September 25, 2013

Life Update :)

I've been meaning to do a general "life update" but haven't really had the time to blog, like I thought I would!  Here is what we've been up to:

  • Adam has been very, very busy with the baseball team.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings he has to be at the field for 6:15am workouts/conditioning.  He usually doesn't get home until 7:30pm every night.  They're all working long, hard days! 
  • I have been at my job for two weeks.  I'm working for a medical supply company that is actually located 3 hours away, so it's just me in the office.  All day.  By myself. So, yeah.  At first, I thought I would enjoy the silence and alone time, and I do, but, I do miss having normal conversations with other human beings!  I have found that I enjoy my day a lot more when I take my iPad.  I will stream Netflix all day just to have some background noise.  Today I got to catch up on last nights episode of The Voice and last weeks episode of New Girl!
  • Speaking of TV shows--it is about time for all of "my shows" to come on!  This is the time of year where I am in bed every night at 8:00 and shall not be interrupted until all shows are over for the night.  Not even kidding--Adam used to LEAVE THE HOUSE anytime Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice came on.  It was the safer thing to do as I tend to get a little...ahem, feisty when people talk to me if it's not a commercial. :)
  • Presley is adjusting to her new school, finally! She did cry for the first few days when I dropped her off, but has now warmed up to her new teachers and little friends.  I also love both of her teachers--they are SO sweet!
  • While we are talking about the Drama Baby--today was picture day at school and I kind of freaked myself out last night.  I got super anxious about what she would wear, how I would fix her hair, and then worried if she would even smile for the pictures.  I'm normally not like that!  I had originally bought an outfit that was, like, super cute but also really, really hideous.  The leggings were cute, but the shirt was something that I thought would be really funny to look back on when Presley is older and we would be all, "Oh my gosh, look how horrible that shirt it! Can't believe I dressed her in that!"  That's my definition of "planning ahead."  But, it has been pretty cold here, so I opted for some leopard print pants, plain black shirt, black shoes, and a leopard print bow.  I must have been feeling a little swayed by my last Trendy Tot Tuesday post :)  Presley's teacher said she smiled and did great for the pictures, so I will share them when we get our order in!
  • My Mom is coming up in a little over a week! We are so excited to see her, just counting down the days!  She will keep Presley at home with her while she is here, so that will be nice for me!  I can just wake up and head straight to work!
  • While my Mom is here Adam and I will go out to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  October 9th marks 3 years that we've been married, so we will just celebrate a little earlier! It sure does seem like we've been married longer than that!  I guess when you date close to 5 years before marriage it throws it off a bit!
  • On Monday, I upgraded my iPhone! I still had the iPhone 4, so I just upgraded to the 5C.  Even if I were to get the 5S, it was a 10 week wait for delivery.  I have no self control or patience so I ended up with the white 5C.  And I love it!  Adam is super jealous of it so I suspect he will be making his way over the the AT&T store any day now to get a new phone, too :)
Well, that's it for now!  Dinner won't cook itself!  I will leave you with some random pictures from the last few weeks!


  1. I'm getting all antsy about school pictures as well! So many choices! ahhh!

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    1. I can't believe I was such a loon about it! I hope I'm not disappointed in the pictures!

  2. I would love the quite for awhile but then would miss some noise, so I understand!

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    1. Sometimes, it is nice. I turn on Pandora and zone out! But, it does seem like I am more tired at the end of the day at this job more than when I was doing 5 massages a day. It's weird!