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September 27, 2010

Channeling Aunt Jackie?!

So there I was..minding my own business, watching tv after a long day at work.  Then my cousin Anna Lisa sends me a text message saying,"OMG!!!!! I am watching your video!!! bahahahahahahahahaha." And I'm all," what??" and she's all,"On your blog!!!! omg!!!! The figure skating!!" At this point I'm like she's on drugs I must've put a video up and not remembered it.  Then I get home and Adam is on the computer.  With "guilty" written all over his pretty little face.  So, I watched the video.  I sure did.  And let me tell you, this is just wrong..on SO MANY LEVELS! Wha..wha...what was he even doing to find this video, was my first question? I mean, because the big pile of dishes, or the mountain of laundry that's upstairs was put on the back burner for this montage he put together.  And second, why am I the character that has Aunt Jackie's horrible hair cut.  The bangs people! THE BANGS! Adam's little animated dude has better hair then mine.  Anywho, it was funny, but I can tell you one thing..the next time he does a video like that I sure hope he uses a more flattering picture of me ;)

oh hey, um..we are getting married in TWELVE days! Everything is officially done and we are set to go.  I tried my dress on after it was altered and HELLO..can we say no eating for the next 12 days? Ha..well we all know that won't happen.  Yesterday at my Dad's house I had a big breakfast, then Rocky Road ice cream, then PF Changs.  Adam and I drove up to Huntsville Saturday night after the game and spent some time with my Dad.  It was a quick trip but we had a good time just being lazy.  We played some ping pong and the guys fished.  My brother was there too so it was good seeing him.  

Well, wish this was longer but I am going to go tan..I will leave you with a video of Taelor! buh-buh-buh-buh-byeeeeeeee!

September 24, 2010


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September 20, 2010

don't stop..belieeeeeeeving...

Don't give up on us over here! You wouldn't even believe what happened as soon as we got internet.  See, what had happened wuz'...we got internet.  Adam got internet happy.  He downloaded a show called Dexter, which by the way is  a show that we have never even watched.  That download gave my...MY...computer a virus that inevitably just absolutely destroyed it.  You know, now that I think about it, not that I am glad my computer died, but I am glad that it was Adam that killed it.  If I would have been the one to ruin it, I would have never. heard. the. end. of it.  Ladies? Am I right? Or am I right? Mmmkay, glad we cleared the air on that one.  Anywho, a week or so went by and I just had to put my foot down.  Adam finally took my computer to the Geek Squad at Best Buy, which in my experience was more like the Ghetto Squad, because the toddler young man that was helping us "wuz talkin' like dis an ummmm, like, shoot, he cu'int fiss our computer ba-cuz we done gots the virus dat ruined my cd-rom blah blah blah freakin BLAH!"..or something like that.  Like I said, I couldn't really interpret what he was saying.  Long story short, we went home computer-less and a few days later here we are...BAM!

The proud new owners of an iMac.  We're. In. Heaven.  

In other news.  Last Monday I had surgery.  Just a minor laproscopic surgery to get rid of some endometriosis I have.  I've had the surgery before so I knew what to expect.  Blow up the stomach, burn it off my ovaries, go home, look pregnant for a few days, have gas pockets stuck in my shoulders, then go on with my life.  What I wasn't prepared for was the busted lip the doctors gave me..RUDE!  

under my "bair hugger" to warm me up before surgery.

I survived.  This is after I went all Bon Qui Qui on Anna Lisa.

Now I am fully recovered and endometriosis free..for a few years anyways!

Yesterday I had my Briday Shower/Tea.  It was a lot of fun and Adam and I got soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....(get the point??) much stuff! Seriously, it looks like Bed Bath & Beyond and Target threw up in our kitchen.  That's as far as all of the gifts have made it so far.  We are seriously going to need a bigger apartment.  We have such great family and friends who have helped make our wedding festivities even more exciting! Speaking of our wedding..it's in 19 days...NINETEEN DAYS PEOPLE!! I'm freakin' out man! Ok not really, I just felt that was an appropriate response to I"M GETTING MARRIED IN 19 DAYS! Tomorrow we finalize everything at Southern House and Garden..so if you haven't sent in your response card then, too bad so sad, you won't have a seat at the wedding. I kid, I kid.  You can come, but you have to stand up, and you can't eat any food. KIDDING peeps.

Ok seriously though, the blogs may be sparse with all of the festivities we have coming up. What? You're surprised I may be a bad blogger? HA..what would give you that...oh nevermind..just go look at my blogging history.  That's all.  Adios!

September 3, 2010

Roll Tide Roll!

I feel like a lot has happened in the past few weeks that I haven't been blogging.  Our daily routine has pretty much set in and we feel like we are officially in the "real world". Wake up, eat breakfast, go to school/work, come home study (for Adam) shower, eat, go to bed. Wake up and do it all over again.  Adam has started the fall semester at UA and is swamped with classes.  He is also going to the field every day to coach the baseball team.  This morning he woke up at 5:00 because the team had conditioning at the aquatic center.  Or something like that, I wasn't really paying attention.  That happens a lot these days now that I work full time..who would have thunk that the real world was so exhausting? Oh and don't even get me started on what we are going to do when we have kids and I have to go to work then take care of some little chitlens all night.  Speaking of working when we have kids.  I learned last night (during our pre-marital counseling) that Adam thinks I should not have to work when we have kids.  Let me give you a second to be jealous....

Mmmkay.  Moving on.

Well not really moving on because this next update has to do with kids.  On Monday one of my best friends had her baby boy! I went to the hospital around 8am thinking that baby Tanner would still be chillin' like a villan in the womb, but when I walked through the door she was in hard core labor, still no epidural. She eventually got the epidural and about 20 minutes later the little bambino was here!  I was in the room when she had him, which was awesome and horrific at the same time.  Let's just put it this way, I am forever scarred and therefor Adam and I will be hiring a surrogate to have our children.  Y'all I swear, I definitely didn't see "all of that"(if you know what I mean) coming when I got out of bed Monday morning.  Her mom said that when she looked over at me I was standing in the corner, pale as a ghost, and crossing my legs and holding myself.  Freaked out? Maybe so.  Taking applications for surrogates? Definitely.

Well the first Bama game is this weekend.  Obviously, since we live on campus, the partying started about ohhhhh, I don't know, two weeks ago.  Seriously, I came home from work last Friday night completely exhausted and all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch tv (Adam was at his bachelor party) but as soon as I walked up our stairs I heard it.  I heard the sea of people that was accumulated right outside our front door.  Then I saw it and I was all,"What the hell? A piñata? Yes.  There were about 30-40 drunk college kids surrounding a  piñata that was apparently filled with adderall blow pops and smarties.  At this point I am just pissed at the world.  I couldn't even hear my tv because all of the little sorority girls were rapping to Eminem's new song.  The party eventually ended around midnight, and when I woke up the next morning at 7:30 to get ready for work I was very tempted to open up my door and blare the radio. But I didn't, but there's always next week.

Like I said before, Adam went on his bachelor party last weekend.  Him my brother, and some of Adam's friends drove down to Jacksonville, FL for a weekend get-a-way. I wish I could tell you what they did, but I was informed to not call or text all weekend.  And I did just that, I didn't call or text one single time.  Heaven forbid I be the nagging fiance who can't let her man go out with his friends for the weekend :)  I told him to not tell me any stories of what happened and we really haven't talked about it since! I know they didn't do anything stupid, which is why I am not too concerned about what they did :) 

Oh and just in case you were wondering..we are getting married in 36 days.  

Holy freakin' cow..where's the Xanax?

September 2, 2010

...and on the 67897987th day, God created Comcast gave us internet..

I know you've probably forgotten who I am but, I wasn't informed that in the real world there is no time for blogging, facebook, eating, or sleeping.  So just know this: We have internet, we have no time to get online, but solemnly swear to write a much needed post tonight.  Pinky triple swearsies. But for now I am off to work..then headed to the AT&T store because my phone has officially died.