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May 15, 2012

ten months

Today my little PuffinTard is 10 months old!

And if my arithmetic is correct...we only have two months until we are gonna be throwin' down for her 1st Birthday party!

Awwwww snap!

20-something-or-another pounds. I had to cancel her doctors appointment last week because I had the stomach bug. We go in a few weeks, but I assure you, homegirl is PACKIN' in the weight department.

Not sure, but give me a sec and I'll go measure because I love you (have to have it for the baby book)....ok, wow. If you ever need a quick way to piss off your baby then holding them down (sitting on them) and stretching them out is the way to go...anyways. 28.5 inches long.

Clothing Size:
12 months in most everything. Except those dern white Gerber onesies. Those run small so she's in 18 months.

Size 3

She has about 3 formula bottles a day, whole milk in a sippy cup throughout the day, and eats everything in sight. She is starting to love fruit, finally!

Light brown hair, and most of the time it's got a little curl to it! She definitely doesn't get that from me. I have the worlds straightest hair. Adam had ringlets when he was little, so hopefully she will too! Her eyes are green.

After her sickness finally went away, she went back to sleeping all night! She usually goes to bed between 7:30-8:00 and wakes up between 6:30-7:00! She naps in the morning around 9:00. Then again around 12:00, and again around 3:00!

Fun Stuff:
She still has 4 teeth
Has learned a new smile that involves nose scrunching and eyebrow raising
Loves playing peek-a-boo
Can hand stuff to you, and then takes it away, then hands it back..and so on
Says "Mama, Papa, Gaga, and bye bye"
Grits her top and bottom teeth (GAG!)
Doesn't need to be rocked to sleep anymore (frownsmile)
Still doesn't know how to do her laundry or drive herself to daycare, which really disappoints me. But hey, there's always next month, right?
Loves to be sung to, which fortunately for her I have the voice of an angel so I sing all the time. HA!
She is usually content playing by herself, until I make eye contact with her, then all of a sudden she cries and stays up under my feet.

That's about it! She is growing SO fast! I have got to get her party going. I think I'm just gonna go balls to the wall and ordering things in the next week or so.

Except I haven't decided on a theme.

So, Imma go now and scour Pinterest.

And if we're being honest here, this is how P has acted all afternoon.

Someone send wine Landshark (with a lime please!)

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