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May 20, 2013

Drama Baby

Hi. I'm Lindsay (for those of you who have forgotten who I am!) I'm apparently the worst blogger in all of Bloggy Land considering I haven't sat down to post anything worth reading in weeks! 

 I thought that once the baseball season ended--which, by the way it ended weeks ago--that I would have more time alone and more help with Presley. Yeah, not the case. Adam has been gone more than he was during the season, it seems. He's been gone a lot to recruit for next season and most of the time it's for a few days. That leaves me with the Drama Baby and OH MY GLORY has she really lived up to the name lately!

 I thought we were finally nearing the end of this "phase" of Presley's life but if you know anything about toddlers then you know they like to throw you a curve ball JUST when you think you've figured them out! 

 Sometimes I feel like a broken record because all I do is say,"No, Presley!"..."Presley, please stop!"..."Presley, if I have to ask you again you're going to time out!"..."Do I need to get my spanking spoon?" Yeah, about the spanking spoon. Homegirl ain't scared of it. I ask her if I need to get it out (when she is misbehaving) and she says,"SURE!" And then she will stand up and basically stick her leg out so I can spank her. 


 Such a massachicst, that girl. And then there's Time Out. We make her put her nose in the corner since that's how they discipline at school. She doesn't put up a fight when I tell her to go to time out and she will stand there and keep her nose in the corner. I only make her stay there for about 1-2 minutes and before she gets out she has to tell me she's sorry and give me a hug and kiss. That normally keeps her in check for a while so we've been doing more time outs than we have been spanking. 

 Funny story- I was getting ready for work one day and went out to get her ready but I couldn't find her! I walked around the corner and there she was--standing in the time out corner! I assumed she did something bad and just took matters into her own hands:)

 Parenting: NAILED IT! 

 I do feel like she is a little sassier when Adam is home. I think that's normal though. Right? Kids are weird. Anywho, so there's the invitation to my pity party. If you're a parent to a drama baby like mine please make me feel better by telling me how your child is 21387487324 times worse than mine :-) 

Don't forget tomorrow is Trendy Tot Tuesday!

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  1. When Gabe doesn't get his way he immediately falls on the floor as if he is in prayer with his head on the ground...no matter the surface. I also don't have a cell phone because he says its his. He was just supposed to be in bed when I hear him at the baby gate say,"Mine phone."

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