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January 21, 2010

Let's talk baseball

As most of you know, this off season Adam became a free agent (meaning his contract with the Angels is up, and he will sign with another team).  It's very exciting, but realllly nerve racking too! Once you're a free agent, you start making more money, which is always thebomb.com.  The downside is that you never know if you're going to be picked up by another team!  And considering that Adam didn't quite have the season he was hoping for last year, it's making it that much more stressful!  But, his agent has been talking to several teams lately.  Nothing is nailed down yet, but Adams name has been mentioned so hopefully something works out!  At first he was talking to Washington DC (Nationals), Seattle (Mariners), Texas (Rangers), and Kansas City (Royals).  Since then, DC and Seattle have dropped out, and I can't exactly remember what happened with Kansas.  To be honest..I might have made Kansas up..but I'm not sure about that either..moving on though.  Yesterday Adam talked to his agent and he said that Texas is still interested and so is the Baltimore Orioles!  We are really pulling for Texas though, their triple-a is in Oklahoma City and according to Adam has "the sickest stadium in the league"...or whatever he said (you can tell I really pay attention, huh?). A cool thing about the Orioles though is right now, we literally live one mile from the spring training stadium.  Seriously, I could walk to every game. Ahem, not that I would though.  I'm just sayin' it's possible..if I wasn't so lazy.  But PEOPLE...do you know how awsome it would be to not have to move again for a few more months?!?! Ahhhhhh, the thought of it is glorious.  Anywho, back to reality.  All in all, any team would be amazing, but we really like the two mentioned above :)

I'm not gonna lie, I would love for Adam to sign back with the Angels solely for the fact that I could keep all my friends.  I tell Adam all the time that I don't want to make new friends, I want all of my homies back!  It's going to be really weird with out all of them around.  And I know I will make new friends, I just don't want to.  I feel so close to all of these girls because ever since Adam and I have been together, they are the only girls I have known! Adam has been in Salt Lake for so long that I think anything different is going to feel pretty weird.  And I realllllllly don't like being the "new girl".  There is always a chance that some of us will cross paths again though, and who knows, maybe Adam and some of his old team mates from SLC will sign with the same team and we will be together again! Yehaw!!!!!!

Well, as we hear more we will definitely keep everyone updated.  We've got a little bit of time before spring training starts, but still keep us in your prayers that we will sign with a team before then!  Keeping the faith is the hardest part, but I know God has a plan for us, so we will be patient until then!

Lots of pictures below!


  1. I'm going to be really selfish and say I'd LOVE for you guys to come to Baltimore. I'll hang with you until you're not the "new" girl anymore. OO that's not too enticing? haha

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  2. I just shed a tear because I miss you so much. The season won't be the same with out you and I am serious. I will keep you guys in my prayers. Keep us posted on what happens.


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  3. Ya it sucks to move to a new team. I've done it twice. The bight side is that I DID meet a great people. Like you! Yes, the Angels girls are the best and the Dodgers girls, lets just say 1 girl was the best. lol. You won't have a problem because YOU are AWESOME! I miss you so much. If Adam plays for Baltimore and are in AAA that is my old stomping grounds and i have family there. I will come see you often. Its only 4 hours from me. (Oh and my brother will be asking for tickets) lol. But 'You can do it!"...
    We also do not have a team. Its in God's hands now and I pray it all works out for the better.
    Love and miss you ALOT!!

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