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June 9, 2012

on hold

As you can see, I totally screwed up my old blog design. That's what happens when DramaBaby is asleep and Mom's all hyped up on coffee.

And I just can't blog when my set up is all ghetto and junk, I don't even want to look at that huge picture taking up 1/2 the page. Seriously though? Why's it gotta be so big?

Anywhoozle, a new blog design is underway so have no fear, I'll be back as soon as you can't count my nose hairs in the header. Mmmkay?

Until then, I'll be chasing around the most mischievous chick that I ever did see. Ever had to dig out fireplace pebbles from your kids mouth? An earring? A whole sheet of tissue paper? Bark? iPhone earbuds? A tampon (UNUSED...Jesus, I'm not that irresponsible) Old crusty Pasta?.....

Yeah, me neither.

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