March 4, 2013

Someone farted on Presely's pillow...

If you've never seen the movie 'Knocked Up' then I am terribly sorry for this posts title. 
It means that Presley has had Pink Eye and obviously that's how she got it..right? ;)
Last week when I picked her up from school they said that she woke up from nap with The Stink Eye, and that a couple other kids in her room had it also.
Now, I am already the reigning world record holder for Most Cases of Pink Eye so it doesn't surprise me that my little meatball has the crusty crust in her eyes. For me, all you have to do is say the word 'pink eye' and I will have stuff oozing out of my eyes 5 minutes later.  Swear.
I took her home, left her with Adam and scooted over to Earth Fare to get some homeopathic drops .  We started the drop immediately but she woke up the next morning and I had to pry her eyes open for her because they were all sicknasty with Pink Eye funk.
It sounds as lovely as it looked.
Thankfully, I was off work that day (and it was my Birthday!) so we stayed home and snuggled and caught up on Downtown Abbey.  Presley was buckwild.  It wasn't phasing her at all.
I also kept her out on Thursday and sent her back on Friday (it was much better, no more green stuff) but they called me Friday afternoon and said it was still coming out of her eyes.  Adam picked her up while I finished doing a massage.  I don't know WHY it didn't occur to me sooner to use the Oil of Oregano on her feet because that stuff gets rid of everything!
I put it on the bottom of her feet that night and she woke up Saturday morning Pink Eye free!
I seriously swear by Oil of Oregano .  It has cured almost every sickess Presley has had!  If you have a little one and you don't like to give them other medicines I highly recommend you invest in this stuff.  I just ordered another bottle of it off Amazon because I never want to run out!
Wow.  Was this entire post really about the Stink Eye? Sorry about that! That's life for us :)
Don't forget tomorrow is Trendy Tot Tuesday !  I will be posting about how I would dress a little boy if the time ever comes!


  1. That's awesome about the oil of oregano. I had not heard of it. So you didn't have to use any antibiotic drops?

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  2. Nope, didn't even go to the doctor (we don't even have a doctor for her here in Huntsville) should definitely get some!

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