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January 10, 2012

Ooooh Toodles!

Y'all.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is taking over my life.

I go to bed at night singing the hot dog song, and wake up singing the hot dog song.

kill. me. now.

This led me to the bright idea of ordering a few new DVD's for the little meatball.  Obviously, I ordered ones that I like to watch since it stays on the TV all day long.

The other day I got online to order The Little Mermaid DVD and it was $40.


So I did what any other poor person would do and I got-to-biddin' on eBay...


oh yes I did!

It came in today, which conveniently was also the day that Presley chose to be sick.  So we stayed home and snuggled up to watch the new movie.

Except that I forgot to give her the Tylenol (Benadryl) so she whined and coughed throughout the whole movie.


I ordered another ridiculous movie that my little brother used to watch (Baby Songs) which I'm sure she won't watch, it'll just be another 12+ songs that will be stuck in my head all day...

Anywhoozle, sorry for the lack of updating.  I've pretty much been a single Mom since we've been home from Florida.  Adam stayed at his parents house for a few extra days after I left, then came home for about a day and then left for NOLA to go the big game!

Which, if you haven't heard....

We are the National Champions! #14!

Adam got a student ticket and stayed with a few friends. He was super excited and had a lot of fun!

Let's not forget all of the brownie points I earned by staying at home with our child while he partied it up in The Big Easy. I smell a shopping trip or something in my future!

Honestly, I feel so far behind on blogging that I don't even have the brain cells to go all the way back to Christmas.  It was great, we enjoyed seeing all of our families and friends! Presley met a bunch of new people, and got tons of presents!

We also got her ears pierced while we were in FL! 

That was....interesting. 

Poor kid...but she's better now! And is sporting some shiny pink diamonds CZ in her little lobes! I'm on the search for some screw-back earrings that were made for a baby!

I'm still super busy at work..turns out people really love getting massages.

Who would thunk it??

Adam starts back to school tomorrow...ONE MORE CLASS PEOPLE!

One class and he will graduate! He asked me if he could take a few extra classes "for fun" and without a blink of an eye I said, "HELL NO!!" 

Seriously, who is he? Who takes classes for fun?

Alrighty, well I'm rambling and Presley is obviously pissed about something.

(I just checked on her and she had face planted the carpet) 

I'm such a great Mom, y'all!!!

I'll update in a few days with her 6 month stats!

OH MY GOSH!! 6 months, for reals.  I've kept another human alive for 6. whole. months!

October 16, 2011

three months

Yesterday our little Bunny turned 3 months old! People! I mean, 3 months is half way to 6 months...and 6 months is half way to ONE YEAR! 

I'm nothing if not dramatic.  Sometimes.

We did go to the doctor last week to get two other shots from her 2 month shots.  They've really made her grouchy and irritable because she has been sleeping through the night for about a week & a half.  Then she got those shots and has been waking up every night.  

Guess who was less than thrilled about that????


Today is the 4th day (they say the 3rd day after should be the worst, and yesterday was day 3) so hopefully tonight we will be back on track.  

**I know her onesie looks like a different color, but the picture on the right was taken with the flash on, and it changed the color...FAIL!**

They didn't weigh her at the doctor on Wednesday, but I can guarentee you that she's at least 14..maybe 15 pounds. Hubba Hubba!

Also, not sure about that one either.  I can tell she's gotten longer because her feet are getting squished in her sleepers! Let's all pause and say a prayer that she inherited Adams height and not mine. Not that I have any height or anything.  I'm pushing 5' 3"...on a good day.

Clothing Size:
Depending on the brand it varies.  For instance, whoever designed baby clothes for Target clearly had a morbidly obese baby because they run very big.  I think she can still fit into some newborn clothes from there.  But mainly 0-3 months from Target.  She can wear a few things that are 3-6 months too!

Still in size 1 diapers.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that she could manage wearing a size 2 in Huggies but the size 1 in Pampers fit perfectly.  

Also, does anyone else's kid have super potent pee? Or maybe I just have a good sniffer.

She's still eating 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours.  At night I give her a 5 ounce bottle and add two scoops of rice cereal in and that keeps her full a little longer than normal.  I started out using Gerber cereal but found that the grains were too big and thick.  Beechnut's cereal is more like a powder so it's easier on her tummy!  She is still a pretty slow eater though so she obviously takes after her Dad in that department because I eat soo ridiculously fast. It's absurd! 

Her hair has lightened up, and has also started falling out in the back.  I shed a tear (a very small one, mind you) the other day when I looked in her bed and saw her little hairs that have rubbed off. She still has a good bit left though so I'm not too concerned.  Her eyes are still blue, I think.  Honestly, I haven't even looked lately.

HA.  Well it was going fan-freakin-tastic.  Then she got shots & possibly hit a growth spurt and things have been downhill ever since! Or maybe she's teething? I'm not the best at diagnosing these things because I'm a wee bit of a hypochondriac.  But just a little.

Bath time is still a great way to calm her down! She also loves to go outside.  Sometimes when she's freaking the freak out I will just open up the door and walk her around outside. Maybe we should invest in some patio furniture.  

Or not.  

Because I married a tight wad.

Not really...but seriously. 

She loves her changing table and will smile and talk to you then entire time she's up there! She still hates to be held, but loves her Moby wrap.  She also told me that she loves to go to Tokyo.  She said that Adam needs to take us there for dinner one night soon.  

Hey, it was her idea, not mine!

Welp, that's all! 

She's a growing little butter bean who we love tremendously! I don't want to say that we "don't remember life without her" (why do people say that anyways? I vividly remember more sleep and less Fisher Price items taking over our house!) but she has definitely given Adam and I a new meaning of life and love and we would never want to go back to just being the two of us! She fills my heart with joy and there is for sure, no love like a Mother's love :)

September 15, 2011

two months

Today we had Presley's 2 month check up! I was a little nervous because I knew she'd be getting shots.  We are on the delayed/alternative vaccine schedule (I think the one we go by is Dr. Sears?!) so I knew she wouldn't be getting too many.  She only had one poke and one oral! The shot that she did get was a combination of DTaP(diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), IPV (polio), and Hep B. Then she had the vaccine for Rotavirus orally. She just squealed really loud, then continued to drink her bottle! I am so glad we are doing the delayed shots, I can't imagine her getting 3 or 4 shots in one visit! We will go next month and get the other two she was supposed to have today! I've been giving her Tylenol every 4 hours so hopefully she won't run a fever or get too fussy! 

Homegirl has definitely grown since last month!

The little booger is up to 12 pounds even!  The doctor said her legs are a little skinny but if you ask me I hope it stays that way for the rest of her life! Adam has long skinny legs, so maybe P will also have a little more Betty to her spaghetti if you know what I'm sayin'.

The nurse wrote down 22 3/4 inches...but I'm an optimist and round I'm putting 23 inches in the baby book :)

Clothing Size:  
The NB clothes have been packed up and put away.  She is now filling out her 0-3 month clothes nicely which makes her wardrobe much bigger these days! Too bad we have nowhere interesting to go during the day! Oh well, she looks cute for me most of the time!

By the way..if you live in T-Town, before you go shopping at the mall or Target you have to hit up the America's Thrift Store.  I hit the jackpot in the baby clothes section the other day.  Most everything I got it all Target brand clothes and it all looks new! Babies grow so fast that they don't have time to wear things out and make it look old.  I think the most expensive item was $2.98 and it was a nice jacket for the winter. 


  She's wearing size one these days! And can I just say, I hate Pampers diapers.  Huggies all the way for this nugget! I can't tell you how many Pampers little side tabs have ripped off while putting the diaper on.  Also the Huggies are a lot thicker and hold more!

One reason why I don't think Presley is my child...she is the worlds. slowest. eater.  I eat like someone is about to come take my food away and never give it back.  Seriously, if me and you ever go out to eat together I will have finished almost half of my meal by the time you get the napkin in your lap and the straw in your drink.  It's retarded how fast I eat.  Anyways..sorry ADD got me there.

Presley is eating about 4-5 ounces ever 3-4 hours.  Last night I put rice cereal in her bottle before bed and she slept 5 hours straight! HOLLA! I had stopped putting cereal in her bottle last month but am going to start doing it at night again.  

She hasn't lost any hair.  It's still light brown and her eyes are still blue.  I think her eyes are getting a tiny bit lighter though!

 Well, we started our strict new routine only a few nights ago but it's working and getting better.  Last night she went from 11:00-4:00, I fed her, then she went back to sleep from 4:30-7:30! She usually sleeps for most of the day.  She wakes up to eat and stays awake for about an hour and a half then is back snoozing! I am having a really hard time not getting sleep at night.  It takes about 30-45 minutes to feed her and then by the time I get back to bed I don't get much sleep.  To say I am ready for her to sleep thru the night is an understatement!

 She still loves bath time! Still hates getting out though! I would say her favorite thing right now is her swing.  I feel like she stays in there for so much of the day but when I take her out to snuggle her she gets fussy and wants back in the swing! I guess I should be glad that it's not the opposite way around! At least I can get things done around the house (HA! yeah right) without having a baby attached to me!

Fun stuff:
 The weather has cooled off so we have been taking little walks around the 'hood! This morning it was actually really cold!  Also, my Mom and I took her to get her pictures made (we actually took her when she was 7 1/2 weeks old).  My Mom still has a bunch of my dresses from when I was a wee lil' lad and so we took Presley to get her picture taken in one of the dresses.  We just went to a cheap little place in town (Portrait Innovations) because you really can't beat their prices.  We got SO many pictures in all different sizes, and a CD with every picture they took and it was only $100..thanks Nana Nessa!

The whole reason of going was to get her picture made in this dress!

September 1, 2011

baby swing rehab

As of 3 days ago, Presley has entered rehab.  
Her drug of choice:
her baby swing.

It seems as though she will only sleep while she's swinging..and unfortunately for her we are just too poor to buy batteries every week.  Not really, but that's what we are telling her so she will start sleeping in her crib.  We totally skipped the packNplay and put her in her crib.  She has been doing pretty good so far at night, but she still isn't the biggest fan of just lying on her back without movement.  She will whimper and cry for a little bit and then eventually pass out.  The only time she gets to swing is in the morning for her nap!  She does do better when there is music going so we are going to need to buy a cd player or something.  I have some lullaby music on my phone but, obviously, she can't sleep with my phone all night.

I can't believe she will be 7 weeks tomorrow, it feels like it's been months! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm kind of going crazy in this house, which makes me 1456 % sure that I could never be a stay at home mom.  I literally stand by the window and watch for Adam to get home.  Then I throw him the baby like she's a ticking time bomb and I have some "me" time.  Last night Adam fell asleep at 8:00 so that meant I was on my own.  I didn't feel bad at all when I woke him up for the 5am feeding either.  

I go tomorrow for my check up with my OB/GYN.  I was supposed to go last week (6 weeks post delivery) but apparently my appointment was never made.  I called on Tuesday and they got me in this week.  Then I have my surgery to blast my kidney stone a week from today.  I'm not sure how invasive it will be, but I'm looking forward to the drugs! (I promise I'm not a crackhead, I just really like the deep sleep you get when you have surgery!)  Hopefully I will be done with the hospital for a while after that!

This weekend is the first football game of the season (DUH!) and we were thinking about taking Presley to the quad, but I think I'm going to get my Mom to keep her instead.  Once the weather cools off in a month or so then we will probably take her.  I'm sure if we took her this weekend we'd just be sweating out nads off holding/carrying/feeding her.  Doesn't sound fun to me!

Well, that's about it for today! Below are some pics and videos that I imported off my phone.  Of course, they're all of Presley.  Adam and I are no longer important :)

August 15, 2011

one month

Weight: I weighed her the other day and the scale said 9.5 lbs.  We go to the doctor tomorrow so we will get her weight on a better scale!

Height: I'd say around 21 inches..tomorrow we will know!

Clothing Size:  She is still wearing newborn clothes. None of her 0-3 month clothes fit quite yet, we are trying to fatten her up so she can start gettin' dolled up!

Diapers:  Still wearing newborn diapers.  Hopefully she will move up soon because we are running out of NB and have a $h!t ton of size 1 diapers!

Feeding: PDizzle doesn't let you forget to feed her.  Usually around every 3 hours ON.THE.DOT she starts squirming and sucking on her hand.  She is a very slow eater, which is makes the night time feedings so much fun!!!!......

We just switched her formula from the Enfamil Soy to the Similac Soy and she seems to be doing a little better, no stomach problems...yet.  We have an appointment in the morning to see if she has acid reflux or not.

Hair/Eyes: She still has a decent amount of hair, it's just getting a little lighter.  So far no bald spots in the back either!  Her eyes are still blue but I am sure they'll turn.   Adam and I both have green eyes!

Sleep:  Still sleeping most of the day.  She wakes up for a little bit in the morning and then again around 7:00 at night, but always goes back to sleep.  Adam brings her to bed around 1:30 or 2:00, she wakes up around 5 or 6 to feed, then again around 8 or 9.  We usually get up after that and start our day!

Favorites:  She loves bath time..but hates getting out and being naked! And every night, it never fails, she get's out of the bath and I put her on the changing table to get her pajamas on..and she pees.  Every. Single. Time.

She also loves her little vibrating chair.  She gets in there and immediately goes to sleep!

We just started putting her under her little mat thingy-ma-jig that has little thingy-ma-bobs hanging from it and she really likes that..until she spits up all over herself and I don't know it and all of a sudden she has puke in her hair, ears, and neck rolls...but that's neither here nor there...she loves the mat...that's all that matters.

Fun stuff: This weekend we are going up to Huntsville to visit with my Dad and Melissa! Adam also has a golf tournament on Saturday so he will be gone for most of the day for that.  I'm sure we will hang out on the boat for a little while...OH SNAP! Presley doesn't have a bathing suit?!!?! I think I smell a shopping trip before we go!


On a totally different note, I went back to work last Thursday.  Not for good, but just for two weeks until Adam starts back to school.  We figured that since he is able to stay home and watch the baby, I might as well go back and make a little money..and let's get real..I really needed to get out and socialize more!  I find myself talking to my kid who doesn't care if we watch Dance Moms or True Life..but I ask her anyways because there's nobody else to talk to (Adam does go work out everyday, otherwise I'd talk to him!).  I am only working from 10-2 everyday and it's perfect! I wouldn't mind just working part time when I go back, but that's not really an option I don't think.

I think I am more excited about going back to work because that means Adam has night time duty! I get 8 hours of sleep, go to work, come home and make dinner! 

Yeahhhhhh buddy!

Ok, well the little peanut is getting antsy...gotta feed her and get ready for the Bachelor Pad!!

July 25, 2011

Presley's Birth Story

I am going to attempt to type out Presley's birth story before my memory fades and erases it from my mind forever.  Trust me, I hope it completely goes away because honestly, the birthing process is not a fun one and if we want more children, I'm going to need to completely forget what birth was like this first go-around. 

It was that tragic.

Tuesday July 12th was my weekly doctors appointment.  I was still only 1/2 cm dilated so my doctor told me that I could go into the hospital Thursday afternoon to get Cervidil.  It would help me dilate and get the process started faster for the induction on Friday.  We had to be at the hospital at 5:00 Thursday afternoon, and like any expectant mother getting ready to meet her child, we were almost late because I spent the afternoon at the salon getting my hair washed and styled.  We got admitted, hooked up to the IV, Cervidil inserted, then we just sat around a little.  Adam ordered Olive Garden for us then he went home to get a good nights sleep.  The nurse came in around 10:30 and gave me an Ambien and I was out like a light.

Or so I thought.

I woke up the next morning to find some pretty inner-esting text messages to a girl I work with.  I sent her a text letting her know how "messed" up I was (although I used skankier vocabulary) and that I was still just a "fingertit" dilated.  To say I was embarrassed when I woke up and saw that was an understatement.  No more Ambien for me!

I was scheduled to have my water broken at 7:00.  Now that is a weird feeling.  It's just like peeing on yourself non-stop.  I was able to get the epidural whenever I wanted and after feeling a few contractions I decided to pull the pansie card early and get it.  

People had told me that getting an IV is worse than an epidural.

They lied.

It. Hurt. Like. HELL.

I cried but I survived! Once it kicked in I didn't even know when I was having contractions.  My doctor came in and predicted that it would be around 8:00 PM before Presley was born.  I progressed at a normal pace that day, had a few visitors, and just hung out.  My right side was completely numb, but my left side wasn't. I could move my left leg like it was nobody's bidness, and looking back now I should've seen that as a warning sign! 

I think it was around 7:00 or 7:30 when I started to push.  Before I started to push my nurse took out my catheter and I got a little worried because I felt it when she took it out.  She didn't think anything of it so I just started to push.  It took me a while to get the hang of the pushing, but you literally just push like you're trying to take the worlds largest dump poo.  Presley's butt was up in my ribs making it SO hard for me to take in a deep breath when pushing.   I finally had to have my Mom push on my ribs every time I pushed and that made things much better.

They had to come in two times to up my epidural because I could pretty much feel everything.  Turns out that it didn't take on my left side and even when they came back in to adjust it it still wore off.  

Trust me when I say there are no words to describe the pain!!!!

During labor I actually fell asleep.  I had heard of people doing this but thought they were making it up. Uh, NO! It happens! I fell asleep in between contractions, had a dream, and even talked in my sleep.  It was the weirdest thing ever!

FINALLY Dr. Ray came in so that meant it was getting serious up in there!  They uncovered all of those horrific looking tools and I knew it was time to get this meatball outta me! 

I don't really remember much but I just remember it hurting and burning so bad I just wanted to get her out so it would be over! I had told the nurse from the beginning "Don't tell me 'one more push' if it's really not one more!!" and I don't think she ever did :)  I pushed a few times and on the last push I heard everyone get really excited so I knew she must've been out most of the way.  I could tell when her feet came out and I knew it was finally over!!!

Thank ya Jesus!

When Presley came out she was a definite cone head and wasn't really crying.  She was wide-eyed though! I remember her being bigger than we had all guessed (we had predicted around 6 pounds since I was a week early, and during my whole pregnancy I measured a week behind).  They threw her up on my chest and it sounds kinda gross, but I just remember she smelled weird.  Not bad or nasty, but just....fleshy.  I don't know.  Maybe that's not the best word.  

MOMS! Help a sista out and tell me what it is!

Then came the lovely after birth.  I ended up losing a good amount of blood but they got it under control.  I also ended up having an episiotomy which makes me want to puke when I think about it.  But she got me all fixed up nice and purtty :)  And yes, what they sew you up with definitely looks like a fish hook.

Anywhoozle, they cleaned the baby up, weighed her and all that junk and we just got to hold her and stare at her!  She was super cute and very wide-eyed! From there we got moved to the postpartum room and I finally got to eat and rest a little!

Glory Glory Hallelujah, I survived!!!!!!!

So that's how it all went down.  When I tell people how painful it was most of their responses are,"But it was totally worth it, right? Look at what you got out of it!"

Um Yes, of course it was worth it...but that doesn't mean I want to do it again any time soon, if ever, no matter what I get out of it! People say I will forget the pain but I disagree, we have it on video!

During all of this we had our great friend & photographer, Jamie Cormier, taking pictures. I highly highly highly recommend getting a photographer for delivery.  She captured so many pictures that most people never get.  She was also a great birthing coach :) We can't stop looking at the pictures and Adam and I both agree that was the best thing we could've done, having her in there! 

And here we are a week and a half later! I'm still hurting like Hell but it's getting better! 

Our house looks like Fisher Price threw up everywhere, there's baby blankets and burp rags strewn all over the floor, there's maxi pad wrappers and numbing spray sitting on the back of our toilet, nipple shields on our nightstands, and somewhere on my body smells like baby spit up and I can't, for the life of me, figure out where it's coming from. 

But I wouldn't change a thing! We have little Presley here and she's the cutest thing we've ever laid our eyes on!...well, most of the time...sometimes she makes some pretty ugly which we made a collage of for your viewing pleasure...

But let's focus on the cuteness in these next two pictures...

And because I'm sure you're all wondering if I'm still swollen and we are a week and a half post baby....I owe it all to breastfeeding...and forgetting to eat.  And yes, 2 days after having a baby I died my hair dark again. 

July 18, 2011

Dang Ol' Bilirubin

Well, we still aren't home! This morning the pediatrician said that PDizzles jaundice had gotten worse and they were going to keep her under the Bili-light all day to help get rid of it. I was super upset because I just want to get home! 

It's been a very long day, Adam had to go coach a baseball camp, so it was me and my Mom hanging out all day (and Anna Lisa who works in the hospital, she hung out with us too!). I haven't left the room all day and I just want to snuggle my wittle bitty baby! 

They tested her levels again at 6:00 and any second now we should get the results. I have the phone sitting right beside me as we speak. Adam and I have to be out of the room by midnight because insurance won't cover any more nights. We are able to pay for a room in a different part of the hospital so we are going to do that. No way are we leaving our baby and going home, besides, I have to feed her!

I can't say enough how thankful I am to have my Mom here to help. She is here as soon as I need her, stopping and getting me the things I need, and does everything she can to help. She has taken the week off of work and is going to stay with us at the house and I am soooo grateful for that! 

So far motherhood is everything I expected: motha-bleepin-exhausting!

I'm on a really weird schedule where I pretty much never sleep. I have to pump every two hours to help bring my milk in, then I have to feed la niƱa every three hours, and that takes an hour. So by the time I get all of that done I only have a small window of time to sleep before I start all over again, and that time is filled with people coming in and out of the room. 

Shoot me now! 

I did have my first "mommy moment" last night though! The nurse was supposed to bring Presley back to me at 2:00 AM so I could feed her. Around 1:00 AM they come wheelin' her in my room saying they could not calm her down and she wasn't acting hungry, just fussy. As soon as I picked her up and she saw me she stopped crying and fell right asleep!

I died. Oh my gosh I have a child. 

Pray we can go home tomorrow! I'll update when I can! 


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July 12, 2011

38 weeks

how far along?
 38 weeks

total weight gain?
Went to the doctor today and I've actually lost a pound! I weigh 149, but have no fear- I gained that pound back right after my appointment by devouring Five Guys! I mean, you've seen how many french fries they give you, right?

stretch marks?
None that I can see, which these days isn't much. I think I'm still in the clear though!   

HA! What a joke.  I pretty much just sleep when I can these days, and mu child isn't even here yet! I usually am awake from about 2-4:30 AM.  I usually just end up napping during the day since I know I will be up all night. I guess I better get used to it!

best moment this week ?
Knowing that this is the last week I will be pregnant! I can honestly say that there is not one thing I will miss about pregnancy.  Trust me, I've tried to think of something but I've got nothin'!   

worst moment this week?
My pinched sciatic nerve has really been a pain in the ass.  Literally. Can't walk. Can't move. The only thing left for me to do is bitch and moan, which I seem to have under control these days.

Blah. That's all I have to say about that. She wants out. I want her out. 

Mexican food! Thankfully I had dinner with two good friends last night and we always go to La Fiesta so it totally hit the spot.  Still loving the ice cold water too! 


labor signs?
 Still contracting but nothing else has changed! I can't really tell how frequent they are anymore because my stomach is so hard all the time anyways just from being the size of a house. 

belly button?
I gave up hope on the belly button last week.  It hasn't changed much, just looks weird.

what I miss?
Being able to walk without looking like I have something stuck up my butt.  It's not from the pregnancy, it's from the pinched nerve.

Exhaustion is at an all time high right now.  Mix that with having 436 things to do, plus 100 degree weather and no energy to do any of it. I'm a pure joy to be around, let me tell ya!

what I'm looking forward to?
Thursday afternoon! 5:00 to be exact.  That's when I head to the hospital and we get this party started! YEHAW!

weekly wisdom?
Warn your husband ahead of time that he's on his own when it comes to eating.  Thankfully Adam married me knowing that I don't cook so he's pretty good about feeding himself, but I have a feeling it's about to get 10 times worse once Presley get's here. 

Say it with me: STOUFFERS! 


Well boys and girls, today was my last doctors appointment!


I am still only dilated 1/2 a centimeter so I am going to go in Thursday afternoon so they can give me something called Cervidil.  Pretty much it's a "disk" thingy-ma-jig they put in my vag to help me dilate more.  Then early Friday morning we will go on as scheduled with the induction.  When I get there at 5 I will be admitted and all that junk, probably eat a big dinner with Adam, then he will most likely come back home to get one last night of good sleep.  My doctor said they can give me some medicine to help me sleep, which I think is a good thing considering I probably won't sleep much on Friday.  I told Adam that if I really needed him at the hospital on Thursday night that I would call him, but it should be pretty uneventful.

So, that really only leaves me tomorrow to get everything done.  I still have to hang her pictures up in the nursery, go grocery shopping, and clean the house.  Thursday I will probably just be lazy and make sure everything is ready to go, then I am going up to my work to get my hair washed and blow dried so I will at least look half way decent in pictures!

I will update Thursday before we head to the hospital!!!!

July 9, 2011

preparing for baby

Well, the end of the countdown is nearing! I was sure that this time would never come but somehow it snuck up on me! In the beginning of my pregnancy it seemed like my due date was sooo far away, but now there there are days left, I feel like I could use a little more time. More mentally than physically.  If it weren't for the fact that I truly hate about 99.87% of everything about pregnancy, I'd let her stay in there for a little while longer.  I mean, of course I want her here but I also know that when she does come things are going to be totally different, and for the first few days, weeks, or months..very stressful! 

The past few days Adam and I have been trying to get a few last minute things done.  We both have a lot of time on our hands now that I am done with work and he's done with school.  I may or may not have mentioned it before but Adam isn't taking any classes during the second summer semester and baseball is finished! Now he has no reason to complain when we are up all during the night with the little meatball :)

He has been doing some baseball camps and working out some of the Bama baseball players, though.  That's really all he's been doing though.  Oh, and catering to most of all of his bitchy hormonal wife's needs.  

Speaking of labor, or not, I did have a little "false but not really false just me being really dramatic and paranoid"...alarm.

Thursday afternoon I took Hunter and Taelor swimming.  I knew I had been having a few contractions throughout the day but they didn't hurt and weren't that regular so I just ignored it.  It's what I do best!  That night they got closer together and a little more "crampy" so I called the on call doctor just to make sure it was safe for me to wait until the next morning to go get monitored.  I really didn't want to have to go to the ER and spend all night there! He said it was fine but if my water broke or they got more intense to head to the hospital.  Duh.

They continued throughout the night but I tried to sleep through most of it, I called my doctor as soon as they opened and they said to come in and they would hook a brotha' up and check me out.  I tend to be one of those people that will have something happen or go wrong, and as soon as it's time to get it checked out it's already passed or it won't happen again.  I apologized to the nurse in advance for wasting her time if it showed I wasn't having contractions. But, BEHOLD! Yours Truly was indeed having them and they were pretty close together.  Like every 5-6 minutes apart! 


The doctor checked me (my doc wasn't in the office that day so I saw a different one) and he said that I was still just 1/2 cm dilated so I could go home.  I was glad to hear that because I had a 1:30 bikini wax appointment that day so she would've totally messed up my plans! I kid, I kid. But seriously though...the wax was important.

Anywho, I'm still pregnant. I'm still having contractions. My sciatic nerve is pinched which is just all sorts of fun. Oh, and our toilets are broken and the Roto Rooter people can't come until Monday. They've obviously never had a 6-7 pound baby push on their bladder 24 hours a day, otherwise they'd send out all of the troops and fix our toilets! 

Well, I think that's it. I had totally planned on posting pictures of her nursery but I haven't decided if I want to keep the furniture where it is right now or move it around.  Be patient though, maybe I will do it tomorrow!

July 5, 2011

37 weeks

how far along?
 37 weeks

total weight gain?
Big Girl over here has hit the 150 pound mark.  That puts me at a total weight gain of 29 pounds, could be worse I guess! 

stretch marks?
So far, so good.  My stomach has started to itch though which can't me a good sign. I only have to make it 10 more days, please let them hold off!   

I've accepted the fact that I am done with sleeping.  Although, I did "sleep in" today until 5:30! I need to stock up on coffee! 

best moment this week ?
Getting settled in the new apartment, getting the nursery set up, hanging up all of her clothes, and my doctors appointment! Looky there, a good week at last!  

worst moment this week?
Feeling 645 months preggo.  I hurt everywhere, sleeping even hurts, breathing hurts...Hell, at this point even blinking hurts.

I would get another massage, but I think I'm too far gone.  Tooooo far gone I tell you.

Not so much "movement" as "trying to claw and kick her way out of my uterus"...but what's the difference, right? 

Captain Crunch, blueberries, & Subway.  Yes, you read right, I said Subway.  Look at me, eating all healthy and junk! It's never too late! 


labor signs?
I am definitely having contractions in the middle of the night.  When I get up to pee in the middle of the night my stomach is hard as a rock, but no cramping or anything.  

belly button?
Still half and half.  It's got 10 days to do it's thang then it's quitin' time! I'm very disappointed in my belly button, I was hoping for some dramatic "pop"...but nothin'

what I miss?
Being able to roll over in bed without having to hoist my stomach over first. 

My tolerance for stupid people..or really just "people" in general is at an all time low.  I've been getting annoyed pretty easily and honestly, the next person to tell me that "Presley will come when she's ready to come" I may go postal on them.  She doesn't get to make the decisions around here! 

what I'm looking forward to?
Getting the car seat in stalled tomorrow or the next day, packing my hospital bag, then Tuesday I go back to the doctor where we will set up my induction appointment! After that, it's on like Donkey Kong!

weekly wisdom?
Never move when you're 9 months pregnant. Although, this shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone that has even a smidgen of common sense.  Worst mistake of my life.

I had my weekly appointment this afternoon.  Things are still right on track with my weight and everything.  I was for sure that I had gained about 3 pounds in the last week but to my surprise I only gained 1 pound! Yeaaaaahhh booooyyyyy!

She checked me, I am 50% effaced, and about a fingertip dilated (half a centimeter).  The Doctor is fairly certain that by next week I will be 1 cm dilated which gives us the green light to induce a week early! 

Can I get an AMEN?

We still have lots to do ,and lots to buy before the 15th.  Tomorrow I am getting my hair done and getting a pedicure..if I get a wild hair I may even get a manicure...who knows.

I still haven't packed my bag.  I'm nothing if not the queen of procrastination.

Presley's diaper bag is somewhat packed..I'm not really sure what else she needs in her bag that we won't get at the hospital.  People keep telling me to pack lots of receiving blankets but my thought on that many times will we be receiving her???

I still have to get a nursing bra, I guess nursing pads too...oh my...what is my life coming to?

I'm thinking about making Adam go buy the huge pads they make you wear after delivery.  Just for my own entertainment.  I think nothing would make me laugh harder than the thought of Adam standing in line at Publix with the worlds largest Maxi pads in hand.  I'll let you know how that goes!

That's all for this week...I'm going to go do some accupressure on myself (see, my education is coming in handy!) and maybe do some squats and lunges! HOLLER!

June 28, 2011

36 weeks

how far along?
 36 weeks...for the sake of this post.  I'm technically really going to be 37 weeks on Thursday!

total weight gain?
I just got back from the doctor and I weigh 149, so I am up a total of 28 pounds. The nurse said I shouldn't gain too much more weight at this point! 

stretch marks?
None! I can tell you though, I'm going to be pissed off if they decided to show up this late in the game.    

Can we say insomniac?? I usually get up 3 or 4 times to pee, then am up for good around 6:00 am.  Guess I better get used to it, huh? 

best moment this week ?
Lots of good moments this week. That's a change for once! My baby shower was this weekend and I had my weekly appointment today.  Things like that make the time go by faster which is good because I know the last few weeks feel like they drag on and on and on!  

worst moment this week?
Can't think of any....that's got to be a good thing I guess!

Yup. More specifically- movement directly on my bladder.  You know what that leads too...yup, more peeing on myself.  I'm still baffled by the fact that there hasn't been a diaper invented specifically for pregnant women. 

Icee's and tap water.  Pretty much anything nice and cold.  I sat in the "food court" part of Target the other day and demolished an Arctic Freeze like it was my job. You know you need more excitement in your life when you go to Target to get an Icee and people watch.... 


labor signs?
No contractions or anything.  The doctor said she has dropped even more and my cervix is "softening".  Sounds appetizing doesn't it? **gag**

belly button?
To pop, or not to pop? That is the question. 

what I miss?
Do we really need to go there?

If we're being honest here, my main symptom this week is bitchy-ness & my patience for stupid people is slowly running out. I've also started having the most stupendous acid reflux that ever existed which is just delightful. I throw up in my mouth about 3 times a day from it. 

Nom nom nom.

what I'm looking forward to?
Moving on Friday! Well, not the actual moving but more like getting Presley's room set up and getting all of her crap things set up.

weekly wisdom?
Never ever ever EVER Google "mucous plug" or "episiotomy".  If I would've known the specifics about both of those things 9 months ago I'm sure I wouldn't be pregnant right now.  

Maybe that's why I've been throwing up a little bit lately. Hm.

I had my weekly appointment and I seem to be right on track!  She checked me and then said the most glorious words I've ever heard...."Looks like we should be able to induce you on the 15th!"
I almost jumped off the table and gave her a big hug but then realized that I had no pants on, so that would've been pretty awkward.

As of right now I am not dilated but she is confident that I will be in 2 weeks.  I go back next Tuesday (they're closed on Monday, the day I usually go) and hopefully I've made some progress. All I need is one measly centimeter to schedule my induction!

Since I will be 37 weeks on Thursday that means I am considered "term" and can start trying to get things started on my own.  I plan on staying on my feet all day at work, going on a nightly walk, doing the "maritals" (sorry Dad!!), and maybe the occasional jumping on the trampoline during my lunch break at work.  I kid, I kid.

Alrighty, guess that's all for now. Big girl has gotta go eat now!