole time I was laying there I heard Adam say some pretty interesting things in his sleep...something about a "choo choo train". I must say that between the two of us some pretty interesting things happen. The other night I woke up in the middle of a dream and thought that the air conditioning vent was a camera, so I woke Adam up and was saying," Do you see THAT??" That camera?!" He sat up (in his sleep) and said something that probably didn't make any sense..and by this time I had woken myself up and realized what the heck was going on! I said to myself, "That's not a freakin' camera!"....Wheeew...crazy people, we should be on some major meds!

So, this year I hopped on the bandwagon of making my New Years resolution to eat healthier and work out more. PAHAHAHA...yeah right. It's just something about those golden arches at McDonald's that I can't part with. It's like there is something genetically wrong with me that I just can't give those french fries up! (Not really, but it sounds like a good excuse.) I stopped by there on my way to Adams parents house today and had totally planned on getting a parfait, and I am just going to assume you know what really happened. And the working out thing..that hasn't happened either. It will though, it will. If I could just chop off my legs and butt and send them on their merry way to the gym and then reattach them when they are done, I would be happy as a lark! But that's not happening any time soon so I better just go to a gym!

Wow, I know this was one ridiculous random blog, but I have to get out my personal problems somehow! I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Maybe Adam and I will take some pictures this weekend so we can post some...


January 10, 2009

A Day On The Beach

Today Adam and I spent the day at the beach on Anna Maria Island. It was nice and warm, with a good breeze flowing! The later we were there, the cooler it got! There were a good amount of people out there, assuming that the people in the water were all of the northerners who thought it was extremely hot out! I wouldn't say it was warm enough to be swimming around! After leaving the beach we stopped by Smoothie King and got a smoothie, and headed home to shower up for dinner at Adams parents house!
I am dying to go see the movie Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anna Hathaway in it, but I am still trying to bribe Adam into going. My aunt Rah Rah saw it and said it was a total chick flick..so between it being a chick flick..about weddings..I don't think I have much hope :) Adam is hoping to get all of the guys together for a day together doing paintball or high speed go karts. So maybe that will be the day that I go see the movie!

I am hoping that something fun and interesting happens so I will have something more interesting to blog about! Our days just consist of waking up, eating, working out, and more eating!


January 7, 2009

Spring Training

Yesterday Adam got the call from the Angels that he has been invited to the big league spring training, again! We were pretty confident that after the season he had last year that they would invite him again, but this past week we weren't so sure. They took a while to call! It is very exciting news! That means that instead of reporting to minor league camp around the middle of March, he has to report by February 16th! I haven't quite decided what I am going to do yet. I could ride out there with him, but I am looking at a plane ticket to go out there a little later. One of our good friends (Terry & Tanner Evans, he plays ball with Adam and live in Atlanta) are having a baby on Jan. 24th and I had offered to help Tanner by maybe flying out of Atlanta around March 1st with her. I can't imagine how hard it will be for her to fly with a new baby, luggage, a giant stroller, a diaper bag, and who knows what...by herself! So, we are going to try and work it out where maybe I will fly out of Atlanta on the same flight as her and we will arrive in Phoenix together. Her husband will have to drive out earlier to make it for the report day of February 16th. So, it's a little crazy right now but I am sure it will work out! Plane tickets are fairly cheap for a one way.

Not too much has been going on down here! I have just been enjoying the warm sunny weather! Our house is pretty bare so there really isn't too much to do! The other night Adam and I went and saw the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was realllllly long, so it was a good thing that Brad Pitt was the main character..because I could just stare at him all day long. Wheeeeew! :) It ended up being a really good movie though! It is definitely a movie that you should wait and see when it comes out on DVD so you can just lounge on your own bed, it was almost 3 hours long. Last night Adam and I went out to eat at Daruma. It's a Japanese steakhouse and it is soooooo yummy! I actually just got done eating the leftovers and it was just as good!

Hmmm....I don't think anything else has gone on! Just a whole lotta nothing! Sorry, no pictures to post this time :(


January 4, 2009

Pictures with the new camera

We are still trying out how to work our camera...but here are a few pictures we have taken so far..

Adam practicing his guitar skills.

Me at the beach

Strike a pose!

Just a sailboat

This is a flower thing in our neighborhood

Adam and I at the beach

January 1, 2009

It's a mans job, but someone's gotta do it...

Cutting the grass that is. You probably didn't know it, but there is a jungle in Bradenton, FL..and it just so happens to be in our backyard. Actually, it is our backyard! At the house we are staying at, the grass hasn't been taken care of, so I went at it today! Not only did I weed whack it first BEFORE I brought out the mower, but I did all of this while somehow managing to keep the Hoover Dam from flooding..aka my nose has been running non-stop from a cold ;) The grass was about a foot tall and there were many ant beds and other creatures who, sadly, lost their home today. All of our neighbors have their yards perfectly cut, but ours was just ridiculous..I mean, you would have thought that SOMEONE would have just ran their mower through our yard, it's not big! But, we got the job done and now it is nice purtty!

Yesterday was Adams birthday, so we headed over to his parents house for dinner. His Grandpa, aunt & uncle, cousins, sister, and her boyfriend were there to celebrate, it was a lot of fun! After eating and hanging out with them we hurried back to our house and changed our clothes to go out for New Years! We went with a big group of people out to a place called Ceviche. It was a Spanish type bar/restaurant and it was packed! It's a 3 (maybe 4?) story building, the restaurant being on one floor, and two outdoor patio bars on the others! It was fun to hang out with everyone, not to mention the food was sooooo good! We stayed just long enough to ring in the new year and then we headed home! I was not feeling too hot that day (sinus/cold) so we had already decided to not stay out late. We got home and I took two Benadryl and I was out cold!

Tomorrow Adam and I are going up to Tampa to shop at the International Mall. I still haven't got Adam a Christmas or birthday present..I know, I am such a bad girlfriend! But, I decided that it would be better, and easier, if we went to the mall and he could pick out whatever he wants!

The pictures that we are posting were taken with our new camera which I am TOTALLY in love with...best thing ever!!!

Happy New Year!!!!


Adam and I at his parents
Just hangin' out!
Ready for New Years!
Notice that everyone elses yard is perfectly mowed, and then there is our jungle. That is what I was working with...
Step 1: Weed wack the whole yard..yes, in ugg boots..totally necessary.

This was clearly before I came to the conclusion that I could not possible mow down all of that...

Another picture just so you can see everyone elses yard compared to ours..