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March 30, 2012

hold me



Hold me.

Hand Foot & Mouth Disease...Presley has it.

Turning my previous suckfest into an even suckier-suckfest.

So, yeah. If you need me I'll be the pyscho curled up in the fetal position, hysterically crying.

March 24, 2012

double trouble

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, bro's and hoes....

Presley still has a double ear infection.

::insert ugly cry face from Mom here::

A few posts back I mentioned this, and I had said that she had this infection since Feb. 26th BUT I STAND CORRECTED! She's actually had it since Jan. 20th.


We've pretty much started to pay rent at our doctors office these days. Finally, after going this past week we decided it would be best to see an ENT doctor and we would discuss tubes.

Funny thing about that though, I didn't want to discuss anything. We were getting tubes if I had to go to Publix and buy some macaroni pasta and insert it into her ear myself (that's what they use, right?!).

I took her to the ENT (raging' Cajun Dr. David for you locals) and he said she would really benefit from tubes.

As in, I would also benefit!

He gave me a pamphlet on tubes then I kissed him on the mouth (shook his hand) because I was so happy this would soon be over with.

Thank ya Jesus!

And the appointment is April 3rd. And Adam just so happens to be out of town that day. And now he wants me to reschedule for the next day. And I want to uglyfacecry again. And obviously I'm going to do it because who's going to go get me a Starbucks that early in the morning?

I know it seems like I am not really worried about Presley having a procedure done. It's because I'm not! Babies get these mugs all the time and it's basically a 15 minutes deal that the doctor
can do with his eyes closed.

Although, I'd prefer he doesn't. I want her ears to stop bothering her pronto!

So that's the scoop for now! She is actually acting fine now, I think she has just gotten used to the pain. She still pulls at her ears but is back to eating and sleeping like she did in the good ol' days!

Ta ta for now!

March 15, 2012

eight months

Presley is 8 months old today!

Around 21 pounds

Not sure about this one. They only weighed her while we were at the doctor for her ears.

Clothing Size:
Some things she's in 9-12, but mostly it's 12 month clothes! I feel like I clean out her closet every week..me sadz. I remember when I was pregnant with her we bought a bunch of size 12 month cloths and I felt like it would be forever before she would ever get to wear them. But alas, here we are and my fat oompa loompa is sporting those clothes!

Still size 3..next box will be size 4. And I decided to show some sympathy to Huggies and give those a whirl. I can't say I hate them, but my heart belongs to good ol' Pampers Cruisers!

Anything and everything. She loves chicken spaghetti, fruit cups, crackers, raisins, oatmeal, steak, broccoli, cauliflower...you name it, she will eat it!

I still make some of her food. It's fun for me and gives me some Mom Points.

Example: I give Presley a box to play with while I pick up the house. I come back and realize that she has eaten a whole sheet of tissue paper.

Minus 5 points for Mom.

I then mix her up some squash/corn/sweet potatoes & broccoli/cauliflower for dinner.

Plus 15 points for Mom.

See what I did there?

Totally redeemed myself!

Brown hair & green eyes!

The flipping over issue has been resolved. She now flips from back to stomach all throughout the night. She goes to sleep around 7:30 PM and wakes up at 6:45 ON. THE. DOT.

Not a second later.

She is taking two naps a day-one in the morning and another around lunch.

I had stopped rocking her until she got sick but I still don't rock her all the way to sleep. She will usually toss and turn for about 15 minutes before passing out.

We've been going to the park a lot and she loves the swing. I may try to get a swing of our own and hang it on our porch or in our garage. Because I'm lazy and don't want to walk to the playground.

Adams parents and sister came into town this past weekend! It was so good to see them. The last time they saw P was at Christmas so they had a fun time playing with her! We will be seeing them soon for Adams graduation!

Presley also loves her sippy cup. We have found that the cups with the straws work best for us. She loves apple juice and white grape juice!

She talks her head off. I literally can't get her to shut her pie hole some days. She says 'bye-bye' (and waves), PaPa, and Mama.

She has finally learned how to give kisses. Melt my heart. Now, it's a big fat slobber fest, but it's still cute. She goes in for the kill mouth wide open, sometimes sticks her tongue out.

No shame in her game.

Fun Stuff:
Bottom teeth are in!

She smiles really big and claps anytime you say,"YAY PRESLEY!"

Dances to M-I-C-K-E-Y...M-O-U-S-E!

We are about a week away from crawling. She just can't figure out that if she moves her leg she's sitting on that she will be able to bust a move!

We are on the lookout for a walker. We have basically retired the jumpy these days because she get's bored. So onto more interesting things, I guess :)

That's about it. I honestly can't believe PDizzle is 8 months old...what happened?

Goodness gracious, I love her to pieces.

barnyard birthday party

Last Saturday I took Presley to her 2nd birthday party (OMG, I'm a real life Mom, aren't I??).  Her first party to ever go to was her boyfriend Cruz's 1st birthday.  This last one was for a little boy named Parker! His parents go to are church and are in our small group, so there were lots of familiar faces there! We had so much fun, the weather was perfect and P-Nasty definitely looked like a little Daisy Duke!

Except we held off on the shorts.  The world is not ready for her chubby little thighs :)

They had it very organized on how they ran the party.  It wasn't all,"BE FREE!" with the animals or anything.  When we first got there we went on a little boat ride around the pond, then we fed the baby pigs and mini goats.  After that the older kids held some baby chicks and bunnies, and rode the miniature pony!

Obviously, Presley couldn't do much but we still had a great time.  They had a swing set that we played on while the older kids did their thang.  Then we ate the most wonderfulest tastiest birthday cake my buds have ever tasted. Presley loved the cake and ice cream too!

We couldn't leave without getting her a pink Barnyard shirt.  So we did that and then headed home, where she napped like it was her job!

If you live in T-Town then you should totally check that place out! We would never be able to have P's party there because it'd be hot a the dickens (July 15th...HELLO!) but for a Fall or Spring birthday it was perfect!

I wish Adam would have been with us, he would have loved it!

March 13, 2012

3 week vacay

I'm alive! Barely.

The last three weeks have been spent in the deepest, darkest, hottest, horrible-est pits of Hell!


double ear infection Hell.


Presley went to the doctor in late February because of her ears and we are still dealing. 

We went again yesterday and were given a new antibiotic (Augmentin...kill me now) and were told that if this doesn't start to work after 4 days to call and Dr. B will refer us to an Ears Nose & Throat doctor.

Honestly, let's just nip this in the bud and get tubes! I'd rather do that then for Presley to be miserable over and over again!

No eating, no sleeping, lotsa crying, lotsa medicine.

This chick is over it! I miss my sleep.  The dark circle under my eyes are ridonkulous. 

So that's what we've been doing.

Adam has been gone a lot with baseball (how convenient!) and when he's not at baseball he is at group meetings for school (how convenient, too!).  

Thankfully, graduation is in 52 days. Not that I'm counting or anything :)

Today we are going to sit down and decide which schools he will send his resume to. BOOM!

There are a handful of states that I would rather not move to, and many states that I would pack up and go to in a heart beat!

Obviously, if he could get a job close to home, that'd be great! But, my first choices of places to move are:
-North Carolina
-South Carolina

That's about it...I'd really move anywhere out west (except Nevada), we miss Salt Lake a lot and every time we see anything about it we always talk about how much we loved it there!

We will see.  Baseball isn't a big deal in those places, or at least not like it is in the SEC.  

No point in worrying about where we are going though, we still have a while!

Like always, I'm still super busy at work. I haven't quite figured out how to balance working 9-5, keeping the house clean, cooking, and taking care of a dramababy.

I'm stressed to the max and something has got to give...and quick!

I would love to only work part time, but Adam says that's not an option.  So, until then I'll just be very unpleasant to be around.


We've been taking Presley to the park a lot and she loves it.  The only thing small enough for her to play on is the swing but she still has so much fun! 

Y'all, she's getting so big! It makes me so sad! She's probably a week or two away from crawling, eating 90% table food, pretty much over formula, and basically is almost a teenager already!

Ok, the last part was a little dramatic.  

It really does go by so fast, I'm already planning her 1st birthday :)

Tomorrow I will be posting about the birthday party we went to this past weekend, and then on Thursday I will post her 8 month update!

I will start blogging more...

scouts honor!!!!