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January 19, 2010

last time, I promise!!

Hey peeps, it's Lindsay! Soooo, after many-a-times talking about our blogs, Adam & I decided to just have one blog again..meaning, this blog. Yehaw! Adam & I felt like once I made my own blog, this one was kind of pointless. But we wanted to keep this one considering it's been the main one we've used for the past few years. I created my own blog so I could talk about things other than baseball, like wedding planning & stuff..and I still want to talk about that, but it will just be on this blog! So, consider yourself warned,my friends, that this blog will be about everything that goes on..not just baseball :)

Ok, I am rambling now, so let me get to work on making the layout for old faithful!!

PS..our old email list will still be sent out, but the subjects to the emails will kind of let you know what the post is about. For example, if it's a post about a wedding update it will be something like "Lindsay Wedding Post" or something..that way, if you aren't interested in reading about it then you don't have to..ok really now, I am done.

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