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April 29, 2010

random thoughts

- I've decided to write out a list of the random thoughts in my head..which can either be really entertaining or really really scary.  Your choice.

- I almost peed my pants when I saw this dog yesterday.

- As I type this in Barnes & Noble there's an old man (with his dentures floating in a clear Starbucks cup) slurping soup and coughing his lungs up (or is it out? either way, I'm throwing up in my mouth a little bit)

- In my last post I wrote that my parentals booked our honeymoon, when actually Adams parents booked it..which caused a little confusion..but we are all better now. (I must've just had little Adam on my mind :)  )

- I've read more books about HTML and Web Design in the past few days then I ever thought I would..hence the new layout.

- I should probably be reading more books on "dream interpretation" these days.  Have I ever told you that I dream very often that I swallow things, and then in real life I wake up coughing and holding my throat? Kinda scary.  So far in my dreams I've swallowed : marbles, glass, a quarter, and the cap to the laundry detergent.

- While sitting in B&N the other night (are you sensing a pattern here? This is my 2nd home) I overheard a couple "rating" peoples looks...they rated me a 6.5.  hhahahahahahahahhaahaha! I died. Ever since then I've made sure I wear make up and brush my hair when going out in public.  Maybe they'll come back and rate me again.  :o)

- My Mom is mailing me my P90x...it hasn't even arrived yet and I'm already hating it.  Too bad though, it's the best work out ever.  Maybe I should just workout in my bathing suit so I will keep myself motivated.

- I can't keep a straight face when talking to New Yorkers, I keep thinking they're accent isn't real.  I won't accept the fact that people really do talk like the people on Jersey Shore.

- Adam and I are having a difficult time finding a church here.  There's a Catholic and Episcopalian church on every corner though!

- My first day of work was yesterday.  Normally that'd be stupendous.  It wasn't. It was 56 degrees with 30 mph winds.  Needless to say, I left after making 2 trips around the golf course.

- I stare at people.  A lot.

- Rivermonsters. Please, do me a favor and never ever watch that show.  My fears of 7-foot long sting rays in the river have been confirmed. In Japan. Not that I will ever go to Japan (or maybe it was China, whatever, it was a 7 footer) but y'all, still. Scared the sheeeeet out of me.

- People in Long Island still get perms.

- Adam walked 3 times in one game the other night.  His on base % is pretty good.  He also got two hits last night.  As soon as I got to the game he started striking out.  He told me to stay home tonight which is secretly awesome because Grey's Anatomy is new. Ok, maybe that's not so secretive.

- In our driveway, there's a penny that's stuck in the cement.  It gets me every time. Oh well, it's not heads up, so I guess I don't need it anyways.

- I want to tell you so bad about my fear of running over bags that are in the middle of the road but am scared that if I tell you the reason why you'll stop reading my blog because it's borderline morbid and you will definitely put me in an institution and I don't want to go there because I want to go to Mexico in October.  But but BUT, please just do me a favor and don't run over any bags.  There maybe an animal in there.  THERE..I said it.  That's what happens when you spend too much time watching the news in NY.

- I think we shall end on that note.

April 25, 2010

no power cord = no blogging

Sorry home fries, my power cord died and went to Power Cord Heaven a few days ago. So much has happened in the past week, I know you're just dying to know.  But maybe not.

Thursday was Adams first baseball game! He started at 3rd base and batted 5th in the line up.  That's pretty much been the scenario for the other two games too.  I think that for every game he's gone 1 for 3 with a walk.  But don't hold me to that.  But he has gotten a hit every game so far, so maybe, just maybe, if he keeps that up we will be out of here soon!  He's done an awesome job at 3rd base too. He's all scraped and bruised up from diving and sliding, but it's all from good plays! In the past few season he's spent most of his time in the outfield which obviously, isn't as eventful as the infield is.  It's been purtty cold here at night, so I usually leave the game early and go sit in the car until it's over with.  Last night I ended up just staying at home because it was so cold.  I think it would be different if I had girls to talk to at the field, but there aren't any girls out here.  So it makes for a long night in the stands by myself!  I hope it starts to warm up soon!

It's official: I have a job! I'm now the beverage cart girl on the golf course at the country club here.  It's a super nice golf course on the water and it's (for the most part) always packed out!  I work 3 days a week, but the other girls said I should make enough money where that's plenty of days.  Plus, I can always work extra events, cover shifts, or work in the restaurant/bar for extra hours.  Most likely, when Adam is on a road trip i will try to get in more hours.  It's only 5 miles from the baseball field which is perfect because on the days that I work, I will have to drop Adam off early.  It's fine though because when he get's there early he can get a good workout in :)  I was supposed to start today, but it's been raining since last night so I won't start until tomorrow.  Unless its still raining.  And in that case we might want to look into buying a boat to get to and from places.  Seriously, it's flooding everywhere.  Anywho, todays game has also been cancelled. Which is great, except for the fact that it pretty much ruined my grocery shopping plans.  If there's one thing I hate to do, it's grocery shopping with Adam.  He only likes to buy what's on sale, which sucks for me because Bagel Bites and Lucky Charms are NEVER on sale. Ever.  We are all in a happier place when I go without him.  End of story.

Well, I thought I had much more to talk about, but apparently it all slipped my mind! Toodles!

**sorry, no recent pictures, but I will take some at the next baseball game, promise!**

April 20, 2010

Yankee Stadium

Last week Adam and I took the train into the Bronx to watch the Angels play the Yankees.  Adam wouldn't let me wear my Angels shirt to the game and was all, "I don't want to spend the whole game fighting people because you're wearing an Angels shirt blah blah blah." Turns out there were several people wearing Angels gear and I didn't see one single fight.  Terry wasn't at the game that night, he found out the night before that he cleared waivers and was being sent to Salt Lake City.  But, we did get to see Brandon play at 3rd base!  We sat with his fiance, Lindsey, during the game.  They also had some friends there from Washington DC, I can't remember the guys name but his wife's name was Lindsey.  3 Lindsay/Lindsey's sitting right next to each other, you can only imagine how difficult it was when one of the guys called out one of our names.  Good times.  Adam and I ended up leaving during the 5th inning because we had a long train ride home and plus, it was freeeeezing! It was fun, Yankee Stadium is really nice..the Bronx though, not so much.  And the whole train/subway thing, scares the piss out of me. Talk about clausterphobia at it's best.  People are sleeping, snoring, coughing, singing, farting (which then involves crop dusting and if you don't know what that is you have obviously never been crop dusted and this is not very lady like of me to be talking about farting and crop dusting but it's true people, it really is..and now I have 'crop dusting' in my computer history because I was trying to see if there is an actual definition for it, and there's not, just so you know..I majorly digress though).  Then there's the people yelling obnoxiously because apparently in the whole entire state of NY it's necessary to only yell during conversations and people don't really know the term "inside voice".  Those train rides sound fun, huh?! I was a little t.o.'ed because I am pretty sure that I gave my seat up to a woman who faked her pregnant belly just so someone would give her a seat for the long subway ride.  Sure did fool me, but what she might not know is that I am the best pregnant belly faker ev-er and I just might try that little trick next time. These people, they're jokesters.  Wow, if you made it to the end of this paragraph I applaud you because talk about major rambling!

This was the night before, we rode the train up to NYC to see our Angel friends (Reggie & Terry).  We went to Ray's Pizza :)

That's about all the excitement we've had so far! Adam has played in two "spring training games" where he did great in one game, then not so good in the next.  But that's baseball :) Their first game is on Thursday night!  I went job hunting yesterday and it was may-jah-ly unsuccessful! I can't do massage in NY because it's one of the only states (besides Florida) that requires me to go back to school for more hours. Which is just stupendous.  I'm going to keep trying.  Another option is for me to move back to Alabama and -wait for it....wait for it...are you ready??- go back to school! Now now now before you get all hog wild happy on me, let me explain! I would probably just finish up my basics at the community college in T-Town then go from there.  It's a little far fetched because um hello, I am planning a wedding too.  So I am calling today, getting my transcript from UA sent to Shelton and see what kind of bidness we'd be talking about.  It's just a thought.  I can't just sit in Long Island all baseball season with no job, so I am having to look at other options.

Alrighty, talk to you weirdos later.

Love, peace, & chicken grease,

April 17, 2010

all settled in..almost!

Ok, I lied in my last post.  I said I "will probably be posting pretty often" but then something glorious happened.  We moved out of the Sheraton and into a great apartment! Hall-a-lu-yer! See, when we were staying at the Sheraton, Adam was down in the lobby talking to the manager about getting us a lower price since we'd be staying there for 5 months.  It just so happen that one of the front desk women over heard him and came to the rescue.  She told Adam that her in-laws had a basement apartment that they would probably rent out to us.  Um, heck yes! She said that she'd call her husband and get more info on it.  He came to the hotel and talked with us, told us all about it, then asked when we would like to go take a look at it.  He obviously didn't know how desperate we were because we already had our car keys in hand, ready to go before he even got there. We don't play around homie!  We ended up going that night and I promise you, as soon as we walked in the door we were sold.  Their other son built it when he was in college, it's got new carpet, new pain, & they just put new windows in. And it's super cheap! Cha ching! They're only charging $900, and the team is paying for $400. It was an answered prayer for sure.  The day before, Adam and I were on the verge of loading up the truck and driving back to Alabama, then this came along! The only downside was that it isn't furnished, but luckily the team gave us some furniture.  We've got a tv (thankfully we have cable), couch, chair, coffee table, side table, and a bed.  The basics, pretty much.  We hate to buy a bunch of stuff, because we won't be taking it back with us when we leave.  So, you can only imagine what kind of shopping spree we went on last night at the Dollar King.  I kid you know it was like Super Market Sweep-Dollar King style.  We got some kitchen stuff we needed, hangers, a broom, and junk that I can't even remember.  So slowly but surely we are settling in! 

Our landlords that live upstairs are super sweet.  It's an older couple and they're both retired, so they're always home.  Which is cool.  Except when they wake up at the butt crack of dawn and start their house renovations that are going on.  They're names are Egon (pronounced A-gon) & Audrey.  They have a few kids (two of the sons are cops..uhh hellur, it's always good to know a few po po's) and they all live within a block of the house we live in. We live in a town called Sayville and it's on the water, and really safe.  Egon & Audrey say it's so safe that they don't even have to lock they're doors at night.  Good to know, but we aren't taking our chances!  It's also really close to the field.  

So, we are settling into our new home, finally unpacked everything today.  Now let's just hope and pray we can get out of here as soon as possible! Adam called his agent yesterday to see if any affiliated teams were interested and he said it's a little early right now.  Our goal is to just be here for a little bit and then get picked up by a regular team. 

Right now Adam is in "spring training".  He says the field is nice, it's like a regular triple-a field.  They guys on the team are a little rough but that's what you get in Indy ball.  There's a guy on the team that played at Alabama a while ago (Dustin Mohr) and that's who he hangs out with the most I guess. They had their first "game" today and Adam said he played really well. They first game of the season is on the 22nd of this month, then they leave for an 11-day road trip..looks like I need to start job searching so I can stay busy! 

I will post a few pictures of the apt (before the furniture) below.  Mind you, it's definitely not what we have stayed in during the past few seasons, but it's nice :) Also, we went to NYC a few days ago, then we went up to Yankee Stadium to watch a game, I will post about that soon! We don't have internet up at the hizzle, so we have to come to Borders..consider yourself loved :o)  Holler!

from the kitchen.  the front door is right to the left. Ohh Ohhh, you're jealous of our hunormous tv, aren't you?

Kitchen, pretty basic. Good thing I'm not a cook ;)

Bathroom and closet..this place has 3 big closets!

the loo.

hallway to the bedroom

bedroom.  That's about as plain as it get's peeps!

the past few days we've been sleeping on an air mattress, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see Adam pull of in this sweet ride, delivering the mattress and box springs. HA

April 13, 2010

Long Island

Well, we made it! After a short 3 hour drive from PA we entered into NY and immediately got a big ol' slap in the face by the traffic.  I know I said it on Facebook earlier, but it must be said again - traffic in NY makes me want to punch a baby. It makes no sense that when there is a FENDER BENDER on a bridge to call 47 firetrucks and 16 tow trucks.  I don't know much about blood pressure but I do know that mine was through the roof at this particular time.  Add in the fact that Adam and I really had no idea where we were going, and we aren't experienced aggressive (yes, to spell that word I did have to go through the cheer "be aggressive, b-e aggressive, b-e - a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e AGGRESSIVE!"sorry, flashback..)drivers so we were getting honked at & flicked off during this whole process. Good times.

We finally entered Long Island thinking that we would finally make it to the baseball field to get the info on the basement apartment that we would be living in. And we did, we got all of the info and headed straight to Panda Express because I was in a crappy mood.  Panda Express is a fantastical way of perking me up & Adam & I both agreed that if I was fed, my outlook on the apartment might be more positive than if I was grouchy and hungry.  But but BUT that's not how it turned out.  We pull up at the house, looks decent.  We see a camper in the drive way, hoping that's not what we are staying in.  It's not.  We walk around the back yard to the private entrance to the apt.  Looks kinda creepy, especially if I were by myself but we keep truckin' through.  We unlock the door and BAM..we enter the gates of Hell.  Allow me to paint this picture for you (because I forgot to take my camera in):

I'm 5'3".  I could raise my hand and touch the ceiling without even standing on my tippy toes. Stupendous. There's a small den with a couch that's at least 30 years old (either that or that got it off the side of the road). We are suffocated by paint fumes. The bedroom doesn't even have a bed. And there's a chest of drawers..with the drawers laying on the ground.  No dishes. No pots and pans. A shower that my 2 year old niece would barely fit in. No other furniture.  And a 13 inch TV. 

I'm no high maintenance person.  I can slum it out.  I can suck it up.  But even Adam wanted to hurry up and get out of there! At this point, we were thinking the camper in the drive way would be like staying in the Ritz! We headed straight back to the field where they told us the team would put us up in the Sheraton for a few nights while we figured something out. I headed straight to the hotel (Adam had to stay for a team meeting), and when  I walked in I swear there was pearly gates and angels singing. Brand new hotel & super nice! Got checked in and immediately got on Craigslist to find a new place.  No luck there! When Adam got back I was .41385 seconds from crying.  I was tired, frustrated, my back hurt, my feet hurt...and I was watching Kate Gosselin dance on DWTS..horrid! Any who, we searched all night and finally gave up until this morning.  As of right now, we are trying to work a deal with the Sheraton to see if we can just live here.  We have a few more options but will have to look into it! 

And the accents.  Oh sweet Heavens they're gonna be the death of me. You know on the movies when you hear someone from NY or Boston talk and you think, "that accent can't be what they really talk like up there." Oh but it is.  And it's worse than in the movies because at least those people are acting and faking it.  As I was sitting in the front office at the baseball field yesterday a guy walked in and said to the receptionist, "Yo, I needa tawlk ta somebahdy about aydvatisin' ova da dugout." It was painful to my precious southern ears. Then THEN when he was done "tawlking" to the receptionist he said, "Thanks hun, you're a dahl (doll), you're a dahl." 

I have a feeling the this is going to be an adventure that Adam and I won't forget! It can only go uphill from here! Tomorrow we are taking a train into NYC and eating dinner with Terry & Brandon (the Angels and playing the Yankees).  Then on Thursday night we are going to the game, so pictures to come later on in the week! I'm pretty sure I will be posting pretty often, by the looks of it there will be lots to talk about!

"tawlk" to you guys lata!

April 12, 2010

almost there!

Toasty and I left yesterday morning from Huntsville to make our way up to Long Island.  We were both pretty excited that this trip was only 16 hours long.  I guess when you do a lot of cross country traveling (Florida to Alabama, then Alabama to Arizona, then Arizona to Utah, then BACK!) you consider a 16 hour trip to be "short". At least we do. We left around 8 am yesterday morning and made it to Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) around 10 pm last night.  Adam wanted to go farther but I informed him that I wanted it to be day light when we drove into NYC so I could see all the purtty little buildings.  The trip so far has been great, I only drove an hour. Adam wouldn't let me drive because he was "in the zone" or something..I wasn't going to argue with that! Hall-a-lu-yer!

Everything was pretty uneventful from the beginning of the trip. Until we entered Tennessee.  Well, technically, until we entered the Arby's in Knoxville, TN.  There I was, all starving and junk, and we enter what might be the most crowded Arby's my little eyes have ever seen.  But it's cool, I'm down for waiting in line because I spot what most definitely was the most redneck family I've ever seen.  Let me set the scene for you.

Father and son (about 12) are wearing matching rebel flag trucker hats.

Mom is wearing her Sundays Best- ripped up blue jeans, a lime green (tie dyed) t-shirt..and she's missing her front tooth.  I can't make this up.

Then there's the (maybe 15 year old) daughter.  She's in neon orange and pink pajama pants, with a remotely dressy shirt on, and he hair looks like she sprayed it with Afro Sheen. Either that or she hadn't bathed in a few years days. 

From what I gathered while standing in line behind them, the little boy must have upset the whole family and just ruined their day.  The Mom, Dad, and daughter are standing in line when the boy walks up, says something to the Mom, and she proceeds to spank him in front of everyone.  Now, I am not opposed to spanking, just ask Hunter, I am the spanking queen. But this kid was old and HUGE! It made it hilarious to watch.

So anywho, long story short, the boy ran outside, the Mom screamed something at the Dad and he started to leave the line and go outside...then it ended like this:

Mom: "Don't chu leave this here line, you gotta pay 'fir our sammiches."

Dad: "I'm 'gon go outside and git him...and YOU WATCH YER MOUTH! (finger pointed right in her face)"

Dad walks out, then Mom and daughter jibber jabber some kind of hillbilly talk that even I couldn't understand.  They all leave and ride off into the sunset in their 1978 Cadillac Coupe Deville. 

If only I had my camera it may be funnier.

In other news, it only took Adam 5 hours into the trip to realize that I wrote "i love poop" on his back windshield.  Because I'm mature like that.

I waited all day to get to Hagerstown, MD to eat at Chipotle for dinner.  Can you believe that from Huntsville all the way to Maryland there wasn't a Moe's OR a Chipotle? Yes, it's true.  So you can only imagine how happy I was when I messaged the great Carissa and asked her where the Chipotle was in MD and we were only 30 minutes away! Thank you sweetbabyJesus! 

The chicken burrito bowl.  I died.

And went to Heaven.

Then the good Lord told me it wasn't time yet, so He sent me back to earth. And here I am, in Pennsylvania.  

We will be getting up soon and finishing the last 4 hours of our trip.  HOLLER!

Love, peace, and chicken grease, 

April 9, 2010

in which I embarass my fiance. Twice. Maybe three times, depending on how you look at it.

In my last post I mentioned that Adam and I were going to go register.  You will all be happy to know that we both made it out alive, and it wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be.  But it didn't start out that way.  Allow me to explain.

Before I even "go there" I need to start off by saying that Adam is a major "planner".  He is one of those types of people that wants to research ev-ery-thing before making a decision on buying something.  Which is cool, sometimes.  Actually, that's a lie. It's not cool, it's frustrating because usually by the time you find what you want, then go home and research every-other-mother-friggin'-option you've changed your mind about that original thing you wanted in the first place.

But I digress.

Anywho, so we walk into Target and make our way over to the guest services where they give us the little scanner gun. Sounds so fun! And I am so pumped!..then it happens:

Adam: "Babe, I don't think we should do this right now."

Me: "Oh hell-to-the-freakin'-yeah we are doin' this right now." (This was his only day off from working out..just so you know)

Adam: "I really really think we should go to Barnes & Noble and do some research on this kind of stuff, like what to register for."

Me: "......(still wondering if he's kidding or not).........."

Oh oh OH but he wasn't kidding.  He was dead serious.  I just pretended that those words never escaped his mouth and went on with my bidness with the scanner gun.

But have no fear, my friends.  He got he hang of it and we went our merry way and got it done. I did let Adam pick out a lot of the stuff..and by a lot I mean only the shower curtain and towels, but that's better than nothing, right?  Turns out Adam isn't one of those guys that wants to register for tools & other manly things.  Please, don't tell him I told you this, but he asked me if we could register for a hair dryer.  Let me give you a minute to let that soak in.

Got it? Ahh yes, that's why I love him. Poor thing, he's the cutest. 

We got home and I got on Targets website just to go through the list of what we registered for.  Turns out we have like 5 extra items that we didn't know we I scanned.  See, when we were in the store I was just pointing the scanner at random stuff to see how far that little laser would go..come to find out, it goes pretty far.  Good times.  

After that adventure, we went to find Adams wedding band.  We went to a few jewelers and finally ended up at Fincher & Ozment.  Found the ring pretty quickly..only thing is, Adam wanted to ring right then. Why, you ask? Because he wanted to wear it to the Justin Moore concert.  Ya'll, I swear, he kills me with this stuff :)

Speaking of Justin Moore, we went to watch him play last night at the Jupiter and it was a blast! We've seen him play in Florida, but it was much better watching him play in T-Town :)

We leave for Huntsville tomorrow, then will be New York bound on Sunday! I will blog from my Dads house tomorrow! 

April 6, 2010

This Is How You Pump Up Fenway Park!

If you haven't seen this..please watch it. Then when you're done, find out where this kid lives so I can go kidnap him and make him my child. 'preciate it. Oh, and there's a new post below!

lots'a catching up to do!

Oh hey! I'm sure by now you've all forgotten who I was and why in the nameofsweetbabyJesus I've been MIA.  Or not. But that's cool.  Can we just all pretend that I participated in the 2nd half of Lent and decided to give up blogging? Mmmkay. Perfect!  

It's been so long that I don't even really know where to begin to catch up! oh HI, Adam made it to Alabama! Cha Ching! He got here last Monday and I've been happy as a lark ever since! We've been staying at my brothers house, except for one night when Adam went up to Fayette and stayed with his/our friend Evan Bush.  They practiced some baseball up at Beville State (Bush is the assistant coach) then they did a little bit-a-fishin'.  It was actually perfect-o because I got to stay at my Moms house and sleep in my own bed!  Since he's been here we've hung out with the fam, gone to Hunters baseball game, at way too much food, went to Huntsville for the weekend, and tomorrow we are getting a bunch of wedding stuff done! We're going to pick out his wedding band, pick out the tuxedos, then take a Xanax and have a few drinks before we do the dreaded registry process.  I would like to be more excited about registering but I've really only heard horror stories.  The guy wants tools while the girl wants the pretty little lemon squeezer that will probably never get used because why why WHY in the heck would you want to squeeze your own lemons when we all know that Simply Lemonade is THE best thing ever put on the planet?? Exactly my point.  But it's got to be done. And I am just hoping that we both make it out alive.

This past weekend Adam and I drove up to Huntsville to hang out with my Dad (who is D-O-N-E with all of his cancer treatments and is on the road to recovery! Praise God!).  The weather was beautimous, which made for a perfect boat ride when we got there! I've probably already said this 20 times but my Dad lives right on the Tennessee River, so we just walked out to his dock and off we went! We ate dinner at Tokyo, which, uhh hello, is going to be the reason I get offered Shamu's job at Sea World pretty soon.  No joke..fried rice with the shrimp sauce..HOLLER! The next morning was rainy/cloudy so we decided that we would go to the US Space and Rocket Center until the bad weather passed.  I've been there a billion times (we lived in Huntsville for a few years when I was younger) but Adam has never been.  He could have spent all day in there, but the sun was finally shining and he wanted to fish.  He and my Dad fished, I cut the grass (because I am awesome like that), then we hit the sack.  We left kind of early because we wanted to get back and see what the Easter Bunny brought Hunter and Taelor.  Everyone ate lunch over at Mimi & Pops' house where we played in the backyard for a little bit!  Adam had mentioned about going to the Alabama vs Auburn baseball game, so we decided to take Hunter and he had a blast! Adam took him up into the press box during the game.  When the game was over Adam took Hunt into the locker room to look around.  There's always perks to having an Uncle that played for Bama! 

I know there is so much more to update on, but that will have to wait, otherwise it would take you 4 days to read this post...so until then enjoy all of these pictures..and there's a whole lotta lot!

the epitome of redneck baseball..using a paddle as a bat! Robby is being crazy in this picture!

Happy Easter! My favorite people!

Go Pirates!

My favorite picture of Taelor & Shadow!

happy here...

pissed off here.  I wouldn't let her have the camera and she threw a fit!

Robby & Taelor

Making a funky hair-do with his sweaty hair!

Toasty fishing at Dads! He ventured off into the mud!