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September 27, 2010

Channeling Aunt Jackie?!

So there I was..minding my own business, watching tv after a long day at work.  Then my cousin Anna Lisa sends me a text message saying,"OMG!!!!! I am watching your video!!! bahahahahahahahahaha." And I'm all," what??" and she's all,"On your blog!!!! omg!!!! The figure skating!!" At this point I'm like she's on drugs I must've put a video up and not remembered it.  Then I get home and Adam is on the computer.  With "guilty" written all over his pretty little face.  So, I watched the video.  I sure did.  And let me tell you, this is just wrong..on SO MANY LEVELS! Wha..wha...what was he even doing to find this video, was my first question? I mean, because the big pile of dishes, or the mountain of laundry that's upstairs was put on the back burner for this montage he put together.  And second, why am I the character that has Aunt Jackie's horrible hair cut.  The bangs people! THE BANGS! Adam's little animated dude has better hair then mine.  Anywho, it was funny, but I can tell you one thing..the next time he does a video like that I sure hope he uses a more flattering picture of me ;)

oh hey, um..we are getting married in TWELVE days! Everything is officially done and we are set to go.  I tried my dress on after it was altered and HELLO..can we say no eating for the next 12 days? Ha..well we all know that won't happen.  Yesterday at my Dad's house I had a big breakfast, then Rocky Road ice cream, then PF Changs.  Adam and I drove up to Huntsville Saturday night after the game and spent some time with my Dad.  It was a quick trip but we had a good time just being lazy.  We played some ping pong and the guys fished.  My brother was there too so it was good seeing him.  

Well, wish this was longer but I am going to go tan..I will leave you with a video of Taelor! buh-buh-buh-buh-byeeeeeeee!

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